Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Wizards March 18

Drop it like it’s hot.

The “we had it in the bag the whole time” edition:

Ajinca: not even a sniff tonight. Why use him against guys with height? That would make NO sense.

Alabi: come home soon.

Barbosa: poor shooting night, but he made it to the line and played with his trademark energy, which kept us hanging on in the fourth when Andrea disappeared for a long stretch.

Bargnani: guess someone slipped him some ColdFX since he played out of his mind (compartively speaking). Yes, he flashed back to his recent self in the fourth and seemed unwilling to pop a shot, but the rest of the game he was what we always dreamed of. Factor in his 18 appearances at the line and his 500th 3pter as a Raptor and it was a night to celebrate.

Bayless: this guy is as helpful as border patrol. Seriously of no help to us on most nights and tonight proved it.

Calderon: on a night when two of your guys score in the 30s and you only have 6 assists to show for it, you know something was amiss. Still, he followed Jays orders and shot as often as possible and, granted, he kept his head in the game, but something was a touch off.

Davis: brief appearance, some solid rebound numbers and, when on the floor, he looked like he should be in the tournament, not in the NBA. Two games like that in a row, so he needs some help.

DeRozan: hot game tonight, pumping in 30, doing a constant trip to the line, and forcing us to remember that, yes, he can be this damn good.

Dorsey: bye bye bye.

Evans: he was Calderon-like in the late stages, dropping FTs in like they were guaranteed. Have to admit he seems to have improved that part of his game and when you consider we needed that positive energy at the time, and his 15rebs off the bench, he was the third star.

A. Johnson: gave in the college try for 15minutes. Was far from normal but it will take him a couple of games. I just hope he can get back to the way he was to finish the season to give him some confidence heading into the season that never was.

J. Johnson: 5 assists from your forward is welcome, but his paltry effort otherwise was not. I’m convinced it’s the haircut.

Kleiza: going to be in the next Ke$ha video playing a bum.

Weems: 12 minutes in which he showed us why he will be a D-League allstar next year. More power to him.

Wright: dubious.

Driving The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus: Jerryd Bayless

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