The “if you missed the game, I’ll replicate the Raptors 4th quarter effort” edition:















Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Jose Calderon

Game Theme:

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  • Eternal Optimist

    Brilliant roll call. My sentiments exactly

  • Boomgoesthedynamite

    I believe these are what they refer to as “growing pains”.

  • WhatWhat

    I want Bargnani and Calderon off this team. (No, this is not an overreaction, I’ve been thinking about this since last year.)

    And Calderon, stop dribbling our offensive sets into oblivion.

    • Calderon? Why? He’s obviously not the long term solution as the starting PG but he’s been one of the few Raptors that actually have had a positive impact on the team when on the floor. Calderon is the least of the Raptor’s problems.

      • WhatWhat

        We need to move him just to truly move on into the rebuilding phase.

        • Martin

          We are in a truly rebuilding phase (ok, maybe sans Bargnani).

          We just don’t have any other pointguard that would help to develop other young players

        • The Raptors are 13 and 30 with something like the 2nd youngest roster in the league. How much more do they have to do for them to be rebuilding?

  • Boomgoesthedynamite

    What is possible for Colangelo to get done between now and the trade deadline that better sets this squad up for the future??

  • Sam Holako

    Jesus, that bad?? Glad I missed it.

    • Jesus

      Yes. It was that bad.

  • Neaguda

    god damnit this team is so frustrating.

  • Chris Bosh


  • smushmush

    It is obvious these guys have given up lol. Losing can do that to you lmao. This was what I was thinking when guys said they appreciate the effort even when these guys lose. Losing takes a toll on the team mentally even a veteran like Jose is having clunkers.

    Misery knows company – it was Blowout Friday(lol) for the NBA. At least, we are not the Atlanta Hawks that lost by 41 points at home and had a franchise low of 59 points. There were blowouts also of the Utah Jazz(by 24 in Boston), Cavaliers(or should we say the Cadavers lmao) (18 point loss to the Phoenix Suns) and Detroit Pistons(by the Nets lol).

    We always turn a scrub into a superstar lol – Ryan Anderson had 21 points and 10 rebounds (Arsenalist, can we have a new column under the game day article for a scrub turned superstar lol). That is all needed to be known from this game. Dwight outrebounding the starters by himself(19 to 17 – the Incredible Hulk of rebounds lmao) and Brandon Bass having 9 rebounds puts the final nail in the coffin.

    For the person under the bus and stuck there – my pick is Bargnani. They showed him on the bench when we were being blown out and there was no emotion(not a sad feeling, like nothing happened). Consequently, when your center is grabbing 4 rebounds, does not defend the best big man on the other team and is even outrebounded by the lesser offensive threat, you know you are in trouble.

    Finally, it is time for BC and Triano to go. BC is probably the worst GM hands down in the league right now(cosign Bill Simmons). Why should the MLSE be rewarding him with an extension? MLSE is a joke of an organization and the Raptors are the joke of the NBA. If I am a superstar too in my prime like Bosh or VC, I would leave this joke of an organization too. We are gradually becoming Clippers North(even the Clippers are getting better lmao and it sure is better to be a Clippers fan right now lol).

    “Nuff said.

    • JamesJ

      What the fuck? Be realistic man, the Raptors are not a contender whatsoever. You act like us losing is due to BC and Triano. Are you expecting a championship run this year? Have you looked at the players on the roster? It’s a fucking miracle we aren’t in the Cavaliers spot right now. I hate people like you, always saying get rid of this and get rid of that when things aren’t going the way you want it to.

      • James

        No, it is not BC or Jay’s Fault. It is my Fault that as fan I am still paying to see games like this !!! Are you Kidding me ?? Whose fault is this ? Who has signed these players? Who has been in charge of this team for last 4 years and spent millions trying to build a team and finally made a crappy team like this ? It is BC !!!

        Who has been Coaching these guys for last 3 years and till can not get them to put a full effort forward and pay with passion ? who has been coaching these guys and none of the have improved on their weakness ? Jay Triano,

        Get real Dude and STOP the BS it is not their Fault.

        It is their Damn Fault.

      • smushmush

        Both BC and Triano are instituting an era of no accountability and favouritism. The players they favour and give minutes(Bargs, Kleiza) do not play defense and chuck shots others hustle for to their hearts content. This is a situation of that worker that is charismatic at the workplace but is lazy and gets the hours while you work hard and get no reward for it(and trust me, that really sucks). Triano has lost the room right now. Bargs the sacred cow is making everything look worse, just saying( having a diva like Bargs on a rebuilding team really shows the management has no commitment whatsoever to winning – the last thing you want on a rebuilding team is a cancer or diva).

        “Nuff said.

  • tanking tanking tanking tanking tanking at least we will end up getting a top 5 lottery pick

    • yertu damkule

      …in what may be an epically weak draft.

      yay, us.

    • Balls of Steel

      We don’t have to tank man, we just have to watch Bargs and Co. to give in this kind of “effort” night in and night out. If BC were to work in the financial industry, he would have been fired right now because his “blue chip” stock has lost tremendous value. And unlike the NBA, the lost value does not yield a chance at getting back the money by way of a high draft pick. It is simply lost for good.

      I still believe that fans will not get on Barney’s back (even if he’s shooting 3-14 on most nights) if he were to compensate his offensive woes with some sincere defensive effort. Really trying to keep Howard at bay (a difficult task for MANY centers around the league), even in a losing effort would garner support and not hatred towards AB7.

      • Theswirsky

        actually this is one thing that makes me curious….

        … how many calls does BC truelly receive for Bargs? What are the offers? How much has Bargs stock fallen this year?

      • voy

        “even if he is shooting 3-14 on most nights”. “Most” nights?

        • Theswirsky

          I think he was saying IF bargs shot like that all the time… not that he does.

          However, this is the 12th game he has shot less than 40%, while only shooting over 50% 14 times, and under 50% 24 times. (oh and just so Jack Armstrong knows bargs has never shot above 70% this year, let alone strung 3 games like that together)…

        • Balls of Steel

          I said EVEN IF. This is not semantic wordplay my friend. Clearly this statement was made if and when he does have a bad shooting game.

          • voy

            got it. i gotta, respectfully, disagree though. I dont think the toronto fan will have much tolerance for a guy that shoots 21%. I suspect bargs is physically hurt more than he’s letting on but of course I have no way of knowing for sure.

            If Bargs isn’t injured, the most important Raptor right now is Bargs’ girlfriend. She needs to lay it on him good. And I mean, like, having difficulty walking in the morning good.

            • Theswirsky

              you don’t think fans would support him if he was hard working? Explain then Reggie, JYD, Alvin Williams, Matt Bonner, Pops……

              • voy

                (1) none of those guys shot 21% over a prolonged period of time
                (2) none of them shoot as much as Andrea does; its one thing for a guy who puts up 5 shots a game to hit 25%; its another thing for a guy who shoots 15+

                If fans want to see a player shoot an atrocious percentage from the field while giving 110% effort then I will gladly volunteer my services.

                I know what you’re saying though. Toronto fans love an all-out hustle guy. However, expectations are a factor as well. If a virtual albino with flaming red hair, making close to minimum, hits a few wide open 3’s, the fans will, righfully, go crazy. Or if a cock-punching machine airballs a layup then throws himself into the stands going after the loose ball, I would shave his name into my pubic hair, as well.

                Andrea doesn’t have that luxury though.

                • Theswirsky

                  well if a guy was actually shooting 21% and taking 15 shots a game (over a long stretch), I would hope that in that situation a coach would recognize that he shouldn’t be on the floor period (and said player likely wouldn’t even be in the NBA).

                  This was more players who are limited offensively yet are still beloved by fans. Which Bargs could still be… IF he actually put in anything resembling an effort out there. Whether he scored 5 points or 50 points in a game, it wouldn’t matter. Whether he shot well or poorly, wouldn’t matter. But he hasn’t, and is showing no indications that he will, put in that effort…. which leads to…..

                  ‘expectations’… I think I can honestly say the only people who have high expectations of him are his supporters. Most gave up expecting anything more from this guy a while ago. So no I don’t really think expectations play much of a role in this… rather results, which are severely lacking. Where he was drafted and how much he gets paid is irrelevant (those things are done and over with)… its his usage/pt vs what he does and has done … and the ratio is not good.

                  I mean it seems like people think fans don’t like Bargs simply because he is Bargs (whether it be because he is italian, european, jump shooting C, etc etc.). Its got nothing to do with that (although I can’t speak for everyone). People don’t like Bargs because he doesn’t try… he doesn’t put in an effort… he stands around. That is exactly what the problem is… while people may nit pick about contracts and ‘who the Raps could have had’ will come up time and again, this is, more than anything him being a complete drain on the team on D and on the boards, and even when he has a great offensive game it rarely makes up for what he doesn’t do… or more specifically doesn’t try to do. He shown no signs of improving or changing this, and if anything its getting worse.

                  He’s been given 5 years now, time to move on.

                • voy

                  (1) bargs is never going to be the hustle guy on a team. he is never going to be the guy who consistently throws himself in the stands diving for lose balls. this is not how you are going to judge his success or failure as a player. He needs to drop 20 points a night. He is a scorer. This is how he should be judged, in my opinion. Does a team need other guys to defend, rebound etc etc? Of course they do. However you are not going to get everything from one player. Bargs, when healthy, fills a need.

                  (2) my point regarding expectations was that those players you mentioned had none or very little. Bargs has huge expectations on his shoulders. If he didn’t no one would care when he had a poor game.

                  (3) I agree, I dont think those who dislike bargs dislike him because he is european. He is a poor help defender and a poor rebounder. However, I think its far to premature to say “its time to move on” when the rest of the team is years away from contention. Hey, if we can land another young guy who does anything as well as bargs scores and who is locked up for several more years and doesn’t blow your salary cap and appears to be a pretty decent guy then, by all means, you would have to consider pulling the trigger on that deal. Do you have any names? However, trading him just to get him off the team wont do anything but hurt the raps. Its not like by getting rid of him you are taking a step toward contention.

                  In 2 or three years time when/if guys like derozan, amir, davis, bayless (+any other guys we may acquire) develop into decent pieces and we appear to be on the verge on becoming a good team, if bargs doesn’t fit in the mix, then, i think, would be a prudent time to move any player, not just andrea. In the meantime, I hope BC continues to not only acquire young talent but also starts to fill in needs.

                • Theswirsky

                  Just to make it clear I never said trade him, … I said it was time to ‘move on’. What I meant by that is less emphasis on him, less playing time, a move to the bench etc. That said if the right trade comes along… by all means I won’t complain about it.

                  Having any C that is nothing more than a ‘scorer’ is always gonna screw your team. Just name me 1 center who did nothing other than score and who’s team had success… it doesn’t happen. Thats not to say Bargs has to be the best at everything… he just needs to be good enough (ie not the worst rebounding and defending C in the league). Just being a scorer is not acceptable… atleast not as a starter. And as far as I’m concerned you can apply that to any starting position.

                  Finally… Bargs gets 2 or 3 more years… thats 7-8 years of waiting for this guy, seriously? Will Amir, Derozan, Davis and Bayless all get 8 years to? Or does everyone else need to fit around Bargs over this time? Only then things will change? (ie bench or trade etc). The guy has had 5 years…3 as a starter… at some point you need to cut your losses.

                • voy

                  on a bad team everyone’s deficiencies are magnified, in my view. as the raps improve with better players, better coaches, development of existing players, I’m confident examples of atrocious defence will become less frequent. This is not to say “lets build around bargs and only get guys that mask his shortfalls”. We build a team, a pointguard who can facilitate offense, wing players who can create their own offense and shoot from deep, guys who can defend the perimeter, players who can defend the post and guys who can score on the blocks. Once we assemble a “team”, if Bargs becomes superfluous, he becomes superfluous.

                  Presently, we are a collection of pieces that do not fit. Too many guys without real positions. Too many guys who do the same thing. Right now, Bargs is the only guy on the team that scores with any degree of ease. Its not like you are waiting for Bargs to perform on a good team. I’m not saying give him 2 or 3 more years to see if he develops into a good rebounder and help defender. I’m saying, 2 or 3 years until the team gets better pieces and only then will you be able to evaluate the exisitng players with any degree of accuracy. But, like I said, if you get an offer for a guy who you think has more upside than Bargs, I’m all for a trade, but these guys dont just grow on trees.

        • Balls of Steel

          Really I meant some. The numbers on “most” doesnt support it.

  • PeaceQawg

    Bring on Ajinca

    • KJ-B

      HAHAHA!!! The only Raps I’d look at keeping til year’s and moving into next year would be Davis, DeRozan, Calderon and Johnson — I’d pretty much sell every1 else for a ‘Bargs’ of chips and start a true rebuild– this year was downright confusing + bugly!

  • Joe1

    There’s no text. Is that a joke or is my comp just fucked?

    • Joe1

      I still don’t get it! D:

      • Reread the first line.

      • barenakedman

        Another priceless comment to brighten the day.

  • Justin-dyck

    It was all fine and good until the 3rd quarter when Dwight actually decided to try.

  • Valit

    5 things I learned from the game:

    1. No point to yell and curse and trade everybody….playing Calderon and/or Bargnani injured will not help the players themselves and/ or the organization specially on a schedule like this. On the other hand who would like 50 points game? Did you guys see Triano’s conundrum?

    2. I dont know why but I like better Gaines than Bayless….better attitude I guess

    3. Julian Wright should be a keeper for next year specially if he can develop any offensive game.

    4. For those people who were begging to see an athletic and young team on the floor without European pussies , they got a glimpse of it in the 4 th quarter………ugly

    5. Most people expected a clunker game after such a difficult trip with so few healthy bodies. It happened to other teams ( Atlanta, Utah).

    • Tinman

      Not sure if it’s “liking Gaines better” I just don’t see Bayless fitting in like we were hoping

    • jimmie

      1. Exactly. It’s all well and good to talk about distribution of minutes, benching guys when the effort is not there, etc. But when you have literally half your roster playing through injury, including most of your ‘top end’ in terms of scoring ability, as a coach you’re hands are sorta tied.

      2. Definitely like Gaines better at this point. Bayless looked nice when he first arrived and was feeling his way, but now that he’s more comfortable, he’s looking more and more like Jarret Jack (that’s not a good thing). Doubt Gaines is the backup PG answer, but don’t think it’s Bayless, either.

      3. I agree in principle, but he’s got a qualifying offer next year of about 4M. I think that’s probably why he’s been low on the totem pole; pretty clear that he’s a tough sell at 4-5M/year. Although the way things are going now, I think I’d prefer to overpay Wright than Weems… That said, I think he’ll be looking for a job in July, but I won’t be disappointed if I’m wrong.

      4. True. However, the 5 bottom guys on your roster are not really expected to look great, especially in garbage minutes. Of Bayless, Gaines, Davis, Alabi, and Wright, I don’t expect to see more than 2 of them here next year, and only Davis is likely to be a rotation player.

      5. Bigger story is how they react tonight. The losing seems to be getting to them.

  • matt

    I thought this was going to be the “Do the Carlton” edition.

  • Didn’t see the game, but Julian Wright’s stats line looks better than DeRozan’s. Five boards at each end, 2 assists, 2 steals and 43% shooting (3 of 7) with no fouls. This guy’s the most professional on the team it often seems. Shouldn’t he be named bus driver?

    And what’s with BOTH columns using the same dumb, lazy joke? Do you and Arsenalist share a brain or something or did one just feel a giddy need to steal the other’s lamo ha-ha. Just write something. As they teach in j-school, there are no bad stories, only bad writers.

    • arsenalist

      ? The “Sound-Off” is supposed to be audio and nothing more. No joke there (unless you’re talking about Hedo’s caption). A-Dub has the recap around noonish.

  • Jog

    Fire Colangelo and Triano? I say fire the players.

    In reality though, this is just one of those sad, melancholy moments every sports fan experiences from time to time. The moment you must accept that your team is one of the worst in the league. To paraphrase Bob Dylan, times change and teams change. This season is likely a wash and rightly so – our franchise cornerstone for seven years (whom we drafted) left the team (could happen to anyone) and now we’re shitty and must rebuild a coherent NBA squad from scratch. Could take one year, could take one hundred years. It isn’t the first time this has happened in sports history, and it definitely won’t be the last.

    No point in letting it get you down, it’s just basketball after all.

  • JHP

    Did not even follow. You know it’s a fine line between trying and tanking. And on the road it must be easy just to roll over. Peja leaving with the bing and going to a contender must really suck as well. I feel sorry for Jay and the GM has given him zero talent. It must take real effort to spend $60 + million a year and have the personal they have. If you were a top 12 team who would you want off this team. Even if you rebuilding maybe Davis ?

  • Do you guys/gals understand the game of basketball?

    It appears maybe not

    The team shot 35% from the field and 58% from the foul line. R U friggin kidding me! You could have put the Sisters of Mercy out there tonight vs the Magic and they would have shot better.

    When you don’t shoot well a number of bad things happen.

    1. The most obvious – U don’t score. U don’t score U don’t win. It dose not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    2. When you don’t shoot well the other team gets rebounds, unless they are the Raptors, but that is for later.

    It is a heck of lot easier to score when you get a rebound vs when you have to take the ball out of the basket because the other team scored.

    3. They couldn’t shoot and put the ball in the basket, most likely due to the team being short handed over the last five games which were played in eight days leading to players getting more minutes than they can handle.

    4. When your legs go your rebounding goes and your jump shooting goes along with your defense.

    However, what everyone forgets is the score of the game in which the Raptors beat the Magic earlier in the season. The Raptors put up well over a hundred points that night as did the Magic. Tonight the Raptors couldn’t shoot worth sheet and did not put up those 100 plus points and got blown out.

    Yes Ryan Andersen punked Johnson on the glass picking up an amazing for him six offensive rebounds but those three or so offensive rebounds that Andersen got going over Amir were not why the Raptors lost. Even with that the Raptors and the Magic played even in Johnson’s fifteen minutes.

    Looking beyond last nights game

    There are holes in the roster that need to be repaired before the Raptors will become a winning team. This game only goes to show that when guys like Bargnani are not shooting well and scoring they are useless and the last three games he has been useless. The Raptors need to replace him a big who can defend and rebound. Then they need to decide whether Johnson or Davis will play next to that big. Bargnani needs to go.

    Secondarily they need to upgrade the SF slot. Wright can do some nice things but he can’t shoot well enough to be a starter on a winning team.

    Finally the Raptors need to get a real stud at the PG spot.

    However, the first thing is to replace Bargnani with a big man who weighs over 260 and can rebound and defend. Davis nor Johnson fit the bill. Right now they are both PFs. Eventually Johnson could become a combo PF and SF like Wright but Johnson will never be able to handle the opposing players much over 250.

    Though he did a good job on Duncan on Wednesday especially compared to the job that Amar’e did last night. Duncan almost had a triple double vs him including something like 21 points and 16 rebounds as opposed to only 10 and 12 vs the Raptors. Yes Blair also put up big numbers last night vs the Knicks.

    What the Raptors need is a Center who can defend those opponents that weigh 260 or more. Johnson nor Davis will most likely never be able to defend guys that heavy.

    Moving Bargnani to the PF is no answer because he can’t defend and overall across the league PFs score a lot more than Centers. It isn’t the weight so much that is a problem for Bargnani.

    It is that he plays defense like a wuss and I don’t care where you play him it ain’t gong to be any different. Maybe his game like Kleiza’s is best suited for the Euroleague. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Theswirsky

      I don’t know…. this is one of those games against a possible contender and one of the best/most dominant players in the league. A loss isn’t so bad (well a 40 pt loss is pathetic), but it was the usual suspects again tonight…. and the guys that can usually be relied upon where over powered. I think it was assumed nights like this would happen…. but the lack of effort is disheartening.

      I think the Raps are fine a the PG spot, but Bayless may not end up cutting it… as of right now I think Gaines has been a better back up.

      I do think Wright can start, but if that happens this team needs a sg that can shoot (although in the mean time a SF who can shoot would be nice to).

      It doesn’t matter how much a player weighs Bargs can’t defend them (or rebound against them) anyways… and you are right moving him to PF is a moot point. The guy is just as likely to get eaten alive by Hilton Armstrong as he he Dejuan Blair as he is Dwight Howard. Jameer Nelson beat him with a mini hook last night…. I guess weight and size really don’t matter much to Bargs.

    • Balls of Steel

      If DD, Bargs and Amir were consistent offensively, then I do believe that Wright has a place in the starting rotation as the stopper (sort of in the mold of Bowen, Sefolosha, Artest – although admittedly, those guys have more scoring prowess than JuJu).

  • 511

    The good news is … Vernon Wells has been traded. (Sorry, it’s all I got.)

    • Balls of Steel

      If Vernon Wells can get traded, so can Andrea Bargnani. The league is “apparently in awe” of his skill set according to Doug “got-my-blinders-on” Smith and Bryan “made-the-right-choice-back-in-06” Colangelo. If that’s the case, sell the pastry while it’s still warm. No on wants to eat cold, hard bread BC.

    • 511

      Ya know, the more I think about it, the more I think the Raptors brass — above BC — should try to model themselves going forward, as they can, on the Blue Jays. There may be parallels. The Blue Jays had a GM who was sort of Colangelo-like, in JP Ricciardi. In the end, most associated with the Jays a couple years ago (and Jays fans) wouldn’t argue too much if you suggested that JP didn’t really have a plan of any kind that was going anywhere.

      As a Jays fan, I gave JP the benefit of the doubt for the most part, but by the end of his reign, I was chomping at the bit to see him go. So for me, that’s what’s similar to JP and BC. I’ve given Colangelo the benefit of the doubt as we’ve gone along, giving him room to make his mistakes and possibly learn from them … but, just like it did with JP Ricciardi, there comes a time when it’s just wrong to deny that there’s no real vision here; there’s no viable long-term plan that anyone can seriously point to that is likely to steer us in the direction of where we need to be heading. The Blue Jays haven’t won anything yet, it’s true, but … I’d wager large that they move forward about a hundred times faster than what the Raptors will, if the Raptors keep things as they are. And really, the Blue Jays have already shown that it’s likely that they’re going in the right direction, certainly in a lot more ways than the Raptors have any current hope of doing.

      I don’t know if the Raptors have an Alex Anthopoulos somewhere in their system — I kind of doubt it (but who knows?) — but I say it’s time to look for a guy who’s smart and forward thinking, with enough feel and understanding for what it might take to win in the NBA … and go get him … and whoever HE thinks could be the next great NBA coach. It’s not good enough to just wonder where that guy might be and then vote on hiring the next ‘name’ that comes along. They have to go out and FIND that guy, wherever he might be … and who might even be – for all we know – under their noses, like Alex A was, in the Jays organization. The brass at MLSE need to start aiming a whole lot higher than what they usually do … or ever do. ‘Cause this just isn’t working.

      • 511

        I’ve been thinking about what I wrote here and … while I’m not going to go with a total reverse, I am compelled to post an addendum.

        First, I’ve been thinking that it might actually be bogus to compare baseball players with basketball players – from a management and recruiting point of view – in that there are a lot more good baseball prospects out in the world then there are basketball prospects. If that is true (I think so), it’s mostly because of the simple reality that basketball skills that can be nurtured enough to be useful in the NBA are only worth anything in those relatively very few athletes who are lucky enough to grow bodies that are WAY above average, in terms of height. So that right there, cuts out a huge segment of ‘talent’ that would otherwise be worthy of consideration for those who search it out … and baseball doesn’t have that issue. Second, well … if there is a ‘second’, it’s that I suspect that besides the height thing, actual basketball skills themselves are the kinds of skills that fewer athletes will tend to have, especially compared to baseball players. It’s apples and oranges of course, but with such a relatively small base (combining the height and specific skills factors) of prospects to select from, it seems likely that it has to be that much more difficult for a basketball team to get its hands on good prospects, because (again) there just isn’t the wider selection of potentially top-notch players out there that there is for baseball. If there’s a good prospect out there playing college basketball in other words, everybody knows about him. And those top prospects usually stand out enough to be easily ranked; much more so than in baseball. At least, as I suspect.

        So, while I’m not trying to let Colangelo off the hook totally here, watching our guys last night against the Heat, I had to admit that considering how few – relatively – good players it takes to put a team together that can grow to be outstanding … maybe we’re not doing SO badly in the prospect department with who we have going right now. DeMar and Ed are two players that ANY team (I’d say) would like to have as (at least) youngsters on the bench. Amir has a lot of upside and … well, if someone can’t get inside Bargnani’s noggin to figure out what the hell’s going on in there once-and-for-all, he’s at least a hell of a trading chip, imo.

        So the bottom line (that I’m still scratching my head over a bit) is, maybe Colangelo is more on track with what he’s thinking long-term than what I gave him credit for yesterday. Maybe.


    “Do you guys/gals understand the game of basketball?”

    Says the man who predicted a 41 win season.

  • KJ-B

    Rebuild. Recommit. Reconnect. Rebirth of the Franchise in ’12-13… Let’s tear this thang up for the next year and half..! Today is ground zero! Sell #7 in exchange for the pipe dream that he truly is (LAZY-unCapone-Non-Bangin-Centre-Fraud!), LET ALL those other expiring contracts expire, incl, TPE…AND BE HONEST with yourselves and the fans MLSE, that you’re INDEED building from the Ground Zero up with 2 young players DeRozan/Davis and 2 Vets Calderon/Johnson… It’s gonna be painful BUT at least the fan base can work with THAT!!!

  • hateslosing

    How come Bargs doesn’t guard in the low post anymore? Last season the only thing Bargs could do defensively was guard down low. This year he is bigger but they don’t seem to be using him anymore. It’s very confusing.
    I’m not overly upset about the way things have been going this season. Sure we suck and no professional basketball team should ever lose by this many points, but lookwho we started and tel me you expected something else. DD is in his second year, Dorsey has never been given minutes in the nba before, Kleiza used to be a bench guy and then went to Europe, Calderon is hit or miss, and Bargs has had a string of shitty games. If you go down the list of players on this squad almost every player is either one of our recent picks or some guy that BC wither picked up as an extra in a deal or no one else wanted.
    This team is in the first year of a long rebuild and there is a lot of work to do. Think of the Hawks, who started to put together this core in 2005 when they drafted Josh Smith and picked up Joe Johnson. They sucked for three years and it was only when they picked up mike Bibby and drafted Al Horford that they had a complete enough core to compete. We just need to be patient and in 2 years this team will be a force in the east.

  • Hedo Turkoglu

    The Raptors just wanted to give a tribute to me by playing like I did last year. After the game, we went to the club close by and had a pizza.

  • Homer

    from the get go , i knew this is going to be ugly and did nt even chk the score till now since i knew magic ganna drop 3p bomb on us and with us and no good defending 3p line i kinda guess it will going to end with that big of difference