We’re talking two things: 1) The ownership change and what it means for the Raptors, and 2) How the current Raptors “Big Three” affects the way they draft and how a new GM might change that.

Bullet points:

  • The board that has stood behind Colangelo and has given him “unlimited funds” the last four years is not throwing that same kind of support, which has lead to speculation.
  • Are the Raptors better off being owned by MLSE or are they better suited to have an individual owner?
  • There is no guarantee that the new owner will have any more of an interest in basketball than MLSE/OTPP.
  • Is the brand of the Raptors important or is this all about the Leafs and is it the hockey team that is the only attractive piece of this pie?
  • Should fans have hope that a “saviour” will come and save the Raptors, or will the new structure be the same as the old structure? Talking organizational management.
  • Colangelo has always had the green-light to spend into the luxury tax, and has complete freedom in terms of financial resources and support, MLSE has been an ideal ownership group.
  • Sam Mitchell is still making Bryan Colangelo look good! The stats speaks for themselves.
  • Drastic change in Jay Triano’s job description over the last two years. From bad hiring to perfect coach.
  • Is this a multi-year rebuild? Well, it depends if the Raptors believe in the current Raptors “Big Three” of Bargnani, DeRozan and Davis. If so, it has a direct impact on who to draft.
  • Looking at the OKC model with an eye towards moving the current Raptors pieces. The marketability of Bargnani and DeRozan.
  • Ed Davis has #1 pick potential, he could easily have been a top three pick.
  • If a new GM comes in, he will break up Bargnani, DeRozan and Davis. Guaranteed.

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