Linas Kleiza Out for Season With Knee Surgery

After struggling with a knee injury, the Raptors have officially shut him down for the season; sending him to surgery to repair his right knee.

While he hasn’t had the impact that many of us expected, his 11.2pts 4.5reb will be need to be replaced somehow. Julian Wright will have to pick up some of that slack, but Sonny Weems will probably be in line for the lions-share of the load.

Shouldn’t change too much though.

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18 Responses to “Kleiza Out for Season”

  1. arsenalist

    I beg to differ, his workload does not need to be replaced at all. We’re doing just fine. Can we get a top three pick? Yes. We. Can.

        • Ol' Dirty Raptor

          i think BC actually has a decent track record with his lottery picks. derozen seems like good value as a #9 pick last year, too.

          just ignore the giant italian in the room..

      • Pesterm1

        I doubt it man, i think there are some decent guys in the top 5. i tihnk we get either perry jones, irving, sullingers, terrence jones, or derrick williams. all looking pretty good.

  2. WJF

    It has been mentioned that he had microfracture surgery, does anyone know if there are different levels to this procedure or all all players in the same boat as far as rehab and coming back?

    • Nilanka15

      From what I’ve heard, the absolute best-case scenario for any pro athlete is 4 months, but it depends on the severity of the cartilage damage.

      If I remember correctly, it took about 9 months for Webber and Stoudamire.

  3. Boomer

    You know what? I felt he was a bad fit because this team is clearly in a rebuild, so what’s the point of bringing in a vet that doesn’t do any one thing particularly well, when he’d be better served on a contender as a bench option.
    And yet, I felt he was rusty and/or tired out from his long summer, and that he needed to take better care of himself if he wants to stay in the NBA for good.
    I feel terrible for him because he worked his way back and now will likely miss two seasons with this.
    That’s right, two. He’s scheduled to be out 9-12 months, and then will have to play himself back into shape, and as we have all seen previously in this league, no one comes back a year after a knee injury to their full potential, its frequently a two year recovery.
    It’s better for the development of the team this year that it’s happened, and regardless of the lack of fit for him on this team, I hate seeing people lose what they work hard for.
    I hope he works it off and works himself into shape and can resume his career.

    In regards to the team, it’s make or break time for Sonny Weems, and I hope he sees that if he can’t become a reliable slasher, then he needs to invest in a system to make himself look like a good piece to another team (or this one) in future seasons. Triano’s apparently lack of a system notwithstanding.
    I’m also eager to see more from Julian Wright, but as we’ve seen, Triano will probably still continue to yank around the minutes of the only capable wing defender we’ve had for years.

    • Sixcubed

      A vet? Kleiza just turned 26 in January.

      It’s now obvious that his below expected performance was hindered by his achilles and knee issues he has been complaining since preseason.

      I give him respect to play hurt and take the brunt of criticism from Toronto fans… people who didn’t know the severity of his injury. Tough guy

      • yertu damkule

        sure, kudos to him. of course, it’s not as though the raps are or were contenders (with him at 100% or not playing), so if he was hurting, then maybe shut it down instead of going out there at 50% and doing further damage. from what i heard, it (the knee) happened in the first game of the preseason (vs the suns in vancity). as a young player, he’s gotta think about his future…and the raps have to think about the future of the franchise, and how he fits. he’s on a (relatively) long-term deal for (relatively) decent money, but now this injury will likely impact two seasons, as opposed to one if he/they had shut him down when it happened. of course, the likelihood of a lockout lessens the impact.

        • Sam Holako

          Great point about taking care of your investment. I question the Raptors medical team if an injury was mis-diagnosed or wasn’t given the right amount of time to heal.

          Two seasons sounds about right, shame for him really. At least he’s being compensated for the teams mis-management of his injury.

          • Nilanka15

            The Raptors medical staff needs to be questioned regarding the relative health of the entire roster. From Kleiza’s knee, to Calderon’s hamstring, to Barbosa’s wrist, to Sonny’s back, and Amir’s back, etc, etc., are they just not conditioning their bodies well enough? Are their pregame warmups lacking? Are their weight-training sessions done incorrectly?

            I realize every team deals with nagging injuries, but it seems like the Raps have been absolutely debilitated this season.

      • Boomer

        The vet thing was more in a seasons played meaning.. this is his sixth professional year since he came in with the nuggets.
        i agree with the rest of your message though.

    • Pesterm1

      I see sonny picking it up again later , point wise anyways. we saw him putting up decent number but not great consistency. if you look at the rest of the raps there isnt much consistency anywhere. that part will just take time, right now its just about evaluating his talent. maybe we bring him back on a 1 year or very low 3 year and see if he can clean up his game abit.

  4. KJ-B

    Not to pile on this Kleiza guy –the injury does make sense in retrospect– but granted that it is a microfacture, he betta work his butt off in the pool and lose circa 15-20lbs if he wants to be able to play any significant minutes in this league…He’s just too heavy to be competitive and quick in the NBA at SF without the God-given explosion and physique of a LeBron James… Then again, who else on earth is?!

  5. Balls of Steel

    The name is Jones, Perry Jones. The need to draft a good SF is that much critical right now. Knowing BC though, he will overpay Sonny to 4Mil a year. Sigh.

  6. RapthoseLeafs

    Kleiza’s injury will bring more focus to the SF position. And with a number of chips that BC has, I would hope we can find someone worth developing. Even if it means taking on two at the spot.

    Julian Wright’s qualifying will most likely not be qualified, leaving an improbable season start with 2 less Small Forwards. And with the way injuries happen around Raptorland, maybe 3 SF’s would be an eventual fait accompli.


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