The “uphill climb” edition:

Alabi: he played. That alone shows no postgame is needed.

Barbosa: could have used a bit more of a game from him, given how thin we were at PG, but he still performed well. It was a lost cause anyway.

Bargnani: returned to action like he never left. Brutal defence, questionable shot selection and the drag your foot travelling call that has become his staple.

Bayless: fought through the pain and gave his team every last ounce of what he had. He was Jordan-with-the-flu like tonight.

Calderon: night off. He and Bayless are now a true tandem. One night he rests, the next night the other guy.

Davis: another night being shown what real NBA frontlines are like. He was simply outclassed and outworked.

DeRozan: solid games continue. His confidence is sky high and he needs to ride the wave. Selfishly I would love to see a Kobe rematch right now.

Dorsey: realize it was the first night of a back to back, but with Davis being eaten alive early, why not give Joey an extended look? It’s not like he hasn’t proven himself.

Dupree: thrown in as a sign of desperation, he did a fair job against Rose and company. Certainly can’t accuse him of being timid…he looked like a kid who just downed 2 Mars bars and 4 Cokes.

Evans: lifting weights and circling dates.

Johnson: still playing with intensity, just not enough of it being reflected on the scoresheet tonight. Still, he brought his hunger and passion to the hardwood and kept us in it early.

Kleiza: his shot continues to refuse to hit the bottom of the net. Wide open, hand in the face, a fan courtside telling him when to release…nothing helps.

Stojakovic: gnaw gnaw gnaw.

Weems: has to be frustrating….for his woman having him around the house 24/7.

Wright: he could have been sent in with a net and a taser and he couldn’t have stopped the onslaught tonight.

Driving The Bus: Jerryd Bayless

Under The Bus: Ed Davis

Game Theme:

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  • Stu jackson

    Did you watch the game?

    • Nilanka15

      Mr. Jackson, you’re the sole reason there is no NBA ball in Vancouver. How do you sleep at night?

  • John_P

    Wow this has to be the most laughable roll call to date. To refer to Bargnani’s defence as “brutal” but praise Demar for “another solid game” is just ridiculous. Was Demar the person “guarding” Deng? This game highlighted our weak perimiter D and yet apparently thats Bargnani’s responsibility. If this guy doesn’t lead the team in scoring, rebounding and guard all 5 positions he gets trashed. Demar turns the ball over 5 times and gets killed by Deng but “another solid game”

    • Sek99

      Dude you always defend Bargnani no matter what. It’s getting old. He’s not as bad as some people make him out to be but, realistically, he stopped playing defense after the first quarter. Did you see that Asik guy fake him out with a twitch of his pinky? Its his first game back so he did play pretty well considering, but he had a pretty usual night on defense, which is to say poor. Same goes for Derozan. We can’t defend for shit.

      • ????????????

        Sek99 I think John_P keeps defending bargs not because he making him seem like the best player around but to make point that its not only his fault and others players have to be held responsible too including derozen. Altraps is basically always kissin derozen’s ass like he’s the greatest and always blaming bargs for everything( as almost every person on here does) he is right in the since that bargs shouldn’t be the only one to blame and ur right when you say they’re a shitty defensive team but its not only bargs fault.

        • Rapsfan

          all u have to remember is the scrub asik literally creating space and dunking on bargs. SOFT

          • ????????????

            All right so bargs dunking on brook lopez and derek favors I guess you have to be soft to dunk on a 7 footer and 6’10 pf

        • Aaron8007

          John P defends andrea because hes the best player on a bad team. IT still comes down to bad decision making by the perimeter players and terrible penetration defense by our wings and point guards. This is where the points come from. Yes we don’t have the enforcer inside and get outscored in the paint but most of those paint points are off penetration and bad rotations. Blaming one player in a team game is called STUPID

          • ????????????

            I AGREE 100% you win as a team and lose as a team everyones to blame

            • Nilanka15

              This makes a good slogan for a political campaign, but is hardly accurate. Different players have different responsibilities. Not all players are created, evaluated, or treated equally.

              When a team wins/loses, players with more responsibility deserve more credit/blame. The reality of the situation is that Bargnani carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders (having been here the longest, and management’s decision to label him an integral part of this franchise moving forward).

              You didn’t hear anyone praising Sam Cassell or Scott Pollard when the Celtics won their ring in 2008, did you?

              • ??????????

                no you don’t but do you hear people blaming dd are 2nd best player, amir johnson who can’t stay out of foul trouble, kleza chuckin shots and turning the ball over constantly. No all you hear is bargs sucks and dd should be the star. when bargs was out yeah dd stepped up, had 1 win(mavs.which was a great one) but other than that they sucked as usual thats why that slogan makes sense. cassel and pollard got a ring didnt thats enough praise for me.

                • Nilanka15

                  Actually, there is plenty of criticism on this site concerning DeRozan, Amir, Kleiza, etc. It’s not as one-sided as you’re suggesting.

        • John_P

          That is exactly why i defend him.

      • sleepz

        Good observations. No player on the team last night was stellar but it was as usual on the defensive end when things started getting out of hand in the 2nd for Bargnani, DeRozan and the rest of the gang. This game did highlight weak perimter D like Johh P referred to but it also exposed the weak rotations and ‘fake’ shot blocking attempts that some players employ on this team. What I am referring to is the half-hearted attempts at helping out on that same wing player getting by DeRozan or whoever (no excuses there either) and the big waving his arm at the wing cruising to the rim to show “see I helped” but there was never any real possibility that the shot was going to be blocked or really contested for that matter.

        I thought Triano said they were going to stop easy lay-ups and dunks with fouls this year?

  • Arsenalist

    Wright and Weems’ lines are classic. Too harsh on Bargnani, had a decent night.

  • sunroof

    Barbosa was 2-15 until he filled it up in the last 4.11 minutes with the game out of reach. He was brutal in every aspect of the game. Really not sure what game AltRaps was watching.

    • sleepz

      True. Defintely not a positive game for Barbosa. I thought he has been very consistent this year and a good vet influence, but last night no shots were falling and he wasn’t pushing tempo or able to create any turnovers. Poor game from him when they needed more from the backcourt in any aspect.

  • JHP

    Do we use the word tanked or tanking? After watching this team for a few years you sure can see where it’s done. I think they should rest a few players tonight and let the NETS win. They have so few wins and they could get a win in front of the home town. Maybe Jay could play a few minutes for fun:-)

  • Iamhere

    I honestly thought Bargs D wasnt that bad tonight, however DD was terrible at keeping whoever he was guarding in front of him. One of the most inaccurate Roll calls to date!

  • ????????????

    This roll call is a joke and so is Altraps. people blaming bargs for the raptors problems need to get real, its not like any other player is trying to step up as the team leader including Derozen who is a joke. All he does is take stupid jumpshots and sometimes attacks the basket and gets fouled. he plays no defense and is over rated. This team is not going to get any better because they barely have chemistry. to make them successful get a real pg, hope derozen develops into a better player and plays defense, get a real sf who actually contributes not just chucks shots, move bargs to pf(a better position), and get a real center so you guys can stop bitching about bargs flaws. Even get a real coach because i didn’t see Alabi ever play in nba but hes probably never developing sitting on the bench. why did the raps even trade for him if they’re not going to use him

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Tough opponent to have, when your PG is sporting that spare wheel, that shouldn’t be used for more than 50 km.

  • Sek99

    Bulls are the poster boys on how to rebuild. Not everyone can pull a Thunder and get two amazing guys to grow together in one year, but everyone can get a defensive minded coach, put him in with a bunch of young guys, and watch them go. Even the Heat were having trouble with the most talented scorers in the league on their team until they bought in defensively. We don’t seem to care about that so until we do, its gonna be a wasted year after wasted year. Sure they have Derrick Rose and Noah, but last year they beat us through defense heart, and this year they’re now really good because of their coach. They never used to destroy us like this, and tonight they didn’t even have Noah and Boozer went out early. They have a different mindset which makes them win. Raps will never go ANYWHERE but to the lottery unless someone who can do something about it wakes up and changes things.

    Time to trade Barbosa and Kleiza too, or at least at the deadline. These guys have no future here, and hopefully we can fool a team into taking Kleiza for a really good ham sandwhich, and Barbosa is pretty valuable as a good scoring guard for teams that need the offence. Mavs may be interested now that Butlers down for the season. Or at least that’s what I heard.

    • ????????????

      Your right as i stated before they need a real coach triano doesn’t really have any plays as you can they don’t even start a play until 15 sec left on shot clock they basically wing it. a defensive minded coach would be perfect along with their offense they would be a decent team. I agree thier roster is a disaster they have too many chuckers(weems, kleiza, and barbosa at times) no starting quality pg(even though i have to give bayless credit he has some toughness), a young sg(derozen) who doesn’t know how to use his abilities and is overated at this point(could develop into a nice player eventually), no good sf, bargs should just start at pf and they need a real center( I say try alabi worst could happen is raps tank get high draft pick).

    • smushmush

      +1 on getting a defensive coach with a team and watch the rebuild done the proper way. I will continue to sound like a broken record – BC and Triano need to go. Triano is instituting an era of no defence which is the wrong way to rebuild. Get a Paul Silas-like guy that teaches this group some defence and reduces minutes for players not willing to play one even if we lose(I am looking at you Bargs, for Bargs supporters – Asik is a real center, does not score lot of points and has few offensive moves and he turns and dunks on Bargs, don’t think perimeter defense helps that lol). I will be willing to watch the team lose if they play defense. Consequently, this team is soft and Triano too is soft. Being soft in this league gets you disrespected.

      BC needs to go because I don’t see him making any blockbuster trade anytime soon. He has hit rock-bottom as a GM. He is now a used car salesman whose kool-aid effect has not worn off some fans. Furthermore, BC does not understand the importance of defense – a bad recipe for a rebuild. I would not mind Kevin Pritchard, Steve Kerr or Jerry West taking the Raptors organiztion in a new direction.

  • Pesterm1

    Barbosa was definetly under the bus. He played like shit until he crawled out from under it in the last few minutes of garbage time,hogged the ball and got his. people on the bulls forums were talking so much shit about him because i guess they had discussed a trade for him in a forum… brutal roll call.
    I thought Bargs played decent for his first night back, B-

  • AltRaps, next time, before commenting, watch the game.

  • Eustachius

    we appreciate the inevitable mark on Andrea’s atrocious defense, albeit no marks about, say, Derozan. So we can assume that – Bargs apart – all the others went well in that side of the ground, right? That’s what i call a lick job to attract readers! Does it work? Who knows.
    We understand, as well, that Kleiza is a helpless stiff (who may even question it!) but Barbosa went well (on which planet?) and – in the while – the duo Amir-Bayless performed the usual amount of (invisible) miracles.
    You really missed the happy ending, though. The brutal difference in quality between the two teams’s players (and here the blame could be shifted from Bargs, right?) and coaches: no way an under average team can get much better without a very over average coach.

  • EuroPussy

    Ridiculous. Bargs played well, of course the second half was not perfect but his defence was solid. Sorry but Derozan sucks. Solid game? Did you see the game??
    Bayless is the opposite of a playmaker, he cannot pass and he has no idea what he has to do with the ball and then.. hi shoots. Bläääwourghkotzprrrrfzraaahhrennnbooooohhh

    • brakeman1

      Derozan has shown signs that there is a spark that has even supprised me, its only fair that this second year player be alloted the same time that andrea has been given. I was close to giving up on Derozan but when his role and attempts went up he produced. He in my opinion has till the end of next season before we make a decision on his future here is Toronto.

  • Poolthief

    Bargs took a couple of questionable shots, but if you subtract that 40+ foot heave at the buzzer his TS% was .590 (very efficient).

    It’s kind of funny because you praised DeMar the other day despite his efficiency being extremely poor in that Celtics game. (.470 TS%).

  • sangaman

    The game went south because of turnovers and poor shooting in the second quarter. But I switched the game off when the skinny Turk dunked over bargs. Unacceptable! I have defended bargs on this site many times but Im afraid Im turning over a new leaf–He has got to play more aggressively. REGGIE!

  • Nilanka15

    The Raptors are a horrible defensive team…we all understand that. Obviously, this isn’t because of one single player. It’s a cumulative effect which starts from Triano, and trickles down to the players.

    However, comparing Bargnani’s defense to DeRozan’s isn’t accurate or fair. Yes, they’re both god-awful without the ball in their hands, but expectations are ENTIRELY different for each player at the moment. With DeRozan, we have a player who, for all intents and purposes, should still be in college. The kid is still learning how to play on both ends of the floor. If DeRozan is still a pylon in 2 years, he should rightfully be burned at the stake. Bargnani, on the other hand, has been at it for quite a while. And instead of showing improvement on the defensive end, seems to be getting worse (especially with his help rotations).

    I can’t speak for AltRaps, but I’m sure these expectations were taken into consideration when preparing this Roll Call.

    • sleepz

      What’s Triano’s record as a head coach now? Isn’t he something like 25 games under .500? Tough this year with the lack of talent but with his GM’s 50 win team last year (I know I know, it was Bosh’s fault last year, not the coach) underperforming how long can he keep this job without actually winning?

      I am going to get blasted but I actually think this has been the coaches best year to date (whatever thats worth) but how long can you keep your job without getting any actual results? If he’s being judged by development of players how do you determine how succesful he has been? Does DeMar need a jumper and some handles before claiming Triano has done his job in development of the youngsters? Does Andrea need to actually be able to comprehend defensive rotations before Jay gets a pat on the back or dare I stay….an extension? lol If Sam was fired for more wins and actually helped develop players (Calderon, Bosh) at what point does Triano’s leash become short?

      • Nilanka15

        I suppose it all comes down to expectations again. Mitchell got fired after an 8-9 start because expectations were that we’d be much better than .500 (after all, Colangelo claimed it was the “best team he’s ever put on paper” after landing O’Neal).

        With Triano, we’re exactly where people expected us to be through 30 games…that is, within the lowest rungs of the league.

        One coach failed to meet expectations, while the other is meeting expectations*

        *excluding last season

        • sleepz

          I like the asterik. lol

          I guess we’ll just forget last year and look towards the future.

          This regime is a huge joke. Starts with Colangelo and flows straight down through the organization

  • Statement

    Bargnani rulez!! YAY POINTS!!!

  • voy

    “but I’m sure these expectations were taken into consideration when preparing this Roll Call”.

    I’m not so sure. A “solid game” is a solid game. Doesn’t sound like AltRaps is qualifying his “solid game” comments for DD (solid game for a guy who should still be in college)

    I like what I’ve seen from DD. Sticking more jumpers, finishing AND 1s.

    We shouldn’t hammer the kid for his D. Recently, he has been contributing. There is no rush for him to develop his game. If his offense develops sooner and has a higher ceiling than his D, so what? Plus, I’m sure if Bargs and DD were playing in a better defensive system with some better players their defensive deficiencies would not be so noticable.

    No immediate changes should be made just because we got blown out, playing without a pg, against a very good Bulls team.

  • Pizzaman1

    The most brutal role call ever, and it is so obvious you either did not watch this game, or watched it on your blackberry and missed it all. Obviously this was prepared before the game like your test papers were and you did not take the time to change your answers after the game so you posted this garbage.
    Are you kidding with DeRozan a solid game? A Kobe rematch as if he belongs on the same floor as Kobe? DeRozan had a few good shots after the game was already gone, otherwise he played the worst defense on the team last night, and drove into walls of players with his head down, and turned the ball over 4 times in the first half alone when they started to lose the game.
    Barbosa still performed well?? He actually stunk if you watched the game, hoisting up ill advised shots and drives and playing as selfishly as you apparently like.
    Kleiza was completely brutal both ends and was not smart enough to realize his shot was dead.
    Bayless played decent but forces his own offense too much on the drive and commits himself into a trap.( still learning though and talented)
    Amir played very well.
    Bargnani played the best of any of the Raptors and it still was not enough, and in case you did not notice we got beat by DeRozan, Bayless, Barbosa and Kleiza’s men, not the big men!!!

  • JJ

    LISTEN PPL, before you bash on players Watch the actual game… Derozan simply did not play ANY Defense at all, to comment on Bargnani and Amir holding the fort, how could they when their perimeter players were being beat on every single play. Not only that Derozan got alot and I mean alot of his points when this ball game was in the bag for chicago.

    • brakeman1

      so what do you suggest he and all the other preimeter players do? stop playing. Keep playing work on different aspects and try to learn from mistakes don’t just lie down.

  • brakeman1

    this is the worst site for basketball. All everyone does on this site is defend the great white hype. I’m officially done, until he and colangelo are gone. 5 years and if it wasnt for Bosh we would have never made the playoffs nor had a star of our own to cheer. He will have the last laugh and deserves too. Chris was always crucified for no leadership how much does your so called provide? I hope Derozan continues to hone his game and wish him all the luck. I know Jay can coach, he just need some talent and proper support. I thought I would never say this but mabe Turkodoo was right this organization is a mess from its philosophy to its G.M and its so called franchise player. You are all in deep shit as long as he is here. Get used to the lottery.