The “as sloppy as chili on bread” edition:

Alabi: as valuable as a pebble in a diamond mine.

Barbosa: MIA

Bargnani: 27 field goal attempts! It was like he was hoping for a volume discount. I know having Gasol on you makes you want to get rid of the ball quickly, but man…

Bayless: no Jose meant this was his ship tonight. Some frustrating brain farts through the game, but his fire kept us in it. From jawing with the Grizz bench to getting into the face of his teammates, he was the face of the team.

Calderon: suck it up and get out there. Your team needs you.

Davis: 5 blocks and 3 of them were almost sexual. Thabeet has length, but Ed has length AND he plays. Not a game to write home about statistically, but he left his mark in the form of swats.

DeRozan: 25pts, 9 rebounds…meh, just another day at the office.  He hasn’t been given the crown of being Prince, but he has stepped up and grabbed it with both hands.  Proof that extra work gives you what you deserve.

Dorsey: gimpier than Arsenalist running an online chat between ManU and Chelsea fans.

Evans: running out of suits and dress shoes.

Gaines: held his own on an off night. I’m probably expecting too much, but I still think he has the ability to be an x-factor in some games for us. Teams play off him and he needs to capitalize.

Johnson: fouls haunted him, but his game was solid. I know Weems is “back” but I really really like the Young Onez as a duet.

Kleiza: Miami Vice.

Weems: his comeback is as welcomed in these parts as the news Halle Berry is really a guy.

Wright: just shy of a double double, but overshot the mark of what was expected. Great game but those missed free throws sure hurt.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Julian Wright

Game Theme:

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  • Toshmon

    I was at the game..13th row

    Bargnanis post defense on Gasol was good.

    Gay is one of the smoothest players in the L right now nobody could have defended his last shot.

    Demar and Davis played really hard tonight.

    A couple free throws & missed dunks/layups killed up tonight

    • Theswirsky

      nothing you can do about that last shot… if anything thats the shot you want a guy taking.

      Couple free throws and missed lay ups hurt… but not nearly as much as those 2nd chance points. But thats life as a Raps fan right now I guess.

      • pran

        we could’ve drafted gay instead…

  • Julian Wright doesn’t deserve to be under the bus, Gaines does

  • PeaceDawg

    wonder if the love affair with Julian Wright ends..that blown layup and 3 missed free throws..hell the last two were almost airballs cost us the game..shit if I practiced nightly I would at least hit rim..

    • Theswirsky

      27 2nd chance points

      and 3 missed fts and a missed lay up cost the team the game?

  • Maleko

    Thing with Davis is he didn’t have a solid game offensively but he was there defensively. Gee, who is it on the Raps who doesnt have that option?

  • Jose refuses to believe the “streak” is over…

    • lol, chill on the jose jokes buddy

    • matt

      I didn’t watch the game tonight, but are you telling me our precious streak of downtown treys has been officially cut short? great, might as well call it a season.

  • Webcrawler89

    I really think the last 18 seconds were indicative of Triano being a coach still learning on the job. Grizzlies were inbounding, but not only did we not have Bargnani working to block the inbounder, nobody on the team seemed to be very alert on defence, as if it was just another play with plenty of time left on the clock. Then, they gave the Grizzlies a shitload of time to get the shot off (pretty much 17.2 seconds, I think), without even thinking of fouling a player and sending him to the line. At least then, we would have had more than .8 seconds to get a shot off. This was a game that could have been won in those last 18 seconds, when either great coaching or great players take over. Instead, we had sloppy coaching, and the guy with the 10-day contract was the one we chose to try to save us.

    • We’re blaming the coach for those things? And you really want to foul a player when his team is down by two???? And you’re criticizing the coach? You’ve got to be kidding me.

      • Webcrawler89

        I’m pretty sure it was tie game at that point. Hence why we tried to go for a 3 with Gaines.

    • smushmush

      Actually, the Rudy Gay winner could have been defended. I am not a fan of going one on one with a clutch player(Rudy Gay has hit some clutch shots this season already, Miami got burnt for the one on one defense on Paul Pierce by Dorell Wright in the playoffs against the Celtics). Why not send a double team at first to take it the ball out of such clutch player’s hands first, if the clutch player gets the ball back, if there is a foul to give(which reasonable teams usually have at the end of games) foul at the 3-4 second mark and any other forays towards the rim send a double team to counter. Triano has had problems with late game calling and it is sticking out like a sore thumb. Just saying.

    • Johnnywrites

      when its a tie game and you have no fouls remaining, you dont purposely foul the opposition (hoping they miss the ft) in order to get the ball back with some time on the clock.

      Gay hit the same shot over labron to beat miami at the buzzer as well.

  • Valit

    This was a tough loss.The guys fought hard, the refs gave us the 5% that usually a home team gets but it wasnt meant to be. The smirk on Gay’s face went thru my stomach like a cheap tequila..I just hate that feeling. You cant blame Bargs, Calderon or Kleiza for this defeat or anybody for that matter. We had 8 guys and the level of talent is very low.Couple of points:

    1. The streak is over and to me it matters because it was something that NBA rememebred us it is oblivion.
    2. DD and Bayless had solid games and I’m happy they start to prove me wrong.
    3. I guess JuJu statue that we are suppose to build in front of ACC should be postponed. His misses killed our momentum.

    PS. Question to MR Colangelo…” Bryan, how did you sleep last night”…me not at all…thanks for asking

  • voy

    Personally, I have no problem with anyone taking 27 shots a game if they’re gonna hit on 48% of them.

    • Brasky

      Not a terrible FG%, but his TS% was garbage. 27 shots, 3 trips to the line and 0 made threes is far from good efficiency.

      • AnthonyF

        Did you watch the game? Could have easily had 2-3 fouls called that weren’t (i.e. calls Lebron gets) and I think only 1 3-pointer was an actual look, others were desperation heaves…..

        But yep look at it however you want…. AB is a net negative on this team….

  • Nilanka15

    Have we traded for OJ Mayo yet?

    • KJ-B

      Naw man, you see this kid called DeRozan’s actually a baller… Weems extended, “I guarantee it”… Any other thoughts on the franchise?!

      • Nilanka15

        Are you suggesting you knew Weems would get injured and miss 2 months???

        • KJ-B

          No man, he was on a tailspin b4 he got “injured” anywaze… Truth be told DeRozan is maturing as 21 yr old still learning the game that Weems could never hope to reach… We’ve seen the best of Weems while DeRozan’s only now scratching the surface…

          I’ll let it die now…

          • KJ-B

            “No man, he was on a tailspin b4 he got “injured” anywaze… Truth be told DeRozan is maturing as a 21 yr old still learning the game in a way that Weems could never hope to reach based on his abilities… We’ve seen the best of Weems while DeRozan’s only now scratching the surface…

            I’ll let it die now..”. I hate that I can’t edit on this forum…

            • Nilanka15

              Weems did have a poor stretch prior to his injury…but it’s not like DeMar was any different during parts of this season. Again, the only thing DeMar has going for him in this debate is his [relative] age compared to Weems. But a 24 year old with rookie experience still has potential to improve. There’s no reason an NBA player can’t play into his early 30’s, which would give Weems 6+ years.

  • knickz

    nice effort by the boys

  • AnthonyF

    What was wrong with Bargnani’s shot selection? He should take 27 shots (included 1 80’er and another 30’er under duress with the shot clock expired) based on this lineup….. Add a couple that could have been easily called fouls and we are down to 23 shots, which based on the lineup seems fine to me…..

    Yep but it is his fault fault we lost, it always is…..

    • yertu damkule

      absolutely agree. bargs should shoulder no responsibility for this loss, because he did exactly what has come to be expected of him. he took – and made – shots. it’s not his fault that nothing more has been demanded of him, so when he’s one of the guys giving up offensive rebounds & easy putbacks, it’s not his fault, because those aren’t things that they REALLY want him to do, because if it was, they’d MAKE him do those things. they (coaches/management, heck, even his teammates) WANT him to be a gunner, and leave that stuff to other, less talented guys.

      • voy

        I thought we were discussing the quantity of shots, on this particular role call.

      • FLUXLAND

        Afterall, it’s not like anyone asked or thought Amare to play defense in PHX.

  • AnthonyF

    Yep he missed some defensive assignments and as always could do more on defense….. That is unfortunately a given….. Point is the Roll Call commented on the 27 shots, which really was uncalled for.

    BTW anyone else miss a defensive assignment, rotation or a rebound? Just curious…..

    • yertu damkule

      hey, i said it wasn’t his fault. when he misses an assignment, fails to box out, offers no resistence at the rim, it’s ok, because he’s the scorer. when no-skill guys like amir or ED do it, it’s a problem, because that’s what they’re there for. so it’s not bargs fault, it’s everyone elses.

      • RapsM

        So what happens when Bargnani doesn’t score? Who’s fault is it then?

        • Theswirsky

          still everyone elses. Its always everyone elses fault.

          Ofcourse the other option is you just ignore it like its not happening.

          • AnthonyF

            But every loss is his fault and yesterday was no exception. Should have made 2-3 more shots and they win (forget the defense)…. That’s how it works here…..

            • Theswirsky


              “Should have made 2-3 more shots and they win (forget the defense)”

              yeah sounds about right from the Bargs camp…

              • RapthoseLeafs

                Actually … one made 3 pt shot would have done it.
                [ “… still everyone elses. Its always everyone elses fault.” ]

                Not sure where this comes from. If anything, it’s always AB’s fault – apparently. To the point that I just pass by the same old tired BS. You need to read the comments section more often.

                • Nilanka15

                  “Everyone else’s fault” comes from the folks who claim people steal Bargs’ rebounds, certain players don’t pass to him, he plays out of position, he was held back by Bosh, blah blah blah.

        • Webcrawler89

          oh well in that case it’s a rare off-day for him, so it’s no biggie, even Dirk has bad days.


    You Bargs haters are crazy.
    Just like the DD haters when he has a bad game.

    The new wonder boy Ed Davis.

    Hahaha, give it rest.

    It’s a team game and until we play a good team, all the individual finger pointing isn’t going to make a difference.

    Watch some Spurs, Mavs, Bulls or other great teams and you’ll notice the team aspect quite clearly.

    • Theswirsky

      “Watch some Spurs, Mavs, Bulls or other great teams and you’ll notice the team aspect”

      completely agree.

      You’ll also notice defense, rebounding and efficiency. Can you believe that some of these guys actually help their team win by rebounding the ball, through boxing out, through setting good screens for others, through helping on defense… its crazy. Oh wait, pretty sure thats what ‘the haters’ have been getting at all along……