The “you make the first 10 shots and all feels right” edition:

Alabi: proof you should never verbalize something you hate…because it’s gonna come get ya.

Barbosa: I swear there are times where he looks like he is going to whip out some ninja stars and slice & dice.  Really enjoyed his game today, well balanced, was VERY vocal and appeared to be a prime motivator today even during his slow start. Don’t always see it in him, but love it when I do.

Bargnani: he’s about as easy and comforting as grilled cheese & chili on a cold January day. Did you even have a doubt that shot late in the fourth was money? He didn’t have swagger, but he brought the cocky. Good to be home, huh?

Bayless: didn’t get out there much but he made the Kings pay when he did. They didn’t really contain him and had he been 100%, I have no doubt this would have been an easy double double night for him.

Calderon: in the competition of European generals today, Jose came up as big as Klinger from M*A*S*H. Pin The Tail On The Donkey now has a new subject for the next print run for their game. The handclap defence, the turnstile one-on-one D, the only looking for one guy to pass the ball to…all evident today and completely sickening. Beno Udrih for crying out loud. Have some pride, Jose.

Davis: not gonna lie, I thought playing a young team my stir up some deep desire in Ed, but he looked like he wanted to get home and fire up the NFL game. As always, some flashes, but definitely disappointing on the whole.

DeRozan: and on the other end of the spectrum…DeMar could have baked a cake on someones head tonight and they wouldn’t have stopped him. There were times in the fourth that I thought I was watching the training camp special on NBATV. I have no doubt DeMar called his peeps in Compton after the game and said “did you SEE that??”. Can’t even really knock is lack of getting to the line since the Kings seemed to thing DeMar was covered in poisonous material.

Dorsey: evidently Joey thought the promotion was 100 fouls and fans get pizza, not 100 points. I shall nickname him Windmill.

Evans: nice threads.

Johnson: heck of an effort off the bench again. He still looks pretty winded, but that could be carry over from all the home cooking over the holidays. It’s a shame we are so weak up front because the Barbosa/Johnson tandem off the bench is a nice one.

Kleiza: evidently Linas thought he was in an advent calendar and somebody forgot to pull the door back and tell him there was a game today. He was as helpful as a crossing guard at 4am.

Stojakovic: f_ker. I’d live to buy a vowel.

Weems: thanks for the tip of the brow at halftime. Good to know your arms still work. Rub-A535, a massage, some chiro, and a work ethic would come in handy.

Wright: ouch. His game today was Celine Dion type horrifying. Just not a good effort at all. I’m sure PJ has him tied to a pole and is whipping him with Nike branded shoelaces as we speak.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Joey Dorsey

Game Theme:

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  • rob

    Anyone else notice how little slack the refs give Demar?
    Very contrary to a Kevin Martin, who seems to get a call no matter how he drives the paint.
    demar keeps getting hammered in the paint, and no call!
    I do find it incredibly refreshing, though, to see him get back up and score 13 FGs, and earn his points the hard way!

    Hope for the future :]

    • Nilanka15

      Agreed. Love the way he doesn’t get discouraged by the non-calls. You don’t often see that in today’s ego-centric NBA.

      He’ll get the benefit of the doubt in due time.

  • I’m Sick of the Matador PG!

    Can’t believe what an idiot Calderon is when he’s whistled for the 8sec midcourt call with some 4 minutes left. Took all the mo out of the team and nearly lost the game to the worst team in the league. Watching Beno having his way with the matador PG, you would think he’s one of the best in the league …

  • John_P

    Demar and Andrea were huge today. This is the kind of two man duo we need going forward.

  • dfsaqwe

    8 second violation.

  • Red Baron

    Great all around game from Bargnani. Good shot selection, scored inside and out, got to the line, played decent D, grabbed some contested boards, and showed a bit of emotion during the game instead of the “I’d rather be anywhere but here” look sometimes has. Soooooo…..will he get into the allstar game? (via coach selection)..I think if he can push his assist avg over 2 and his rebounds over 6 (which he is very close to doing), I think he’ll have a shot….

    • nadir

      Since the all star game is a joke anyways, why not?

      • cesco

        It is far from being a joke , the fans may vote in the starters , the coaches select the alternates based on their performance so far this year.

        • Nilanka15

          It’s a fair assumption that Howard will be voted in as the starting centre. That leaves Bargnani battling it out with the likes of Amare and Horford (maybe Lopez). But Amare and Horford get the edge because of their winning records, which will no doubt be a factor when the coaches decide on reserves.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Since December started (and Reggie was off), Andrea’s stat line is 22.4 ppg, 6.6 Reb, 2.4 apg, and a .502 FG%.

  • Milesboyer

    “Wright: ouch. His game today was Celine Dion type horrifying. Just not a good effort at all.”
    That’s just a poor observation – he played four and a half minutes and didn’t get in until the fourth quarter when everyone one else was well established.

    • JamesJ

      I’m pretty sure AltRaps only tunes in for the last half of the game to write his ignorant Roll Calls.

  • kuzzybear

    Seems to me that Wright should have been in at the 4:30 mark of the 1st quarter nOT with 4:30 left. Since he turned the Cavs game around, jay should have been looking for any excuse to get him in, not keep him out

  • RenaldoSugarbush

    Jose is in a lot of pain.
    I give him props for putting in the effort.

  • Calderon had 9 assists, 3 times as many as Udrih, and turned the ball over just once. And he went 5-11 from the field. He didn’t play good defense, but neither did Bargnani or DeRozan. In fact, I’d say all three played very poor defense, but played excellent on the other end of the floor. For a lot of people, that seems to be enough.

    • Giolondon999

      I beg your pardon sir but Bargnani defense in the last possessions of the 4th quarter make us win the match !
      the rest of the team instead was just poor in that !
      actually more and more I see the way DD , Kleiza and even Amir especially against big body are defending …Bargnani is the last to be finger pointed , is getting there his rebounds even thinking where the coaches want him to play are not that bad !

      • One play doesn’t make up for the rest of the game, just as the block DeMar got doesn’t make up for the other times he got torched. And notice I didn’t point the finger at just Bargnani. The Raptors scored 118 points on 58% shooting at home against an 8-26 team, and only won by 6 points. And the main reason was the atrocious defense of those three players. I’ve defended Calderon’s defense a lot but it wasn’t very good tonight. DeMar’s defense was as bad as I’ve seen it and anyone who thinks Bargnani’s was any better needs to take a lesson about how a big man needs to play defense.

        They played better on the road trip, for the most part, than they did tonight. Tonight, though, they got lucky and played against a crappy team, so it didn’t matter as much.

        I think it’s great that Bargnani and DeRozan scored a combined 58 points, but they will never, ever be a good team if they continue to play as poor defense as they did.

        • Dookielover

          was at the game today. bargs was effortless. thank god those in attendance appreciate his solid play at both ends….emar erozan is real brutal on d and had his typical bonehead turnovers yet still excelled when driving the ball. ton’s of people wearing bargs jerseys in attendance which was suprising and it appears the Filipino community has really embraced him….jerkoffs like timmy see what they want to see and spread misinformation.

        • Dookielover

          beno was toying with jose all game like a yoyo.our wings and pg’s cant keep anybody ahead of them.

        • Giolondon999

          Whatever …DD still got a lot of problems with silly TO and trying to force the issues too much…but put the right pieces around them specially if DD improve his jumper and you have a better pair than Carter & Bosh at least they don’t look so upset to be in Toronto and they not really lack in effort comparing them to the first 2 !
          I don’t really care if Bargs is not Howard nobody who is not a German can do what he does get someone else who can defend , I think is very stupid loosing his offense to get what or who after all !

        • voy

          Tim is right. We cant be a contender as long as we continue to give up 100+ points to teams like SacTown minus their best player.

          The above being said, this Raps team will be radically different from the one looking to contend (in a few years?). Will that team have Andrea and Demar on it? Maybe. One thing is for sure though. The future raps team will have more players that bring more to the table. More guys will be able to get their own offense within a team concept; more guys will be better defenders; more guys will be better rebounders. Now, all the Raps players wont be able to do all the above effectively but they will fill their own specific role.

          When the Raps are ready to contend, the team collectively, will hide the weakest aspect of each players game,in my opinion.

  • Sek99

    Considering Bargnani seemed to always be put on whoever the weaker scorer on the floor was, I’d say he didn’t play that great defense. Also missed a bunch of rebounds late. Amir, who’s 6’9 and ways like, what, 220 has to constantly guards guys like Cousins, (6’11 260) and Shaq (7, 4 elephants and a bear) and it’s hard to say Bargnani played good D. I guess he wasn’t terrible, but whenever he’s not guarding one on one, I swear he’s a pylon. He honestly could have taken about 3 charges tonight, but instead he just plunks down a mile away, tries to avoid contact, and stands perfectly still. The one charge was a bad move by Cousins, but props to Bargs (even though it was a huge flop). Honestly, our starting lineup has bad to terrible defenders at the 1-3 and 5 spot, with our fours being undersized and underweight, which is why it was a close game today. All Sactown has are good PF’s and C’s with Evans.

    I like Bargs as much as the next guy, but I kinda feel like its time to trade him (know this won’t happen). He had a good game, I won’t take away from that, but right now were headed to 9-13 pick with a playoff miss. This won’t help us in any way and honestly, I just don’t think its worth it trying to turn a guy who isn’t a franchise player, into one who is. Anybody heard of CB4? Unless Colangelo plans on bringing people in around by the trade deadline, where is this team headed? Even with Davis becoming a solid to really good PF, we’ll always be dominated by the bigger C’s more often than not. Just don’t see this team going anywhere with a core of Davis, Bargs, DD, Amir and Bayless even if we get a franchise player in the draft. The only thing that could change my mind would be defensive improvement by all those guys, along with weight added for some, and adrenaline shots for Bargnani before every game.

    • Giolondon999

      ??? did you watch the match I’m talking about the 4th quarter …anyway I don’t care about franchise bullcrap I want a TEAM nuff’ said!
      I don’t get it which franchise player is going to come to Toronto?
      what chance you have to get him from the draft today ?

      • Sek99

        We have a chance to get one if we tank worse than the other shithole teams in the league, and we won’t with Bargs on the squad. It’s not like we’re really all that boring to watch without him anyway. Derozans more exciting to watch. And we had a TEAM last year with CB4 and look where that got us. I’d rather have a chance at a championship someday than just continuously settle for mediocrity.

      • Sek99

        Do you work for the Atlanta Hawks? Would you sign Joe Johnson to a max contract until he’s 36? That makes a team better, but ultimately makes them go nowhere. Not a great business model for sports buddy.

    • sangaman

      Many on this blog who dont like bargs also crap all over reggie..This team needs a physical presence up front…(and elsewhere) and reggie provided that. There was a telling moment when a Sacramento forward dove for and snared a loose ball on the floor that three raps had a better shot at getting to…We may need to trade a whole lot more than bargs in order to get a team that is willing to put in all on the line for D.

      • Nilanka15

        Just to clarify, those who are in favour of trading Bargs aren’t suggesting he’s the ONLY problem this team has. He’s one of many problems, which means there are many transactions required to bring the Raps to “contender” status.

        The only difference is that the other problems (DeMar, Bayless, Amir, Davis, etc.) might have a chance of improving their games over the next 2-3 years.

        Bargnani, on the other hand, may become a better scorer, but I highly doubt he makes any improvements in the defensive end. Moving him to PF and pairing him with a defensive centre will not hide Bargnani’s deficiencies (refer to Tom Liston’s previous post regarding Bargnani as a PF).

      • Jackie Moon

        There is much consensus that Reggie is a good tough guy. Not a Saviour that we were fed last year when he was out. So why is there little to no talk about trying to resign him next year to a lesser deal? There is no chance he gets what he’s making now on the free market, why not bring him back?

        • Nilanka15

          Even if brought back on a lesser deal, do you really want him taking minutes away from either Amir of Davis?

          • Jackie Moon

            Not saying he has to play big minutes. He could definately help those two.

            • Nilanka15

              Good point. But then the question becomes, would Reggie have the same impact/credibility with the rest of the roster if he’s barely seeing the floor?

              In other words, would he be a valuable piece to the locker room, or a waste of a roster spot?

    • sleepz

      “Considering Bargnani seemed to always be put on whoever the weaker scorer on the floor was, I’d say he didn’t play that great defense.”

      Thought the same thing. Andrea is the centre and should be guarding the bigger front court match-up. His man-to-man d is solid no? Why are coaches always putting him on the weaker match-up and letting Johnson trying to guard a bigger dude like Cousins? Johnson should be checking Landry.

  • Statement

    I personally think Bargs played very well on offense, and was so-so to below average on defense. Bargs was abused by Landry on the glass (Sacramento was +6 on the offensive glass). Overall however, I think Bargs contribution was a positive to the game thanks to great offense.

    Same goes for Demar.

  • sangaman

    Again–With all respect–You do not respect the physical part of basketball- -Little things like hard fouls and diving for a loose ball- (and maybe banging a few heads in the process) have a positive impact on the game but dont show in stats. Amir while agressive is not mean enough. Reggie or someone like him is a necessity on the raps. He also provides leadership-sorely lacking/.

  • JamesJ

    Damn, you need finish your English courses ’cause there are spelling errors fucking everywhere.