Toronto Raptors Roll Call Apr 6 vs Cavaliers

The “real sloberknocker” edition: Ajinca: I just know Jay hates it when I’m right. First about the number of wins the Raptors will have this year and about Alexis. Give him some run and let him show you he can play. If James Johnson has “earned’” it, let Ajinca do the same. Alabi: back to… Read more »


Is Triano Really More Safe Than Colangelo?

Well I don’t about you, but if Colangelo’s job isn’t safe right now then Triano’s certainly isn’t either. What do the fans think now? With continuing with this rebuild, is Jay still our man in taking these young fellas to the next level?


Colangelo – Love’em, Lose’em or Meh?

RR member Raptoronto listed a poll last night. What to do with GM Bryan Colangelo? Should we extend his contract for another couple years to continue the rebuild? Cut’em loose and look for the best GM available who’s interested in coming north of the border? Or does it even matter? It’s hopeless either way. What… Read more »