Wizards 107, Raptors 116 – Box

After a game like this, I don’t know whether I should have serious doubts about this “core” that the Toronto Raptors have, or if the deficiencies in all other areas are really that bad. Like Rebecca Black bad.

Ok, so let’s go over this. We have our SG of the future, but he’s a sophomore player so he’s still growing. Fine. We have our PF of the future but he’s still a raw rook. I get that as well. The 3rd piece to the core and supposedly the franchise player, Bargnani, is finishing his 5th year and is 25, which plenty of statistical evidence indicates that is the about the year where NBA players peak in overall performance. So the franchise SG and C combine for 63 points off 30 shots, yet the Washington Wizards keep it a game until the final minute.

That’s bothersome, because you can tell the Raptors wanted this game and had pretty much their full lineup. Washington? John Wall, Javale McGee and a bunch of D-League scrubs even Rick Kamla would have trouble recognizing.

Trevor Booker, yes that Trevor Booker who you’ve never heard of, goes 12-15 with 13 rebounds, 5 offensive. This is despite Reggie Evans pulling down 15 in 27 minutes. Ed Davis and Amir Johnson play 12 and 15 minutes respectively, so you know where I’m going with this. If a team, and we’ve seen this all year, wants to get after it and grab offensive boards, they will have no trouble doing it with Bargnani as the starting center of the team. It’s that simple.

While Washington sat guys like Josh Howard and Rashard Lewis, the Raptors play Ed Davis 12 minutes while a guy like Reggie Evans who’s about 30 on an expiring contract gets 27. I don’t get that. Maybe it has to do with this rebounding conundrum and not wanting the embarrassment of losing to a D-League edition of the team that’s won only once on the road all season.

Then you have someone like Jerry Bayless, who gets only 14 minutes, when the jury is still out on the guy. He’s shown flashes of brilliance, but often gets in the way of himself. To me, you play him big minutes and see what he’s got before you make a decision on him, because Jarret Jack is still the better player in that trade if you had to make a call today.

I’m having a lot of trouble watching a guy like John Wall complain like a little bitch after every layup attempt he misses. What’s happening to the NBA? The way they call the game these days, can you blame a high-draft pick with a sense of entitlement to whine after every play where there’s incidental contact? Even as a Raptor fan with a bit of a conscience you wonder whether you’re winning the game because the calls are going your way.

If the NBA ever called the game like the NCAA does now, it would be way more entertaining, but the NBA is shortsighted in it’s thinking that high-scoring games drive interest. Yes, a 110-105 game may be more watchable than an 80-70 game to most, but it’s the way the points are scored, tons of one-on-one, superstar calls that are just hurting the game, in my humble opinion.

Speaking of March Madness, I mentioned “glaring deficiencies in all other ares”, one of which would definitely be the SF position, and who better to fill that hole with one Harrison Barnes. Outside of Jose Calderon, this team sorely lacks in the play making department and Barnes would fill that role along with bringing enough scoring as well.

I’d be looking for center as well, but you know that would mean Bargnani would get preference at power forward over Ed Davis and Amir Johnson. What should happen is the Bargnani becomes the backup if this draft pick is any good, but we all know that won’t happen as well. Because, you know 20 POINTS! Does it matter that Jordan f***ing Crawford has averaged 20 points in the last 5 games on the Wizards, and will continue to do so given the opportunity? Nope! Build the man a statue, he averages 20 points!

I digress. By the way Harrison Barnes is projected to go 4th in the draft right now, according to Draft Express. Raptors current lottery spot? 5th. Time to shut down the vets, including Bargnani, because “we know what he can do”.


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  • DG88

    A masterful postgame report

    • Bomb

      Not A-Dub. A-Dumb.

  • Darien

    Yeah… feeling the frustration…

  • Balls of Steel

    Thanks a lot A-Dub, not necessarily for the article but for the Rebecca Black comparisons. Not knowing who Rebecca Black is, I proceeded to Google her and promptly watched “Friday” on Youtube. My goodness, the Raps are bad BUT not Rebecca Black bad. Wow!

    Anywho, I have a problem sitting the likes of Bargs down. He’s earning top dollars in this team so get his ass out there every game. He’s been babied too much as it is. As for getting the fourth pick, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. As for the likes of Trevor Booker, it just shows you that piling on 30 minutes on Reggie has its costs. Yes, the man can rebound (half of which he steals from his teammates), but his defence is super-suspect. It always has been. It’ll be interesting how this team operates without the luxury of a rebounding hound such as Reggie. Unless of course, BC overpays, like he usually does.

  • Guest

    Barnes is not a playmaker, he’s a spot-up shooter and defender. A more skilled version of Ariza or Posey but not a Joe Johnson. Maybe that will change.

    • Ya, I’, not sure why A-Dub said Barnes was a playmaker. His biggest problem early in the season was he wasn’t getting the ball in scoring positions because Larry Drew couldn’t run an offense. Then Marshall took over and Barnes was getting a lot more open looks. One of his weaknesses is that he is really mostly a jumpshooter. Besides, while James Johnson may not be the answer at SF, he’s certainly a good playmaker at that spot.

    • Bendit

      He did make a few good passes in plays but not someone who seemed like he could bring the ball up and control it (but I dont think the coach would allow anyone but the point do that). What struck me was his passivity but he surely has a silky jumpshot. I am not convinced yet that he is the type of player the Raps need. We need someone with an edge to their game. Irving is still the guy to shoot for imo.

  • jlongs

    No…play Bargnani heavy minutes. That’s the best way to tank this season without actually trying to tank. Just don’t play Reggie as much because he makes up for some of Bargs’ rebounding deficiencies. Instead give the minutes to Ed, who needs them more since he missed training camp and all those games.

    With Bargnani, he will occasionally go off and have a high scoring night and the Raps might win, but how often would that really happen? 1 in 5 games? 1 in 6? But more often than not he’ll have his typical “Il Mago” disappearing act and have a negative impact.

    Bayless also needs more minutes to help everyone determine whether he is actually worth keeping (so far it’s a “no” for me).

    If there’s anyone to shut down it’s LB. Get him the surgery already.

  • DonCarlos

    It’s games like this where you wonder what the Raps would be if they were able to play anything resembling defence whatsoever. How many times did Bayless, Derozan, etc. fight through screens to trail Wall, which only leaves him with an easy path into the paint? Say what you want about Trevor Booker, but Wall pretty much spoonfed him the whole night when the bigs had to rotate over and either they couldn’t recover or no one would come down and help. The insane thing is that this has been a problem with the Raptors defence for YEARS, and it doesn’t seem to matter who is playing or coaching. It predates Bargnani, though AB certainly hasn’t done anything to improve the situation. It was an issue in the Vince days, though those Raps covered up the system’s deficiencies by playing with a bit more personal pride (I’m looking at AD and Donyell Marshall). I’m still convinced that this is because the Raptors don’t have a super-quick penetrating point guard that they get to practice against. They have Bayless and Barbosa now, but Barbosa never passes and Bayless has below-average handles, court vision and decision making. You can’t play against something you never see in practice. I’m sure people like Bayless and Derozan attempt to fight through screens because that’s what you have to do in practice to guard Jose. They can probably fight through the screen and still cut off his angle on the drive. Wall is not the same player, duh.

    I seem to remember the times that the only time the Raps played any kind of good defence is when they had TJ Ford or Muggsy Bogues on the team. Two penetrating, quick, drive and kick guards (who were fairly good defenders themselves, for all their limitations) Aside from when KO had them play the game like everyone was running through knee-deep mud. Can one of the statophiles come up with the stats on this?

    • TheMC5

      TJ Ford was an atrocious defender. Awful. Almost as bad as Calderon, really.

  • barenakedman

    I’m trying to be positive about AB so here goes. If he could start playing lights out offensively, average in the high twenties with a shooting percentage over 50% and bump his assist totals to over five a game the weaknesses in his game would be more than compensated.
    The chances of him becoming a superstar on offense are more likely than seeing him become an above average defender so I’m no longer mentioning that end of the court. I’m officially on his bandwagon if he can become the best offensive weapon the Raps have ever had. “Lets go Andrea”!
    But if he remains with the totals he is averaging this year then bring him off the bench as an awesome sixth man.

    • yertu damkule

      hmm…that’s an interesting thought. so, what you’re saying is that bargs needs to put up HOF-type numbers on the offensive side of the ball to compensate for his, er, ‘shortcomings’ in other areas. fantastic. and yet, doing so is STILL considered more likely than him becoming a decent rebounding/defender. sigh.

      • Nilanka15

        The fanboys reached (and surpassed) the point of delusion long ago. We’re now approaching clinically insane territory.

  • cesco

    From what I understand , most bigs reach their peak STARTING at 25 years of age and improve for a few years after that . Andrea will be the PF of the team as soon as a defensive center is found . Amir may be part of a deal to get that defensive center . Andrea is scoring 21.9 points per game , not 20 and Crawford scored those 25 points against DD . Instead of talking so much about Andrea defense , DD non-existent defense should be as big a concern as well .

    • How does Bargnani moving to PF make any difference? In the NBA there’s very little difference between C and PF, and Bargnani has been playing a lot of defacto PF this year. And has it helped defensively?

      And if Bargnani does move to PF, what happens to Ed Davis. A lot of people see Davis having a brighter future than Bargnani.

      As for DeRozan, I’m not sure how him playing poor defense means we shouldn’t talk about Bargnani’s. Besides, if DeRozan hasn’t improved his defense in a year or two, I’ll be calling to trade him, too. As for right now, he’s played less than 2 seasons, so I’m willing to give him a little time. I’ve seen improvement in him, and sometimes players just go off no matter what you do. It’s not like Crawford had been playing poorly up until the game against the Raptors. The guy can score.

      • AnthonyF

        Davis does not have a brighter future then Bargnani….. If he has a greater career then AB, it will come only if he puts on 30 lbs of muscles, develops a mid range game and learns to drain foul shots.

        Your dislike for Bargnani really is too much….. And after I agreed with you on a different thread…

        • This has nothing to do with Bargnani and everything to do with Davis. If I had to choose one Raptor to start a franchise with it would be Davis. Over both Bargnani AND DeRozan. Both those guys are obviously far better offensively, but Davis has the intangibles that both those guys lack. And I like DeRozan. Davis is one of the few guys on the Raptors team that just seems to “get it”. Bargnani will always be a very good offensive player, but Davis is the type of guy who will probably end up winning a Championship before he retires. Muscle, a mid-range shot and getting better at the free throw line are all fairly easy to acquire. Look at both Amir and DeRozan. What is incredibly difficult to acquire is IQ, a work ethic and a mindset. Davis has those and that’s why I picked him as a top 5 pick and that’s why I think he’s going to be a special player. Franchise player? Highly doubtful, but definitely the type of guy you want on your team if you’re building a contender.

          • Copywryter

            I think you’re overvaluing Davis for the time being. Nice player with the potential to be a good or possibly even very good player, but many lottery picks come into the league with potential, and some have a nice few years before they plateau. There’s just a very long way to go for him. I’ll cheer if he blossoms, but I’m not sold just yet.

            • He’s still got a long way to go, no doubt, but I still like what I’ve seen. MOst importantly, I haven’t seen any major flaws in his game. Weaknesses, sure, but weaknesses can be strengthened through practice.

    • Bo4

      I would absolutely HATE any deal that sent Amir away and kept Andrea!

  • Hater.

  • Raptor4Ever

    “The 3rd piece to the core and supposedly the franchise player, Bargnani,”
    Wrong, Wrong and Wrong !!!
    Are you paying AB like a franchise player ?? No, you are not.
    You are paying him as a 2nd or 3rd option in a good team.

    This team needs a franchise player, a guy who can be considered number one. The love for Scrubs like Amir Johnson and Bayless should end and the money should go for a Franchise player at PG or SF position.

    • c_bcm

      Nice reply R4E.

      All this talk over this season centering around AB as the sole conerning factor on this raptors team fails to consider his contract. In my opinion his play justifies his contract more often than not. Does he need to work on his game? Sure. The man HAS to get after rebounds and become a more versatile scorer. But he’s worth the money he’s getting paid in my opinion.

  • Eric

    “Then you have someone like Jerry Bayless, who gets only 14 minutes, when the jury is still out on the guy.”

    Jury is still NOT out on this guy. They came back with the verdict a long time ago and he is what he is. a Combo Guard who likes to score first and is too small to play the 2 and does not have a court vision to play the ONE as a starter in this league.

    Portland got that after 2-3 years, NO realized that fast but our Conman of GM, BC sold Bayless to the fans as a future PG for this team.

    • c_bcm

      No he didn’t. BC brought Bayless in to settle the starting PG issues and have a look at Bayless. We evaluated him and discovered that we still need to develop a starting PG once Calderon begins to break down.

      All this BC hate seems to just echo from everyone. Instead of repeating what you hear in blogs, open your eyes and develop an original thought.

      • albertan_10

        I agree. You have to look at the purpose he has in his moves. I think part of that move was to break up the team too. They were playing well and would have ended up in the playoffs (we’re only hwat, 10 games out right now?) we could have been a much better team. I like the trade for youth and his realization that in order for this team to progress we needed to go to the draft and develop the people we have. Get some youth and evaluate them on their rookie deals. Now they know what’s needed moving forward.

      • Eric

        So in order to evaluate Bayless, we had to give up Jack with a very reasonable contract for a Back up PG, Buy out Peja, Give up an expiring contract of Banks …

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!

      I still can’t understand why JJack was traded away as he embraced the city & Raptors organization over the off season not to mention that he is still young.

      I guess Jose couldn’t take the pressure of competition or Jay couldn’t make a decision and stick to it because JJack kept outplaying Jose.

      Bayless needs a reality check or he may be out of the League sooner rather than later. He needs to transform his game because Barbosea does what he does for the Rap’s only better.

      BC’s talent evaluation of players is shaky to say the least plus he lies-speaks in half truths alot so I don’t trust anything he says basketball related as it’s mostly just a pr media spin a said related issue.

      • Eric

        BC needed to off-load the disastrous contract of Hedo and hence took back another 7 million in PG position in Barbosa’s contract. Now, with Banks (5 million), Jose (9), JJ (5) and Barbosa (7), you had around 26 million spent on one position without even a star power.

        He tried the off-load Jose but could not do so and hence he went with the only other available option, Jack.

        This the conman BC for you in the nutshell.

      • TheMC5

        Seriously? It’s because Jarrett Jack is terrible, and not getting any better.

    • Lewis_a58

      Your nuts buddy. Bayless was putting up triple double type numbers earlier when he got a few starts at the point. He has not been given a legit opportunity to prove himself in the league so everything you just said is BS. And until hes given a full opportunity you cant really say he is what he is, because no one know what he is yet! I guarentee you if Bayless was starting and getting 30+ mins a night he would average 15ppg 5rebs and more then 7 assists a game. Not to mention the defensive upgrade and toughness he would add over Calderon. Bayless>Calderon.

    • tonious35

      The move was a “tank the season move with 0.001% of making the playoffs”. More formally it was a salary dump and taking a flier on a 11th pick of the 2008 Draft that came from Arizona (ya, BC and PHX connection also). The main thing was Jack knew there was no TRUE reason to stay on the team because it was going to tank and Bosh is not on the team anymore.

  • Ub55

    pro Bargs peoples best argument is the 05-06 Mavericks, Bargs only has around 3 less rebounds and 4 less points than Dirk per game, but the mavs have Dampier and Diop playing center, Josh Howard playing d at sf and a pure shooter in Terry

  • Bo4

    What we need, in order of priority:
    1) a real SF to complement DD at SG
    2) a real C to replace AB
    3) a real PG who’ll be able to start someday

    • pran

      that pretty much sums up what needs to be addressed, and in that order. We might have to find another SG if derozan doesn’t improve defensively, but im willing to give him a year to improve. Does Harrison compliment derozan though? a question i think should be discussed.

      • Bo4

        Here’s the current status of the Raptors as a team:
        Blocks Diffential 28th (Bad)
        Rebounds Differential 23rd (Bad)
        FT% 21st (Bad)
        FG% 7th (Good)
        3s% 30 (Bad)
        Assists Differential 13th (Good)
        Steals Differential 20th (Bad)
        Next season, we need to convert two of those Bads to Good (16th or better), minimum!

  • albertan_10

    at the beginning of the season I said that we needed to wait until the end to judge Bargs on his development. My conclusion is that he can’t be a starting center. Not here not anywhere. I don’t even know what he’d be like as a PF. He doesn’t show much defensive awareness and as you could see by the game last night, just doesn’t scare people. How many dunks/layups did the wizards have last night? It was bad. My vote, and i hate to say it because I’d like to see him come off the bench (won’t happen), is that they trade him on draft day to get a higher pick. hopefully Irving because then we’d have a much improved floor general who plays defense.

  • Lewis_a58

    Could not have wrote this report any better. Was thinking the exact same things to myself last night!

  • hateslosing

    I will say this for Bargs: any time he shoots 18 free throws and has five assists in a game, he is worth playing. Forget point totals, when you get to the line that often, it means you are destroying the opposition. Another thing to keep in mind on last nights game is Bargs was +17 on the night and that the Wiz were only still in the game in the fourth because our second unit did a shitty job (in a game w won by nine, Barbosa was -15 and ed was -16). Basically if Bargs could consistently dominate games like he did last night on offense he would be worth keeping around and even trying to build a team around.
    Derozen is awesome and the plays where Bargs was hitting him off the curl for the jumper were nice to watch. If they keep this team together, i’d like more plays where we use Bargs as a sort of point forward ala Hedo back when the Magic were in the Finals. Bargs is a good passer and has the height to see over the defense so it might b worth seeing if he can set guys up.

    All that said, he is still an awful defender and rebounder and unless ownership believes he can drop 33 a game on 15 shots while notching 5 assists with any consistency, he should be moved. There are a tonne of guys in the league who can get 20 points a game, it’s the guys that can get 25 that are worth building around for their offense.

  • EuroPussy

    Strange. Every day the haters… Boring.

  • blaming bargnani after a 33 points on 15 shot game, with +15 plus/minus, 5 assists and practically killing the opposite team alone is so fucking funny. there’s nothing more amusing to read that your bunch of haters everyday. keep up the good work guys!… and please, make the bargnani trade happen ASAP. please. it will be fantastic watching him play in a real team.

    • BenF

      His offensive ability is not being questioned. However there are other more important areas of the game than offense. He refuses to rebound and does not seem to be able to play defense. That is what this forum is so upset about. We aren’t haters, we’re just upset about the deficiencies that our so-called franchise player has. The deficiencies that he has are the most important qualities of a centre which is why he needs to become a sixth man who can provide some scoring off the bench ala Leandro Barbosa or he needs to be traded because until he is replaced as the number one option, this team is going nowhere.

      • cesco

        Please advise BC how he can get a number one option that will make the Raps a contender . K. Love , the double-double machine is not doing the trick for Minny , so who else ? LBJ may be? .

        Please ignore Beaverton below .

    • pran

      so get off of here pussy, this is a raptors site not a” I love bargnani so much and want his salami in my mouth” site.

      • funny funny, please let me know when your stand-up comedy will aired on TV, I can’t lose the show. anyway you are more funny when trying to analyze basketball games, you’re hilarious. and your salami obession is kinda scary, I think that in Canada the gay community will welcome you warmly

    • Nilanka15

      Since when did this site become Bargnani Republic? Funny how you would follow your compatriot on another team, while slamming the Raptors in the process. Viva Italia!!!

      I absolutely cannot wait until Bargnani gets shipped so we don’t have to deal with fake Raptor fans anymore.

  • Beaverton

    Please advise BC how he can get a number one option that will make the Raps a contender . K. Love , the double-double machine is not doing the trick for Minny , so who else ? LBJ may be? .

  • Balls of Steel

    I’m waiting for June 23rd (draft day) and June 30th (Colangelo’s contract expiration). What happens afterwards will be of more interest to me. Personally as a fan, I’ve seen enough ball to understand what it takes to win a championship in the NBA. However, I’m exactly just that, a fan. I also know that there are good pieces in this team they should keep and players I wish they get rid of as soon as possible. One thing is for sure, the culture of this franchise needs to change immediately. As for BC, he’s had five years. Time to move on. If he’s re-signed, please don’t expect much changes. I know I won’t.

    • Excel

      I’m waiting for the day you’ll leave this website…..when will that happen?

      • Balls of Steel

        I guess you’re one of the few that doesn’t believe in free speech. Did I insult you personally by stating what I wish for as a fan? It’s a wish. Do you often ask people to go away when you disagree with them? Throw me a bone here. Tell me why you disagree with what I said in a manner that befits this fan forum.

        • Excel

          Nothing much, just your rhetoric, cynicism, and overall tone of voice. “BC must go, JT is garbage, trade Bargnani for a bag of basketballs, MLSE should sell the team, this franchise is in the shitter etc etc.” Heard it all before really, all the same, all the time, and full of never-ending complaints, all while you call yourself a fan. You seem to suggest that if BC re-signs, this franchise will somehow be doomed into an apocalypse, lighten up. I’m an advocate for free speech, but speech must have substance in order for it to be of worth or it becomes useless. Not that I always disagree, but how you dedicate yourself a thread where you can spew this never-ending nonsense, you, and the rest of the “fans” that agree. And I say this sincerely.

          • Balls of Steel

            I’m still searching / waiting for an intelligent response. You don’t like my rhetoric, cynicism and tone so I should shut up. What portion of my argument do you disagree with? Clearly you didn’t state it. I’ve stated mine. You want me to shut up because the biggest brand and highest paid executive in the NBA has turned this team into the biggest joke in the league. Considering his age and past success, do you really think that this zebra is about to drop his stripes anytime soon? He still marvels at offensive players. Drafting Davis may seem like a departure, but the reality was that he was a bonus at #13 AND a perfect complementary player (rebounds and defends, raw offensive skills) for his boy in AB7. As for Triano, he turns a blind eye to defensive miscues (game in and game out), because he believes he has little to work with.

            It’s only never ending because people like you wish for critics to go away, since it seems to rattle your fantasy, rebuilt world that is YOUR TORONTO RAPTORS. Explain yourself (make me think twice about what I say – I would really welcome that). Otherwise, don’t tell me to go away when all I’m doing is expressing my opinions (with stated and clear examples).

            • Excel

              Read it again then, not going to repeat myself. The answer is in there.

          • Nilanka15

            LOL, what are you, the internet blog forum sensitivity police investigation unit (insert intro song by The Who now)? Are you related to voy by any chance?

            • Excel

              LOL, what are you, the internet jokester? Go get some better jokes kid, one’s that don’t make you sound like a 5 year old, and that’s being disrespectful to the 5 year old.

              • Nilanka15

                …good one…

                Keep those great non-basketball related comments coming dude. They’re great reads…

                • Excel

                  Yeah, because yours are very basketball related lol….too bad kids like you are on spring break right now, probably going to be reading a lot of your crap.

                • Nilanka15

                  This coming from a guy who’s posting for the 1st time during “spring break”.

                • Excel

                  Then all your posts tell me that you have nothing better to do, which means you don’t go to school because you’re a toddler, or that you dropped out of school and do little to contribute to society.

                  I am amazed at:

                  A) How much free time you have.

                  B)How you choose to spend that free time.

                  You’re funny kid lol. I love the internet jokers.

                • Nilanka15

                  Keep those great non-basketball related comments coming dude. They’re great reads…

        • Bomb

          ..this fan forum or hate fun forum

  • RapthoseLeafs

    no disrespect (lol), but some people have become a bunch of whiners – unable to enjoy a win. I’d rather shoot myself, then become that cynical.
    And A-Dub – you seem a tad on the edge.

    It’s too bad the focus of this article turned away from a potential Barnes analysis, to a Bargnani rant. Those have become a dime a dozen, and sorta yesterday’s special. HB on the other hand, is worthy of a discussion. The SF position has become a must have, must need part of the game plan going forward, with injury pretty much taking Kleiza out of the picture (and probably off this team).
    In respect to the Washington game, McGee & Jianlian combined for 20 points. And yes, 16 rebounds … although Evans & Bargnani combined for 18 (lol) – and 40 points (including 8 assists). In regards to Booker, he was JJ’s man, yet I guess Bargs is the easy fall guy for that as well. And John Wall – whiner or not – I’d take him any day on this Raptor team.

    In your ode to Jordan, you failed to elaborate on Washington’s new “scoring sensation”. Reality is, Crawford has only 3 games with more than 20 points. It also wasn’t mentioned that Jordan took 27 shots and scored 8 less than Andrea who needed 15. I’ll take the latter dime a dozen variety.

    And while Raptors may have allowed Crawford 25 points, it was Chicago who gave up his season high the other night (27 points). Suffice to say, Jordan Crawford’s stats do not match up with Andrea. Even with all the extra focus on AB this year.

    [ “Bargnani, is finishing his 5th year and is 25, which plenty of statistical evidence indicates that is the about the year where NBA players peak in overall performance.” ]

    I guess that means Lebron (26), Bosh (27) & Wade (29) have peaked. Don’t tell Riley.

    [ “ … the Raptors play Ed Davis 12 minutes while a guy like Reggie Evans who’s about 30 on an expiring contract gets 27. ” ]

    Davis has played significant minutes compared to College, and at some point, the risk is not worth the opportunity. He looks tired, and appears to be skinnier. I think we’ve seen enough of Ed to know he needs to bulk up – and practice hard this summer. Playing Reggie harder minutes helped ensure a win. And while our lottery position is important, this team needs some victories to keep player spirits from crashing.

    As for Bayless, I think the jury has already decided. If we get Irving or acquire another PG, Jarryd will be gone. Personally, I think that’s more or less been decided – barring another Jose for Chandler style trade.

    • Theswirsky

      umm can you say Lebron, Wade and Bosh haven’t “peaked”. Just because someone “peaks” doesn’t mean they drop off the side of a cliff.

      Rather thats about the production (give or take) you can expect from them for the majority of their NBA career.

      Unfortunately that means this is about the best this team is going to get from Andrea. That is NOT a compliment to him.

  • Corey

    there is a decent chance Harrison Barnes slips down to us. however, i’d still rank my top three as Irving, Derick Williams, then Barnes. any of those three would be great for us. i like that D-will is more polished at this point, even if Barnes has slightly more upside. i do wonder what we do with James johnson and Linas Kleiza already as SF, if you draft either Barnes or D-will. neither of our current guys has much value on the trade market.

    and i hope to god we do not draft another PF! and perry jones with his 6’11”, rail thin frame scares the shit out of me. no matter how much upside this kid has, he seems like a guy without enough size to be a good PF, but not the right game for a three. i would not touch him. if we cant get the three guys i like, i’d seriously consider alex burks. 5 may be high to take him, but he is an athletic shooter with huge upside. all aspects of his game get high marks. an investment for sure, with less immediate payoff, but very likely to be an impact player.

    and although i doubt BC gives us all what we want, which is a bargs trade, i suspect we may see some sort deal. We have too many wings that cant shoot a three, and if you consider Bargs, amir and davis all PFs, we have a glut there and no real centre. Somebody has to go. Maybe Amir is odd man out?

    It still boggles the mind how little talent we have after 5 years with BC, and how particularly defficient we r in long range shooting and defence. Its a real bad sign for fans that we may allow BC to draft for us, and he may end up being let go after the draft??? terrible management by MLSE.

  • yeezy


  • Gregast

    Raptors need an addition that compliments Andreas’ strengths and helps to shore up his weaknesses. With Reggie on the floor who cares if Bargos won’t rebound? But goodness gracious, Reggie cannot score beyond 5 feet. So we need a SF who can defend and rebound and let’s not worry about whether he can score. Back to Reggie…make him the SF for the rest of the year and see how AB reacts?

    • Nilanka15

      Wouldn’t it be easier to just get rid of Bargnani? You know, cuz he sucks?