Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Bulls Feb 23

You’re such a winner.

The “shiny happy people” edition:

Ajinca: the semi-reliable backup that isn’t being used to the best of his abilities. Welcome to the Triano System.

Alabi: remember that girl in high school that said you would turn out to be worthless and amount to something less than nothing? She used Solomon as a measuring stick.

Barbosa: if there was a player you could look to and see a difference between last night and tonight in effort, he is the one. He looked like the pre-injury Leandro and may very well have been the catalyst upon entering the game.

Bargnani: buddy was whining more than some guys I know on this site. Oddly enough the refs seemed to care about as much as I do. Almost everything was blown out of proportion in what can only be described as Andrea Plays Jose in this performance of A Team Playing Up To Its Competition. I can only imagine that Triano (or Colangelo) ripped a new hole in most of these guys after last night and Andrea played the diva card.

Bayless: as worthless as hot air being blown in the tropics.

Calderon: 2 off his 19 assist mark earlier this season in a game where he appeared to be auditioning for the NBA Lockout version of the Skills Competition.  Passes on a dime, twisting and turning around defenders, posing for cameras. Played the quarterback to perfection. Well, almost.

Davis: foul happy but hustle happy. I might be wrong about the rookie wall and he might go the other way: like a puppy in a pound being selected by a new owner. Over exertion to a fault.

DeRozan: the guy who hates props (but shot a video with a guy in a chicken suit) showed what really matters: getting to the hole and to the line. Top 3 games of the season for him and some much deserved love from the home crowd.

Dorsey: working on the chain gang.


A. Johnson: the start of the game for him was like turning on the TV and seeing the pool scene with Denise Richards in Wild Thing. Close to orgasmic.  Ended the game with too many fouls accompanied with perfection from the floor, 4 boards and 3 blocks…one of which should be on every highlight reel tonight.

J. Johnson: gotta give Jay credit: start the new guy against his old team. The results were palpable and no doubt we probably witnessed his best game as a Raptor.

T. Johnson:  gone gone gone you been gone so long…gone gone gone so long.

Kleiza: crack.

Weems: think he wants back in the starting line up? Seemed like a mighty big Pringle he was wearing on his shoulder. Good to see, now play the game.

Wright: if he moves any further down the bench he’ll be sitting beside Hazel in Mississauga.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Jerryd Bayless

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