The “most uninspired ballgame ever” edition:

Alabi: dispatched.

Barbosa: I love him as the distributer. Let him be that or have him go the hole, nothing else. He has a great mind for the game, but his body is starting to fight back.

Bargnani: I think Bam Bam Bigelow would have had more airtime than Andy tonight. I’m surprised by the effort given the day of rest yesterday and can only hope he can grab some z’s on the short flight back.

Bayless: still on the sidelines comparing size of bubblegum bubbles with Peja.

Calderon: not often this will be said: He and Rondo pretty much played to a draw tonight. Rondo seemed out of sorts, but Jose also didn’t let him get into a groove. On the other side, it was an average Jose night..which is acceptable when playing the likes of Rondo.

Davis: some nice flashes going up against a powerhouse. He showed no sign of backing down and, admirably, was pushing bodies around out there. Hope for the future.

DeRozan: wasn’t as aggressive as we would have liked him to be (4 trips to the free throw line isn’t nearly enough) but he was the main part of the offense tonight. Great stretch of the season for him.

Dorsey: 6 rebounds in 9 minutes. Hungry much?

Evans: do you think his teeth rattle when he drives over railway tracks?

Johnson: not gonna lie, I barely even remembered him being on the floor. I shouldn’t be able to say that about anybody playing ex NBA champions. Everybody needs to bring their A game, especially when shorthanded. Amir had trouble getting it to C.

Kleiza: a couple of trick shots, some great hustle, some questionable D, and a face that would stop a locomotive. Linas Kleiza is back and should remain a starter.

Stojakovic: Me + Anvil + Peja tied to the ground = heaven.

Weems: should we really be thinking of Weems as part of our future? Hate to kick a guy when he is down, but no way is he worthy of higher than 8th or 9th man, even on a weak squad.

Wright: well, he screamed more tonight than Liston at a stats convention. It was like he was told volume would earn him more attention and minutes. He continued his fine play, but not sure channelling Tarzan will endear him to Jay.

Driving The Bus: Linas Kleiza

Under The Bus: Julian Wright

Game Theme:

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  • Pesterm1

    I respectfuly disagree…. Kleiza is garbage. I want him traded. his defense is so brutal and he is a big time chucker. bring on Omri caspi!

  • Rexdale

    Too positive of a role call when saying the most uninsipired ball game ever edition :P. i was expecting something a bit more harsh. Nice roll call (no stupid jokes)

  • dribbles

    I don’t normally comment on these roll calls, but this one is hilarious in a symbolically tragic way. Wright “continued his fine play” but is under the bus even though he barely played? I love that you question whether he should be so vocal/loud/intense, because that might not help him endear himself to Jay. You might be on to something, because if Andrea sleepwalks through another game or you don’t even notice Amir out there, that’s bound to keep impressing Jay, I guess.

    So, you think the Raps should continue with a starting lineup where 4 of the 5 guys are below average to horrible defenders (I’m assuming as much from the Kleiza comment)? Sorry, but I’m creating a rule nobody is going to care about, where fans can no longer demand anything more than mediocrity from a team when that is what they are clearly happy with. No serious team or fanbase in this league would accept a starting lineup like this that has no balance and consistently gets drilled. Have we learned nothing from last year’s debacle?

  • Dkoop10

    Why is Julian Wright “under the bus” for not being given any minutes of of playing time? the team was blown away and the bad player was the one not on the floor?

  • JJ

    Sarcasm. Too funny to be saying, Kleiza driving the bus. Classic

  • Dkoop10

    Every time the Raptors beat a bottom-of-the-barrel team I get all excited and imagine how good they can be if all their young players keep on developing, then they play a real team and “WHAM!” back to earth. It is painful

  • Kleiza’s 0 assists and 1 for 5 at the line were key. DD probably should’ve had the nod tonight, but no one played all that well.

  • tonious35

    Julian Wright with 12:45 min in this game…F U Triano!

    **Okay, I didn’t watch this game at there could of been a dynamic in this game that made Julian Wright pretty useless. Can anyone who watched this game give me some insight of how he played and could he have affected this whole outcome of this rape-fest if he had more minutes?

  • John_P

    That has to be the most generous roll call for pretty much the worst effort I’ve seen from a Raptor team all season.

    • Nilanka15

      Worst effort was easily the Washington game. Probably the worst effort of the last 5 years (excluding game 80 vs. the Bulls last year).

      • John_P

        Yeah I had forgotten about that one. I just had really high expectations that the raps could keep this close. Last night we saw the real Rondo, as opposed to the one that was clearly hurt last week, and he was a monster.

  • A_socrates

    Frustrating game to watch. I know the C’s are a better team, but with the lineups jay throws out there I don’t even feel like we got beat. Julian needs more minutes to see if he can actually help right this team. It’s hard to watch Derozan, Andrea and Linas out there together. I can’t enjoy their scores because I know their going to give way more back at the other end. Derozan I am more patient with because he is young and scores efficiently as a slasher and plays with flow. Keiza and Bargnani, while scoring efficiently tonight stats wise, are just ball stoppers and take shots way to quickly and far away from the basket; they also seem to have tunnel vision. Caldy I don’t mind because he plays hard and runs the offence well. Andrea shows flashes every now and again to make me believe, but to move forward we need him gone. I wouldn’t mind what Kleiza brings if it came off the bench and in the right circumstances (ie. not on the wing gaurding quicker players). If this team is the plan, and Andrea is the centrepeice then Jay needs to be fired and I may actually stop drinking the Colangelo Koolaid. Either way, Raptors fan 4 life.

  • Arsenalist

    Why is poor Julian under the bus? He played 13 minutes. I’d nominate Johnson and Bargnani. Jose is driving.

  • PG

    Triano should be under the bus. I don’t understand why he kept Bargs and Linus in there in the 4th. Neither were showing any effort on D. He should have had Wright, Davis, and Dorsey even to be a defensive unit. That’s what frustrates me is when they decide to ride people who play shit. When Wright finally came into the game with 2 minutes left, he showed hustle and even caused some deflections. I’m just not convinced Triano is the man to stick with. The coach from Chicago is a rookie but he’s got everyone on the team playing D. We might not be as talented as Chicago but when a coach can instill D (dramatic change of the Bulls from last year), then there lies the problem. Triano is just not living up to his words at the beginning of the year. He said he’ll play the best players who are showing effort. So far he is just an enabler.

  • draftedraptor

    I think all of you are missing Altraps sarcasm here. Wright is under the bus no matter what he does he will end up getting 5 minutes to make an impact.

    Amir Johnson needs a rest. But he will get none till Reggie gets fit. He was awful today. I never expected him to be dominant over ONeals and big baby. getting little help from our first pick star Center did not help his performance either.

  • KJ-B

    What on earth was Barbosa doing making those long outlet turnovers in the 4th Q in the middle of the run…Next he starts, jacking/chucking every he time he cradled the rock!!! Triano, Triano, Triano–where on earth is your brain @??? FREE JWright… i DON’T even care if there was ‘showcasing’ going on–I’m getting tired of Barbosa being the single most influential player on the team in w’s + l’s… FREE JWright!!!!

  • Mediumcore

    Not a lot of positives, but I like how aggressive Demar has been taking it to the rim the last few games. He’s not getting stripped as much as earlier in the season and is finishing tough shots as well. And they aren’t even running any plays for him right now…he’s just creating on his own. Hopefully he can build on it.

    With the way the season is going, I just want to see Demar and Ed get their minutes. They are the future of this team

  • Scott

    Amir needs to be under the bus, he left his balls at home. Watch the game again and look at him run away from the offensive glass when Shaq or Big Baby are nearby.

  • whatwhat

    Bargnani: I think Bam Bam Bigelow would have had more airtime than Andy tonight. I’m surprised by the effort given the day of rest yesterday and can only hope he can grab some z’s on the short flight back.

    what does that even mean?