The “barkeep, make it a double” edition:

Ajinca: here’s a guy that has arms the length of Italy, hands that could wrap around the top of your head, and the intimidating look of me looking at you reaching for the last chicken wing……and we keep him nailed to the pine against a team that was running drills on us early.

Alabi: nobody more excited than him when it comes to new video game releases.

Barbosa: spent the game reading the instruction manual for his snow plow.

Bargnani: the guy has a couple of bad games and he’s hated more than the “no touching” rule in RapsFan’s bedroom. He had another game that he won’t write home about, but he kept is attempts under 20, his rebound number was almost half his point number, and he barely broke a sweat so no need for a shower before heading out into the cold. What’s not to love?

Bayless: had to check him for clown shoes after that over the shoulder circus shot. Not a bad game from the little one…he was making the Pacers work and he at least made the illusion like he was trying to get his team moving.

Calderon: heavy minutes with diminishing results. Never a good thing when your point guard plays almost 40 minutes and you barely notice him. Still would love to see him get the ball into Ed’s hands after a drive and kick a lot more than what happens now.

Davis: stellar first half that brought his team back into the game. Not to sound overdramatic, but he WAS the Toronto Raptors in the first half, seemingly everywhere doing everything. I’m sure when the team heads to the bus tonight it will still have the shine he left on it after cleaning it at halftime.

DeRozan: poor shooting night that was offset a little by him grabbing some boards, but not offset at all by making it to the line. His aggressiveness has been taking a break lately and it shows in our poor results. Time to find it again.

Dorsey: he may be healthy but he’s as played out as a Katy Perry song.

Evans: he don’t need a snowplow he just yells at the snow as it falls and it goes back up.

A. Johnson: nothing like a night where he has one less shot attempt as Andrea. Another hard fought effort rewarded by him being the leader in points & rebounds tonight. Fought off a twisted ankle and remained the posterboy for everything heart and hustle represents.

T. Johnson:  using his Torch to see if his PPG lead is holding up. Be back soon Ma!

Kleiza: preparing his best snow angel outfit.

Weems: that halftime interview almost made me sick. Quit your whining or, better yet, donate the money you made for doing nothing for 2 months to a charity. You are “healthy” now so hit the gym with DeMar and do something productive for your team…while you are still on one. No trips to the line, 5 turnovers and the voice of a cartoon character. Give me a break.

Wright: those jumpshots of his reminded me of The Tourist. Pitiful, revolting and never to be seen again. But, hey, he is a hell of a defender and a dead ringer for someone that could be in the next live action Fat Albert movie.

Driving The Bus: Amir Johnson

Under The Bus: Sonny Weems

Game Theme:

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  • WhatWhat

    Reasons why Bargnani should have played 32 minutes today:

    • DG88

      Excuse#172 Because he’s the teams best player that’s a mismatch for opposing bigs duuuh you hater


  • FAQ

    Bargs + Demars = 6 for 30 and 22 points total …. hmmmmm

    Barg + Demars = $10 mil salary = $122,000 per game … which is like $5,500 per point scored today …… hmmmmm

    Go Raptors ….!

  • WhatWhat

    Bargnan’s game today was terrible enough to make Leo listenable.

    • Borntobewild

      Nope, there is nothing terrible enough to prevent me from bleeding out of my ears every time Leo talks. I dont get why, but hes unbearable for some reason…

  • I love long 2s. Very effective.

    • Wattsy38

      BC should have traded AB when he could have got something for him. He’s regressed into old AB…which is really most of his career..terrible shot selection, non existant D and low IQ…
      Looking forward to Weems not being on the Raptors next year…talk about a failed marriage.. it was a love affair at the beginning of the season and now you just don’t want to see him ever again….

  • Ryan

    Can someone tell me about Weem’s halftime interview? I missed the game, unfortunately. Or fortunately.

    • Bendit

      Devlin made him cry. “Woe is me” in 3 words.

    • KJ-B

      Did any1 else see this guy dribble thru the fast break after DD stole the ball down the right wing circa 9:00 mark and not pass him the ball when he was streaking down the wing, only to take on two players at the time and MISS THE LAYUP??? That is basketball sin, if you are not name LeBron James or Dwyane Wade… This guy is screwin’ up his chances in the L by playing so selfishly! Every game you play, somebody, somewhere else is watchin’–he is fatefully sealing his NBA career with every minute he plays, what does Jay see in this guy??? On 2nd thought, don’t answer that question, I don’t wanna go there……

      • That was brutal… had DD wide open down the wing for a pass or an oop… Weems is selfish and turns the ball over wayyyy too much.

  • Oh my shit disqus sucks

    Julian Wright = Bill!

  • Valit

    YES WE CAN…They should get a relegation system like in European football…maybe us and cavaliers can play next year and win in D league.
    Nothing more to say rather than the same mistakes I saw 2-3 weeks ago are more evident than ever; Before everybody starts to harp on AB, making him the most hated person in is whom we have to criticize in no particular order:
    – Sonny Weems who’s path with NBA should be totally parallel; IQ lower than the temperature outside.
    – DeMar D. who’s inconsistency and some basketball decisions makes me pull my rare hair
    -JuJu who’s lack of offensive skills should make him sitting at the end of the bench of any respectable basketball team.
    – Jose ( my favourite player) who makes 2 incredible bad turnovers and who should take the team by the scruff of the neck if he wants results.
    – Jarred Bayless who’s clownish shots and loss of court vision makes me wonder why we even try to make him a PG
    – Jay Triano- for not trying anything to change the mentality of this group, for letting the guys tuned him out. Why not trying Ajinca for ex?
    – Mr Colangelo- for retooling and retooling until he might hit the jackpot, for lying to us all these years but getting a paycheque from MLSE
    – The refs who today used two different rules of the for for them
    – Every other team who makes us the laughing stock of the league..
    and last…but not least…
    – Mr Bargnani who should check into a rehab together and with Charlie Sheen
    These are Torontoooooo Raptors version 2010-2011…but hey I still love them

    • Balls of Steel

      Mr. Colangelo – Re-fooling the fans!

    • Arsenalist

      I LOVE the pyramid system. Unfortunately, the NBA’s owners would never accept that, nor would Stern ever propose it. It’s a money-making machine it is, no reason to infuse excitement into it.

  • Theswirsky

    yeah was real suprised to not see Ajinca out there…. oh wait did I say suprised, I meant not suprised. Ridiculous to expect a 7ft center with a jump shot to try. Must have messed Triano right up.

    Plus who wants to try and put a 7’2″ guy on a 7’4″ guy when your 6’9″ PF is there? Ofcourse there was Bargnani to…. oh wait Hibberts best game in months. Now thats another suprise.

    Play more Ed (30 min), play as much Amir as his fouls allows him (hopefully 36 min), play some Ajinca (15-20 min)… Bargs can fill in the rest until Reggie gets back (20-25) or until he gets traded or booed out of town.

    • Spellcheck

      It is surprise. S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E. You spelled it wrong several times. Why do haters have to be such illiterates?

      • Theswirsky

        haha why do lovers have to be so pretentious?

        • Darien

          You are kicking English in the nuts the same way Bargnani does it to this team.

        • Guest

          Very nice!

  • Daniel

    There are good young teams (Oklahoma), promising young teams (Clippers..I know, I know…however Griffin brings a lot of excitement) and there are bad young teams (us, Sacramento, Minnesota). Our young players have fundamental flaws and none of them will be more than an average player at their position at the apex of their career (too early to tell for Davis though; the knack on him was that he’s lazy which doesn’t bode well for the future). Now with the veterans sidelined or hurt we can plainly see the mettle of our young players and I have to say it is very soft. Again, how did we reach this point after 5 years of sky-high sales job from Colangelo is quite astonishing. MLSE is really cursed in running sports franchises in an avid sport city. A business who cares only about the marketing and not about the product will not end up well.

    • pran

      if davis is lazy what does that make bargnani…..

    • Guest

      Unfortunately your “bad” teams have a couple promising players in them (Tyreke Evans, Cousins/K Love,Beasley) so at least theiir future is promising, then there’s the Raptors.. The bunch of mediocre players.

  • FAQ

    Heard the rumour that Stern was going to expanded the NBA internationally … and further dilute the talent pool …. or in the case of TO, how low can you go and still have tribal honking fans …??!!!!

    • Nilanka15

      Diluting the talent pool is the only chance we have to win some ball games…

  • Ol’ Dirty Raptor

    triano was out-coached by a guy who isn’t even a real coach..

    • Bairdscott

      Are you calling Triano a real coach? cause he aint.

  • DG88

    I really wonder what BC and Bargnani fanboys see in Andrea Bargnani. I want him off my favourite team, let him be someone else’s garbage.

    • Nilanka15

      There’s this homeless lady in my neighbourhood who keeps going through my recycling box on garbage days. Perhaps she would be interested in Bargnani?

      • knickz


  • Rob

    For What ever Reason( Maybe he is hurt, maybe it is something else), AB needs to be benched and brought in as a 6th man.

    Amir is showing that he can handle the PF position as a starter in NBA. He has developed his post move and ball handling. Based on Liston’s article on front page, he is even more efficient than AB and DD.

    So lets make Amir the focal Point of offence. Then the 2nd Option can be DD then Bring AB off the bench.

    Amir is also a capable passer who can pass from the double team to open man for 3, ( can be Calderon or Bayless).

    Come on Jay, it is time to Crown the New King and give him his kingdom.

    • Nilanka15

      Amir as the offensive focal point makes as much sense as having Carlesimo as our offensive focal point.

      Tom’s article was not suggesting Amir gets promoted to option #1. All stats need to be taken with a grain of salt.

  • ThisGuy

    So for all those who were wondering why Ajinca didn’t play today, I’ve asked Doug Smith to enlighten us through his in game chatter. His response:

    “Because (a) he’s not that good; and (b) the other three bigs are playing all right and (c) Jay likes to use a rotation of only 3 bigs unless there’s serious foul trouble”

    Then I posted but Ajinca can’t do any worse but didn’t get a reply back. My theory is that they are A) showcasing Bargnani B) Triano must have his hands tied to BC’s love for Bargnani C) play him so we can tank the season.

    If the commentators are finally criticizing his play, oh and btw, Devlin says “No Resistance” when Bargs lets his man score, BC and his peoples know whats up. I don’t see how they cannot trade this pylon.

  • KJ-B

    I dunno, Jose is the #1 reason we lost last night… From a former pg, I saw him make atrocious mistakes… I call it the Rookie Quarterback syndrome, you stare down your favourite receiver for the entire game then you wonder why you threw four interceptions!?!

    I don’t think I have seen Jose worse, then again, yes I have! He constantly looks off DeMar, drives to the lane and looks for #7 whether he’s open or not… He’ll penetrate to the lane, draw defenders you’ll DD getting shot ready to nail that jimmy either in the corner or at the elbow that he’s been killin’ the L on lately BUT a strange thing happens, NO BALL…He must feel like Turkoglu”s “BALL” moment all the time now. Because in the post game after the ATL game, when Deebo get his groove back, that’s all he’ll need to say because JOSE IS NOT GETTING IT DONE!!!

    It’s as if #7 has erased Calderon’s memory of the last spot because he’s the only guy who walks in the gym knowing he’s gonna get 20 shots, exactly where he wants the ball AND HE STILL SUCKS LARGE!!!!!!! (Sorry to #7 blind secret admirers, he’s borderline right now of getting another contract in this league if he keeps this up)…

    • Valit

      I totally disagree…he was looking for DD but that guy either drove like a bus into a wall ( no calls whatsoever) or was missing shot after shot. As I said after Friday game when I could hear the bench, he is running the show according to the indications and plays he’s asked to do. In Buck’s game, Jay didnt let him run the plays he wanted but called the plays himself. Actually Calderon was looking for everybody but more or less nobody could make a damn shot. His mistake was that he wasnt more assertive,, passing when he was supposed to shoot ( I guess his shot is still a problem)

    • Valit

      There is a huge problem with Raptor offence if Barney doesnt score. They have the P/R between Jose and Amir and the double reverse where they ask DD to drive to the hoop. Other than that…nada. Last night, the DD thing didnt work at all ( probably the play was scouted by now) AND the refs dont call any faults whatsoever. We dont have a post player a la Hibbert; davis points were mainly thru rebounds and I can guarantee you the next time he will be scouted better. That is one of the major flaw with this post player: mainly a jumping shooting team whose jump shots dont go. They miss Barbosa who at least can take it to the rim. Having said that, I’m baffled by the fact that Ajinca didnt play. We know that AB will never play post, Dorsey, Evans can rebound but can not score; that leaves Davis who’s too raw and skinny and Ajinca.

  • Jose

    Balls of Steel,

    Hats off to the new Raptorland term.

    Re-tooling = Re-fooling

    One word that sums it all up. Brilliant, just brilliant.