Football has the quarterback; in basketball, the floor general is the point guard. Their involvement and importance in the success of a franchise cannot be overstated. Our hometown heroes  have never been particularly blessed at this position, and no doubt our lack of playoff pedigree can be viewed as a consequence.

Who’s the best Raptors PG ever? Most will look at his ROY trophy and Nike campaign and say Damon Stoudamire. Others will remember the stepback crossover, heart of a warrior, and endearing nickname and say Alvin Williams. But there’s a very convincing argument to be made for the man currently running the show, Senor Jose Calderon.

Ocho’s career with the Raptors started like a car stuck in neutral before he became a fan favourite as one of the NBA’s most stable and productive backup. It was Jose’s 2008-2009 season that took him from “the animated Spaniard with the adorable lisp” to “ a legitimate starter on any NBA team”. With TJ “Takin’ Jumpers” Ford finally out of our hair, Jose was given the reigns – and he didn’t disappoint, opening eyes across the L and giving every YMCA baller in TO a gesture to make after knocking down a three.

  • 68 games played (career high)
  • 49.7% FG
  • 40.6% 3PT
  • 98.1% FT (career high, NBA record)
  • 12.8 PTS (career high)
  • 8.9 AST (career high)
  • 2.9 REB (career high)
  • 1.1 SPG (career high)
  • 2.1 TO (career high)

That’s .3 away from the 50-40-90 club, which is harder to get into than the Stonecutters. But one season doesn’t make you the man.  That’s when we crack open the Toronto Raptor record books. A quick glance only strengthens his case.

#3 Games Played – He’ll be #2 by season’s end, passing Alvin Williams

#8 Points Scored – He’ll be #7 by the end of the month, passing Damon Stoudamire

#1 Assists – Calderon’s notched nearly 1000 more assists than #2, Alvin Williams (and counting)

#1 Most Assists in One Game –  #1 (19,tied w/Stoudamire). He’s also #3 (17) and #4 (16)

#1 Consecutive FT’s Made – 87

#1 AST/TO ratio – 5.38 to 1

Who owns the point-guard categories? Ocho does. Who’s he passing on the games played and points scored lists? Williams and Stoudamire. Even on a bad team with only three true horses in the race, that’s a pretty impressive resume.

Sure, dectractors will say he’s slow, injury prone, and a pig farmer (yup). But in my eyes, he’s also the best point guard in Raptors history.

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