The “making the home crowd proud” edition:

Alabi: if you can’t dominate the DLeague….

Barbosa: possibly his best game of the season. It’s as if he saw Crawford come in, make us look foolish, and decided that “ah, nah, mah, homey don’t play that” and tried to one-up him. Some pretty dishes, great shot selection, blurring..all the elements were on display. If not for him coming alive, the game would have been lost early.

Bargnani: I swear that sometime this season he is going to wear a suit during the game because he is becoming that smooth. Nice game.

Bayless: he is like the NBA player version of when you wake up in the middle of the night and head to the can: feeling your way there. You can tell he is still working his way back. Wasn’t trying too hard tonight though, which was good. Slow and steady wins the race, eh.

Calderon: well, at least he held Bibby down and make him sing the Spanish national anthem. He took some, um, questionable shots but he also pushed the pace at some perfect times. Still prefer this slightly above average version of him. He still drives you to drink on defence, but you hear angels singing on the other side of the floor.

Davis: rocking the headband seemed to work. You could at least feel his presence on the floor tonight after me being concerned all day that the Hawks would swallow him up.

DeRozan: at least we now know he never played baseball very well as a kid. If he did, he never needed to slide. Anyway, not a game he’ll be asking his boys to cut into his hilight reel. Some ugly turnovers and just not an aggressive night for our stud.

Dorsey: 3 fouls in 4 minutes.  That’s better production than a fluffer.

Evans: do you think he enjoys Burkie Dogs?

Johnson: yeah, he definitely got hosed on a few foul calls tonight which is a shame because he was on his way to a classic AJ quiet but deadly night. He looked locked in from the jump and, as is often the case, foul trouble made him gear down for stretches.

Kleiza: the Owl seemed to be playing with his wings covering his eyes all night.  He and DeMar taking the night off probably cost us the game tonight.

Stojakovic: everytime I see the trade deadline clock on, I dream. I bet he does too.

Weems: still didn’t see the floor. I’m wondering if he and Peja share the same advisors.

Wright: no PT for the guy most likely to win the “where the heck did he come from” award this season.

Driving The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

Under The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Game Theme:

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18 Responses to “Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Hawks Jan 12”

  1. @christianoho

    was at the game and it was terrific, home crowd was electric, was hoping to see more from demar but great job blur.

  2. zapppoood

    Someone here predicted Zaza and Horford Carreer High in points and rebounds… So, maybe, the Raptor’s defensive struggles aren’t (ONLY) on Bargnani shoulders. Raptors wings were totally burned by Crawford and Johnson. Again.

    • C.D.G.

      You are wrong, Zapppoood,
      when the wings get torched is Bargnani fault anyway!
      And if I tell you I’m not necessarily a Bargs fan, people here won’t believe me.
      And in the Raptor Blog’s comment of the game, Demar was given good compliments! Go figure.

      • Kafksdj

        Solution to DD getting burned by the wings? Thrown in some Julian Wright and presto…problem solved

    • John_P

      Zappooood it’s a known fact that if the team doesn’t win, it’s all Bargnani’s fault. Just look at their record without him, 1-6.

  3. TheR3dMenace

    We got burned by some highly questionable calls in crunch time, but the refs had their whistles pocketed when it came time for us to get a call.

  4. Nbg_30

    DD and Johnson, what a bullshit booth. But also the refrees, it was foul on Jose at the end.. baaaaahhhh

    • Nilanka15

      I watched the reply over and over again looking for a call. There was none. Refs (for once) made the right call.

      But that doesn’t excuse the glaring free throw discrepancy. That’s what lost us the game.

      • Pizzaman1

        Nilanka lack of free throws did not cost us the game…DeRozan cost us the game with his complete dud! He forced himself into unmakeable shots all night never thinking to pass to someone open, he played horrific defense, and he took some stupid ass fouls on a charge, and giving up three free throws at crucial times. I don’t know whether to blame him or Triano for leaving him out there, and for making him think he is a saviour and our second best player when he’s far from it today.

      • John_P

        I completely agreee, the ref didnt blow the game at all. There was no foul by Horford and Amir was moving his feet. What lost them the game is bonehead plays by DeRo and Amir along with Jay running plays at the end of the game through Amir and Calderon, when Atlanta proved it couldn’t stop Bargs and Barbosa.

  5. AnthonyF

    Bargnani only 3 rebounds!!!!! C’mon that should be the headline….. Was there and tried to closely watch Bargnani’s defense and guess what???? It was good. Burned by aggressive wings, where have we heard that before? But I believe it was Bargnani’s fault for not rotating….

    He played well on defense, and even reemed out Ed Davis on a switch when Ed was slow in switching.

    Ref’s were atrocious…..

  6. 511

    Near the end of the first quarter, Jack Armstrong was comparing Ed Davis (I think) to some legend or other … and then reiterated that he wasn’t actually comparing him to whoever it was, so that everybody on the internet could relax, finishing by saying ‘bloggers and that nonsense’.

    Not a huge deal but … it seemed a bit disparaging – even pompous (maybe) – for a guy who I usually think of as a cool sort of dude.

    Doesn’t he know that ‘bloggers’ help fuel Raptors enthusiasm all over the net … which is where so many fans get their daily fix?

    Someone should send him an Arsenalist column or two … and ask him to compare them to whatever else is written out there about the Raptors.

    • pran

      i think he only made the clarification b/c that idiot devlin insisted that’s what he was saying.

      jack: “Im not comparing him to those players”
      devlin: “your not”
      jack goes on to say he only noticed that they were all lefty shot blockers.

    • Nilanka15

      Armstrong’s old school. He doesn’t know anything about twitter, facebook, BBM, etc. I bet he has a ditto machine sitting in his home office. He just doesn’t understand (or care to understand) new age technology…blogs included. His own TSN blog is probably written on paper using a fountain pen, and then handed to Rod Black to take care of the rest…

  7. KJ-B

    DeRozan got hit by the Young1 bug again… Just hope he wasn’t playing poorly to make his pal Sonny not feel so bad for not getting in the game… Who really knows what this guy was thinking last night with a very untimely AWOL???

  8. Nilanka15

    The Crawford flop on the Amir screen was oscar-worthy. The NBA should implement some sort of unsportsmanlike punishment for such occurrences, even if it’s following the game after review from the NBA’s head office. This league is slowly becoming a laughing stock in terms of diving and poor officiating. Soccer anyone?


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