The “foul, foul, everywhere a foul” edition:

Ajinca: he’s like a panther from beyond the arc….long, lean, supple, prowling for a kill. He’s also the prototypical Raptors back up big man: foul prone and rebounding is a secondary concern.

Alabi: he’s like that guy you work with that you don’t realize is off for the day until 4:55pm.

Barbosa: you ever call Rogers tech support the day a new product comes out, sit on hold for 48 minutes and then get patched through to a guy named Sammy who is about as easy to understand as your little brother who is talking while eating a cheeseburger? Barbosa was just that frustrating tonight.

Bargnani: if ever there was a game for all the haters to simultaneously say “SEE!!!” every, oh, 5 minutes or so, this was it. Getting his pocket picked, silly fouls, getting mocked by television commentators, looking none the better for a few days off…the whole gamut was on (pitiful) display tonight. The heartwrenching part?? He was still one of our better players.

Bayless: this has to be some sort of record. A guy who gets a double double, points included, but doesn’t make one shot from the field. Jerryd went to the line 12 times, hit 11, dished out 10 dimes…and also committed 4 fouls and 4 turnovers while going 0/4. Our new posterchild.

Calderon: picked up a tech for acting like Liston defending adjusted +/-. Typical Jose game where he tried his best to get the ball to guys that could do something with it. His problem? He plays for Toronto.

Davis: his college coach being in the crowd could have excited or nervous. Couldn’t really tell. He didn’t stand out at any particular time, but did contribute 7 boards and 2 healthy blocks. Keep your eye out for that rookie wall coming to a town near you.

DeRozan: the choker brought the same intensity and ability to this game as he did to the dunk contest. Lulled us to sleep for most of the game and tried to wake us up by trying too hard. Pretty to watch, too underwhelming to remember.

Dorsey: he used to be a part of our rotation…now he’s best suited to a suit.

Evans: um…hello?

A. Johnson: he was like a Hoover around the boards and he got to the line, but otherwise he was as handy to have around as he was to DeMar on Saturday.

T. Johnson:  thump.

Kleiza: next time he will be seen is in 2012. Could be the end of the world.

Weems: you think he was pissed that DeMar didn’t pick him? He played well tonight, making some nice plays and..wait for it..not thinking he was the only guy on the court. Solid night.

Wright: I feel for the guy. He fought hard to get some floor time, did fine when he had it, now there is more chance of seeing nude photos of Zsa Zsa Gabor than there is of seeing Julian be a contributor again.

Driving The Bus: Sonny Weems

Under The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

Game Theme:

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18 Responses to “Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Bobcats Feb 22”

  1. Peacedawg

    So Wallace makes beeline to the hole, gets fouled, sinks the free throws and Leo anoints him player of the game. Bay less does the same, gets fouled twice as much which are non calls, gets to the line, sinks the FTs and is a bum? Figure Alt Rap is in a Alt world

  2. joey

    am i the only one that finds it funny that our main rap journalist (doug smith) didn’t even report any hints of rumors of a trade from the rap management.

    just in case you’re thinking how james johnson’s game fits in with the team – see below

    i think this is what bc and co used as their main scouting tool, not bad for a the (real) last place team in the league (management, org, players, coach).

    let the cynicism continue to roll.

    • Maurice "Mo" Shats

      Doug Smith doesn’t really report anything until it is confirmed (so he says). Smart if you think about it, considering how many botched trades there have been. And you can’t “report” rumours. Thats where hoopshype/insidehoops comes in, I don’t think you’ll ever see a bball story in the star saying “Player X is rumoured to go to team Y” unless you know they are actually having conversations (a la Kaberle-Bruins deal)

      • joey

        agreed but he could at least be the first reporter to bring the story as per the denver nuggest reporter to confirm the trade late last night.

        • pran

          dude don’t hate him because he has to confirm trades, hate him for his snarky attitude, and often using the argument “I thing I WOULD KNOW…Im a journalist for the star after all”

  3. Colef

    this is an awful role call…
    Dont understand the hate for DeMar and certainly dont understand how you DIDNT rip bayless apart. He was god awful. He single handedly lost us the game when he blew our 3 point lead and turned it into a 6-8 point deficit at the end of the first quarter. Awful performance.

    • WhatWhat

      He played very, very, very poorly (in the first half), but he didn’t “single handedly” lose the game.

      It WAS a 3(!!!) point lead, in the FIRST quarter.

  4. Smushmush

    Lmao at the whole roll call. However, what do you expect? The RaptorsRepublic guys are making comedy out of a tragedy of a team. Kudos to you guys. I come here to get a laugh after watching the depressing Raptors play. sigh.

  5. Drek

    I can barely even watch this team anymore – evidenced by my passing into a deep sleep about 5 minutes into the second quarter. This is a BIG problem, not a little one like Colangelo says.

    Bring on the Grapefruit League. I’m done watching “Torontooooooooooooooo!” basketball for the year. Peace out!

    • Rapture

      i love that guy.. i mean really, he’s barreled through a ton of crap and i just know that he has a heart for the city the fans and the team

  6. Webcrawler89

    I hate your roll calls when you sound bitter, it’s annoying and whiny. Bargs and Derozan both had decent games, shooting just under 50%, with bargs actually grabbing rebounds, and moderately defending with the exception of a few really stupid lapses in defence. Not to mention he only had two turnovers as opposed to Weems and Bayless who had 4 each .

    And Derozan brought the intensity to the Dunk contest, hence why everyone apart from Blake Griffin and David Stern thinks he got robbed, I don’t know what you watched (must’ve been the D-league one…).

    Lastly, if there was ever a game where the raptors were playing 5 against 8, this was it, it’s clear the refs not only handed the game to charlotte, but also made sure we would never think twice of driving into the lane against them again, since it would seem so pointless.

    Seriously, if you can’t give any constructive criticism, I’d rather not have the Roll Call at all.

    • CJay

      I agree, before his roll calls used to have some substance and hilarity to them, now they come across, as you mentioned, whiny and bitter.

      Also, do you have a personal vendetta against DeMar or something? Did he not sign your autograph one day? There must be something you have against him, you give him more grief that Bargnani. And how can you place the tag “choker” on someone after a dunk contest? (especially since he never choked on the first place). Save that term for something meaningful like the playoffs..

      Under the bus: Altraps.

  7. Ol' Dirty Raptor

    Call me crazy, but Ajinca could be a useful backup in that David Andersen kind of way.

    Plain and simple, the Raps need a talent injection, so the result isn’t as important as giving the kids extended minutes to learn, and to give management a chance to evaluate what they have. It’s fine to give Bayless the ball and watch him screw up over and over again because by the end of the season, there will be a lot of nba reps under his belt, and all of us will have a pretty good idea of what he brings to the table for next year..just like Amir Johnson last season.

    There’s some potential on this roster, but likely no one who will develop into a game changer. The reality is that there are only a handful of those superstar-calibre players, anyway. People talk about building around youth like OKC, but they got KD who is a once-in-a-generation type of player. Without him they’re not in the top half of the west (even though Westbrook is solid too). Even KD they got by default. You NEED that guy to be a contender.

      • Nilanka15

        But by then, they already “knew” how to win, and more importantly, believed they could win. Confidence is the biggest issue with young players/teams.


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