The “pop the bubbly and celebrate this team” edition:

Alabi: put a sash on him and call him Baby New Year. At least that could count as a contribution to his team.

Barbosa: the hard effort made a comeback tonight. Shot the ball well and didn’t shy away from contact or, more importantly, playing smart. I would still love to see him instill some of his personality on this team in-game.

Bargnani: memo to Mr Colangelo and Mr Fruitman: this team has more flow and plays with more passion without Andrea Bargnani. Time to admit it and do something about it.

Bayless: shouldn’t have played at all tonight, but went out there for 7 minutes of icetime and he deserves credit for trying.

Calderon: double double in heavy minutes. Pretty questionable shot selection, though. Just because you are wide open doesn’t mean you have to heave a prayer. Your guys are playing well and producing…use them.

Davis: that loud slapping sound you heard was the cold hand of NBA reality meeting Davis’ face. Granted he was being exposed by one of the best in the game, but Ed looked like he was playing a video game with a controller that only had one button.  Just an embarrassing display.

DeRozan: career high which could have been higher had he not picked up 2 fouls in the first minute of the game. You could just tell how he came out of the gates that he was “on” tonight. He’s a special player when he is, it’s just a shame that it happens just a few more times a year than, say, Christmas.

Dorsey: gadzooks…he may shoot like RapsFan, but he hustles like Arsenalist. If you counted his goaltending calls tonight he would have had 732 blocked shots. He’s making the most of his playing time and it’s helping us stay in (and win) games.

Dupree: Gold Club on him.

Evans: uses his teeth to break open the champagne.

Johnson: a double double that featured him unfortunately returning to his hack-anybody ways, but also came in a game where he showed passion again. He did look gassed and probably felt some of the soreness coming back, but he pushed his teammates.

Kleiza: looks like the little guy on his right shoulder that constantly says “shoooooot iiiiitttttt” was working overtime tonight. Either that or Hot Potato is making a comeback. What did impress me, though, was he didn’t look any the worse for wear after putting in 44 minutes.

Stojakovic: just go away.

Weems: I much prefer the Young Onez as a duet. Sonny and Andrea for anybody and some hotter cheerleaders.

Wright: one of Jay’s mysteries again tonight. Sure, he didn’t exactly mirror DeMar tonight, but Julian did some good things on both ends of the court. 11 minutes on a short bench with Kleiza playing pop-a-shot?  Come on.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Ed Davis

Game Theme:

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  • Guest

    Did bargnani sleep with ur sister or something?! Whats with the mad hate on for bargs? I suppose kleiza taking 8 threes is considered good flow? C’mon give ur head a shake.

    • JamesJ

      AltRaps is a hater. Somebody does bad one game and he’ll bash on ’em. But once that same somebody has a good game, Alt drops down on his knees.

  • Bendit

    Kudos to the team they played hard…but Julian not getting more time is a total mystery.

  • It too bad that BC didn’t offer Bargnani instead of Calderon in an attempt to get Chandler. Michael never would have turned it down.

    Bargnani should be gone before the next season begins whenever that will be.

    • Snowballer

      Did not Chandler give up 48 points in the paint to a lousy Raptor team the other night. Both you Bargnani bashers and lovers seem to see what you want to see when it comes to him. Particularly the bashers, who just can’t stop slamming the guy. It’s really pathetic when after a hard fought victory over Dallas the other night, the Bargnani Basher Crew is out in full force and he did not even play?

    • Spanish_eddie

      Gotta get more for Bargnani than Chandler.

    • John_P

      Yeah this team did such a great job on D. 62 firsthalf points allowed and another loss. What happened when the played Houston last time and Bargnani was actually playing? Oh thats right they won. Thanks for coming out Mike.

  • Patterson who was actually drafted right after Davis is just too big and physical for Davis.

    • Enough of the Con!!!

      Leave it to the con-man GM to tell us that he got us the steal of the draft with Davis … yeah right, the same b.s. as with taking DD over Jennings/Holiday, the same b.s. as with taking Barney over Rondo/Roy, the same b.s. as with giving up Hibbert to get JO … Watching Patrick Patterson abusing Davis all night, get ready for more of the same con …

      • Ruuuuuuuu

        It was known that Patterson is a more finnished product but Davis has a higher ceiling. That’s why he was consistantly ranked as a higher prospect.

        No one is regretting taking Davis over Patrick Patterson

      • Are you seriously judging draft picks by one game two months into their rookie seasons?? You’re kidding, right?

      • Boomer

        On top of that.. Roy’s knees were also a concern already in college and his career is already in jeopardy because of them. No one knew that Rondo was gonna be like this, that’s why he was drafted in the 20’s.
        Jrue Holliday isn’t very good either, and he’s a point guard so that is literally the definition of apples and oranges.

  • Don

    Are you serious? Lack of flow and plays is what we had last year with the so called franchise player who had the ball stick to him. Give me Bargnani any day over Ru Paul

    • Chris Bosh


  • AK74

    agreed on bargani comment, trade him. the only way we win games with bargnani on the floor is by trying to score shitload of points, not by defence. and someone really smart once said defence wins championships.

    • John_P

      Yeah great defense tonight. 115 points allowed, that smells of celtic style defense.

      • brakeman1

        our defense is a work in progress. As displayed against Dallas and in most of our victories when we play d we can stay in games and give ourselves a chance to win games. We will never win with a one dimensional player as our so “called best player”. Defense is contageous.

        • John_P

          Oh really, so explain to me how Dallas (Dirk), Pheonix(Steve Nash), and New York(Amare) are able to win and be successfull with that recipe? Also a “work in progress”? Are you serious? 62 point allowed in the first half? I though the mighty Ed and Amir would have solved this issue? Or perhaps Ed and Amir or the other Bigs aren’t the problem, perhaps its our perimiter D. I don’t see anyone throwing hate Demar’s way for his -14? His D is consistently shit and one of the reasons why our perimiter D is one of the worst but yet no hate. I just love the double standards on these boards.

          • brakeman1

            win what? The goal is to win a championship not make the playoffs as all of the teams that you have mensioned will never do as presently constructed. Do you not see what rebounding does for our offense. Agreed our primiter d needs to improve but with a lane presence it should allow us to play a little more agressively knowing we have good help D and rebounding to back them up. why are the lakers and celtics d concidered to be so good, a good front court. All the NBA championship teams of the past 20 years have been very good defensive and had a good defensive anchor in the middle.

            • guest

              uhhh, the lakers have this guy named Kobe Bryant, maybe you heard of him… the Celtics, just some schleps named Rondo, Pierce, and Allen… pure pylons right?! no these guards have nothing to do with their teams winning at all… it’s all on the bigs right?! Give ur head a shake.

  • RenaldoSugarbush

    Bargnani is going to be the player Chris Bosh never could be… and you want to trade him?
    That is so bizarre.

    • Jordan-Drexler

      What. He has no D. Heaves a three, and has worse help defense then big Z. He sounds like Bosh lite to me.

      Happy new year

      • John_P

        So where did that great Amir – Ed Davis defense get us tonight? Oh thats right another loss. What happened the last time they played Houston with Andrea leading the team? oh thats right another win.

        1-5 without Bargnani and the sample size keeps growing.

        • brakeman1

          look at the teams we are playing without him. You dont think we could beat Washington and Philla without him. Do you think we should stay the offense first course. We have tried that for a while and were one of the worst defensive teams in the leauge. Have most of you even touched a basketball in your lives. ps whats our record with him, oh yeah below 500 and getting worse time for a change in course and philosophy.

          • John_P

            Ok so how about we address the issue of perimter D. Funny how you and all the other Bargs bashers love to avoid that issue. Also he wasn’t playing last night and the team still gave up 60 first half point and 115 altogether. So how is the issue of defense falling on his shoulders? The fact is there are 3 good NBA players on this team and they are Andrea, Jose and Leandro. One of those three has consistently improved each year and is still only 25. He has some of the same deficencies that other all star big men have and scores at a similar pace. Also if I look at what teams we beat with him, one of those would be Houston, the very team we got destroyed by yesterday. If I remember correctly, he lead the team in scoring that night and we won.

          • Jokersarewild

            brakeman1? I think your name should be blackman1

            • brakeman1

              you’ve already got joke in your name.

    • brakeman1

      yeah a winner. Guaranteed he has the last laugh.

  • Sek99

    More flow? Come on. Bargnani has actually showed he makes pretty good decisions at crunch time (unlike Kleiza) can hit clutch shots (unlike Kleiza) can play some pretty good defense when he doesn’t take his usual horse tranquilizer before the game (unlike Kleiza) and doesn’t turn the ball over ever f***ing second. You want to talk about future of the team and championship and all that nonsense, especially about the raptors, Kleiza isn’t part of that. Hes been very overrated and Bargnani is ten times the player. Putting in Wright instead of Kleiza adds more balance with a guy who can defend every position, doesn’t force us to have to share the ball between three weak defensive guys who need to score to be effective (Derozan, Bargnani and Kleiza). Kleiza also has the worst basketball IQ on the team, for the exception of some of Weems terrible performances this year.

    I’m not sure what we’re planning with this guy. Trade him. Now. Hes putting up pretty decent numbers (most of them loses) and if we can get anything for him, it frees up room on the roster and helps us long term develop guys with potential to be something (Derozan, Bargs, Weems).

    I was watching the Dallas game, and I said to my friend that when Kleiza got ejected, we won. Then we had more flow to the offense, got our baskets inside the paint, didn’t have to try and manufacture shots for anyone, and played team ball. Also had a great defensive effort. When I think there was about 4 minutes left, I think it was a 9 point game, and Kleiza did three things. Travel, miss an open 3, and foul on the other end to pick up his fifth. Shooting 33%, can’t get his own shot, turnover prone, poor defender, and cracks under pressure. And we should trade Bargs?

    • Spanish_eddie

      what does kleiza have to do with bargnani going forward? kleiza is a stop gap on a bottom 5 team in the leauge. he’ll never play 10 mins for a playoff team. nor will bargnani play 20 mins for a second round team. ever! you’re right, kleiza’s not going to be part of a winner. but neither is andrea.

      • Sek99

        What they have to do with each other is that I don’t understand the constant hate for Bargnani, who for all intents and purposes is our best player right now and that Kleiza is more of a detriment in terms of development and to the team as a whole, and the only reason for a person to like him is if they want to see the team get a high pick with loses. Besides, Bargnani has potential. I’m not saying he’ll ever reach it, but if you’ve watched the raptors games you’ve seen him show that he can be a complete player if he puts in the effort. Not sure if he ever will. He hasn’t to this point, so maybe he’ll never reach it. Just saying that Bargs gets a lot of shit for doing things Kleiza does every night, yet doesn’t produce at the same clip but people aren’t grabbing pitchforks of have him traded. Bargnani is a talented scorer who can make a difference when he tries. Kleiza is crap and gets in the way of development. Who is Bargnani blocking in terms of development? The budding superstar that is Alabi? The comparison is an attempt to firstly, call out a bunch of haters on Bargs who never mention Kleiza, and secondly, make a point that Bargnani can have a place in the future, and unless you can get a high draft pick, like maybe top 5 potential (which I don’t ever think will happen) than there’s no point in trading a guy who likes the city, is being reasonably paid and is a decent player.

        Disclaimer: I am not a ‘fanboy’ as a million cumwads on this forum love to call people who come in defense of Bargs. I just think that, realistically, hes not as bad or as good as some on this site say he is, and just putting in my two sense on why I think he shouldn’t be traded. He’s a pretty good player whose shown flashes of brilliance (New Jersey, New York games) and showings of shit (Wizards, among others). Just tired of seeing such focused venom on one cog in an overall weak machine that is the raptors right now.

  • Spanish_eddie

    Guys who are saying Bargnani is ‘going to be’ this and that…guess what? He’s been in the league a long time. He’s not going to get much better. He’s an absolutely beautiful shooter who can do absolutely nothing else. His stats look good which makes him a great asset on the market and i think he could fetch a really solid piece of the puzzle going forward. To me, the biggest and most important question for the Raps going forward is, Can BC (who i haven’t given up on) find it in himself to deal his #1 … if he can, there’s very legitimate hope, if not, we’re looking at a 40 win cieling.

    • Albertan_10

      I disagree greatly. Defense can be learnt and we have seen signs of it from him that we haven’t seen before. Dirk only learned how to play defense when Johnson was his coach. He still has time to learn. It’s just an aching wait for us as fans

  • Spanish_eddie

    and seriously guys….bashing Ed Davis??? the guy missed half of his college career, all of camp, and 30 games. I have butterflies watching this guy. If you don’t see serious basketball instinct in this kid than start watching baseball instead

    • Davis’ biggest problem right now is that he weighs not all that much more than I do, despite being a foot taller. Davis has struggled against big, strong front lines and will continue to do so for probably the rest of the season. When he gets stronger, he won’t get pushed around nearly as much. The kid’s got serious talent, though. He’s a joy to watch.

    • brakeman1

      plus he got his dad Terry Davis and could only prove as benificial.

  • JYD

    I think the raptors need an identity before deciding if Bargnani is a good fit to this team or not. And in order to have a team identity, we need to have solid foundation of players. Until DeMar and Davis and maybe Bayless proves themselves that they are legit NBA talent that we can go forward with, this is a team full of scrubs sprinkled with a few veterans.

    I am all for trading Bargnani for a player that can be considered a foundation of a team. But trading Bargnani for the sake of getting rid of him is ridiculous. I mean yes Bargnani is a below average defensive player, but there are a ton of teams that employ offensively gifted and defensively challenged players with relatively success. Think Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire and Dirk Nowitzki, they all played a key role in their teams and none is considered a great defender.

    So yes Bargnani has flaws, but it is difficult to know if we are better of without him, without upgrading or improving the rest of our positions.

  • Dookielover

    YOU FUCKING DIMWITS…. you dont trade your best player who actually wants to play for the franchise,the same franchise that since 1995 negro american ballers cant wait to bolt from. AND he’s on a reasonable contract….man, ARE YOU PEOPLE FUCKING DUMB?…bunch of monkey motherfuckers.

    • krix

      You must have misspelled your name. It should more appropriately be doodielover since your mouth is full of shit.

      • brakeman1

        says a lot about this site when people are giving this drunken new years rants any hits.

  • John_P

    Oh my goodness, did you see that great defense by the Raps, without Andrea in the lineup. Wow only 115 points allowed and 62 of which in the first half.

    Memo to Alt Raps, if passion and flow mean giving up 115 points, losing once again and having a 1-5 record without Andrea then you’re an idiot.

    • Raptor4ever

      I fully agree !! I don’t care if they dunk and jump up and down but loose at the end. What ever AB does or doesn’t, seem to be working since this team has a 1-5 record without him.

    • JamesJ

      AltRaps IS an idiot. I wish someone else wrote these.

      • John_P

        I agree but unfortunately this is what we have to put up with.

  • Entertheziggy

    I hate this site…

  • DunkinDerozan

    plays with more flow.. if you call flow watching Amir picking up fouls by the minute, or Davis being abused by a bunch of nobodies or Dorsey missing 2 foot putbacks then your 100% correct.. Trade Bargnani tomorrow.