• Thumper_espoma

    Man this was hard to watch, and I watched the whole thing….
    Nothing was working tonight, and nobody was attacking the hoop. I don’t know if its Triano’s fault but this team seems to get away from what they are successful at. The first time these teams met we were attacked the rim and attacked it well. At the start of this game DeRozan came out strong and going to the FT line, but then after that nobody even went close to the rim.
    Triano needs to wake up and tell the players what to do. Andrea launching 3s and horrible long 2s all the time is getting hard to watch. Our team needs to attack the basket to be successful on the offensive side.
    On the defensive side I don’t even know what to do, that end is just in shambles

    • JamesJ

      I think our team was just afraid of Howard’s presence :T Our. Whole. Team.

      • KJ-B

        I’m not sure what kinda game plan that was supposed to be: Starting Joey Dorsey was like wavin’ the White Flag and telling D12 to come and get it… He didn’t have to work on the defensive end, with no Amir to start the game, got in a rhythym and killed us from the get!!!

  • Ruuuuuuuuuuu

    LOL @ the caption and picture

    Dwight with 9 offensive rebounds in 30 minutes (19 rebs overall) is ridiculous…

    didn’t see the game, who was he matched up against on D? they weren’t all on Bargs were they?

    • Ruuuuuuuuu

      to put it in perspective:

      Kevin Love had 12 offensive rebounds in 41 minutes in his 30-30 game

      uhhh guys….Dwight basically could had a 30-30 night if he wanted it….must be fun to play the Raps

  • voy

    in my opinion, you gotta rest all the guys who are injured. playing jose 30 minutes a game cuz we dont have another real point guard is no excuse. Same with Bargs, sit him till he’s 100%. its obvious he’s injured. playing him 30 minutes a game wont do him or the team any good when he’s not 100%. throw alabi and gaines out there for 30 minutes. we’ll lose by 70 but, hey, a loss is a loss.

    rest amir, too. although amir’s injury I’m thinking may be a result of the fact he’s kinda light to bang in the post but regardless… Rest the troops. Throw the scrubs out there. Watching this team play hurt is like watching a dog trying to run with 3 legs. Its just sad.

  • Bargnani needs to go.

    The sooner the better.

    1. His offense disappears for games at a time
    2. He can’t guard anyone
    3. He refuses to play defense as evidenced by his -25 in 27 minutes and only one foul.

    The Raptors will never be a winning team with him on the roster.

    No wonder Bosh left

    • arsenalist

      First two points are valid, the plus/minus stat is garbage. I actually think his offensive game is such that he should never disappear for three games in a row, we’ve seen it many times this season where he appears literally unguardable. Problem is with his motor, the guy can’t keep his head in the game and is not committed to trying 100% (mentally and physically). No reason why he shouldn’t beat up on Bass or even Howard in a face-up situation, instead he just loses interest which is the worst thing you can say about a player.

      Some of his decisions on the floor are so “off” that it makes you question his overall awareness/IQ. That play in the first quarter where he faked Bass out and had a clear path to the rim, what does he do? He pulls up for a short jumper instead of taking it in. Is he scared? Did he expect Bass to recover? Was his mind to shoot made up before he made his move? I don’t know, but you see too many of these kinds of plays where you shake your head. First three years you could live by it in the name of progress and development, by now that shit should be sorted out.

      • cdub

        His mind was made up. He was getting better at not doing that as frequently this year but that play was baffling…..

    • Guest

      Amir Johnson needs to go. He is Lazy on defence and can not finish under the rim. How many times he had the ball under the basket and they stripped it off his hand ?? How many times he went up for a lay up and got blocked.

      Amir Johnson needs o go.

  • Chuck Taylor

    Where are the Hedo haters now?? Looooooool …

    • Theswirsky

      in Phoenix

      • 511

        made me lol.

  • brandon

    On Friday Bob McCown said “The team’s problem is that all the parts are interchangeable, none of them good enough.”

    Now, was he talking about the Raptors or the Leafs? The answer is the latter, but the description holds true for both teams. They’re both young, lacking in superstar talent, with a lot of middling, average or below-average interchangeable players.

    Both teams are run by high-profile GMs who came in with solid reputations that are gradually being destroyed in TO. The teams pay in the same building, both make money despite the times, and — wouldn’t you know it? Both teams have the same owner! must be a coincidence…