The “shiny happy people” edition:

Ajinca: the semi-reliable backup that isn’t being used to the best of his abilities. Welcome to the Triano System.

Alabi: remember that girl in high school that said you would turn out to be worthless and amount to something less than nothing? She used Solomon as a measuring stick.

Barbosa: if there was a player you could look to and see a difference between last night and tonight in effort, he is the one. He looked like the pre-injury Leandro and may very well have been the catalyst upon entering the game.

Bargnani: buddy was whining more than some guys I know on this site. Oddly enough the refs seemed to care about as much as I do. Almost everything was blown out of proportion in what can only be described as Andrea Plays Jose in this performance of A Team Playing Up To Its Competition. I can only imagine that Triano (or Colangelo) ripped a new hole in most of these guys after last night and Andrea played the diva card.

Bayless: as worthless as hot air being blown in the tropics.

Calderon: 2 off his 19 assist mark earlier this season in a game where he appeared to be auditioning for the NBA Lockout version of the Skills Competition.  Passes on a dime, twisting and turning around defenders, posing for cameras. Played the quarterback to perfection. Well, almost.

Davis: foul happy but hustle happy. I might be wrong about the rookie wall and he might go the other way: like a puppy in a pound being selected by a new owner. Over exertion to a fault.

DeRozan: the guy who hates props (but shot a video with a guy in a chicken suit) showed what really matters: getting to the hole and to the line. Top 3 games of the season for him and some much deserved love from the home crowd.

Dorsey: working on the chain gang.


A. Johnson: the start of the game for him was like turning on the TV and seeing the pool scene with Denise Richards in Wild Thing. Close to orgasmic.  Ended the game with too many fouls accompanied with perfection from the floor, 4 boards and 3 blocks…one of which should be on every highlight reel tonight.

J. Johnson: gotta give Jay credit: start the new guy against his old team. The results were palpable and no doubt we probably witnessed his best game as a Raptor.

T. Johnson:  gone gone gone you been gone so long…gone gone gone so long.

Kleiza: crack.

Weems: think he wants back in the starting line up? Seemed like a mighty big Pringle he was wearing on his shoulder. Good to see, now play the game.

Wright: if he moves any further down the bench he’ll be sitting beside Hazel in Mississauga.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Jerryd Bayless

Game Theme:

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  • Arsenalist

    That last DeRozan move where he drew the foul against Boozer was class.

  • Ranatahir23

    Glad to see the Raps win against a quality opponent…but not that glad. We need that top 3 draft pick!!

  • PeaceDawg

    LOL on Wright. Good hustle game all around. Bayless is trying too hard..smells the team drafting Smith..decent first impression of JJ, good Paul Pierce size, runs the floor, was not too far out of position on defence, impressive given 24 hours ago he was munching on a hot dog in a Grayhound bus.

  • Altsafaggot

    altcrack…lay off the rock buddy.

    • Nilanka15

      Joshua Reynolds strikes again.

  • tmk

    Great win. I’ll admit that I didn’t bother watching the game till the fourth when I saw the score close and I was surprised they were able to hang on for the win, especially after the Rose 3 to tie the game. Demar’s looking good espcially in the clutch, I hope he can keep it rolling.

    James Johnson also looked solid but I just hope he doesn’t pull a Primo Brezec.

    • Hell Yea! Demar looked like he WANTED the ball. Given the situation i’d say that was probably the most impressed i’ve been of Demar EVER.

  • TheR3dMenace

    James Johnson was bringing the heat on D, loved the game from him tonight. Great win.

  • Ol’ Dirty Raptor

    good win against a good team. why so hateful?

  • wienermobile89

    I think Raps fans needed this game more than the players. About halfway through the third I realized it was the first time I was really, really having fun watching the Raps play since at least the Dallas game – I even cut my treadmill time short to just sit and watch the fourth quarter because I knew I’d be doing too much cheering and yelling. Even just in terms of entertainment value this was a great game.

  • whyusomadthough

    Bargnani: buddy was whining more than some guys I know on this site. Oddly enough the refs seemed to care about as much as I do. Almost everything was blown out of proportion in what can only be described as Andrea Plays Jose in this performance of A Team Playing Up To Its Competition. I can only imagine that Triano (or Colangelo) ripped a new hole in most of these guys after last night and Andrea played the diva card.

    your kidding right?

  • Anyone else impressed with James Johnson’s defence??? This guy was working his tail off on the defensive end and honestly our team looked a lot better defensively with him and Ed/Amir on the floor. I’m extremely impressed with his debut and if he could keep it up hes a definate keeper imo.

    • Chris

      I dont think we win if James doesn’t get the start. You’re right, the team defence was actually good with him on the floor. Great sign.

    • Nilanka15

      Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time for Triano’s defensive indifference to completely devour Johnson 😛

  • paul

    im impressed with demar keeping the ball moving without disrupting the flow of offence, that kid is a pleasure to watch develop.

  • Po

    DeRozan went HAM in this game, good job young fella.

  • amazing game.was on the edge of my seat

  • i love rose but half of those calls in the 4th were complete bullshit! a couple of plays jose didnt even touch him

    • Superstar’s get the calls! We’ve seen that happen to us enough but atleast we won this time.

    • JJ

      Same thing with Noah and Amir. Noah fouls Amir (loose ball foul over the back of Amir, he’s all over him) and somehow Amir gets a call. Complete and utter bull$hit!

    • OTFP

      Ref sees Jose leave his feet
      Ref sees Jose cleanly block Rose from behind
      Ref blows whistle
      The end

  • 511

    Early in the game … “Leo, please stop talking please stop talking please stop talking Leo be quiet be quiet please be quiet Leo shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut … oh fer fuks sake” … volume way down. Don’t know how it got to this but it’s like when Kramer would hear Mary Hartman in that Seinfeld episode and he’d sort of lose his mind … and I start to miss Jack so bad. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all … but I SO wish he’d stop lecturing on and onnnn about crap I don’t give a crap about just to hear his own voice … so I could just watch the game. And then, to make matters worse, he starting bullshitting about the refs bad calls against us being the ‘right calls’ (bullshit) like we couldn’t see the replays ourselves. I feel bad saying it, but when he’s doing colour (it’s so not ‘colour’) I hate the man and I wish he’d … disappear … into another dimension … or something.

    Great game, though. It was like watching what this team might be in another … year or two. (Maybe? Please?)

    But Leo, if you can’t stop talking, at least cut it in half … you know? I can’t keep doing Kramer-flops reaching for the remote.

    • 511

      Note: I thought I remembered waking up ‘in the middle of the night’ and sitting down here and writing something … but this morning I wasn’t sure what I’d written – or if I really had – until seeing it. Pharmaceutical sleep shit. Bizarre. I ought to be very careful, I think.

  • Dwite

    Oh I see.. when Andrea scores 24 points, grabs 8 rebounds, makes 4 assist, is 10-11 from the line, helps the team W (against Chicago).. the whining is the new problem!! Yeah, that’s is a big issue with his play, to much whining!! He’s such a bad player, let’s trade him already!

    • Chris

      Andrea has done well on the boards in recent games

      • KJ-B

        Might have had a tad bit to do with the trading deadline and the reality of leaving his comfort zone and being ‘responsible’ on another franchise that didn’t draft him who would put REAL expectations on how a PF/C is supposed to play… I respect the play of late BUT now that the pressure’s gone will he revert to being lazy #7?

    • jlongs

      To be fair, this was a good and sustained effort the whole game from AB on BOTH ends of the floor. It is also EXACTLY why many of us criticize him all the time. Because he absolutely can give the effort. But he doesn’t always do it. Why? He’s lazy? Maybe, but games like this tell you he can do it. He just doesn’t do it often enough.

      That is why yeah…I still say let’s trade him. He’s not a bad player overall, just not good enough and not someone I want on my team.

      • Jonathan

        Bang on!

        Until he gives the effort we have seen and know he can provide he’s no asset to this time.

        Who knows maybe secretly he’s pulling a VC and wants traded out of T-dot so he can play on a better team where he will give that type of effort we saw last night on a consistant basis. Although I don’t know why he would. He’s a euro player and what advantage does the US have to offer? We will certainly keep paying him top market value for his services especially if he consistant plays like last night.

        Anyways, food for thought.

        • Jonathan


        • KJ-B

          Naw, I thinking getting traded is the last thing on earth he wants–to actually be responsible and not just show up + jack shots + get fed by Jose regardless of how he’s going + get pt from BryCo/Triano when he’s staring at the ball rebounding of the glass?! Naw, that’s the last thing #7 seems to want–could change but his development to this point in his career speaks loudly otherwise…

          $50mil reasons to love Toronto.

  • Gman

    One of the things that our boys last night were talking about was how infectious the defence was. Even Bargs caught it. Especially in the second half, there were times we saw what he could do when he cared about both ends of the floor. He wasn’t Pippen, but his one on one was pretty good and he looked like he cared.

    Huge Difference!!

  • AnthonyF

    Would have been nice to watch…. Too bad it was on SN1….. Not enough that I have seasons for 20-25 games, pay for HD and some 100 channels, really appreciate MLSE or Rogers to move it to another extra pay channel….. Thanks for nothing….

    • Jackie Moon

      And you wonder why basketball doesn’t have a bigger following here? I have to admit I had curling on the tv while watching the raps on my computer. Can you blame me? Women’s curling is the new beach volleyball. In three years, most female curlers will be athletes/models.

      ..But great game!!

  • Steve

    Dre grabs more boards, plays better D and gets to the line more times then Demar yet is ripped on for showing emotion (which everyone complains he doesn’t show enough of)? Seems about right on this site from the writers. Give the guy some credit please when it’s due….

    • Jonathan


      I admit in recent months I have taken my fair share of calling out bargs as being pathetic.

      But tonight was a different story.

      Demar still played fantastic ball as well playing aggressive and driving the whole for some great easy buckets.

      I would have to agree though, bargs had the better overall game than demar.

      I will say though if you want to look at this from an overall standpoint,

      Think of how many games we’ve had this season and then count the amount of times you’ve ever seen bargs play like this? with that aggressive go get it attitude and passion.

      Now count how many games we’ve seen Demar play like that.

      The number is uncomparable, BUT, yes bargs played amazing tonight. So credit is granted.

      The comment about showing emoution from Altraps I agree does not make any sense and his showing emoution is a positive development in every aspect because emoution is what bargs is lacking and needs to develop.

      That is literally bargs greatest weakness; lack of emoution, effort, and passion.

      And he proved to everyone last night that he can fix these problems and can perform when properly motivated. See Jones Johnson for igniting the passion fire!

      As I said in my post below, hats off to bargs.

  • Jonathan

    Yea, you can’t take too many cracks at Andrea for this performance and actually Altraps if you were being serious about not liking Andrea complain than you are crazy.

    What would you rather have? the mindless, numbing play of Andrea which we regularly see which involves ZERO effort on defense or rebounding and even in the offense it’s all about him.

    Last night we saw him playing with passion, I think everyone agrees that JJ helped lift this group of guys and we even saw Andrea benefit from this.

    Andrea played aggressively, brought down some boards, played average defense (yes even his help defense wasn’t terrible) but more importantly the guy actually made some good passes on offense that you rarely ever see.

    If Andrea played with this much intensity and effort every game the record would look very different.

    It just proves that all the supporters of bargs when he was playing like shit but still scoring 25-30 points a game are retarded.

    Don’t defend the guy when he’s playing like that.

    Look at tonight as an example, he only scored 24 points but had a well above average game tonight and one of his best performances of the season from an overall perspective of his gameplay.

    So you know what, I’ll take the whining anyday, because do you know what that means? It means he actually cares about calls, cares about getting the ball back, cares about playing HARD and if bargs does that this team is a play-off caliber team as witnessed last night.

    So you know what? Hats off to bargs, I hope he can carry this passion and intensity to give us a few more entertaining to watch victories.

    • hound

      I totally agree. He is up and down like a hookers panties. But, he is what he is, a pretty decent nba player who is playing out of position at center. Let’s look at the centers in the east. I have rated them in order, considering age, contract etc. If I were starting an expansion team, this is the order I would pick:

      1 – Howard
      2 – Stoudemire
      3 – Horford
      4 – Bogut
      5 – Bargs
      6 – Noah
      7 – Lopez
      8 – Hibbert
      9 – Garnet (abviously this low due to age of 34)
      10 – McGee
      11 – Varejao
      12 – Munroe
      13 – Hawes
      14 – Anthony
      15 – Brown

      So there you have it. Bargs is not a bad center and would certainly benefit from playing at the 4 behind a true center like Bogut. If you do the same list for pg, sg, sf, pf, I think you would see our guys way down the list from the top 5 in the east. I don’t believe that Bargs is the problem. I agree his lack of passion and energy is a huge problem and that responsibility has to land at the coaching staff as well as Bargs. He is not a franchise player, and he isn’t getting paid like one. There just are not a lot of great centers out there and even fewer that would ever be available. Let’s keep an open mind on this and try to build a team like the Jazz do every year and not let one player determine how we view our team.

      We have had enough good wins and competitive games this year for me to believe we are not that far away. 1 or 2 good role model vets, 1 stud with the lottery pick and 1 defensive minded coach that the players respect and we will be back in the playoffs and competitive.

      • Jonathan

        Bang on.

        I know its hard for bargs cause he is quite out of position but he did prove last night he can play some good ball when he wants to.

        I always had hope that Triano would be that good defensive coach who would hold people accountable; it has been hard for him to do that this year given injuries and lack of skill. I am not for moving coachs and GMs as often as history shows the raptors do so I would say give Triano one more chance. Half of next season and regardless of the record or w/e else just base it soley on the fact of how much the defense has improved.

        If he flops again pull him out mid-season.


      • You would pick Bargs before Noah??????????? Really??????

        • hound

          Yes, although it’s close and depending what kind of team you have. For instance, if I had a player like Carmelo, Wade, Kobe or even Rose, I would prefer Noah as he plays hard and doesn’t need the ball. But, what I like about Bargs is he is a run stopper because he can score and scoring to stop runs is very important. Not having huge runs against us is one of the things we do well, and when there is a run against us it is usually when Bargs and Calderon are on the bench. Calderon can also stop runs by getting the ball to the right person for quality shots. So call Bargs 5 and Noah 5A.

      • Nilanka15

        I’d put Noah, Lopez and Hibbert ahead of Bargs on my list. If I’m building a team from the group up, I’m not looking for a centre who can score 20 ppg, yet provides nothing else. I want defense, rebounding, lane-intimidation, and the ability to score when needed.

        • AnthonyF

          Almost in every close game and win, Bargnani has played well….. Just the last month while the haters will hate, he played well on D too vs. Miami, Portland, Milwaukee, LA Clippers, SA, Min, Memphis….. Games we lose decisively usually he has been bad on both ends….. Notice a correlation.

          As for better centers….. You think if we had Noah, Hibbert, Lopez or Bogut we’d have a better record? Add to that the Western Conference has worse centers then the east…..

          • Nilanka15

            We may not have a better record with a straight up trade of Bargnani for any of the guys you mentioned, but we’d definitely have a MUCH higher ceiling. The rest of the roster would need to be tweaked as well.

            • AnthonyF

              I love that silly argument “ceiling”….. What if we get three stars to surround Noah (i.e. Deng, Rose & Boozer????), then maybe, just maybe you have a point….. Not happening…. A stupid statement with no validity…..

              How about if we paired Bargnani with Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon in Toronto (since I’m not trading him to LA), how good would we be then???? What would our ceiling be then????

              • Nilanka15

                Having Bargnani as your starting centre is a recipe for disaster. “Surrounding” him with great players ain’t gonna do shit. Haven’t we learned anything from this pathetic strategy of building around soft big men??? You want validity, how about the last 7 years??? Wake up.

              • Nilanka15

                BTW, the “ceiling” refers to defence. With Bargs’ allergy to the paint, we will constantly be one of the worst defensive teams in the league. Having Gordon/Griffin beside would be a waste of Gordon/Griffin’s careers.

                Are you sure you’re last name isn’t Colangelo?

                • AnthonyF

                  Yep and every single problem with this team is solely Bargnani’s fault, including when he is on the bench or injured. Also his fault when other wings or guards are torching us too…. His fault.

                • Nilanka15

                  Yup, I distinctly remember saying that too [rolling eyes]

        • hound

          As mentioned, maybe Noah depending on who else is on the team, but no way for hibbert and you would have to expand your argument for Lopez. You lose credibility when you say Bargs does nothing else. He is not a good defender, but he is a better passer than most of these centers including Hibbert and can run the floor better than most as well. The point of the list is to show that centers are tough to come by and there aren’t too many that I would trade Bargs for. And as for an expansion team, you have to score, defenders can be found easier than scorers. The d-league is full of defenders.

          • Nilanka15

            “defenders can be found easier than scorers”

            What are you smoking??? Good defensive players are quite rare. Yet, the NBA is absolutely littered with guys who could average 22 ppg on 18 attempts.

            • hound

              good defenders aren’t rare, they just don’t make it in the league. The nba attracts, signs and develops scorers because that is what you need. There are countless great defenders that don’t make the nba, just watch division 1 basketball, it’s littered with guys who can defend but can’t score. They do not make the NBA. There was a kid out of wash. st. named kyle weaver (drafted 2nd round OKC) that was a shut down defender, and i mean shut down, but couldn’t stay in the league. Why, because the reality is nba offense is too good. you see it every night, wade is defended but still scores, perfect defensive rotation to double a big and he kicks it to the open 3 and hits, and yes “Bargs defended perfectly but he scores over top of the guy”. That is what the league is about. Balanced talent is the best, but when you have to chose, GM’s will always take offense over defense, even Doc rivers and Thibidouex.

          • Nilanka15

            Also, how is Bargs is a better passer than anyone?

  • HateEMObeardedbloggers

    Probably not the people to be taking any advise from as they clearly have a lot of issues to deal with. Like thinking they are some sort of experts on basketball when we all know they are not anything of the sort. Quoting shit stats and imaginary conspiracies.

    Real fans will cheer their team on regardless.

    Real fans don’t make up bullshit nonsense about players or staff of the team, they are supposed to cheer for.

    • Jonathan

      I agree some people take it too far.

      But its hard to not notice bargs lack of passion, effort and compassion on a regular basis.

      I doubt you’re a real fan.

      Even commenators Matt, Leo, and Jack were calling out bargs for his consistant poor level of effort.

      Granted last night was amazing, he played like a completely different person, it was amazing to watch. And low and behold, he didn’t need to score 25+ points to play amazing.

      I question whether the above poster is true fan, because a true fan notices, listens to others and is passionate and critical about their team.

      I have only missed 2 games all season and have watched 2 live.

      How many games have you seen? how much information have you read on the raptors?

      • Smushmush

        +1 to the poster above me on being a real fan. A real fan wants to see his team win and if players are not playing to win, the real fan criticises such player. To the poster 2 posts above me, you are not a real fan – you accept mediocrity and just happy to see a Canadian team here. I am a real fan, I want to at least see this team in the playoffs year after year.

        I admit I am sorry on James Johnson(However, it is just one game, I have to recognise his efforts though). As long as James Johnson rebounds, defends and blocks shots – he is an upgrade over Sonny Weems(Any player is an upgrade over Weems as long as they don’t chuck shots and play the terrible defense he plays). As for his offense where he is raw at, we can hope Eric Smith on our team helps him with his jumpers as he did for Demar Derozan(also checked his stats, he was actually decent from 3 point land in the first year(.300+), so he can obviously get his shot back with the minutes he will get here).