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You’ll notice that there hasn’t been a real post about the James Johnson trade so far, that’s because nobody at RR is pretending to know much about him. The initial reaction to this trade was that the Raptors were better off using the pick, perhaps on Duke senior Nolan Smith as Steve had suggested earlier in the week. The skepticism stems from Johnson being a complete nobody in the league and having failed to impress anyone in his year and a half stint in Chicago.

I talked to Matt McHale from Bulls by the Horns and Basketbawful about Johnson and frankly speaking, he didn’t have one flattering thing to say. Johnson was described as having effort issues (the worst kind), a painfully inconsistent player, and not much good at anything except kick-boxing. Tom Thibodeau lost patience with him a while ago and when Johnson wasn’t in Thibodeau’s doghouse, he was in the D-League.

The interview is actually quite funny as we struggle to find positives for the Raptors. The only one that we could muster up is that maybe given the opportunity to play heavy minutes, he might prove his place in the league, but Matt doesn’t think so but does admit that he took a step back under Thibodeau as his minutes decreased, perhaps he didn’t react well to a reduced role? McHale’s even questioning whether Colangelo has seen any of Johnson’s games this year. Colangelo’s description of Johnson as a “strong, athletic and versatile small forward” is the same one the Bulls were feeding their fans around the 2009 NBA draft, except that none of those things have come true.

On the surface this appears to be a trade where Colangelo feels he can revive a faltering NBA career and save one year of guaranteed salary, although Johnson’s salary is higher than what the Raptors would have paid a late first-rounder, on account of Johnson being drafted 16th. If a revival is to happen it won’t be without Johnson playing minutes that he’s thoroughly undeserving of, much like Sonny Weems. The Raptors do have a solid reputation of giving marginal talent playing time so Johnson should fit right in, for example, last night’s 26 minutes was the third highest total he’s ever played in the NBA. Before we write him off completely, we should note that Colangelo has a tendency to find half-decent role players in trades.

Chicago had drafted him (ahead of Taj Gibson) with the idea that he could backup Luol Deng, that certainly hasn’t happened and Johnson’s bounced around the D-League. After his stint there, the first thing he did was airball a 16-footer which was, at the time, described as the last shot he’d take for the Bulls. To me, he sounds like Sonny Weems with less talent, aka a D-League player. I’m sure he’s going to have his moments like last night, but remember that Primoz Brezec had a magnificent debut with the Raptors as well. Twenty-four isn’t the age that players peak by any means, however they do display a projection of their NBA careers and right now Johnson is a massive unknown. His athleticism, size and defensive potential are his pros and that’s what Colangelo’s hoping to mine.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (15:50, 5.7MB). Or just listen below:

The interview continues with some Bulls talk and how they fare against Boston, Orlando and Miami. Matt also fails a quiz about Chuck Swirsky. Thanks to Matt for coming on and check out his site for Bulls talk and of course there’s Basketbawful.

Some quotes:

Tom Thibodeau:

“I hope he gets an opportunity to play. He did a good job with us; professional every day, and this is a young team and he’ll have an opportunity.”

James Johnson:

“I’m not disappointed at all. It’s a business. I understand fully what Gar Forman and John Paxson had for me they came and sat down and talked to me after I went to the D-League and they just want what’s best for me. And to have a general manager and a vice president like that who cares about the players and not as much about the organization, about keeping the kid there, even though he’s not playing, goes a long way and shows what kind of character they have.”

Derrick Rose:

“J.J. is a good player. A good young player. Didn’t have enough time to play with us because of who we have on our team, just didn’t have enough time. I think that he’s going to be a good player in this league.”

James Johnson on changing his number:

“I just wanted a fresh start. I didn’t want 16 anymore. I wanted to start from zero and work my way up.”

John Holllinger brings us the Raptors connection, this is in addition to calling him “the most high-mistake perimeter player I’ve ever seen”.

On the foul side of the ledger, Johnson committed a foul every 6.0 minutes, a shockingly high rate for any position and an absoltely extraordinary one for a wing. The closest wing player to that number, Denver’s Joey Graham, was whistled once every 7.3 minutes.

Welcome James, the expectations couldn’t be lower so you can’t possibly fail here. The only way to go is up.

Personally, I would have gone with the draft because history has shown that if you do your homework, you will find gems with late picks. Actually, wait, given Colangelo’s drafting record with late picks, James Johnson sounds about what he’d get through the draft as well.

So much for that Miami pick.

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  • tonious35

    Talking to the Mr. Basketbawful is EPIC, you are the man ARSE!

  • WJF

    I laugh at the foul rate issue in such little minutes. Do you not think there was more than one occasion when Johnson was brought in to be an intentional fouler so as not to get a rotational player in foul trouble? With such a small sample size those fouls he commits would really throw his per minute numbers out of kilter.

  • Lee

    Still discussing the Miami pick? yaaaaaaaaawn, don’t need another Alabi.

  • James

    Dude got 3 blocks in his first game as a Rap. I hope this is a sign of things to come..

  • Juicy

    Ha Ha Ha, the next Joey Graham. Hopefully Colangelo can scour the league and find us the next Jamario Moon. Or how about the next Juan Dixon.

  • Jo

    Damn, Cleveland just traded Mo Williams and Moon for Baron Davis PLUS the Clipper’s first round pick….gonna be hard getting someone good in this draft..

    • Nilanka15

      Cavs have 4 picks in this year’s draft (two 1st round, two 2nd round). But hey, we’ve got “potential” in Amir, Bayless, Weems, Johnson, Davis, Ajinca, Alabi and DeRozan.

      • In this draft, the chance of getting 4 players the quality of those you mentioned is pretty slim. I’d take the Raptors roster over all the assets the Cavs have any day of the week.

      • Smushmush

        I am really disappointed in BC that one or both of Reggie Evans and Barbosa did not get first round pick(s). The Cavs know the way to relevance again is through the draft and BC is standing pat with a first round pick, TPE and a slew of “projects” hoping that they become something. This BC guy is a compulsive gambler and needs to go.

        • How can you be disappointed in Colangelo that neither Evans nor Barbosa could fetch a first round pick? Maybe you could tell me what team would have offered a first round pick for either of those guys. I”m sure Colangelo would have loved to have known.

          And I really wouldn’t be lauding the Cavs for taking on Baron Davis and his enormous contract in order to get a first round pick in a draft no one wants to be in. And wouldn’t banking on a weak draft be gambling? You criticize him for being a gambler but then you want him to gamble on a draft pick.

          The Raptors are in a MUCH better position. At least most of the Raptor’s roster has some young talent. Cleveland has very little outside of overpriced veterans.

          • Lee

            Agreed, but heres hoping those two first round picks don’t stymie the draft for the Raps. Cavs will be mainly be looking to draft a PG and a PF, I just hope we position before them. Again, here’s hoping.

            • The Cavs should be taking the best player available because they have no one on the team that is the long term solution to ANY position.

        • Judgejoebrown


          • Smushmush

            That insult by Judgejoebrown is the way of imbeciles and fools. If you have an arguement on this forum to retaining BC, please tell us. I hate when people resort to insults – it is childish. I come on this forum once a while to express my opinions – I believe I should be respected, if I gave a wrong opinion, correct me(I am humble to take corrections).

            Now to Tim W., why are you contradicting yourself by arguing for the extension of BC? You are not a fan of Bargs – question to you Tim is who drafted him? If you are against the defence we play, why do you think BC is going to improve that when we have been close to the bottom of the league in defense during BC’s tenure here? Answer these questions Tim and you would know what side you are really on. It is time to tell you the bitter truth(if I am not going to be respected in this forum, I have a new team to support in Denver Nuggets – their GM got a decent return for Carmelo Anthony, they play defense now, likely going to the playoffs and they leave their 100% on the floor(see win over Celtics last night)), Tim.

            Now to why I said one or both of Evans has to go for a first rounder – they are veterans who are a luxury on a rebuilding team(look at the Cavaliers that are as awful as we are, did you see something guys that they did with the recent trades? They traded veterans for draft picks and cap space). Consequently, we have 3 deep holes to feel – the PG, SF and C spots. Now the question to you Tim is this – if we are going to be having a draft pick each year under BC(since BC says he has no use for outside the lottery first round picks and second round picks smh), that will take 3 years of filling the spots we are weak at(assuming no big trades(something we have seen BC struggle with of recent) or free agent signings(we all know American players that are talented in this league are not coming to play here lol)) and another 2 years for them to acclimatize together – that is 5 years, really Tim do you want to see this team in the basement cellar for 5 years(or possibly more with a now strong Atlantic Division where the Sixers(big factor Doug Collins), Knicks(Melo acquisition) and Nets(Deron Williams acquisition) are guaranteed playoffs in our division every year lol) in the name of rebuilding(that takes an average of 3 years)? I sure don’t and I don’t think any real fan should too. My 2 cents and a food for thought here.

            • Smushmush,

              I”ve never argued for an extension for Colangelo. I’ve never argued for him to be fired, either. I have defended some of Colangelo’s choices, but I’ve also criticized them as well.

              I’ve never thought Colangelo has done a great job, but I also don’t think he’s done a bad job, either. What he’s done is show me enough that I’m willing to give him a chance to see where he’s taking this club, but if he wasn’t offered an extension, I would fully understand.

              The reason I would like to see where he’s taking the club is that in the last 6 months, he’s done everything I would have liked him to. Toronto is not going to attract top tier free agents, so comparing them to New York is obviously ridiculous. Even New Jersey is a decent destination knowing they’ll be in Brooklyn pretty soon. Philadelphia is doing decently, but I’m certainly not jealous of their success. They’re a mediocre team that will probably continue to be a mediocre team.

              I’d rather see the Raptors built right, which means slowly through the draft. Colangelo has avoided quick fixes, like using the TPE for a veteran, or trading some of the young players for a borderline All-Star who really won’t help the club in the long term.

              No one wants to see the Raptors in the basement for 5 more years, but there’s no reason to believe that will happen. They have some nice young talent, especially DeRozan, Johnson and Davis, and Colangelo has a good track record when drafting high. Even Bargnani, who I’m obviously not a fan of, wasn’t a bad pick.

              If Bargnani is still with the team a year from now, then I’ll be calling for Colangelo’s head, but as for right now, I’m willing to give him time because I currently agree with the direction of the team.

        • Ayo

          He couldn’t find any takers, that’s it. What team would want the oft-injured Evans and Barbosa whose health has been inconsistent this season. If he sees something he’ll pull the trigger, sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make. As a fan, I always like to see trades, but let’s not just make a trade for the sake of making a trade.

        • Ihatehaters

          I personally am disappointed that he didn’t trade Evans and Barbosa for Durant and Westbrook, or Kobe and Gasol…

  • Bendit

    Here is a sour grapes excerpt from the review of the game on the Bull’s RR counterpart on the truehoop network:

    ” Revenge Game:
    Okay, fine. James Johnson played well against the Bulls. In 26 minutes, he scored 9 points (2-for-4 from the field and 5-for-6 from the line) to go with 5 rebounds and 3 blocked shots. He also finished with a better plus-minus score (+9) than anybody on Chicago’s current roster.

    I’m sure Raptors fans have to be thinking “If J.J. can play like this every night, we got ourselves a player!” Well, sorry, Raptors fans. J.J. can’t play like that every night and he won’t. That’s why the Bulls traded him.”

    In line with the podcast I’d say. We shall see I suppose cause the environment and pt schedule is going to be different starting out.

    • KJ-B

      Thank you, “sour grapes” indeed! The guy has sick handles, is a better passer than DeRozan, better rebounder and has better overall floor instinct than DeMar + I make no secret of being waaay high on DeRozan… The guys is an all around player and can ball, he’s what you call in fantasy ball an 8 category player… The dude worked out with Pippen all last summer, lost weight, was insurance for an oft injured Deng and this is the thanks he gets and worst yet, ‘they’ write an article bout it celebrating their basketball ignorance!

      Teams like the Spurs don’t bring in rooks younger than like 24…He could play on the Spurs with his affinity for D and low turnovers–that’s the standard for a balla, not some columnist in The Chi… DO YOUR HOMEWORK RR… ((OFFICIALLY ECSTATIC SINCE I got the news!))

      • Statement

        “sick handles”….lol

        I love your enthusiasm.

        • KJ-B

          You’ll see.

  • You’d never heard of a guy the Raptors wanted to draft instead of DeRozan last year?

    As for those bad things about Johnson, those are exactly why I was adamantly against the Raptors drafting him. I did love what I saw of him last night, and I really hope I have been wrong about him.

    • Arsenalist

      If I had I forgot about him, with good reason.

      • I remembered him because I was horrified the Raptors might take him at 13. Same with Earl Clark. I wanted DeRozan, but I wanted neither of those guys drafted by the Raptors even more. Of course, I thought Gerald Henderson would have been a decent pick, so I obviously wasn’t completely right about that.

        • Bendit

          You mean “take him at 9″….that was DD’s pick #

          • Oh, that’s right. It was Davis that was 13. DeRozan was 9.

  • KJ-B

    THIS IS the foolishness of an article that y’all have resorted to writing on trade deadline day… I wonder if folk even watch games outside of the Raptors or NCAA outside of the top schools/snames?!

    Sheep… In all honesty…no further comment–to compare him @ 6’9″ to frail “NO Money” Weems that’s an insult to ballaz everywhere….Here we go again, y’all tryna revive Clarence’s career in the blogosphere in a which we he can’t in the pros… Sonny’s an emotional player, which makes a great YMCA type, but I surely don’t expect any good play to continue, he’s merely reacting to the news of competition at his position…WELCOME TO THE NBA, Ballaz play here…

  • figgy

    Just because most of y’all are ignorant as to who this guy is and what he can do. Doesn’t mean you automatically start being haters! Y’all will be sayin you knew all along how good this guy was going to be, soon enough!…

    • Is typing `y’all’ easier than typing `you’? I don’t think it would be, but that’s just me.

      • grrr


      • Bendit

        Mebbe the rodeo’s in town

      • CalibreMC

        who said it was easier? some people just talk like that.

        • Well, he’s not talking. He’s typing.

          • Ihatehaters


      • Smushmush

        Tim W. – you have been really condescending of late. That is a bad atttitude to have, fix it. Have some respect for others. My 2 cents and I don’t think you even have enough basketball knowledge as Khandor(yeah he was a geek guys and probably did not have a life, you did not like him – but did you stop to think that most of what he said was true about this team? I don’t think so, sometimes perception rules right?) so I don’t think we need to see you tooting your horn, being a general nuisance and a jerk. “Nuff said.

        • I’ve barely posted on here lately. And I’ve felt you’ve been a real a$$hole with a lot of your posts. The difference is I’ve tried to ignore it. I suggest you do the same.

          • Smushmush

            I have put you on ignore too jerk. I am a fan, I want to win badly but when I see bad management decisions and flawed basketball player – I will be first to criticise. I want my team playing basketball the right way and BC imo has a flawed way of organizing teams(look at the Phoenix Suns, all the domination in the West at a time but no championships because they played no defense when it matters, I don’t want my team as a fan to be built that way) which is why people here think I sound like a broken record. I want the best for this team(and BC is not it) and I am ready to be labelled a “retard” for it.

            • I’ve never called anyone a retard, and you can count the number of times I’ve personally insulted someone on here on one hand. And it’s ALWAYS after I’ve been insulted personally. Maybe I can come off as condescending sometimes, but I don’t resort to personal insults when met with opposing opinions, which is more than I can say for a number of the posters on here, unfortunately. It’s made reading the comments, a lot of the times, frustrating.

              As for my original comment, it was a joke. I wasn’t the only one who made a comment about it.

              And I’m not quite sure what kind of response you expected when you leave a blanket statement that I’ve been really condescending lately, I need an attitude adjustment and I’ve been a nuisance and a jerk. If you were trying to be helpful, might I suggest next time toning your criticism down a notch. As it is, you didn’t come across as concerned. You came across as insulting.

  • Rodeo

    Any1 catch Rupauls 1-18 night against the Bulls? Was a pleasure to watch the third wheel do his thing haaaaa

    • Darien

      I lold

    • Who cares? It’s not worth wishing another player ill will because he decided to sign with someone else. Besides, he’s on one of the best teams in the league and has played well enough to make the All-Star team for the 6th year in a row. I wouldn’t gloat too much.

      • Raptoronto


        Tim, next time you may want to flash your Blog Police badge before starting your patrol. That way we’ll know what not to say and how not to say it while you’re on duty.

        • Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing? Ironic, isn’t it?

      • Rodeo

        Relax, enjoy your life, no ones forcing you to read anything, you obviously cared enough to write a few sentences about it. Talk about irony..

        • I never said you shouldn’t express your opinion. You stated your opinion and I stated mine. I thought that’s what we were supposed to do around here. If that’s not the case, then I apologize. But they should have these little boxes you can type in and the buttons below them, then.

      • Rodeo

        And how is me stating a stat line from a game relate to “wishing ill will” on someone. Man, there is so much wrong with your sentence I don’t know where to start. I agree with Raptoronto, flash that Blog Police Badge and read me my rights next time.

      • arsenalist buzzkill. Remind me not to invite you to the christmas party.

        Let me enjoy Bosh’s misery in peace. It was awesome to see him miss that wide open 12 footer from the baseline with under 30 seconds left. Before that he had a wild hook which hit parts of the backboard/rim combo that had never been hit before.

        • Arsenalist, if your Christmas party involves sitting around, feeling sorry for yourself and laughing at the misfortunes of others, then I don’t really want to go.

          Man, you guys are a little sensitive.

          • Rodeo

            Lol, oh my, I can hear violins playing in the background, I feel REALLY sorry for Chris Bosh, he’s making 110 million over 6 years, poor guy, how will he feed his family, how will he ever manage……..sarcasm over.

            Get real, you must be his agent I bet.

            • Wow. You’re just not getting it. My feeling is that he’s gone. I’m done with him. I don’t care WHAT he does in Miami, but I’m not going to pretend he’s not excelling on his new team. It’s just I don’t care.

              This is the dark side of Raptor fans, and it’s a side I don’t like. The pettiness and inability to move on.

              • Rodeo

                If you don’t care then don’t post? Usually when you don’t care about something, you don’t talk about it right? Man you have the intellect of a kindergartner.

                • I expressed an opinion in response to yours. Holy crap. And exactly how do I have the intellect of a “kindergartner”? Because I can spell?

                  Seriously, you stated an opinion, then I stated an opinion. I don’t care about what happens with Bosh, but I do have an opinion about people’s inability to get over him. That’s the opinion I was expressing. If you need me to, I can get a kindergartener to explain it to you.

                • Rodeo

                  Now you’re getting into grammar technicalities lol. Nice topic switcher you are, I guess anything for you to deviate from what’s really at issue… I would point out a 1-18 statline and laugh at it if any player did it. Just admit it, you are Chris Bosh or his agent, that’s the only logic I can come up with, because you seem to defend him like your first born son, give it a rest.

                  By the way, no need to get a kindergartener to explain anything to me, you just did…..little Timmy.

                • I find your resorting to calling me “Timmy” as an attempt to insult me (it doesn’t) quite interesting, mostly because there are only 2 or 3 others on here that always do that whenever they can’t actually debate a topic properly. Interesting.

                  And I’m not sure how I’m defending Bosh like he’s my first born son. One of my comments did defend him, but the rest discussed how I don’t really care about him at all anymore and don’t feel he’s worth the effort to cheer against.

                  As for the grammar crack, I thought it was humourous, since in the same sentence that you questioned my intellect (which is not the most mature thing, by the way), you spelled kindergartener wrong. I was simply pointing out the irony of it.

                  If you want to argue that you would have made fun of anyone who went 1-18, go ahead. I’m guessing you’d need to convince yourself first, though. At least Arsenalist is honest with his hatred of Bosh.

                  Signed, Timmy

                • Rodeo

                  Lol, and you saying “I can get a kindergartener to explain it you” isn’t insulting? Your level of contradiction just amazes me, and what’s more, is that if you had kept your mouth shut in the first place, my comments wouldn’t have kept you up all night and ruined your livelihood, you seem to be letting them get to your head.

                  Other people have called you Timmy? Looks like more than 1 person has a problem with you on these boards then, that’s when you should take a step back and have an epiphany: oh, it actually IS me.

                  So you don’t think Bosh is worth the effort to cheer against? Glad that you hold me in such high regard over him then. I don’t mind opinions, but your first reply to me, you stated it with such conviction, as a matter of fact. Let’s be real, you are defending him like your first born son, you seem to be displaying these obsessive attitudes in your vehement defence of him and no one else would defend someone they have never even met with such passion.

                  Your parents oughta monitor your internet usage Timmy.

                • Yes, I said I could get a kindergartener to explain it to you after you said I had the intellect of a kindergartener. Apparently I’m not supposed to respond in kind when insulted? For the record, you were the first one who took this to a personal level. My question is why you chose to do that?

                • Rodeo

                  You see though, what I actually said is true, you DO have the intellect of a kindergartener, and that’s disrespecting to the kindergartener, don’t know why you took that as an insult. It’s your snarky and matter-of-fact attitude that led you to here in the first place. You really oughta start off every sentence you say with the acronym “IMO,” unless you’re telling me that the sky is blue and grass is green, although I’m sure you’ll debate that as well…

  • Raptoronto

    This love affair with a late late first round pick (in a draft projected to be very weak after top 10 no less) is absurd.

    “draft history has shown that if you do your homework, you will find gems with late picks.”

    Really?…Miami’s pick will very likely be a bottom four 1st rounder. People hating on the J.Johnson pick by basing it on the gems in the late 1st round are lacking objectivity (or simply ignoring facts). I find it odd that most of the positive comments and quotes on JJ were not used. Seems RR is on an anti-BC crusade (which is your right) but it simply puts you at the opposite spectrum of the “much loved” Doug Smith (so far to one side with little to no research on the topic that it’s irritating).

    Look at all these gems those GM that did their homework reeled in:

    27. Nets Jordan Crawford Xavier
    28. Grizzlies Greivis Vasquez Maryland
    29. Magic Daniel Orton Kentucky
    30. Wizards Lazar Hayward Marquette

    27 Memphis DeMarre Carroll 6-8 207 PF Missouri Sr.
    28 Minnesota Wayne Ellington 6-5 202 SG North Carolina Jr.
    29 New York Toney Douglas 6-2 183 PG Florida St. Sr.
    30 Cleveland Christian Eyenga 6-6 210 SF Congo Intl.

    27 New Orleans Darrell Arthur Kansas
    28 Memphis Grizzlies Donte Greene Syracuse
    29 Detroit Pistons D.J. White Indiana
    30 Boston Celtics J.R. Giddens New Mexico

    27 Detroit Pistons Arron Afflalo UCLA
    28 San Antonio Spurs Tiago Splitter Brazil
    29 Phoenix Suns Alando Tucker Wisconsin
    30 Philadelphia 76ers Petteri Koponen Finland

    27 Phoenix Suns Sergio Rodriguez Spain
    28 Dallas Mavericks Maurice Ager Michigan State
    29 New York Knicks Mardy Collins Temple
    30 Portland Trail Blazers Joel Freeland United Kingdom

    James Johnson is an unspectacular pick-up (for now) but a solid acquisition for a projected 27 to 29th pick.

    • Nilanka15

      Afflalo has turned into a real nice player, and the jury’s still out on Splitter. But I get your point. For the most part, a late first round pick is actually WORSE than an early second round pick because of the guaranteed contract.

      • Bendit

        Splitter as well was picked as low because he had already signed in Europe to a poison pill contract (massive buyout) and had himself indicated a preference to stay there. SA being SA in effect “wasted” their pick on him since they were already stacked.

        • Nilanka15

          It could pay off in a couple of years though. Too early to tell.

    • Arsenalist

      Do you agree that there is quality to be had in the late first round if you do your homework and get a little lucky?

      That is all. Nobody is suggesting we gave up an all-star in this deal, just a chance at drafting fresh blood which could turn out to be anything. JJ is 24 and from what I’ve gathered his ceiling is not high.

      Lazy move.

      • KJ-B

        Uhmmm… If his ceiling isn’t high in your estimation then can I say that Weems ispermanently living somewhere in the NBA basement, a few levels deep… He’s a 1st rd pick on the Bulls, did you catch Luol Dengs 21-10-5-1-1 performance in 40 mins vs the Heat? Not lots of room for his development there…

        In Toronto at the bottom of the league we’ve got Weems–it was an easy trade to make and serious upgrade over anything on this roster whether or not there’s not enough accumulated ‘stats’ to love just yet… Just recognize it was his 1st game not knowing the plays and the lights were on… Give the dude a chance, he’s got the prototypical NBA specs for SF…

        I think he’s gonna play bully ball against Phoenix tonight! Then NoLa is up next with no SF then Dal, let’s see Peja, thenJersey–great sched to start with a new team!

      • Bendit

        “…just a chance at drafting fresh blood which could turn out to be anything”

        But thats the argument here isnt it? JJ isnt “anything”. The very low pick (with a guaranteed contract) is exchanged for a player picked 16th 2 drafts ago, not getting pt for a stacked serious playoff team and playing a position we have a large hole at is a good odds deal. He is a somewhat known entity and his largest detraction seems to be inconsistency. Isnt that the rookie bane? Besides we have a high 2nd rd. pick not too much later for that “nugget”. Need to give him as much a chance as a Bayless, no?…before we start grumbling?

      • Raptoronto

        I guess I see more in JJ than what we would likely get at such a low pick in this draft. There is always a chance but I think even with a ton of research/scouting and a ton of luck you are very unlikely (imo) to a get a guy with JJ’s potential (we differ on his potential). His past weight issues and age are a concern but he is talented. What prompted my response was the “history has shown” comment which I believe is false and misleading (I think you have more influence than you realize).

  • Raptorshq

    Great listen guys, feeling the same way about the Johnson situation and I actually compared him to Joey Graham on the site in my breakdown of his “upside…”