Toronto Raptors Miami Heat January 22, 2011


Reggie Evans – Out
Leandro Barbosa – Out
Sonny Weems – MIA

Chris Bosh – Status quo
Dwayne Wade  – Day to day
Mario Chalmers – Day to day


Point Guard
Is Calderon/Bayless/Gaines a better point guard trio then Arroyo/Chalmers/House? Yes, but it doesn’t matter; LeBron’s playing. Chalmers is good for about 5 wide open treys, Arroya will be penetrating at will, and House will somehow score 13 points.
Edge: LeBron

Shooting Guards
Wade missed morning shoot-around, and is questionable for the game, but it doesn’t matter; Lebron’s playing.  We might see a little Mike Miller, some Eddie House, and a sprinkle of Chalmers at the 2. Up until this point, Mike Miller’s been the hired gun brought in by Riley that doesn’t shoot the ball. Expect that to change tonight; the Raptors are King Makers. DeRozan was the only bright spot last night/weeek/month/season, and none of the guys can check him, but really, it doesn’t matter.
Edge: LeBron

Small Forwards
LeBron’s a three, but he might play the four tonight. Really doesn’t matter, he will be on the floor. For arguments sake, let’s put James Jones down for the bulk of the minutes at the three. Dude’s shooting 42% from behind the arc, so he’s a legitimate threat. Bet your ass he’s licking his chops at the prospect of his first 20 point game of the season.
Edge: LeBron

Power Forward
I was expecting more from Johnson/Davis last night; not sure why. Tonight they get to deal with a combination of LeBron and Juwan Howard. Did you know that Howard signed his letter of intent to play for Michigan before Ed Davis was born? Think about that for a second…dude is 37 and has been playing college/pro ball longer than Davis has been alive.
Edge: LeBron

I bet you LeBron will even defend Bargnani at some point tonight. Why not, I know I’d love to see that. Actually makes sense, Joel Anthony is the only Heat player who could hang with him on the perimeter (hang, not defend; there’s a difference), but that would totally leave the paint open to attack since he’s their only legit shot blocker. Fortunately for Bargnani, the Heat have no offensive threats who can embarrass him tonight.
Edge: LeBron

Keys to the Game

Do the exact opposite as last night

The Line

The gamblers have the Heat, a team missing Bosh & Wade and fielding a front-court of four guys aged 32, 35, 35 and 37, as 12.5 point favourites. This is how bad the Raptors are. Let’s hope they don’t follow up a 40 point loss with a 50 point one.

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15 Responses to “Gameday: Raptors vs Heat – Jan. 22/11”

    • Sarpin

      Why? Because I bet on Miami to win. Last time I felt this nervous on a ‘sure thing’ was when I took Orlando vs the Raps back on November 12th….lol.

  1. albertan_10

    I think if all of the writers on here get depressed after one bad loss and it therefore affects everything they write on here then maybe they should get some more emotionally stable bloggers. This, the article written today and the roll call last night have all been pathetic.

    • MikeMillersMom

      +1 and that is why bloggers are not sports writers. sure they write about sports, but mostly from a negative/bias point of view. this coming from the guys who complain the raps dont win enough, but also want the team to tank so they get a lottery pick.
      Lebron is a beast, but he isnt going to beat the raps on his own. give the raps credit and give the rest of the heat credit. im excited to see Lebron play.

      • Sam Holako

        If you really think that LeBron isn’t 100% responsible for how the Heat are pounding the Raptors right now, than you are just seeing what you want too.

  2. WhatWhat

    How many balls will the Raps have to dive for in order to have a serious chance of winning this game?

  3. Theswirsky

    I actually thought this gameday write up and last nights roll call have been pretty funny.

  4. masterjuddi

    A little off topic, but I wanted to mention something about the Peja/Ajinca situation. First off I love that BC bought out Peja so he could pursue a championship with a contender. If there was a better deal out there for the raps, BC wouldve made it. cap room was always what the raps were getting out of Peja. Good luck in Big D Peja, Ill always remember your limited time in TO.
    As for Ajinca..i feel for the guy. not because he’ll be traded, he’ll hopefully get a shot with the raps. I dont like the “hey kid, go back to the’ve been traded, but we dont know where yet.” how unprofessional is that? trades should not be announced until they are 100% legit. I wish the calderon-evans for diaw-chandler deal would never have been reported. is it shotty journalism or is it the nba? tighten up

  5. wienermobile89

    Wowowow, this pre-game turned out to be dead on with the sole exception of, “Fortunately for Bargnani, the Heat have no offensive threats who can embarrass him tonight.”. As with everything else, LeBron had that covered.

    • Sam Holako

      I actually meant that anyone Bargnani would be defending can’t embarrass him. Can’t blame Bargnani for LeBron going off for 38.

      • wienermobile89

        I know that is what you meant; Bargsy was on LeBron for quite a few possessions in the second half – guarding him as far out as the 3 point line a couple times. He had absolutely no business doing so and no one was surprised when LBJ went by him again and again (as he does to 90% of the league), but I just thought it was kinda funny that basically the lone bright spot you forecast for the Raps tonight (that Andrea wouldn’t get killed by the man he was defending, obviously rightly assuming that that man would be Z/Juwan/Anthony) was blotted out by, who else, LeBron.

        • Sam Holako

          You make a good point. Don’t know why Bargs was on him, and don’t blame Bargs for getting torched. Triano made a couple interesting decisions last night.


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