The “holy hell that was exciting” edition:

Ajinca: yeah, well, so much for that.

Alabi: the only person who would probably have preferred to go north for March break.

Barbosa: big done the stretch which allowed him to atone for some ticky tack fouls that allowed the Thunder back in the game. Not a vocal veteran, but tonight he showed he doesn’t have to be in order to help a team win.

Bargnani: not sure there is anything in this world that disappears down the stretch more than Andrea. Well, maybe cheesecake at the end of a Weight Watchers meeting. Great screen down the stretch, but the fact you still aren’t a go-to guy on a team this weak is breathtaking.

Bayless: if he exerted half the positive energy during a game as he did running on the court after LB’s 3, he’d be good enough to be an NBA backup.

Calderon: didn’t take long to figure out his shot was about as likely to drop as Pamela Anderson’s breasts, so he did what he is good at: distributed the ball, ran the game on the floor, controlled the ball when he had it in his hands and still has never committed a foul in his life.

Davis: he isn’t injured, but he is done for the season. He isn’t producing and looks like he has just finished a marathon. No doubt that trip to London did him in.

DeRozan: active around the boards and his energy level remains high on a team that needs a spark. True test will be tomorrow after he has played 36minutes in a pretty fast paced affair.

Dorsey: I miss you.

Evans: still the king of postgame interviews. He came out and stood up for Amir, going toe to toe with Perkins. The rest of the game was torn out of the Book Of Evans in that he was fighting for every ball bouncing off the rim and he was a nuisance to everybody in a Thunder uniform.

A. Johnson: pretty solid game after looking like a 12year old girl that got jobbed for her lunch money. First game since being back that he has shown a semblance of his old self and it was a welcome sight. Nice hair.

J. Johnson: best game since his Chicago debut with us. Even some of his fouls were needed and well placed. He was all over the floor, he kept the D honest by popping shots from the outside early, and his slick haircut allowed him to fly under the radar and be a big reason we won this game.

Kleiza: hammock…west indies…nuff said.

Weems: contributes as much as a snow machine in hell. Looks valuable, chugs along, but in the end produces nothing but tears.

Wright: been a pleasure

Driving The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

Under The Bus: Sonny Weems

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  • March

    Haaa Barbosa! Love this guy (no homo). BC turned shit into gold with that trade, Jerkoglu could never pull that off!

    • Smushmush

      Anybody saw the atrocious refereeing today against the Raps, it was like the Raps were playing against 8 men on the court :(. Really gutsy win for the Raps. The horrible refereeing I see everyday is a big problem to the NBA, but David Stern is old school like Sepp Blatter is, so the refereeing is not gonna change anytime soon sigh. That is why I hate old farts being league commissioners of fast developing games a la soccer and basketball.

      • Jahwalks

        I am sick of the awful refereeing in the NBA. It just stinks. No professional league can afford such atrocious game calling. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve never seen it this bad, and I go back a long way. OKC was given the fourth quarter on a platter. They should have lost by ten or more tonight.

  • cesco

    Fans who like to count ping-pong balls are crying in their beer to-night .

    • Sam Holako

      Yea, it is starting to get a bit frustrating. These late season pushes do more harm than good.

      • jamesk

        relax ping-pong hoarders, there’s no clear cut top-five even in this draft. Are Barnes and Irving really impressing you or something?

        • Michel G

          Good point. We’re stuck in the 5 stop anyway, unless we catch the Nets. Who cares.

          • Both Washington and Sacramento won, so no ground was lost.

      • Andre

        don’t forget, the year we picked bargs we were in the exact position we are now, that should say something about our lottery chances so chill out.

  • this was a good game for toronto they need it going into tomorrows game against denver

  • holy shit i mean who really really thought the raptors were going to beat the thunder on their home court but anyways a win is win and we will take it anyway it comes

  • Eric

    Good For AB to lead all the score and get a win for his team.
    Great game by Evans as well.

    • Balls of Steel

      Good win. Thanks to the entire team’s effort on both sides of the court.

    • Poke…poke. Yes, I see what you’re doing.

  • JezusP

    Good bye Ed Davis. Maybe he’s tired, but with Reggie back his mins are down and it’s not like Triano had any kind of offensive sets for him anyway.

    Last two games 1-2, and tonight 0-3.

    It’s great to win, don’t get me wrong, but we should be trying to develop till the end of the season too. Will Reggie be back next year? Ed will be. Is it better to win without him or lose win him, tuff call.

    • Moronto, ON

      Ed will be out of MLSE’s cage this summer, that’s fo shizzle.

  • Tank

    Amir got the last laugh on that punk Perkins. We match up really well with the Thunder, too bad the only way we could ever meet in the playoffs is if we both make it to the finals….hmm, someday lol.

  • minks77

    Loved it when Evans came in and took Perkins right out of the game. Thunder: Fake tough guys. I even enjoyed Amir’s two handed shove.

    • FenixL

      No need to label the entire Thunder team as fake tough guys. Perkins is a goon, but otherwise i have no problem the okc team.

      • AJ

        Not only I don’t have any problem with them, i wish one day raptors play the way they do. Fast breaks and solid D.

      • How many Raptor fans wouldn’t love to have that “goon” on the roster? It’s funny that when a Raptor behaves that way, fans praise him. When an opposing player does it, he’s a goon.

        • voy

          yeah, I like Perkins alot. he’s a great fit for okc. raps need a big boy like that, too. Amir and ED are fine but i wouldn’t mind seeing a real bruiser on this team.

          • A front line of Perkins, Davis and Amir would nice.

        • Calibre

          A Raptor doesn’t behave that way though…Perkins just went all up in Amir’s face for no reason. That was unwarranted. That, to me, spells goon. He must’ve taken a page out of KG’s book.

          And FYI, fan flip-flopping happens quite often in professional sports, whether they’re willing to admit it or not. It’s totally natural.

          • Bendit

            And then he backed down after Evans came in…must have started to miss Garnett’s goadings

  • hateslosing

    Ed has hit the wall I think,better to reduce his minutes for a couple games and see if he can get his legs back under him for th final ten games. Good game by J Johnson, he’s a really solid guy and if he can knock down that 3 with any regularity,he may be good enough to become part of our permanent plan.

    Does anyone else want JUJU to back up J Johnson instead of Weems?

    • Johnn19

      JUJU is done like dinner, replaced by JJ, a defender who can defend and score, with an all around game. All he needs is game time and practice time on his JS.

      • hateslosing

        Oh I know he’s gone, I’m saying that Weems SHOULD be the one looking for a job this off season and Wright should be kept to back up JJ until either Kleiza gets back or we draft a three. I am not suggesting Wright is better than JJ, I’m suggesting he’s better than Weems.

        • Statement

          We’ll see what happens in the offseason. Do you think that B.C. would keep Weems around to appease Demar? That would be sad if that were the case.

          Anyways, maybe B.C. will sign Sonny if he continues to be extremely cheap.

  • Red Baron

    A a little tough on Bargs in the role-call today, no? I’m all for slagging him on those games he mails in his effort, but I thought he played a pretty solid game tonight. Where would we be this season if Reggie had been healthy all year I wonder?

    • Been wondering that myself. Prob closer to 25 wins, I’d say

  • JJ

    Bargnani played a decent game, he was aggressive up until the 4th Q, where he just looked tired…. which had me thinking tommorow night is back-2-back against DENVER!!!!

    Recipe for Blowout tommorow night!!
    just you wait, in the meantime enjoy the raps victory

    • Smushmush

      Add the altitude and the blowout is for the picking tommorrow sigh. It could really get 40 point blowout ugly but how the Raps bounce back after the carnage tommorrow at Denver will be what we can use to guage the parts, this talent deficient team needs.

    • tonious35

      Lawson and Felton…unless Feltons ankles are still sore, they are like a pack of bulldogs that make Calderon will look like a beef jerky

  • WhatWhat

    We’re locked into that 5th seed, unless the Nets decide to shut down D-Will. Then we might be in srs trouble. (Holy shit, that team would be horrific.)

    And KD needs to get stronger. Amir completely punked him in the end. Dude really struggles against strong, long guys guarding him. JJ did a surprising good job on him.

    Seeing Reggie stand up for Amir like that makes me really want to keep him on the cheap. Seeing him get that many minutes over Davis whether he’s hit the wall or not makes me want to see him go far, far more though. But he’ll play more as Denver blows us out tomorrow.

    Everyone pray the White Swan keeps getting to the FT line at this kind of rate. It would actually make him, you know, efficient and stuff.

    • Smushmush

      Wondering why BC can’t give Reggie a $2-3m per year for a 3 year contract extension since he wants to be here in Toronto, he is really the glue guy on this team and the fans love him? Get ‘er done BC. Resigning Reggie will make the Raps at least watchable through the rebuild as every young team needs veterans through a rebuild (which is why I hope Barbosa picks up his option too).

      • Raptor4ever

        First of all, it will take more than 2-3 million a year to keep a guy like Evan. The lowest numbers that I can see that will keep Evans here in Toronto is a 4 year deal worth of about 17-18 million. Then you have to think about how you want to share the minutes between Amir and Ed and Evans.

        I like Evans to stay as well and really hope that we move Amir.

        • Smushmush

          That is not bad too imo – decline Julain Wright’s qualifying offer, probably Bayless’ one too and some other movable parts and he is ours but a 3 year contract is better imo, Reggie Evans is over 30 already.

        • I think $3 million will be enough to retain Evans. He looks good on a bad team, sure, but is he really good enough to make that much of an impact on a good team? I like Reggie and would love to see him retained, at a decent price, but he shouldn’t be playing more than 20 mpg. Would you pay a guy playing less than 20 mpg more than $3 million?

          • jimmie

            If he continues making foul shots and putbacks the way he has been since he came back (not that I expect this) he has to be re-signed. His age and his inability to score are really his only drawbacks, and if he improves on the scoring end, he’s invaluable.

            This team still needs veteran presence, rebuild or not, and he’s exactly the type of vet presence you want — not so good that he takes up 35 minutes a game and a significant chunk of your salary cap, but good enough to get you 6-8 pts, 10 boards every night and inspire teammates through his work ethic. If they can get him at a reasonable salary along the lines of 3-4M, they gotta do it.

      • Jose

        Reggie needs to be extended. No doubt. I would not mind seeing Barbosa back either. Kleiza? No, thanks. Deep bench material IMO.

  • Moronto, ON

    Ed Davis is hinting to the management that he wants out of Toronto after this season. I think he just don’t like it here, and playing for another country. He’d rather be playing for an American team rather than to a non-American.

    I can still remember Ed and his dad’s wistful facial expression when Stern announced that Ed Davis is going to Toronto while the fans are booing to the lone non-American team during the draft.

    Why would he stay here in the summer – when street hockey is gonna be crazy every night. Don’t even get me started with the July 1 celebration.

    • Eric

      I can actually see us moving Ed Davis to move up in the draft this year and to get our guy. There is a huge redundancy between Amir’s game and Ed Davis’s game. Given the love of BC for Amir and the fact that his contract is unmovable, I can see us choosing Amir over Ed if it gets us the #1 or #2 picks.

      • JezusP

        I really hope not.

        I hate that, nobody wants to play here because nobody plays here! How do we solve this problem. The DRAFT is not the answer, they’ll play till entry level contract is over and leave or ask to leave before then…… =(

        • Nilanka15

          Winning takes care of everything. If our core turns this franchise around before their rookie contracts expire, the odds of re-signing players is greatly increased.

      • hateslosing

        I actually like that idea, we move Ed and our pick for the first over all and guarantee Irving. Let’s us keep Reggie and get’s us another #1 pick.

        • JezusP

          I agree with Balls of Steel completely.

          Hateslosing……We get rid of Davis and get Irving. Then next summer Irving doesn’t want to play here. I don’t like that plan.

        • I’d rather keep Ed and trade Bargnani to move up. But that’s just me.

          • Dookielove

            i bet your wife n kids would like to trade you as well.

            • Really? A lame insult? That’s your response? Not worried about keeping the conversation at a minimum level, are you?

              • Joba

                hes right though…

                • I had sex with your mother.

                • Nilanka15


                • Joba

                  u cant give any, thats why ur wife wants you traded you senile sterile old man.

            • Jon

              No one would want to trade for him though, I think putting him on waivers is a more viable solution.

              • Bendit

                Wrong sport.

          • hateslosing

            @ Tim W and JezusP
            I would also rather keep Ed and move Bargs. Actually I would rather keep Ed and move anyone else. I’m more concerned about getting the number one pick and getting this Irving guy. I actually haven’t watched him play much this year because of his injury and the fact I just don’t watch much college ball, but if he is the next Chris Paul like everyone seems to think, I’d hate to miss out on that and there is no way way get that type of talent without giving up someone valuable. Ed is the only guy (maybe Demar) that other teams might be interested in nough to work a deal out. This has nothing to do with whether or not he wants to play here, I have read nothing to indicate he wants out and the guy seems like a real pro so I doubt any story that says he does. It is simply a question of whether or not Ed is good enough to NOT make this deal and lose out on a potential true franchise player.

            • Jerry

              Why are people all jizzy about Kyrie Irving? He’s not as great as some here would make him sound. Missing out on him and having to “settle” for Barnes, Kanter, Williams or even Jimmer would be just fine by me.

          • cesco

            If it is true that Ed is unhappy in TO it is because BC is searching for a defensive center and Andrea will be moved to the PF position . I think that Amir knows his role as the back-up PF so if Ed is unhappy he could be part of the trade for the defensive center.

            • The guy was making it up. He made one comment, didn’t back it up, and no one has heard anything about it.

          • James

            Yes, that is just you since you hate the guy for reasons that is beyond Basketball.
            The Truth here is that Amir and Ed’s game are the redundant ones and not AB.

            Actually it is AB’s offensive power that much very well and can be paired up with a Strong defender/Re-bounders like Amir and Ed.
            But since you hate the guy and are obsessed with him, you Choose to make the illogical comment like that.

            But even BC, will all his Blunders and bad moves and … is smarter not to realize this and will NEVER make this move. You can bet on that.

            Now the whole idea of Amir or Ed being traded to give us a chance to move up the draft is NOT Knock on either of them. However, it does not make sense for a person to drive a BMW , when he can not afford his rent and food !!!

            Our team has some major holes in the PG and SF position while our Center, SG and PF seem to be OK.

            This team needs a star in those position as a next step and the only way we can get that star is through our draft pick with another young talent.

      • Balls of Steel

        Ed and Amir shouldn’t be going anywhere. Players like them (with a defensive mindset and grit) shouldn’t be allowed to leave this team. Considering we stand to lose Reggie through free agency and the fact this team needs toughness, why deal those two? One is on a rookie contract and a steal at #13, while the other is on a manageable contract, with room to grow! C’mon people. I also don’t like this Irving or bust mindset. It reminds me of the Ed O’Bannon love affair that people had back in the day. There’s Brandon Knight and a host of great SF’s in this draft! Let the ping-pong balls fall where they may.

        The sudden dislike of Ed baffles me. He’s a rookie who started the year on the injured list, while playing one of the toughest positions in the league (they’re all tough positions btw). C’mon folks.

    • Balls of Steel

      Where is the source of your statement? This is the first I’ve heard that Ed doesn’t want to stay in TO.

    • Moronto,

      Do you have any evidence that Ed is hinting he wants out, or are you just making this up. I haven’t heard anything of the sort. Until I see evidence, I”m going to assume you’re just stirring s*$t up.

    • Toshmon

      I remember the draft too. I have been thinking the same thing about Davis in Toronto all year but hoping his negative body language would dissipate.

      I think it has to a point and I think he is honestly excited about playing with Demar. Give him time, the team has three more option years to retain him after this year.

      Plus the less he produces early on in his career, the less he can demand in terms of a trade.

      • I think Davis and his father was mostly annoyed at him dropping, not where he landed.

    • AJ

      Ed Davis is nobody at the moment , yeah yeah yeah he has potential but he has not achieved shit. Raptors can’t let rookies make decision or ask for trades. Rookies have to carry other players’ luggage not talk about trades. I hate what NBA players are becoming, overpaid assholes.

    • C.d.G.

      Pro-memoria back in June 2010: “Quite clearly, Ed Davis was not the happiest of guys when he was known coming to Toronto. Can you blame him, who entered the night with the prospect to end up in Utah, with Jerry Sloan? Firmly disappointed. And, again, nobody can deny these American players feel themselves somehow uncomfortable when they get “sentenced” to that snowy gulag”.
      No matter how Tim W. and others wish to get rid of Bargs, reality says he’s one of the few (still) wanting to be in Toronto. Start building a statue for him, instead!
      Ed Davis is gone tomorrow, if he can. As well as DeRozan, for that matters, babies!

  • D32858

    Altraps is a dick, even when they win you are negative.

    • cesco

      Hear , hear !

  • Bryan

    Wow, all of a sudden so many Ed Davis haters? Typical lay fans and their knee-jerk reactions, like damn… He’s a rookie who had a pretty major surgery and missed training camp and part of the season. He’s not used to be playing this many minutes as it is, especially in the demanding power forward position in the NBA.

    The funny thing about this site, it doesn’t take much for someone to go from hero to zero, and vice-versa.

    • Balls of Steel

      Man, I don’t hide the fact the I dislike Andrea’s game but it took me 5 years to hate it. I don’t understand the sudden dislike of Ed either. He’s a rookie that needs more game, touches and still learning the game. Move him and keep Amir? I’m scratching my head. Amir, Ed and Dero shouldn’t be going anywhere at all. Great win.

      • Jerry

        Like many people have stated, Ed and Amir are somewhat redundant, so if you cna net something good in return it may be worth exploring. I wouldnt actively shop them, but its definitely worth a look to se what there value is.

      • hateslosing

        Ideally one of Barnes or Irving will fall to us and we won’t have to worry about dealing Ed. But if neither of them are available when we pick, I could see us moving our pick and Ed to get one. It would suck if it happened, but that fact is we right now have 3 good PF’s and one of them has to go. Reggie is the most likely, but if we get a good return by trading Davis it cold be him.

        • Nilanka15

          Kemba Walker is very quickly moving up the list. He’s more of a scorer than a distributor, but if UConn continues their run, I’m sure he lands within the top 5, meaning that Irving or Barnes might slip.

          Speaking of Irving, in the 2 games he’s played in the tourney so far, he’s been held to limited minutes, and has been easily outplayed by Nolan Smith (they’ve sometimes played together, with Irving playing the 2-guard). The point is, Irving hasn’t recently shown that he’s a consensus #1 pick, so maybe his stock drops to the point where he’s picked 3rd, 4th or 5th.

          Having said all that, I still don’t see what the point of winning any extra games are. Davis and Bayless should be getting more minutes than Evans and Calderon.

    • Jerry

      Bryan I couldnt agree more. People have been kissing his ass all season, talking about how he is the best big on the team, he’s the future, blah, blah, blah. Now that its gets leaked out that he may not want to be here, has a couple bad games, he’s all of a sudden shit. My opinion is he’s a solid young talent, but if there is any truth to those rumors then i’d trade him immediately. It doesnt matter how good a prospect he is, its not worth having someone around thats going to be a headcase. Before people rip me for this, I am only saying this assuming the rumors are true, which I cant say for certain that they are. Regardless of whether they are true or not, he’s still a good player, that should be able to net us a top 10 pick in the upcoming draft.

  • Joey

    didn’t see the game but was it triano’s best coached game?

  • tonious35

    At least our team did something Bosh has yet to do, win in OKC.

    • Gin

      No kidding, when we had Bosh we never beat some of these elite teams, now we’ve beaten Boston, OKC, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas (albeit without Dirk), and gave teams like the Heat, Lakers, and Spurs a run for their money. Only problem is that we’re not beating the scrubby teams, something we did well with RuPaul.

      • Jose

        Exactly, we are not beating scrubby teams, the teams we should. And without beating those kinds of teams our record is what is.

  • Prsterm1

    yah where is the source about ed not wanting to be in toronto??:S i googled it and nothing seems to exist… IMOright now you guys are just making stuff up( asource is not thelook on ed and his dads face at the draft either)…if so go F yourself

  • Sbrandano

    hilarious, after our most complete game of the year, the discussion shifts to how our rookie that has two double-doubles to his credit already wants out,

    everyone needs to relax, the lottery hasn’t even happened, we don’t have a gm or coach signed for next season, and the CBA could change everything, so talking about FA’s and trades is really useless at this point

    • Many Raptor fans seem to be far too swayed by one game. I makes absolutely no sense, but that’s the way it seems to go.

      And I thin you meant that Davis has two double-double’s THIS MONTH. He’s got 7 in total.

      • Frank

        did u just say “I make absolutely know sense.”

        wow, finally something I agree with.

        • What exactly does “know sense” mean?

          • Frank

            “no sense”

  • 511

    So last time the Raps beat the Thunder, it was at home in early Dec and they were without Durant and we were without Reggie so, nice to do it again, straight-up. Thing is, I can’t help wonder why we couldn’t do this more often this year? I’ve been putting it on Triano more so as the year has gone on … so by now, I’m up to about 70/30 that he should go … but, watching a game like tonight, I ask myself if I’m knee-jerking the whole thing re the head coach? He had a TEAM out there tonight, playing a solid enough game to win against a very good opponent … so that’s gotta mean something … doesn’t it? What I wonder is, if a solid and experienced coach, like say Popovich (to stretch the example) was coaching this team for this season, how much better might the Raps have done? A few games better? More? What I’m getting at is, if Triano can get them to play like this at times – as it kind of seems … at times – maybe he can do it more often as HE learns (increasingly better) how to get them as ready as they were tonight … and get them to a point where they all believe that anything less is just unacceptable … as I imagine Popovich’s team(s) likely look at it. I dunno. But maybe this team really is just too young yet to expect better than what we’ve seen. That sounds like too easy an ‘out’ in a way, but seeing how much better a player DeRozan is right now, compared to early in the season, for example, it’s apparent that some things are just out of the coach’s control. So … I’m not as sure right now as I have been about that.

    As for the ping pong ball watch, we need them, yes but … I’ve gotta think we’re better to take a game like this one, now and then if we can, even if it’s just for the memory that the players – esp the younger ones – can feel good about for a moment here and there during the off-season. Near the end of this game seeing that we might lose, I had a flash when I knew I’d almost dread clicking this site to read the inevitable piss-in-your-face fake joy (you know, for some, it seems that way sometimes) saying “it’s great that we lost cuz we just got more (f***ing) ping pong balls!”. Thinking about that the last couple days — although, having been down with a bug with the added fun of a ridiculous fever (if you’ve got it – it’s been around – you have my sympathy … but it’ll pass; mine just did) some of those meandering notions I hardly remember were sort of acid-like, if you know what I mean (no, neither do I) — but when it all broke and I thought of it while watching tonight’s game, I was all ‘very-in-the-moment’ I admit … but I wondered how it is that a fan … a real, honest-to-goodness Raptors fan, would want to give up the fun of a win like we experienced tonight, all in the hopes of possibly securing another ping pong ball to add to the mix of the lottery balls that’ll go into the machine and then come out in who-the-hell-knows-which-order … so that we (might) get lucky enough to (possibly) select the right player that’ll (maybe) help us get more wins in the future … so we can enjoy that ‘winning a good game’ feeling that the rest of us ended up actually experiencing … tonight. I dunno. It kind of made sense when I thought of it, though. Maybe still a bit of acid-fever after-affects going on … I’ll know tomorrow I guess. But whatever, it doesn’t matter. I’ll leave the worrying about that to the GM and his people, the ones who get paid to worry about it. I’m just a fan and I’m glad we won tonight … cuz I, for one, needed the pleasure of a good win against a good team. A lot more than I cared about ping pong ball strategy. Tonight, anyway. So go Raps.

    • hateslosing

      Well said mate. I tend to think that Triano does as good a job as anyone and the fact that these guys can come out motivated with their record is a massive testament to his coaching. The ping pong balls thing is just a way (for me at least) to have some optimism about all the losing, but in the end a win like this feels really good.

  • Webcrawler89

    ” drakkardnoir Toronto is truly the greatest place on this earth.
    1:33 AM Mar 19th via Twitter for BlackBerry®
    Retweeted by eddavis32 and 100+ others”

    “Damn I can’t wait to get back to Toronto 2mor
    7:19 PM Mar 5th via ÜberSocial”

    Toronto Fans: We’re like that clingy, insecure girlfriend. We hear a rumor, we go crazy imagining and exaggerating stuff. When we love our guys, we’ll do anything to keep em, when we don’t, we’d trade em for a box of chocolates or something. Some days we’re hot and other days we’re cold.

    And we wonder why so many players might not want to play here. Truly, our reputation precedes us.

    • jimmie

      Cripes, it wasn’t even a “rumour”, it was one idiot on a message board. Everyone needs to chill out.

      You don’t trade Ed Davis this summer whether he wants out or not. Raptors have him guaranteed for three more years after this one, and they will keep him. He’s showed signs of top-tier PF talent, and you’re rebuilding, getting ready to add another top-5 pick this summer. Why on earth would you even consider moving him??

      • Webcrawler89

        I personally am not considering moving him, and I totally agree with you about him being a top-tier PF.

  • AnthonyF

    Ed Davis the saviour…. Now I know the ridiculousness of some posters here…. And guess what? They all are charter members of the “Hate Bargnani” club. It is their ABB (Anyone but Bargnani) sentiment that pervades this site. He is a good game last night (a weak 4th, but overall his first three quarters more then made up for it).

    Ed was the 13th pick and is a nice player and may develop into something more, but right now he is too skinny, inconsistent and weak at the line.

    But yep, keep up the Bargnani for a bag of basketballs rants.

    BTW again give me a fair trade for Bargnani that would result in getting a skilled player in exchange….. Oh I forgot you don’t consider Bargnani a skilled player (or so terrible on Defense no one considers a good player).

    • Nilanka15

      What do false Ed Davis rumours have anything to do with Bargnani??? When a discussion doesn’t involve Bargnani, you’re still offended as a Bargnani fanboy. It makes zero sense whatsoever.

    • jimmie

      Look, I defend Bargnani almost as much as you clowns do, because I see him as a valuable member of this team going forward, but your arguments make you all look foolish, and as short-sighted as those who say AB is sh*t. Believing that every post on here is a back-handed anti-Bargnani rant is either paranoid or delusional or a little of both.

      In any case, I would definitely trade AB for the right package. I do see him as a player Toronto can use effectively if they keep him, but if there’s a better fit out there for this roster, at the right price, you take it. I don’t personally believe the theory that Colangelo will never trade AB, either, and I expect that they will listen to and perhaps even solicit offers this summer. Would not be at all surprised to see him go either before or after the draft.

  • AnthonyF

    Because it is always the people who dislike Bargnani who spin it that way. Ed Davis was not the #1 pick, missed 20 games and still has “hit the wall” (so you have another excuse when he has a bad game). He has played fair minutes for someone selected when he was. Getting rid of Bargnani is your raison d’etre on this site and all non-AB posts have a correlation with how playing Bargnani affects all other forwards on the team.

    So yes, when someone posts that Ed Davis is the future of the team as the 13th pick in what was a weak draft after an okay rookie season, I know there are alterior motives.

    • Nilanka15

      I think you’re being too sensitive. Believe it or not, there are real posts that don’t concern Bargnani.

      Regardless, I’ll bite on keeping back into a Bargnani debate. Have you read Tim Chisolm’s latest article?

      “what can you say is Bargnani’s greatest strength as a player right now? You can’t say it’s his three-point shot anymore, because he’s only hitting 34 per cent from behind the arc, with puts him outside the top-100 three-point shooters in the NBA. You could try saying it’s his ability to score 20-plus per game, but he’s doing it so inefficiently (he’s 180th in the NBA in true shooting percentage) that you have to question that ability as an NBA-level skill. He’s got the worst true-shooting per cent of any player scoring 20-or-more points in the NBA this season, and only Kevin Love’s Timberwolves has a worse record of that lot. You could make a pretty compelling case, in fact, that Bargnani is only a 20 ppg scorer because the team gives him so many attempts per game to make it happen. Only eight players take more shots than him per game, and those above him clearly outclass Bargnani as an NBA scorer (Monta Ellis, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade).”

      Did you ever stop and think that maybe….just maybe…you’re wasting a lot of time and effort defending a player who isn’t really that good?

      • hateslosing

        Bargs greatest strength today is his ability to be a scoring threat from anywhere. He may not shoot the best %’s but the guy is a danger no matter where he catches the ball and he keeps a opposing defenses on their toes. That said, if he can keep up this ability to get to the free throw line he has shown over the last couple games, that would be a definite asset. He is actually pretty good at selling contact I’m hoping develops that into his bread and butter.

        • Nilanka15

          Not sure if I agree he’s a threat from “anywhere”. I don’t think he scares anyone within 10 feet of the basket because of his propensity to fade away (even with shorter players guarding Bargnani). It’s more accurate to say he’s a threat anywhere from 15-23 feet.

      • Michel G

        Bargnani’s advanced shooting statistics are basically the same as Ellis, Rose and Westbrook (percentage points difference). Chisolm’s article is flawed. I also wish he had an editor. His articles are always overly long and boring.

        • Nilanka15

          Even if Bargnani’s shooting stats are the same as Ellis, Rose and Westbrook’s, these mentioned players provide value to their teams by being multi-faceted players (with the exception of Ellis). Therein lies Bargnani’s fundamental flaw…he only does one thing remotely well (scoring). To me, that’s not enough to eat up 35 mpg.

          • AnthonyF

            And who on the raps frontline is worthy of 35 mpg? Yesterday OKC only scored 93 points and AB played, so why didn’t they put up 120, which you haters claim is a given when he is out there? Two of the three above are PG’s and all three’s defense too is maligned, so you can’t have it both ways. AB is usually playing at or near the top of the key so his defensive/rebounding #’s will be weaker.

            Yes we get it, his defense is below average……

            • pran

              again your committing the cardinal sin of judging bargnani from one game, its a long season shit happens, do you not cringe every time someone dunks on us and bargnani is on the baseline?

            • Nilanka15

              If by “below average” you mean “record-setting, historically bad”, then you might be onto something…

    • hateslosing

      No mate, some of us just think he is really good and has a tonne of talent. If anything, saying he is good indicates that Bargs is staying since Ed is projected to be the perfect compliment to him.

  • Roarque

    Can Ed Davis become the SF that this team needs?

    Can Amir play center in this league?

    Yes? Yes? Okay, now we have a spot for AB – power forward.

    No? No? Then trade Andreas Bargnani for a Perkins clone- that guy is sick!

  • Bendit

    Apart from the main post did no one recognize the defensive job James Johnson did on Durant? That stood out for me. I think he had most to do with the win last night inspite of LB’s offensive heroics.

    JJ was driving the bus…and it’s time to give defensive efforts on the team more kudos. Thats what we want isnt it?

    • Webcrawler89

      Agreed, I think JJ did an excellent job on defending KD, and I would even go so far as to saying that Weems did serviceable job as well.

      You’re right, we really don’t talk great about defense on this board, only how how much so and so scored. it’s a bad sign of what kind of team we put out there on a nightly basis.

  • minks77

    JJ did a really nice job on KD. I thought he was going to blow the dunk when he got past Durant that one time. WTF was up with that spazzy attempt at some showtime? As nice as it was , Durant is still 100x better than JJ, was coming back from a minor injury and wasn’t forcing things too much.

    Ed hasn’t said or done anything that would make me think he wants out early. He does, however, show that he’s uncomfortable away from home. The complaining about food in London was hilarious. Wait till they send his ass to China for a preseason game. At any rate, he’s young, grew up sheltered and over privileged but is a hard worker with a lot of potential. If he’s developed properly I’d say he’s just as likely as anyone else to re-up. He’s got strong roots and his dad, a hard nose journeyman, will be in his ear (don’t screw this up boy). It’s not like his closest advisor is World Wide Wes and LeBrons Batti Riders.

    • Toshmon

      batti riders!? hahaha

  • DonCarlos

    In other news, is it just me or did Perk age 30 years while he was rehabbing his injuries? I know he’s been off for a long time, but he’s lost a lot of muscle and gained a lot of tubbyness. He should be tanking his lucky stars that OKC re-upped him – wonder if his conditioning had anything to do with accelerating the trade from the Cs.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    Great win!

    Bosa/Amir came through in the clutch- no more Bargs or DD I

    Why is Ed stuck to the bench? I though this rebuild was about young player development looking twoards the future?

    The Rap’s aren’t going to the playoffs so why not play Ed until he drops- especially being the #1 draft pick?

    As well, from all indications Reggie is gone as a f/a so why play him over Ed- to get worthless end of the season wins now?

    If I was Ed I would be looking to leave the TDot-asap.

    BC & Jay =’s dumb & dumber.