Gameday: Raptors vs Bucks – Mar. 30/11

Raise your hands if you had a big ear-to-ear grin on your face after reading the rumours that Colangelo would be open to trading Bargnani if re-signed. Even though the article was pure BS, and the Knicks clearly need someone to spread the floor like Galinari did, it was great to see that written in… Read more »


The Raptors Rebuild Compared to Other Teams Rebuild

RR member “Balls of Steel” asked some of the following questions when it came to the Raptors future:  1) If the team continues to get younger and build through the draft , how many years would it take for this team to get  to a levelof respectability around the league ? 2) Are the Raps going to… Read more »


Point Guard or Small Forward?

At this moment, what do you think is this team’s most glaring weakness? Outside of the Bargnani haters most other fans are quick to point out the PG and SF positions? This summer, which do think is the biggest need for the Raptors to fill?


What To Do With Jose This Summer

What do you guys think? Trade him if there’s deal to be had or keep him around as a mentor to a young PG? His game to a certain degree has come back around this year, but is he worth keeping around for our rebuild? Thoughts?


Lose 60 then win 40

There’s a point to this season, right? That’s what I keep telling myself, that this season was a necessary step in getting to where the Raptors want to be.

Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

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I’ve penned enough tirades this year about Bargnani, but not after this game. I mean it’s hard to get a rebound when the other team doesn’t miss. It’s hard to get a rebound when the game is called BASKET-ball, not REBOUND-ball. It’s hard to get a rebound when you know that nothing will change if… Read more »