Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Bobcats Feb 22

Step up.

The “foul, foul, everywhere a foul” edition:

Ajinca: he’s like a panther from beyond the arc….long, lean, supple, prowling for a kill. He’s also the prototypical Raptors back up big man: foul prone and rebounding is a secondary concern.

Alabi: he’s like that guy you work with that you don’t realize is off for the day until 4:55pm.

Barbosa: you ever call Rogers tech support the day a new product comes out, sit on hold for 48 minutes and then get patched through to a guy named Sammy who is about as easy to understand as your little brother who is talking while eating a cheeseburger? Barbosa was just that frustrating tonight.

Bargnani: if ever there was a game for all the haters to simultaneously say “SEE!!!” every, oh, 5 minutes or so, this was it. Getting his pocket picked, silly fouls, getting mocked by television commentators, looking none the better for a few days off…the whole gamut was on (pitiful) display tonight. The heartwrenching part?? He was still one of our better players.

Bayless: this has to be some sort of record. A guy who gets a double double, points included, but doesn’t make one shot from the field. Jerryd went to the line 12 times, hit 11, dished out 10 dimes…and also committed 4 fouls and 4 turnovers while going 0/4. Our new posterchild.

Calderon: picked up a tech for acting like Liston defending adjusted +/-. Typical Jose game where he tried his best to get the ball to guys that could do something with it. His problem? He plays for Toronto.

Davis: his college coach being in the crowd could have excited or nervous. Couldn’t really tell. He didn’t stand out at any particular time, but did contribute 7 boards and 2 healthy blocks. Keep your eye out for that rookie wall coming to a town near you.

DeRozan: the choker brought the same intensity and ability to this game as he did to the dunk contest. Lulled us to sleep for most of the game and tried to wake us up by trying too hard. Pretty to watch, too underwhelming to remember.

Dorsey: he used to be a part of our rotation…now he’s best suited to a suit.

Evans: um…hello?

A. Johnson: he was like a Hoover around the boards and he got to the line, but otherwise he was as handy to have around as he was to DeMar on Saturday.

T. Johnson:  thump.

Kleiza: next time he will be seen is in 2012. Could be the end of the world.

Weems: you think he was pissed that DeMar didn’t pick him? He played well tonight, making some nice plays and..wait for it..not thinking he was the only guy on the court. Solid night.

Wright: I feel for the guy. He fought hard to get some floor time, did fine when he had it, now there is more chance of seeing nude photos of Zsa Zsa Gabor than there is of seeing Julian be a contributor again.

Driving The Bus: Sonny Weems

Under The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

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