Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Bulls Jan 4

The “uphill climb” edition.

The “uphill climb” edition:

Alabi: he played. That alone shows no postgame is needed.

Barbosa: could have used a bit more of a game from him, given how thin we were at PG, but he still performed well. It was a lost cause anyway.

Bargnani: returned to action like he never left. Brutal defence, questionable shot selection and the drag your foot travelling call that has become his staple.

Bayless: fought through the pain and gave his team every last ounce of what he had. He was Jordan-with-the-flu like tonight.

Calderon: night off. He and Bayless are now a true tandem. One night he rests, the next night the other guy.

Davis: another night being shown what real NBA frontlines are like. He was simply outclassed and outworked.

DeRozan: solid games continue. His confidence is sky high and he needs to ride the wave. Selfishly I would love to see a Kobe rematch right now.

Dorsey: realize it was the first night of a back to back, but with Davis being eaten alive early, why not give Joey an extended look? It’s not like he hasn’t proven himself.

Dupree: thrown in as a sign of desperation, he did a fair job against Rose and company. Certainly can’t accuse him of being timid…he looked like a kid who just downed 2 Mars bars and 4 Cokes.

Evans: lifting weights and circling dates.

Johnson: still playing with intensity, just not enough of it being reflected on the scoresheet tonight. Still, he brought his hunger and passion to the hardwood and kept us in it early.

Kleiza: his shot continues to refuse to hit the bottom of the net. Wide open, hand in the face, a fan courtside telling him when to release…nothing helps.

Stojakovic: gnaw gnaw gnaw.

Weems: has to be frustrating….for his woman having him around the house 24/7.

Wright: he could have been sent in with a net and a taser and he couldn’t have stopped the onslaught tonight.

Driving The Bus: Jerryd Bayless

Under The Bus: Ed Davis

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