We’re talking two things: 1) The ownership change and what it means for the Raptors, and 2) How the current Raptors “Big Three” affects the way they draft and how a new GM might change that.

Bullet points:

  • The board that has stood behind Colangelo and has given him “unlimited funds” the last four years is not throwing that same kind of support, which has lead to speculation.
  • Are the Raptors better off being owned by MLSE or are they better suited to have an individual owner?
  • There is no guarantee that the new owner will have any more of an interest in basketball than MLSE/OTPP.
  • Is the brand of the Raptors important or is this all about the Leafs and is it the hockey team that is the only attractive piece of this pie?
  • Should fans have hope that a “saviour” will come and save the Raptors, or will the new structure be the same as the old structure? Talking organizational management.
  • Colangelo has always had the green-light to spend into the luxury tax, and has complete freedom in terms of financial resources and support, MLSE has been an ideal ownership group.
  • Sam Mitchell is still making Bryan Colangelo look good! The stats speaks for themselves.
  • Drastic change in Jay Triano’s job description over the last two years. From bad hiring to perfect coach.
  • Is this a multi-year rebuild? Well, it depends if the Raptors believe in the current Raptors “Big Three” of Bargnani, DeRozan and Davis. If so, it has a direct impact on who to draft.
  • Looking at the OKC model with an eye towards moving the current Raptors pieces. The marketability of Bargnani and DeRozan.
  • Ed Davis has #1 pick potential, he could easily have been a top three pick.
  • If a new GM comes in, he will break up Bargnani, DeRozan and Davis. Guaranteed.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (21:07, 20.3MB). Or just listen below:

In addition to this podcast, check out Ryen Russillo talking to David Thorpe about potential No. 1 picks for this year’s draft.

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  • I don’t understand Steve’s obsession with what number Bargnani was drafted at. By his logic, whatever teams gets the number one pick this year is doomed forever because that pick doesn’t compare well to Derrick Rose and Lebron James. How this years #1 pick compares to Lebron doesn’t matter though because Lebron isn’t in this draft, and no young player expected to have a similar impact is either.

    • slaw

      The point is not comparing Bargs to Rose or James per se. All he is doing is noting the fact that if you get a #1 pick and don’t hit a home run, it has a materially adverse effect on your team moreso than missing at #8 or #10.

      If Bargs had developed into an all-star centre, the history of the last 5 years in Raptorland would have been completely different. Because he didn’t, a lot of moves were made trying to fix that hole which led to desperate, ad hoc decisions (e.g. O’Neal) that hurt the organization. There are mitigating circumstances that justify Bargs’ selection but the fact remains it hasn’t worked out. No one can deny that.

      • Bob

        Why ? Because BOSHHHH was the Franchise Player ? HAHAHA! Even with Abdul Jabbar near him he will be a RuPaul…LoL

        • slaw

          Well, Rupaul put up 30 and 12 last night and it’s largely been his play that has resulted in their current 3 game winning streak. I won’t rehash old arguments but maybe, just amybe, the collection of awful players he was surrounded with in Toronto has something to do with the Raptors lack of success.

    • hotfuzz

      +1. Every #1 pick is not supposed to be a franchise player. If that were true, atleast one team would have a lebron james every year.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!

        Not true.

        The #1 overall pick should be a Franchise player &/or an all star. Why do you think that there is a Lottery for that first overall draft pick? It’s a chance to get the best player in said draft.

        Does it always work out that way? No.

        That’s why you have busts & underachievers when a team miss drafts on said player.

        It’s up to said team to find that potential Franchise player when they have that pick as the team drafting first should get the best player or at least top 2 in said draft in my mind.

        That’s where good scouting comes in to place so that teams don’t buy the media hype or so called expert analysis of who should be taken #1 overall in said draft but can rely on their own data in relation. Rap’s have long time Raptor employee Jim Kelly as Senior Director of Scouting- a change needs to happen there as well.

        • Employee

          Well ideally I would say that the #1 pick should be a franchise player but nobody in that draft is one (maybe LA on a good day).

          Really depends more on the depth of the draft. But if you have a good draft, the #1 pick should be the player you build around.

        • So who was the franchise player Colangelo was supposed to take instead of Bargnani?

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!

            LaMarcus Aldridge the guy CB wanted BC to select.

            He is currently is putting PO on his back through all their injuries and should have been an all star this season- unlike Barg’s.

            • Bendit

              But LA plays the same position as CB did. How do you square that when Bosh always professed a preference for not playing the centre position and in fact is not.

              • sleepz

                What position do you think he’s playing now for the Trailblazers? He might be a more natural 4 but with the Blazers lack of true bigs he’s usually manning the 5 spot and killing whoever is getting in his way.

                Funny how CB was touting Aldridge and good ole’ BC went with the “better fit” in his egotistical mind.

                • Bendit

                  So, you seriously believe gms at the draft pegged Aldridge as a 1? Come now, LA is playing a “hybrid” 1 these days because of the state of their team and yes, doing a good job of it. Bosh had done the same in the past. The question really is what such players can really contribute in the heat of a deep playoff run. Of course I am not making a case here that Bargs today is a better player than LA. It’s the choices and the content of the Raptors team at that draft. BC believed AB could be a frontline centre. It hasnt happened. These recriminations by erstwhile gms on the board 5 yrs. later are hilarious. Wonder how LA would be playing if he were on the Timberwolves.

                • sleepz

                  You make good points but GM’s are evaluators of talent and make projections. I thought Rondo was a nice prospect out of Kentucky but never thought his skill-set and body projected to what it is now but Ainge saw that and his franchise has benefitted from it.

                  You take a guy with the hopes that based on his talent, work ethic and eventual development of his game that the sky is the limit. I don’t think GM’s taking in the top 5 think to themselves that “this guy is going to be a marginal player or a 6th man on my team”.

            • Aldridge was the player I desperately wanted Colangelo to pick, but he’s not a franchise player, either. That was my point. Sure, there are other players I would rather Colangelo have drafted at the time, but none of them are franchise players. The closest is Brandon Roy, but he probably won’t even make the ALl-Star game again.

          • Employee

            Look at what I wrote, I said there wasn’t one in that draft. But really, prob 5 out of the last 8 #1 picks are franchise players.

          • Trading down and then selecting either Rudy Gay [1] or Brandon Roy [1A] was the right way for the Raptors to go in the 2006 NBA Draft. This is what I said prior to the draft that year. As the years go by and Rudy Gay continues to improve – e.g. he was a member of last summer’s Team USA that captured the World Championship in Turkey – it will be interesting to see just how right his pairing with Chris Bosh would have been for the Toronto Raptors, dating back to 2006.

        • hotfuzz

          My bad. I should have said that not every #1 pick turns out to be a franchise player instead of should. It’s foolish to think that you will get a franchise player out of every draft because there simply isn’t enough talent every year.

  • Bo4

    Chris Daubeny, the problem with Bargnani isn’t that he’s a No. 1 pick. It’s that he performs like a 3rd star on a .500 team. I want us to be more than a .500 team, and I want 2 stars added that surpass him in performance. I suspect that many others do, too.

    • At the 16:30 mark of the podcast, he makes a huge deal about what number a player is chosen with.

      “you can argue weak draft if you want, but #1 picks make or break franchises. And if you win the lottery, and you get the #1, and you don’t turn that player for whatever reason, that player themselves isn’t ready to take it on, it’s a weak draft, or whatever the reason may be, if you miss on the #1, your franchise suffers for a long period of time.”

      By twice saying that a weak draft is no excuse, isn’t he saying that he believes that the player chosen #1 should only be evaluated against former #1’s, and not the players in his own draft class?

      • Theswirsky

        I agree weak draft can be an excuse, positional need can be an excuse, philosophical planning could be an excuse etc.

        But the bigger problem is sticking by that selection regardless.

        One can say Bargnani should or should not have been selected #1.. it doesn’t matter. Its 5 years removed. What does matter is he is treated like he did turn out to be a star in that draft, that he has to become a star, that he will be a star… when the reality is, he was just another player that is (arguably) slightly better than some of the other mediocre/bad players in that draft.

  • Soij5660

    things that drive me insane about the raptors

    1. Colangelo
    2. Bargnani
    3. the uniform
    4. the multi-language intro
    5. Devlin
    6. booing old players

    • Yup

      Add Jay Triano.

    • Krunchie

      i used to hate swirsky but i gotta say devlin is much worse..

      i actually hate the name raptors. maybe the worst team name in pro sports. if avatar had been big at the team would we be called the avatars?.. probably. shoulda been the ‘huskies’..

      colangelo is not that bad. He’s drafted better than Babcock (so could a blind manitee). He’s made some mistakes in terms of overpaying but has subsequently liberated us of those contracts (unloading turk was a mircale).
      Not sure why he wouldnt have looked at taking on a bad contract for a couple years (maybe rip hamilton) in exchange for a pick.. since the next 2 years are rebuilding anyways. Ownership change definately needed. Leafs and Raptors fans are some of the best and we deserve better

      • how could you hate chuck swirsky?!

        • I never understood the love for Swirsky. I found him mostly annoying.

          • Theswirsky

            thanks alot Tim!

            • No offense.

              • he’s got the body of andy dick, but the voice of ted williams.

    • Bob

      Why do not change Your team, make it easier for everyone. You can choose from Lefrod and Rupaul or the new Kniks. make you a favor.Stop crying

      • Theswirsky

        wouldn’t you rather a team have more fans? I never get this argument “well if you don’t like the status quo then leave” argument.

        Well, atleast when the status quo is sucking….

  • Kevin

    I would hope who ever is taking over doesn’t believe that Bargnani, Davis and DeRozan is a strong enough “big three” or core to compete in the east or else we’re screwed… I’m against trading either Davis or DeRozan but I’m fine with parting ways with Bargnani.

  • Raptors Franchise if it’s 2 succseed…

    1. Bargnani ain’t no top 3…just stop,time to trade him while his value is high,1st round pick this year from minnisota,sacramento,clippers,cleveland,washington would be ideal.
    This way u can prey and hope that u can get both Kyrie Irving and Harison Barnes.
    2. Colangelo ain’t the messiah we though he was,so plz i don’t want him 2 be around,with new ownership they should get rid of him and Triano.Find me someone who knows basketball and is ready 2 be the next Jerry West with experience coach whose won championships…ie Rudy Tomjanovich or close 2 his appeal(Jeff Van Gundy),players don’t respect coaches..like Jay Triano, and plz stop throughing F Bombs…it’s very dissrespectful,u would think he would get fined or something,u work for big multi media company,it’s just discusting.
    3. Davis and Derozan are your focal point of the team,keep these 2 players,with couple of veterans,reggie evans would be one,get another from trade or free agency.
    4.Ownership is must,it has 2 be someone who cares and is willing 2 be big time player,Larry Tenenbaum would be ideal..hockey fans might not like it,but he does love basketball more hockey.
    5.Uniforms have 2 change 2 huskies,it’s just time,stop with multi language intro,fire Devlin for the love of god,and start cheering ure team and stop booing old players who use 2 be here..enough already.

    • Bo4

      1. Agreed, AB should be moved, although who we should draft is always debatable. I vote for the best SF available, and a future PG, if we get a 2nd 1st-round pick.
      2. I’d be willing to extend BC one year to see what he can do in that year. If AB is still on the team at the end, and we’re still out of the playoffs, it’d be his last year with us. (I doubt that he’d go for that, tho.)
      3. DD & ED, yes. RE, probably not.
      4. I don’t care who the owner is in the least. They’re not why I watch the games.
      5. Toronto Huskies? Ontario Huskies? Canadian Huskies?!

      • KJ-B

        TORONTO HUSKIES… Love the Colours and that uni!!!

  • Chris

    What do you think of the possibility of Rogers stepping in to take over the MSLE holdings?

  • The 2009 Raptors could have competed for the Eastern Conference title??? Are you drunk? They had a brittle Jermaine O’Neal as their second best player, Jamario Moon, Jason Kapono and Joey Graham as the small forwards, an aging and rapidly declining Anthony Parker as your best wing player and a bunch of players who aren’t even in the league anymore backing up the PG position. I didn’t think Mitchell should have been fired in the first place, but there’s no way that team was going to compete for anything.

    If Bargnani, Davis and DeRozan are your core 3 players, you’re always going to be a mediocre team, unless at least two of them become top 15 players, and I don’t see that happening.

    And if those guys are the core players, bringing in a bunch of veterans is going to get you to the playoffs, but will hurt your long term prospects. That’s exactly what Danny Ferry tried to do with Cleveland and failed miserably. Oklahoma is a great example of how to build a franchise, which is why so many teams are trying to copy them. They got as many young players as possible and didn’t try and bring in a veteran (Kendrick Perkins) until they knew exactly what they needed and were ready to take the next step. Bringing in veterans too early to a young team simply artificially boosts their win total.

    I’ve got to agree about getting off the #1 pick tangent in relation to Bargnani. They got the #1 pick in a bad draft. Can we drop the whole “it was a failure because they didn’t draft a franchise player” argument? NO ONE in the draft was a franchise player.

    • Employee

      It makes it a lot easier to use the OKC model when you have Durant. Honestly I get sick of everyone praising OKC but really what if they had the 3rd or 4th pick in that draft and were trying to build around Al Horford?

      Basically you need a huge amount of luck and tanking, draft one of the top players to play the game in the last 10 years, and then you can think about using the OKC model. I give them credit for not panicking and using their cap space to sign veterans around Durant, but seriously, that model is useless without a franchise player.

      • Unless you’re a team like the Lakers, that has history on their side, you always need luck to build a Championship team. San Antonio is another great model, but if they didn’t get Tim Duncan, they wouldn’t have won anything.

        • Just because the Spurs got Duncan was NO GUARANTEE that San Antonio was ever going to win a single NBA championship. A Team actually wins the NBA Championship because of outstanding:

          1. Ownership;
          2. Management;
          3. Coaching;
          4. Star players; and,
          5. Role players;

          in this specific order.

          And, just because a team happens to have one or more of these does NOT mean that it is going to be able to win it all.

          Luck is the residue of design. Design is the product of hard work. Hard work without actual talent isn’t ever going to become the absolute best at anything in particular.

      • tonious35

        +1 Totally Agreed
        The success was mainly Durant and also don’t take credit away from Jeff Green (via Ray Allen). But OKC was also very lucky not to get the #1 pick in that draft. OKC needed a top talent center as well, but because of Portland’s selection, the OKC management had noooo comparable pressure or risk to have to deal with selecting Greg Oden or Durant anymore and taking Durant was simple enough for any being on earth to pick. That was luck on OKC’s side as well in a cynical way.

        It is mostly luck for sure, there are drafts that happen unpredictably where there is a “NO SH$T, Sherlock #1 pick -> LeBron”, a “either this guy or the other guy is #1: Howard or Okafor, Rose or Beasley, weak sauce drafts that might require the coaching to emerge a star from that draft class, a super deep draft, etc

      • jimmie

        Agreed. And let’s please remember that OKC has done nothing more than Cleveland did with Lebron + filler under Ferry. Less, really. So far. It’s entirely possible that Durant and Westbrook never win a championship with OKC. Will that franchise then be deemed a failure?

        Calling Ferry’s attempts to build a winner around Lebron a failure is kinda unfair. They came within one game of the conference finals in Ferry’s first year, with a completely revamped roster. The next year, they won 50 and went to the finals. Ferry tried to bring in a top-tier point after falling back the next year, and Mo Williams helped them win 66 games. Sure, they fell short of the finals again. And the last year with Lebron, they went over 60 again. Ferry never stopped tweaking, trying to put a team around LBJ. They never won a championship, but it wasn’t for lack of trying, and they arguably were the most dominant regular season team in the league the past couple of years. The GM’s efforts are only a failure if your measure is that LBJ bolted to Miami. By team success, Ferry did a great job.

        It’s similar to Colangelo’s constant tweaking around Bosh, with the main difference being obvious: Bosh is no LBJ. But I would offer than neither one of them is a leader. If Miami succeeds, it will be on DWade’s watch, not Lebron’s.

        • I would say Cleveland’s record without LeBron shows how well that team was built. Yes, they went to the Finals, and won a lot of games, but it’s become apparent that had more to do with LeBron than the team around him. One of the big problems with what Ferry did was that few of LeBron’s teammates were peaking at the same time as him. If LeBron DID stay in Cleveland, the roster would have had to be revamped anyway because their starting center and SG were both on the end of their career, and the less said about Antoine Jamison the better.

          The reason I like what Oklahoma has done is because because the roster won’t have to be constantly changed and most of the players will peak at the same time.

          Ferry seemed to be following the Jordan’s Chicago Bulls model, but what he didn’t seem to realize is that he didn’t have the Pippen or even Horace Grant (or BJ Armstrong, for that matter). The first three titles Jordan won, 4 of the top 6 players on the roster (who played the most minutes) were YOUNGER than Jordan. Yes, he had Cartwright and Paxson, but that was still a young team. A team that was able to grow WITH Jordan.

          The first thing Ferry did when he became GM was throw a lot of money at an injury prone Larry Hughes, who, like LeBron, needed the ball to be effective.

          He did draft Daniel Gibson in the second round, which was good, although that was virtually all he did to improve the team in his second year.

          Then he traded for an aging Ben Wallace and massively overpaid Wally Szczerbiak. Wallace was decent in Cleveland, but he was never a very good fit.

          He traded for Mo Williams, which was good, but Williams only looked as good as he did when playing beside LeBron.

          The trade for Shaq was a big mistake, as was trading for the no-defense-playing Antoine Jamison.

          Basically Ferry shuffled a lot of players around but most of them made no impact and didn’t last long.

          Really the only difference between the job that Ferry did and the job Kevin McHale did was that LeBron can carry a team. Garnett couldn’t.

          • If the Cavaliers would have kept ALL of their other pieces, including Mike Brown and Danny Ferry, and lost only LBJ, then, they would NOT have sunk to the bottom of the league this season. What has happened to the Cavs this season is the result of ALL the changes which they made to their entire team, including the loss of Mr. James.

    • Smushmush

      I told you that Phdsteve’s podcast of late has really insulted our intelligence as basketball fans and lowered our basketball IQ as a result lol – a big 3 of Ed Davis, Bargs and Derozan challenging for the playoffs, MLSE being a perfect owner and trading precious draft picks in a rebuild. Like really Phdsteve, wtf? Infact, I want my 21 minutes back after listening to that crap :(.

      • I just figure he’s mailing it in at this point. After tonight’s Raptor game, it’s hard to blame him for it.

    • IMO, Rudy Gay is eventually going to turn out to be a terrific player in the NBA.

  • t.

    the link “Ryan Russillo talking to David Thorpe about potential No. 1 picks for this year’s draft.” does not work

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!

    AB should be moved as soon as his BYC contract tag is removed.

    I would like to see the Rap’s go after unrestricted f/a center Sam Dalembert (Canadian) with Barg’s as trade bait or try to sign him outright.

    Jose should be traded away as well.

    Rap’s should try to pry either Lawson or Felton away from Nuggets to be our starting pg as Denver will most likely move one or the other before next season (barring a lock out) as both want to start.

    Whatever you get for them (AB & Jose) add to potential holdovers:

    DD, Ed, Amir, Barbosa (player option on 2011-12), Bayless (looks like a career back up combo guard ie Barbosa), Reggie (fan fav he must return! at a reasonable salary due to his recent injury history), JJohnson (good bench role player), Dorsey (good big man to have on roster as 11th/12th man), JWright (quality end of the bench player), Kleiza (injured- Feb return?) & Sonny (good bench player) plus the 2011 draft pick (Irving, Barnes, PJones, TJones, DWilliams) and then go to work in free agency-draft (2nd round) to fill out the roster.

    11 potential returning players plus whatever AB and/or Jose bring back in trade instead of another roster overhaul of new faces.

    Let Anjinca walk as ufa. Solomon buy out (800,000)- who gave him a 2 year contract in the 1st place?

    • Ol’ Dirty Raptor

      i’d take your post much more seriously if you didn’t say raps should have to go for dalembert..and especially suggesting we trade bargnani to get him. what???

      it discredits everything else you say IMO

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!

        Fyi- the hypothetical trade of Barg’s for SD (most likely would be in the form of a Dalembert S&T) is one option I suggested.

        Also, I suggested that the Rap’s try to sign him outright as an ufa.

        Dalembert guards the rim-paint & rebounds, something Bargnani rarely ever does which is my rational behind the Rap’s potentially acquiring SD.

        That’s on you not me, buddy.lol

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!

    How about:

    Toronto Style

    Toronto Players

    Toronto Gunners

    Toronto Swish

    Toronto Swag

    Toronto Huskies

    Toronto Ballers

    Toronto Fire

    Toronto Jedis

    Toronto FastBreakers

    Toronto Royals

    Toronto Flight

    Toronto Aces

    • Jackie Moon

      Ha ha! Most of those sound like WNBA teams. I wonder if the raps would even compete in the WNBA? Good idea – change names, don wigs a la Juwanna Mann and play in the WNBA.

    • Ryan

      Toronto Jedis…you’re kidding, right?

  • Bo4

    This summer, draft a starting SF to compete-with/surpass James Johnson. Trade away Bargnani, Barbosa & Alabi. Let Evans, Ajinca & Weems walk away for nothing. Sign RFA C Marc Gasol. Keep Wright & Dorsey. Buy out Kleiza asap.

    • tonious35

      If the Raps really want Marc Gasol so badly, we have to overbid for Marc (8 – 9 Million, which in no doubt BCo WILL DO that). I might help Calderon in terms of familiarity and chemistry, but I really think Triano’s “system” will make M. Gasol a terrible defender.

      • Bo4

        Worse than Bargnani? I’d pay $8-$9M/yr for Marc Gasol! He’s a better player than AB, & the cost is equal to or just a little bit more. The effect on team chemistry, however, would be worth it, in my opinion … Triano’s system is not the culprit here, some of the players are …

      • Bendit

        Youll have to ante up more than the 8-9 mill to make the Grizzlies not want to match (with a frontload to boot).

      • Smushmush

        Offering Marc Gasol a front loaded contract that starts at $11-12 million and decreases by 1 million every year for a 5 year contract ($12+11+10+9+8 = $60 million or $11+10+9+8+7 = $45 million) should pry him away from the Memphis Grizzlies – they offered Rudy Gay a 5 year, $85 million contract (can you say overpaid?) and Mike Conley a 5 year, $45 million contract coupled with the fact, Zach Randolph is looking to get paid (and will be getting offers from Miami too as he can play the 5, rebound and defend). Marc Gasol is as tough as nails, good help defender and rebounds coupled with the offensive repertoire both Gasol brothers have – he will fit like a glove to this young team.

        Imo, trade Bargs, Jose, Alabi, Ajinca, Wright and keep James Johnson, Weems, Bayless (or get a third string PG in Bobby Brown from Europe after a buyout), Amir Johnson, Barbosa (as a guard off the bench), Reggie Evans (at veteran minimum), Ed Davis and Derozan, bring in Jonny Flynn as a backup PG (he really needs a change of scenery), one of Aaron Afflalo (preferred) or JR Smith as RFAs with a front loaded contract and draft Kyrie Irving with our pick possibly (hoping and crossing my fingers!), get a second lottery pick with the trades out and draft Harrison Barnes or Terrence Jones (preferred) as the starting SF. Fire Triano, try to lure Jeff van Gundy off his cushy reporting job and be prepared to give him concessions on trading players, player pieces he wants and his assistant coach personnel. Now, we can say yes, the Raptors are rebuilding not the patch job we are seeing now under BC that is called a “rebuild”.

  • pran

    davis, the only player i am certain will develop into a starter on a winning nba team, the jury’s still out on derozan, and the ship has sailed on bargnani, that’s 1 STARTER, how the hell do we have a complete core?

  • spirow

    Can we make one thing clear. . . Who has a good draft record? I think colangelo has a resume that speaks for itself. It takes one special player to change a team around. Look at Dallas, they were mid level playoff team untill they made a trade for kidd and then further got chandler this year. It takes the right places to make a push. I think we have three building blocks around Demar, Davis, Bargs. Now if he wants to trade bargs thats fine, but in return we must need a high level defensive minded big. And as for he draft, i’d target Barnes. He reminds me of a hybrid between melo and kobe. . . He does have game to be top play, and trust me i’ve been watching college ball for years. He’s struggled but still it’s the system, one can tell he does have what it takes. Last play to dominate at his position were melo and durant but their teams were built around them.

    • Jose

      Agree. Colangelo’s resume/record speaks for itself. The record clearly says that he never won a thing (except for his own little trophies e.g. GM of the year). His personal awards did not translate into anything significant as far as the teams he was “running” are concerned. His teams never won a thing. Unless, of course you think that being Atlantic Division champs is major achievement.

      Why does anybody think that he’ll be able to make right choice this time around? Just think of the choice he made with the first round pick 5 years ago.

  • spirow

    Stevie PHD i challenge you to debate. . . You make an argument that we don’t need a top 5 pick. Are you serious? how many westbrooks or durants are there? we gotta hope we get lucky with irving or Barnes. . . Bargnani might need to get traded for a big solid guy and solid contributor, but i’d keep demar derozan tho, he’ll be a solid player. But you’re right we need three core pieces, i’d got for derozan, davis and a irving or barnes. If we get irving i might even keep bargs because he’ll get better in pick and role senerio because irving would be a better scorer then calderon. If we get barnes, i’d keep calderon because his ball distribution is amazing. . .

    • I don’t understand this notion that you need to trade Bargnani for a good defensive big. If you’re going to trade him, you need to trade him for the most talented player possible, regardless of his position. You don’t need to net his replacement. You can either draft, sign or trade other players for that, or simply use Amir or Davis as a temporary solution at center until a real one comes along. Demanding a defensive big in exchange for Bargnani is limiting your choices and that’s not a good way to get the best return on your investment.

  • Smushmush

    Is this Phdsteve guy really serious:-

    1. He says MLSE is a perfect organization and is no downgrade from an individual owner. Hello, Jerry Buss! I have always said that owning a sports team is not a sound investment, owners own sports teams for reputation or as a hobby – if these business guys want an investment, stocks and real estate are viable options.

    2. He is talking about a “big 3” in Bargs, Ed Davis and Derozan challenging for the playoffs in the East – that is laughable right there. I won’t talk after the huge blunder, I heard from a supposed “esteemed basketball mind”.

    3. He is talking that if we believe in that laughable “big 3”, we should trade precious draft picks for veterans to build around the core of the “big 3”. Are we still rebuilding? What is the fastest way out of a rebuilding situation?

    If Phdsteve is like any other Raptors fan or is a microcosm, I hate to sound like the prophet of doom – this team will continue to lose and ultimately become an after-thought in the NBA. My 2 cents.

    Finally, is this Phdsteve guy really insulting our intelligence as Raptors fans first and NBA fans second? Food for thought.

  • hateslosing

    For everyone saying it is impossible for a team with Bargs, Davis, and DD as the core to be a playoff team, also pay attention to the fact that he thinks that a #1 pick has to be able to be a franchise talent AND he also thinks Ed Davis is good enough to be a #1 pick. Now, when I hear the words “Franchise Power Forward”, I think Kevin Garnett, so if we say that Ed Davis is going to be a similar player to a young Garnett then I’d say the Raptors will definitely become a playoff team, no matter who is around Ed. So if you take that logic into account, you can see how PHDsteve could suggest our current squad is a future contender.