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Toronto Raptors Roll Call Feb 16 vs Heat


Kyrie Irving

The originator is back….and so is the best Raptor of all time. Both get booed.

RR Ratings – Raptors vs Heat



Post-game coming up when I come off the high of Arsenal beating Barcelona.

Bosh didn’t talk, like, at all



“No disrespect to Chris but Chris don’t talk. He don’t talk. He’s like … he don’t talk.”

Gameday: Raptors vs Heat – Feb. 16/11


Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

I know this pic is in bad taste, but it is pretty well done. I got a good laugh from it. Let me get this out of the way; Chris Bosh was different things to each of us. Whether there are boos, cheers, or folks just ignore him into oblivion like they have his manager,   …Continue Reading

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