Toronto Raptors  Miami Heat February 16, 2011

I know this pic is in bad taste, but it is pretty well done. I got a good laugh from it.

Let me get this out of the way; Chris Bosh was different things to each of us. Whether there are boos, cheers, or folks just ignore him into oblivion like they have his manager, the atmosphere is going to be electric tonight.

The fact of matter is that Bosh gave this team his all for almost his entire time here; and most of the rage being lobbed at him was because he ran his mouth off like any 26 year does when he leaves a situation he didn’t want to be in.

Unlike LeBron’s return to Cleveland, though, this team is not going to fold like a cheap trick after getting backhanded by her daddy. Through all the losing this season, this team has played with heart, and given us something to look forward too in the future. And for that reason alone, I’ll be cheering our boys on instead of giving Bosh reason to drop 30/15 on us.

For the rest of you, do want you want. After years of crap, you’ve earned the right; f*ck him.

Injury Report

Reggie Evans – Out
Linas Kleiza – Out
Amir Johnson – Day to day

Mike Miller – Day to day

Player Report

Jose Calderon
In both games against the Heat this season, he’s brought the goods; especially last time out where dropped 14pts 13ast 5rebs while logging 42min.

Just a gut feeling, but I’m betting there are some directives to do whats necessary to try and win this one from up above, so expect heavy minutes in an effort to have our best floor general in he game as long as possible. Seeing as we’re approaching the all-star break, there will be lots of time to rest over the next week or so.
Box: 10pts 14ast 4rebs

DeMar DeRozan
DeMar’s proven the Heat can’t stop him. Some of that has been a result of injuries and the lack of shot blocking, but he has done a great job of mixing his attack and keeping them off balance off the hop. With his much improved jumper, the floor will open up for him, and nothing would make me happier than to see him posterize Bosh (I said i was going to cheer our boys on didn’t I?).

Wade put up a ridiculous 41pt 12reb game last night, which DeRozan didn’t have to deal with the last time out. However, he was witness to Mike Miller’s 32/10. Hopefully the shame of that will motivate a better defensive showing.
Box: 23pts 4rebs 1blk

Sonny Weems
Sonny’s offense is only useful when he’s running in the open court, finishing on the break, or penetrating off the dribble. We can all do without his jumpers. While he is an athletic body to throw at LeBron defensively, he just can’t do it; no one can. Expect to see Wright get some burn, not that he will fair much better.
Box: 10pts 4-11FG 7rebs 3ast

Amir Johnson
This is going to be the match-up that all eyes will be on. Amir has been a wounded soldier all season, and brought the goods in spite of his injuries. Regardless, it will be match-up by committee with Ed Davis off the bench. Playing Bosh is easy, he doesn’t do as well when folks swarm him, and play him physical; think Garnett. While Amir has lots more class than KG, he can man Chris up as physically, and keep him off balance. What I really like about this match-up is that Bargnani wont be covering Chris for any significant period of time. Our best defender on public enemy # 1.
Box: 12pts 13rebs 2blk

Andrea Bargnani
There is no situation where it will be acceptable for Bargnani not to run the gauntlet on the Miami bigs. This game needs to be won in the paint, plain and simple. Trying to beat the Heat on the perimeter is a recipe for disaster. The Heat have a few bigs, and for the most part, they are just big bodies Riley was forced to sign to keep things respectable. Ilgauskas is too old/slow. Joel Anthony can only rebound. Dampier, for all the hype earlier in the season is almost invisible. Juwan Howard is 40.
Box: 26pts 9rebs 1blk

I’m calling big games from Barbosa and Davis. Davis was drafted with an eye towards losing Bosh in the summer, so the opportunity to put his mark on that match-up could be a passing of the guard of sorts. Wright will get the call from time to time to try and keep a LeBron on a leash, but we all know how that will end; badly.
Box: 20pts 14rebs 2stls 2blk

Keys to the Game

The Heat played a tight game against the Pacers last night; winning the 1st quarter 41-19, but losing the last 3 84-69. Bosh, Wade and LeBron played 39, 42 and 42 minutes respectively, and even though they are in their prime, that’s a lot of wear and tear. The Raptors have been off since Sunday, so they should be well rested enough to attack early and not let up. Like I said, the team has almost a week off during the all-star break to rest up. The Heat wont just lay down, so running at them every possession could wear them down.

Protect the Paint
Even though the Heat bigs aren’t a big threat in the paint, Wade, LeBron and Bosh get in there and score quite frequenty. The trio dropped 90 points (of a total of 110) last night against the Pacers, with most of the damage happening inside 15 feet:

Toronto Raptors  Miami Heat February 16, 2011

The Line

Vegas has the Heat as 10.5 point favourites with an over/under of 203. Since this will be the first game the Heat will have the big three healthy against the Raptors, and they won the previous two games by 9 and 17 points respectively, 10.5 seems about right.

Photo Credit: Found this picture this morning, but I don’t know who created it. If you’re the person, drop me a line and I’ll give you the credit. Hope it’s ok I used it :)

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  • JezusP

    LOL, great picture.

    I really hope they do come out with heart today. I passed up tickets cause I have to work at 10:00pm, but I know I’ll still be cheering like i’m there.

    What I really want is for Ed Davis to go off! Block bosh, maybe dunk over him, or something. Drop a 20-20 game, LOL.

    • KJ-B

      The boos have started, I’m not sure if the HEAT player/playaz understand that Canadians aren’t always nice… WATCH OUT, I THINK WE’LL ALL BE SURPRISED …

  • WhatWhat

    Prerequisites for a W today:

    -Black Swan appearance from the jump
    -Deebo going into God mode in the 2nd half
    -Good perimeter D
    -Decent transition D
    -Amir staying out of foul trouble
    -Davis matching his performance from last game
    -Calderon AND Bayless having good games
    -Blur getting hot from the perimeter
    -Out-rebounding the Heat
    -Out-hustling the Heat, especially diving for loose balls

    Basically, the team has to be rolling on all cylinders. The last time that happen was against the Celtics in the Big 3’s first year together..and they still barely won that. So, I don’t like our chances, even if all of the above happens. Let’s just say that I’m expecting a lot of 90-foot alley-oops.

    And it’s sad to see that the teams have opposite records.

    I’m not mad about Bosh leaving at all. If I were him, I would’ve left too. He honoured his contract, and played hard for all of it. (Come on now, if he complains about players diving like that, he sure as hell ain’t going to play with a broken face.) Is our fanbase really going to get THAT upset over a bunch of tweets?

    Even if he stayed, it would have only kept us on the treadmill. Both parties needed to move on. Though I’d say that management did a piss poor job of putting talent around him, rather than him under-performing.

    • tonious35

      “…a piss poor job of putting talent around him”.

      After Summer of 2007, BCo spent 6 million a year on a lazy white guy that leaves practice first and can’t shoot threes, but was paid to do so. I have to agree.

      • C.D.G.

        And, most of all, was white.
        Thanks for your specification, Tonious35!
        Ah, these white guys! Always so lazy and never working!

    • Anon

      “I’m not mad about Bosh leaving at all.”

      You’re Chris Bosh right?

  • Toshmon

    anyone know What Toronto sports bar will be showing the game with the audio tonight? The leafs are playing at the same time.

    • Arsenalist

      None on their main screen.

  • 511

    I hate that picture. It’s just a dumb schoolboy’s mash-up of unimaginative stupidity.

    • pran

      agreed pic is in horrible paste, the two and a half men picture now that was funny.

    • matt

      I feeling like booing Holako right now, very unprofessional. I don’t like Bosh but this is just wrong, this is not a random low quality website, this is suppose to be THE FACE of Toronto fans online, very immature.

      • Sam Holako

        Boo away

        • 511

          RuuuPaauulll!!! (lol)

      • Nilanka15

        Wow, someone’s panties are on too tight…

  • Junior Maurice


    • Kevin Oppella

      Obviously tonight will prove one of two things. Either we’re able to get over the departure of an all-star and cheer on and stand by the hometown team. Or we prove to the basketball community that we are unable to accept the departure of a former player and hold a grudge for the rest of that players’ career. Like Arse said, it wasn’t like the Raps were on the verge of anything while he was here.

      • Toshmon

        Tonight won’t prove anything, chill man

  • KJ-B

    WHO DID THE ARTWORK?????? hahahahhahahhahhahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S GONNA BE AN EPIC SHOW TONIGHT! I’m sooooo glad it’s just the MIA media vs CDN contingent and not a US national broadcast — THIS IS PERSONAL NOT BUSINESS — GO RAPS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • KJ-B

    On another note: I’m feeling more and more that CB-2D-1 is gonna break out major tonight, inside. outside. downtown–most nights LeBron/DWade mute his efforts (See: Boston on Sunday when he couldda had 35/15) which is proper but tonight he’s gonna be a tough cover..! This is gonna be special–CAN HARDLY WAIT… HOPE IT’S 125-120 IN REGULATION WITH A ‘W’ for TDOT!!!!

  • EuroPussy

    Dont booo CB, the best welcome for him is a W for the Raps.

    • Sam Holako


  • BC&JayHave2Go!!

    The roosters (BC & Jay’s lies about CB post f/a) have come home to roost tonight!

    CB is back with Wade & LBJ in focused tow to exact some revenge on the Rap’s for BC & Jay’s media spin lies on CB quitting on the Rap’s in order to cover their own asses for last season playoff reaching failure. Yet they tried to re-sign him, actions speak louder than words.

    Fans should boo both BC & Jay!! Miami is 40-15. Toronto is 15-40. Riley played BC out in the JO/Bosh deals.

    • BC&JayHave2Go!!

      Fans should be booing both BC & Jay not CB!! Miami is 40-15. Toronto 15-40.

      If you do boo CB boo him as an opposing player not because BC & Jay lied on him after trying to re-sign him despite those self serving lies after CB left for Miami. Booing CB is like spitting in the wind- don’t think that DeMar, Davis won’t notice this backstabbing from BC & Jay on CB once they can leave the TDot- they were in the locker room they know the truth. Looking back at how BC & Jay handled his departure I’m sure Bosh knows he made the right decision as BC & Jay were smiling in his face with crocodile teeth.

      Jay took over from Sam at 8-9 and went 25-40 the rest of the way- Sam wasn’t the problem. Last season Jay has a playoff caliber roster and fucked it up- no accountability. Now he has another BC manifested roster and is losing games like the TWolves when the Rap’s should be competing for a playoff spot ala similar talented teams like Philly, Charl, Mil & Ind currently are. Injuries or no injuries BC should have put together a talent deep roster
      by getting more in return for CB or using the Bosh TPE ala Utah did with their Boozer TPE to acquire Jefferson- all teams have injuries.

      CB was presented with 2 top scenarios: stay in Toronto w/ BC, Jay, Bargnani, Jose, DeMar or go to Miami with Riley, Spolestra, Wade, LBJ, Miller. BC made the choice easy especially how Riley played him out from the JO trade to the Bosh trade (giving BC back his own #1 pick).

      BC has messed up this Franchise own his own accord as for Jay to say that the Rap’s have no Franchise player (on Tuesday’s Raptors Today show) after Bargnani was drafted #1 overall in 2006 is a prime example of BC failures in the TDot. The Rap’s aren’t rebuilding because they haven’t been to the playoffs in 3 years they are still stuck in a BC Euro vision quagmire. Barg’s is taking 20 plus shots a game but he’s not the Franchise yet Bosh was when he was here?smdh

      Some folks are swallowing BC & Jay’s post Bosh leaving Toronto media spin lies, insinuations about CB like kool aid. BC & Jay are pissing on the fans and calling it holy water in order to save their own asses- karma.smh

      • Haha

        Here we go again lol! A better idea, how about you go to the game, bring your friends, and family, and boo the crap out of BC and Jay, dress in proper attire with anti-BC and Triano slogans everywhere. I’d love to see you talk the talk instead of parading on this thread sonny!

      • Bendit

        Thought you were on hiatus…SirChilly. The mo is incomparable.

  • Ihosein45

    I just wanna see some funny ass signs in the building like the one above or a “two and a half men” poster of the miami heat, can’t forget the rupaul posters. I already know that we gonna lose but i just want bosh to get outplayed by Amir and Andrea and its like we won the battle.

  • Chris Ross

    I really hope that the Raptor fans don’t boo Chris Bosh when he returns to the ACC tonight. I am all for the booing of guys like Carter and Turkoglu, but that’s because those guys didn’t put in their full effort when they were in Toronto. It was unfair to the franchise what those guys did to the Raptor organization, but Bosh wasn’t one of those guys. He was a fan favourite up until the day he left and just because he chose to go elsewhere, which is his right as a free agent is no reason to boo him.

    • Wookie

      ChrisRoss, Bosh’s tweets – “Been wanting to ask. Where should I go next season and why?” + lack of “the good cable” comment. It’s not an issue of if he goes, he can do as he pleases, it’s the semantics of how he left. Obv not on par with Lebron doing a CeeLo “eff u” on primetime but tactless nonetheless.