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Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Celtics Jan 7

The “most uninspired ballgame ever” edition.

The “most uninspired ballgame ever” edition:

Alabi: dispatched.

Barbosa: I love him as the distributer. Let him be that or have him go the hole, nothing else. He has a great mind for the game, but his body is starting to fight back.

Bargnani: I think Bam Bam Bigelow would have had more airtime than Andy tonight. I’m surprised by the effort given the day of rest yesterday and can only hope he can grab some z’s on the short flight back.

Bayless: still on the sidelines comparing size of bubblegum bubbles with Peja.

Calderon: not often this will be said: He and Rondo pretty much played to a draw tonight. Rondo seemed out of sorts, but Jose also didn’t let him get into a groove. On the other side, it was an average Jose night..which is acceptable when playing the likes of Rondo.

Davis: some nice flashes going up against a powerhouse. He showed no sign of backing down and, admirably, was pushing bodies around out there. Hope for the future.

DeRozan: wasn’t as aggressive as we would have liked him to be (4 trips to the free throw line isn’t nearly enough) but he was the main part of the offense tonight. Great stretch of the season for him.

Dorsey: 6 rebounds in 9 minutes. Hungry much?

Evans: do you think his teeth rattle when he drives over railway tracks?

Johnson: not gonna lie, I barely even remembered him being on the floor. I shouldn’t be able to say that about anybody playing ex NBA champions. Everybody needs to bring their A game, especially when shorthanded. Amir had trouble getting it to C.

Kleiza: a couple of trick shots, some great hustle, some questionable D, and a face that would stop a locomotive. Linas Kleiza is back and should remain a starter.

Stojakovic: Me + Anvil + Peja tied to the ground = heaven.

Weems: should we really be thinking of Weems as part of our future? Hate to kick a guy when he is down, but no way is he worthy of higher than 8th or 9th man, even on a weak squad.

Wright: well, he screamed more tonight than Liston at a stats convention. It was like he was told volume would earn him more attention and minutes. He continued his fine play, but not sure channelling Tarzan will endear him to Jay.

Driving The Bus: Linas Kleiza

Under The Bus: Julian Wright

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