The “good thing we had the night off last night” edition:

Ajinca: my boy with some good energy tonight when Jay felt like using him. We’ll never see eye to eye on this, coach. Never.

Alabi: one thing he can be happy about: he doesn’t have to attend the sham One4One event on Monday.

Barbosa: just me or did he just seem to disappear for most of the second half?

Bargnani: didn’t play because: a) flu, b) ankle bone spur c) lack of desire.

Bayless: our little spitfire had a good game by his standards but Jay kept going back to a hamstrung (ha!) Jose. Personally, I liked the Bayless/Gordon matchup especially since we needed some movement. Guess Jay disagreed.

Calderon: got to the line, but did little else. Also did a poor job of orchestrating breaking the zone and, as always, appeared lost without Andrea around.

Davis: no denying he kept Blake in check up until the 4th. A solid solid game by the rookie that produced another double double that easily showed up…

DeRozan: …DeMar who most expected to have an active game since he was back home again. Instead he was quiet for most of the game and just didn’t have any lift.

Dorsey: he felt ill last night but tonight he came out with energy and sure showed Wright how to be motivated when called upon. Been a big fan of his hustle all year and it is good to see that he still fits into his uniform.

Evans: took the night off again. Probably already on the charter playing video games waiting for the boys to show up.

A. Johnson: I’m amazed he went for 28 minutes. Not his most productive game of the season, but maybe his gutsiest. No way is he near full strength but he is playing up to his contract.

J. Johnson: his 14 points somehow seemed like 28. In an arena that hosts high fliers, he did his best to leave his mark on the rims tonight. Impressive game from a guy that we can honestly deem a streaker.

Kleiza: remeber when……..

Weems: no playing time tonight for Sonny. Seems odd given the short roster. Oh wait…flu.

Wright: punk ass. And this guy is the union rep for the team?? Seriously? I could fill the page talking about this mouse of a man, but that would give him more pub than he is worth. Hope he chokes on a chicken wing.

Driving The Bus: Ed Davis

Under The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

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62 Responses to “Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Clippers March 26”

  1. James

    “No way is he near full strength but he is playing up to his contract.”

    Have some integrity and stop making excuses for one player and bash another one.

    If Amir is NOT 100%, then he should not be on the court at this stage of the season when games clearly DON’T matter.

    Plus, since when scoring 8 point and grabbing 6 rebound is playing to 6 MILLION a year contract !!

    • Tim W.

      Maybe he bashes one player because he consistently lacks effort, and doesn’t another guy because he continually shows effort.

      • John

        effort !!! What matter at the end is how they impact the game. It is interesting to notice that this team has never won a single in this game when AB does not have a good game. It is also interesting to note that this team has not won a single game, when Amir is playing well !! Amir may show the effort but talent wise is so limited that makes him marginal to the game.

        That being said, Amir was destroyed tonight. He was out played by our rookie and manhandled by Kaman But we have guys here making excuses and …

        • Tim W.

          “It is interesting to notice that this team has never won a single in this game when AB does not have a good game.”

          Except, of course, for the game they won where he didn’t play and the game where he played poorly against New Orleans and they still won. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good argument.

          “it is also interesting to note that this team has not won a single game, when Amir is playing well !!”

          Well, now it seems you’re just making things up. He’s played well in many of the Raptor’s wins this season. Of course, perhaps your definition of a “good game” is one where he scores a lot of points. Unlike Bargnani, however, Amir doesn’t have to score to make an impact.

          As for Amir being outplayed by Davis, Bargnani was outplayed by the rookie in the previous game. Care to make excuses for that?

          And nobody is denying Bargnani’s impact on the team when he plays well, but when a guy seems to only make a positive impact when he scores 26 ppg or more, and he averages 4 points less than that, it says to me that most of the time, at the very least, he’s not helping the team much. And the fact that the Raptors have won only 20 games highlights that.

          • John

            Right 2 game out of 20 😉 Sure, that was a great counter argument when in other 80% of the game, you see a direct correlation between what AB does and how the team does.

            On the other hand, Amir is so limited that even when he plays good, it is not enough to make any significant difference.

            When did he out play AB ? AB’s game and Ed’s game is so different. You should relaize they are asked to do different things in the court. However, Amir and Ed are an exact same players, asked to do the same, except that Amir is over paid and Ed is much more talented !!!

            Ed is going to nail Amir to bench next season and fans like you will be complaining how 6 million dollar is sitting in the bench and collecting dust and playing 10 minutes a game.

            • Theswirsky

              so if there is a correlation between bargnani’s “good games” (very subjective statement) and wins…. is there a correlation between his “bad games” and losses.

              And then whats the teams record?

              Wonder how many “bad games” he has had versus “good games”?

              (waiting for the list of games where only his point totals are listed)

            • Bo4

              Here’s the facts, as per … The Raptors play best with Amir & DeMar on the court. José is not far behind them. Sonny is further behind José. Ed is right behind Sonny. THEN Andrea is right behind Ed. And please don’t argue with them. They’re facts.

              • asdf

                it also says Stojakovic is the most efficient player.Facts don’t lie right lol get the F**K out of here

                • Tim W.

                  IN the short time Peja played for the Raptors, he WAS the most efficient player. Of course, since he played a grand total of 22 minutes, it’s a bit small of a sample size to have an relevance.

    • John

      Typical AB Basher !!! Did not watch the game , does not know much about Basketball but likes to Bash a Player because GOD knows why !!! Dude, the guy was not even playing tonight. Stop embarrassing yourself.

        • Milesboyer

          “……they’re said to be open to moving Andrea Bargnani, who has been anything but an impact player since entering the league in 2007 as the No. 1 overall pick” – New York Daily News.
          I sure hope this rumour has some truth to it. Not that I absolutely want Bargs traded, but you have to be open to it if the right deal comes along. Maybe Colangelo’s man crush for Andrea is finally waning.

          • BCGheradinJayGots2Go!!!

            If BC is to save his job (I cringe at that thought) I think that he may realize that Barg’s has got to go and to a lesser degree Jose & Jay as well.

  2. AwesomeGuest

    “punk ass. And this guy is the union rep for the team?? Seriously? I could fill the page talking about this mouse of a man,”

    Hmm… Interesting. I can really relate this phrase to you AltRaps. In fact…

    AltRaps: Punk ass. And this guy is one of the main writers on a Raptor fanpage?? Seriously? I could fill the page talking about this mouse of a man.


    ^ That was a mean-spirited smiley face

    • James

      Fully agree. AltRaps comment were unnecessarily and very unprofessional. It is sad that he is allowed to write here when he clearly lacks the needed integrity to be a good sport writer.

      • Toshmon

        Its not his fault, he’s just frustrated. its his honest opinion which is refreshing and funny sometimes.

        plus…i think the writers here underestimate the gravity,influence and popularity of their (written) words

  3. hateslosing

    Two big games in a row from Ed Davis. We lost both but the guy is showing that he can score some points when given a chance. 8 free throws is also awesome to see.

  4. Corey

    well, no bargs last night, we get outrebounded 51-40, outshot 46-39%, and still keep it close, 94-90. i really liked the look of a bargani-less raptors. considering amir is banged up, it was a pretty solid game. we shot a low pct, but i liked how we played. gettting more touches for JJ is a must. same for ed davis. derozan is in a bit of a slump right now, so his bad game was probably the difference maker in this loss.

    but, overall? i am happy with this “close” loss where progress can be measured. if we could get a vet big man? k mart is avail in the off season? and an outside shooter? we might be able to turn some of these close losses. i would look to see what barbosa gets us in the market.

      • James

        Everything in Raptor land in AB’s fault just like it was CB4’s fault and we saw what happened when CB4 left.

        Just sit back and enjoy the ride when AB is gone and another scrub like Amir starts in his position. This team will have 50% less win next season.

  5. Valit

    I cant understand this love affair with Bayless. He is absolute useless as PG, has a tendency for turnovers but game after game “we” liked his energy and his “attitude”. I hope starting next year, RR will have a more objective approach and leave aside those personal crusades against player X or Y. Truth of the matter is, Raps has such a faulted designed roster that those who are believing that this team will be competitive next year are just delusional. Everybody is bitching about the fact that as long as AB and Jose are here, we will not be competitive; in my opinion, as long as we will not have a good mesh between young players and veterans, as long as there is no long term vision from the top and we are in love with mediocre talent but with blue collar attitude nothing will change. In all these years following Raps, I never seen a more pathetic display of basketball as I saw in the 3rd quarter of the GS game ( that was the young guns experiment).

    • Theswirsky

      I agree with you on Bayless. I just don’t see him becoming much of a point guard. I know he shows some flashes every now and again… but he hasn’t shown the ability to run a team/unit effectively.

      I don’t see him as being anything more than a back up pg at best

      • Michel G

        Nothing wrong with Bayless as a backup point guard. He would run the team more efficiently if he didn’t play with Barbosa. I like Barbosa but he doesn’t make players around him better.

  6. JHP

    Good Morning

    Some thoughts from an aged fan, who really does not know much about basketball. The season is long over and just running out the string.

    – fight with the coach get the flu
    – we lose with AB and we lose without him
    – Demar disappears when playing at home
    – Never good to be the union rep
    – on a 20 win team there are no star players
    – how many NBA teams are for sale ?

  7. Bo4

    1) Fire BC, and promote JT to GM.
    2) Promote PJC to head coach.
    3) Trade AB for best offer.
    4) Trade LB for best offer.
    5) Draft Derrick Williams (#2), if possible.
    6) Draft Kemba Walker (#11), if possible.
    7) Draft Kenneth Faried (#24), if possible.
    8) Sign RFA Marc Gasol ($7.5M/yr over 4 yrs), if necessary.
    Calderon, Bayless & Walker
    DeRozan, J. Johnson & Williams
    A. Johnson, Davis & (Faried or M. Gasol).

  8. jlongs

    What I find funny is that Jay Triano is obviously trying to win, and yet gets shamed and out-coached night in and night out. His rotations…oh my. But then again he might be really smart and is only trying to appear to be winning and is really trying to tank as bad as possible. Hmmm….

    LAC did exactly what they had to do to win – zone defense. That’s all teams really need to do to beat us. The Raptors’ “best” defense is also their biggest weakness.

    • mountio

      Its embarassing to say the least. Same old story .. on the off chance we actually build up a lead, just go zone and a 10-0 run is in your future. I realize its partially because our outside shooting is abysmal, but there are schemes you can run against a zone to be successful, and we just dont use them effectively.
      Having said that, another loss with flashes of good things (ed, jj) is exactly what we need. Maximize the chances of a top pick, because there are 4 or 5 guys out there that look solid and it trails off after that.
      As for AB vs no AB. I definitely like our energy without him and we are able to run the ball and stay in games with defensive energy. But, in the end, we are still getting outrebounded, and we miss his offense. Im torn, because he has been a piece of shit many games this year, but Im still convinced hes the best piece we have to build around going forward (although Im admitedly less bullish than I was at the start of the year for sure).

      • BCGheradinJayGots2Go!!!

        Against a zone you have to drive/penetrate and kick but Jose, Bosa were just passing the ball around the perimeter. JJ came in and started driving to the hoop creating opportunities for teammates against the Clip’s zone.

        Jay should have put Bayless in against the zone at the time- he will drive to the hoop against

    • Smushmush

      You don’t have to be a good 3 point shooting team to score points against the zone – instead, you go to the basket and pass along the seams usually in the paint (Most zones usually have seams around the paint). There is little wonder why jumpshooting teams a la Toronto Raptors and Atlanta Hawks struggle against the zone.

      By the way, Jim Kelly might want to look at Rod Strickland and Tyler Zeller of North Carolina and Matt Howard of Butler that can be signed for unguaranteed contracts as a “steal” – Liggins from UConn is also another good player but I guess, the Toronto Raptors don’t need steals – they need a project in the lottery instead smh (little wonder, the team has had a bad record in its 16 years of existence. Imo, the lottery is made up of mostly overhyped players, you have to mold while outside the lottery, what you see is what you get in skills lacking on your team). My 2 cents.

  9. WhatWhat

    Didn’t watch the game (so feel free to correct me!) but, w/o Bargs, we held a team under 100 point per possessions (99.6, literally Celtics-like), but ALSO scored under 100 points per possession (Worse than the Bucks >.>). Mostly because DeRozan went freaking 3-15 though. Tbh I’d much rather lose with non-horrendous, sometimes even good defense and poor offense. It just looks far more fixable moving forward to me.

    And they outrebounded the Raptors, because you know, they’re better rebounders and stuff. I would love to see how the team would looks without Calderon and Bargnani for about 10 games straight. By no means would they magically become a good team, but I want consistenly passable D. /dream

    Also, I saw the recap on, wtf @ the Gordon 3. More benches should do the wave.

  10. Eugene Earnshaw

    This game was a nice illustration of both how bargs helps the team and how he hurts it.

    On the interior, every time we drove, both their bigs were there contesting. That’s why DeMar had such a bad night: he would beat his guy, but then he would meet 2 bigs at the net and try some crazy twisting falling away junk so as not to get stuffed.

    If we had Bargs, one of their bigs would have been out on the perimeter, leaving way more space for Demar to operate.

    But we also benefited ourselves from better help defense, which meant we kept the game competitive despite sucking so bad at shooting.

    And we would have had an easier time busting the zone if we had Bargs.

    • Why

      Our tattoo content would increase dramatically if nothing else.

      This website should be renamed “Andrea Bargnani – the root of all evil”. As he sucks so much we aren’t likely to get much for him in a trade however will be better off without him – kind of like we are better off without Chris Bosh.

      • BCGheradinJayGots2Go!!!

        BC messed up and didn’t get enough back for CB in the S&T w/ Miami- blame Raptor President & GM BC for the lack of overall talent on this roster.

        So far Bayless, Johnson, Ajinca have been acquired using the CB TPE (currently a little above 9 million left) plus whomever the Rap’s draft with their 2011 Lottery pick that they got back from Miami in the CB S&T deal will finalize the CB deal as the TPE looks to go unused until it expires in July- barring a lockout.

        If we get some good pieces for Barg’s ie Felton/WChandler, then it could make the Rap’s better as a team w/o him but he has to go in my mind. Bargnani =’s stagnation.

        Barg’s isn’t the only thing wrong with the Rap’s but he is the biggest reason why things are like they currently are on the court as being BC’s Golden Child (no accountability) who is coddled & protected from the same expectaions that CB faced as the face of Raptor basketball has made him indifferent to doing anything other than shooting the ball. Sam tried to hold him accountable and was fired by BC and replace with puppet coach Jay- how has that gone?

        Jose & Barg’s have both been in the TDot the longest under BC- do the BC, Gheradini, Jay & Jose math then divide the sum by Bargnani.

    • voy

      OMG. What a brutal trade. Thankfully, I think you’re pulling people’s leg. Yeah lets trade Bargs for 2 older guys who play the same position as ED and Amir and who average 5/5 and 7/6. Funny thing is I’m sure some here will think this is a great deal.

  11. barenakedman

    This was an entertaining game that highlighted Ed Davis having another nice performance in a back to back beating his previous career best in scoring from the night before.
    J Johnson made an amazing play throwing down that missed free throw and is a one of those guys you like to have on your team unless you are Weems or Wright looking for PT.
    DeMar’s shot wasn’t dropping like it has been and he got a terrible call near the end of the game when they called him out of bounds when the replay clearly showed that it wasn’t even that close.Give the Raptors two free throws there and it could have been a win. The Davis AJ front court even with Amir hurt played much better than they did with Bargs the night before. I maintain that if Bargs can’t put up all star numbers scoring then bring him in off the bench as the third big who could be an awesome sixth man.

    • 905

      he would just pout and cry like 2 years ago jermaine oneal was here. Are best bet is too trade him while still has some value we need to do this this summer before he gets injured or something and then nobody will want him

    • BCGheradinJayGots2Go!!!

      Just goes to shows us all that- Ed hit the rookie wall hype- was just to cover up the fact that Jay via BC was coaching to win not develop as once Reggie got back healthy he took Ed’s minutes & rotation spot.

      Now that Reggie is hurt again Ed steps up with back 2 back solid games and the rookie wall hype via Leo is nonchalantly explained, laughed away- we don’t believe you need more people.

      This is how this cult like BC nepotism consensus ish works- pr spins in the wind mixed with lies in the sky right in front of our eyes.

  12. Tim W.

    Why is it in games Bargnani doesn’t play and the Raptor’s lose, we get so many bitter comments like, “I thought this team was supposed to be better without Bargnani!”. These people obviously ignore the fact that, with or without Bargnani, this team has very little talent, and does not even touch on the fact that Reggie was out in the last game, and a couple of guys were hobbled.

    • slaw

      Because everyone has made up their minds about Bargs one way or another. You aren’t going to convince anyone they are wrong reagrdless of their views on him. I’ve simply come to accept Bargs for what he is, accept the fact he isn’t going anywhere, enjoy the 5 or 6 games a year where he decides to try when he doesn’t have the ball, and pretend like his other performances never happened. Life as a Raps fan is much easier that way.

      Besides, I’ve been a Raps fan since day one. I’ve seen them run out Zan Tabak and that Mongolian dude. It could be worse than Bargnani…

      • Nilanka15

        Tabak and Bateer didn’t take 22 shots a game, and they actually rotated on defense 😛

        • voy

          Congratulations on the funniest post on the thread…until someone compares jimmer to iverson.

  13. Rpsfan95

    I really hope that NY Daily News article is true, I think I can deal with 5 more years of BC if he admitted defeat and finally dealt Bargs

      • Fletchmer

        think about it. One of BC legacies will be AB not how well the raptors do. After all a job is job a job. Get fired move on, get a better offer move on.
        I am sure the way the media and boards like this have bashed bargs he can pick who he goes to that which best suites bargs not the raptors. He does not even have to get much back in return as clearly bargs is way over paid and is totally useless. He will convince all you tards and the media he did it to dump his salary and save the franchise millions. After bargs pumps his 20 per game for a winner he can blame everyone else as his hands were tied. See ya bargs

        • Kbvn_inc

          DD, Amir, J.Bayless all got here on BC’s watch and they are good players. Trading AB would be a mistake because next year is when I think this core of guys get JT defensive teachings and becomes the thing everyone will be talking about…ED 3 blks 11 reb, AA 7reb SA 7 reb all comming off the bench next season..


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