Rookies 148, Sophomores 140 – Box

The Raptors lone representative at this weekend’s festivities got the start in the rookie-sophomore game, played 22 minutes and had 14 points on 7-10 shooting, all of them coming in the first half. Let’s sum up his game:

  • Guarded Spurs rookie Gary Neal for most of the time he was in there.
  • Blew a dunk on his first attempt, fumbled the ball and ended up slamming it against the rim.
  • Hit a jumper after sizing up Cousins.
  • Had a dribble move for a short-fade.
  • Mistimed his jump on a Stephen Curry alley, gathered it after coming down and layed it in.
  • Played about 8 minutes to start the game and took a break.
  • Threw up a nice alley for the oop to James Harden.
  • Dunked on the break, was a little casual, I’d give it a 4.
  • Had a tomahawk jam on the break, call it a 6.
  • Picked off a long pass.
  • Wasn’t in the game for the final minutes which both teams were actually playing defense.

It was an enjoyable program to watch, I wouldn’t call it a game, just a two-hour long show featuring guys having fun and the comedic stylings of Kevin McHale, who is a very funny guy. Give the NBA credit for micing up Steve Kerr and McHale, both were excellent and provided some tidbits of neat insights, even Chris Webber did a good job of distracting the audience enough that they were able to ignore the travesty of a game that was taking place.

DeJaun Blair was the only guy who broke a sweat and if the sophomores had won, he’d probably have won the MVP. As it was, John Wall’s 22 assists deservedly got him the award. DeRozan had a quiet night, wasn’t the talking point of anything in particular and didn’t look to have his name called out, unlike Cousins and Blair who were looking to do something with their touches every time. James Harden had a couple nice dunks, Blake Griffin hooked up with John Wall for an awesome dunk, and DeJuan Blair pulled a T-Mac type dunk.

Chris Webber dropped a hint towards the dunk competition saying that he saw some dunks in warmups that he had never seen before, and to get excited about it. Maybe he’s just hyping it up because Stern told him to, or maybe this year’s contest isn’t going to be the suckfest that everything thinks it will. Chicken suits FTW.

Forget about all that, DeMar DeRozan made it on #10 on ESPN’s Top Ten Plays of the first half of the NBA season.

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  • Jog

    DeRozan is a stud muffin.

  • AwesomeGuest

    Derozan was beasting it out in the first half and led the Sophs in scoring with 14. Then he just faded away…

  • Theswirsky

    I’d value rebounds over assists in a game like that.

    Not hard to get assists when no one is playing D… not to many rebounds to go around when no one is missing shots.

    For fun… they should have put Blake back in when the crowd was chanting for him, its for the kids/fans anyways right?

  • Pesterm1

    I tihnk derozan oculd have kept the train rollin but it is an “allstar” type opf game and it was some of the other guys turn to take over. Harden took over for Demar in the 2nd half ( looked pretty good too)

  • 511

    But … did you see the Beib hooping and dishing in the Celebrity All Star game? Ok, I didn’t either, but I did see that highlight of him hitting a three (ha!) and then the one of him keeping low with the ball moving to the middle, drawing a defender or two before passing it off for a Nash-like assist. And I thought … ‘is it wrong to wonder if Bayless is seeing this?’ Well, never mind. Cuz … Canada is represented! Lol.

  • Buschfire

    felt like DeMar isn’t strong enough to drive it and throw down hard like other players, he tried at first then dudded the dunk, then the rest of his points were jump shots and layups lol….on another note I just walked into the restaurant I supervise and Charlie V is back again eating with his kid… I think his baby’s momma and his kid are here in TO so he gets to come here to spend time with his kid or somthing… apparently he’s a big fan of buttermilk pancakes coz he just order two orders for himself lol.

  • Mediumcore

    I was hoping Demar would show more aggressiveness out there during the second half, but he still defers to other players too much just like on the Raptors. Too bad because it was a great opportunity to showcase himself with all the media there.

  • Balls of Steel

    Dero has his work cut out for him not because he can’t do the job but because he has to go against the grain of the Blake Band Wagon. I’m guessing he’s going to be nailing the sickest dunk and still lose by a point. Not being negative, just being realistic.

    PS> It also doesn’t help that he’s playing for a team where most Americans think we still live in igloos.

    PPS> The only way to go with this is to have a dunk that goes viral crazy on youtube. Put us back on the map Dero (Vince will be watching).

    • JC

      He IS playing in his hometown state, he will have support there, plus Amir assisting him, another Cali native.