Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Grizzlies Jan 24

The “as sloppy as chili on bread” edition.

The “as sloppy as chili on bread” edition:

Alabi: as valuable as a pebble in a diamond mine.

Barbosa: MIA

Bargnani: 27 field goal attempts! It was like he was hoping for a volume discount. I know having Gasol on you makes you want to get rid of the ball quickly, but man…

Bayless: no Jose meant this was his ship tonight. Some frustrating brain farts through the game, but his fire kept us in it. From jawing with the Grizz bench to getting into the face of his teammates, he was the face of the team.

Calderon: suck it up and get out there. Your team needs you.

Davis: 5 blocks and 3 of them were almost sexual. Thabeet has length, but Ed has length AND he plays. Not a game to write home about statistically, but he left his mark in the form of swats.

DeRozan: 25pts, 9 rebounds…meh, just another day at the office.  He hasn’t been given the crown of being Prince, but he has stepped up and grabbed it with both hands.  Proof that extra work gives you what you deserve.

Dorsey: gimpier than Arsenalist running an online chat between ManU and Chelsea fans.

Evans: running out of suits and dress shoes.

Gaines: held his own on an off night. I’m probably expecting too much, but I still think he has the ability to be an x-factor in some games for us. Teams play off him and he needs to capitalize.

Johnson: fouls haunted him, but his game was solid. I know Weems is “back” but I really really like the Young Onez as a duet.

Kleiza: Miami Vice.

Weems: his comeback is as welcomed in these parts as the news Halle Berry is really a guy.

Wright: just shy of a double double, but overshot the mark of what was expected. Great game but those missed free throws sure hurt.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Julian Wright

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