Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Kings Jan 9

The “you make the first 10 shots and all feels right” edition.

The “you make the first 10 shots and all feels right” edition:

Alabi: proof you should never verbalize something you hate…because it’s gonna come get ya.

Barbosa: I swear there are times where he looks like he is going to whip out some ninja stars and slice & dice.  Really enjoyed his game today, well balanced, was VERY vocal and appeared to be a prime motivator today even during his slow start. Don’t always see it in him, but love it when I do.

Bargnani: he’s about as easy and comforting as grilled cheese & chili on a cold January day. Did you even have a doubt that shot late in the fourth was money? He didn’t have swagger, but he brought the cocky. Good to be home, huh?

Bayless: didn’t get out there much but he made the Kings pay when he did. They didn’t really contain him and had he been 100%, I have no doubt this would have been an easy double double night for him.

Calderon: in the competition of European generals today, Jose came up as big as Klinger from M*A*S*H. Pin The Tail On The Donkey now has a new subject for the next print run for their game. The handclap defence, the turnstile one-on-one D, the only looking for one guy to pass the ball to…all evident today and completely sickening. Beno Udrih for crying out loud. Have some pride, Jose.

Davis: not gonna lie, I thought playing a young team my stir up some deep desire in Ed, but he looked like he wanted to get home and fire up the NFL game. As always, some flashes, but definitely disappointing on the whole.

DeRozan: and on the other end of the spectrum…DeMar could have baked a cake on someones head tonight and they wouldn’t have stopped him. There were times in the fourth that I thought I was watching the training camp special on NBATV. I have no doubt DeMar called his peeps in Compton after the game and said “did you SEE that??”. Can’t even really knock is lack of getting to the line since the Kings seemed to thing DeMar was covered in poisonous material.

Dorsey: evidently Joey thought the promotion was 100 fouls and fans get pizza, not 100 points. I shall nickname him Windmill.

Evans: nice threads.

Johnson: heck of an effort off the bench again. He still looks pretty winded, but that could be carry over from all the home cooking over the holidays. It’s a shame we are so weak up front because the Barbosa/Johnson tandem off the bench is a nice one.

Kleiza: evidently Linas thought he was in an advent calendar and somebody forgot to pull the door back and tell him there was a game today. He was as helpful as a crossing guard at 4am.

Stojakovic: f_ker. I’d live to buy a vowel.

Weems: thanks for the tip of the brow at halftime. Good to know your arms still work. Rub-A535, a massage, some chiro, and a work ethic would come in handy.

Wright: ouch. His game today was Celine Dion type horrifying. Just not a good effort at all. I’m sure PJ has him tied to a pole and is whipping him with Nike branded shoelaces as we speak.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Joey Dorsey

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