Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Clippers March 26

What is it with this team and the zone???

The “good thing we had the night off last night” edition:

Ajinca: my boy with some good energy tonight when Jay felt like using him. We’ll never see eye to eye on this, coach. Never.

Alabi: one thing he can be happy about: he doesn’t have to attend the sham One4One event on Monday.

Barbosa: just me or did he just seem to disappear for most of the second half?

Bargnani: didn’t play because: a) flu, b) ankle bone spur c) lack of desire.

Bayless: our little spitfire had a good game by his standards but Jay kept going back to a hamstrung (ha!) Jose. Personally, I liked the Bayless/Gordon matchup especially since we needed some movement. Guess Jay disagreed.

Calderon: got to the line, but did little else. Also did a poor job of orchestrating breaking the zone and, as always, appeared lost without Andrea around.

Davis: no denying he kept Blake in check up until the 4th. A solid solid game by the rookie that produced another double double that easily showed up…

DeRozan: …DeMar who most expected to have an active game since he was back home again. Instead he was quiet for most of the game and just didn’t have any lift.

Dorsey: he felt ill last night but tonight he came out with energy and sure showed Wright how to be motivated when called upon. Been a big fan of his hustle all year and it is good to see that he still fits into his uniform.

Evans: took the night off again. Probably already on the charter playing video games waiting for the boys to show up.

A. Johnson: I’m amazed he went for 28 minutes. Not his most productive game of the season, but maybe his gutsiest. No way is he near full strength but he is playing up to his contract.

J. Johnson: his 14 points somehow seemed like 28. In an arena that hosts high fliers, he did his best to leave his mark on the rims tonight. Impressive game from a guy that we can honestly deem a streaker.

Kleiza: remeber when……..

Weems: no playing time tonight for Sonny. Seems odd given the short roster. Oh wait…flu.

Wright: punk ass. And this guy is the union rep for the team?? Seriously? I could fill the page talking about this mouse of a man, but that would give him more pub than he is worth. Hope he chokes on a chicken wing.

Driving The Bus: Ed Davis

Under The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

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