Raptors Next GM

So, say the Raptors don’t offer Colangelo an extension this summer and let him walk away, who right now would you want to see take over as the architect of this franchise?


Jack Armstrong gives it to Andrea Bargnani

“He’s been treated very fairly and at times they’ve enabled him too much. He has let them down. The ‘kid gloves’ are rightfully off now and obviously should have been off way sooner. It’s now or never. As a man, you look in the mirror and question yourself and what you stand for at this… Read more »


Summer 2011: What Should Our Beloved Raptors Do?

No doubt it should be another busy and exciting off-season for our Toronto Raptors, but as RR Member charlesnba23 asks, what do fans think the Raptors should, or better yet could do this summer? From drafting, to managment & coaching and all the way to trades & free agency. What would you like to see happen?


TPE Trade Ideas

RR Moderator Matt52 asks the questions: What trade would you like to see happen that could make use of the $9 million left for the TPE. As Matt states, let’s be realistic and not suggest Rose for the TPE unless your referring to Jalen and also remember that the contract cannot me larger than the… Read more »


The Saturday Morning Post

Taking Colangelo’s tenure out of the equation, the Raptors are 341-529 (39%). Under Colangelo the Raptors are 183-227 (45%), so relatively speaking the franchise has done much better under Colangelo than it has under his predecessors.