Bullet points:

  • Thoughts on Butler vs. UConn.
  • Kemba Walker analysis – what is the range to draft him? NBA projection and whether Raptors should be interested.
  • Barbosa picking up the player option, good or bad for the Raptors?
  • Jerryd Bayless’ future with the Raptors – whether he’s a “core” piece.
  • Rumblings about who is staying and who is coming out (eye on Jared Sullinger).
  • Raptors should be targeting Kyrie Irving, teams ahead of them in the draft are strong at the point, except for Cleveland and guess where Irving is from…
  • The future of Andrea Bargnani and how it relates to Ben Gordon’s time in Chicago.
  • Going about accumulating assets.

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Here’s the ESPN podcast talking about the Raptors, you can also download it:

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  • Nilanka15

    Thanks for posting the ESPN podcast. It was funny hearing the backhanded diss on Devlin/Jack/Leo being “homers”. They’re either on a tight leash by MLSE, or they clearly are delusional as to the state of the franchise compared to the rest of the league.

    • Frank

      Funny, but newsflash: ALL home-team commentators are homers lol.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      It’s called a BC consensus ie Raptor propaganda.

      As to commit to a true Raptor rebuild one must do more than just trim the hedges on the bush as that just gives a new appearance to the very same old bush. One must dig up the roots (people, philosophies) of the old Raptor regime and plant new roots (people, philosophies) in order to institute a true Raptor rebuild not a media pr spun one- losing with a purpose.

      As well, our announcers are among the worst in the NBA I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed listening to Chicago’s broadcast team during the last Bulls-Rap’s game- it was very refreshing to say the least. Plus the Bulls broadcast team said what I was thinking- that the Rap’s play much better basketball w/o Bargnani (especially on offense where AB has the ball sticking to his hands alot this season- 20 shots for 20 points).

      It’s time to clean house with our pre/post/in game announcer crew as well in my mind. Jonesy, Sherm, David & Leo are the only folks I would consider keeping around.

      Also, you can bet that BC has talking points that he wants promoted via Matt, Jack & Leo and they do it very well dumbing down the Rap’s current situation to the fan base ie explaining that Ed Davis losing minutes to Reggie during this so called rebuild (another BC pr spin on losing with a purpose) was allegedly due to him hitting the rookie wall then Ed gets minutes and starts putting up double doubles and Leo tries to laugh off his rookie wall statement he along with Jack & Matt made a few days beforehand.

      After all Matt & Jack were promoting Gulf Seafood that’s full of poisonous Corexit for fans to eat during the broadcast of last Rap’s game in New Orleans- soulless corporate puppet shills. Anyone can do a quick google search and find out the truth about Gulf Seafood particulars and it’s not currently safe for human consumption.

      I hope Rap’s draft one of the following in order: DWill, Barnes (if he comes out), TJones or PJones if they keep their Lottery pick. Kanter, reportedly, has bad knees.

      I don’t like rookie pg’s ie Irving, as they usually take time (2-3 years at least to become consistent) to develop properly plus pg is the hardest position to play in the NBA. Hopefully the Rap’s target Lawson of Felton of the Nuggets this off season- Jose needs to go away, far away.

      Once the Lottery order is finalized and the draftee’s declaration date passes we will have a better idea on who is coming out and whom may be going where.

      **Barg’s BYC contract status ends July 1, 2011 (the same day as the probable lockout) so I wouldn’t expect any post season/draft daytrades involving him until at least after July 1st.

      Also, the Rap’s need to keep both Amir & Ed long term as Amir is the perfect back up and can play next to Ed for stretches in game in my mind. Barg’s is the odd man out.

      • Nilanka15

        On average, PGs may take 2-3 years to develop, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to draft a player who can have an immediate impact.

        – Steve Francis
        – Baron Davis
        – Andre Miller
        – Kirk Hinrich
        – Chris Paul (who Kyrie is often compared to)
        – Derrick Rose
        – Russell Westbrook
        – Tyreke Evans
        – Stephen Curry (who wasn’t even a PG in college, yet averaged 6 apg his rookie season)
        – Brandon Jennings
        – John Wall

        To me, it’s an absolute no-brainer if the choice was between Kyrie or Felton/Lawson. A franchise changing player compared to a slightly above average player.

        And even if it takes 2 years for Kyrie to develop, it isn’t all that bad. We’re not built for competing next year, regardless of what moves Colangelo makes this summer. Kyrie will be reaching his prime at the same time as the rest of our “core”.

        Although I usually despise the college player comparisons to NBA greats, when someone says the Raps have a shot at the next Chris Paul (easily the best PG on the planet when healthy), it’s hard to look past that in favour of Felton/Lawson.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          I’d take the proven playoff tested pgs (Lawson/Felton) over the college pg (Irving) w/ potential all day every day. Especially an injury prone college pg who missed most of his freshman season.

          John Wall as good a player as he is isn’t doing anything to help the Wizards win games. Irving is no Magic Johnson at the point.

          Felton & Lawson are both currently better than Irving- I live in the present tense, as potential gets folks fired.

          With the Rap’s current roster they are better off with a more veteran NBA ppg like Lawson or Felton to lead them than another rookie pg thrown to the lions which will lead to more Rap’s L’s not W’s next season for certain.

          Hopefully the Rap’s will draft one of the following SFs DWill, TJones or Barnes (if he declares) come draft night.

          • raptorwin

            for goodness sakes kyries injury was freakin toe injury.Toe injury!!!! that i hardly think is career ending

          • Ray

            If the Raptors had the first pick, and they somehow miraculously asked you to pick, and you didn’t pick Irving, you should slap yourself.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              DWill >> Irving

              • Ray

                He’d fit the Raps perfectly with his bad defence.

        • guest

          Most of those pg’s did not get there teams to advance to the playoffs, so outside of getting a lot minutes what impact did they make?

          • Nilanka15

            You can’t look at one player as the reason why teams didn’t advance in the playoffs.

      • Milesboyer

        “Jonesy, Sherm, David & Leo are the only folks I would consider keeping around.”

        That must be a typo. Keeping Leo? and not Jack?

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2 Go!!

          I said- I would “consider” keeping around Leo.

          I used to like Jack’s game calling/insight back in the day but now he’s just another soulless Corporate shill- promoting poisonous corexit contaminated Gulf Seafood to Raptor fans to eat- living on a wing and a prayer.

          Truth – clean house and bring in a whole new announcer crew to call the games.

          • CHI

            How about the Swirsk? We need the Salami & Cheese era back.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              Salami & Cheese!!!

              That was a good Raptor era (Swirsky) sure as hell beats Matt & Jack’s bullchit Living on a Prayer Tee Shirts and particulars.lol

        • mountio

          Agree. Leo is flat out awful. He spends his time promoting his own cause by talking about all the international players hes “seen over the summer” and making generic comments about getting easier shots vs settling for jump shots (no shit, layups are easier to score than jumpers?) .. no value at all.
          Jack at least knows what hes talking about and has a sense of humour (all homerism aside)

      • mountio

        You actually have a lot of good stuff to say .. but you gotta lose the conspiracy theories … of course home team commentators (if every city, every sport) root for their team and tend to paint the picture as glass half full. To suggest there is some elaborate scheme going on with BC planning out each step and word just seems a little far fetched ..

  • Nilanka15

    I have no interest in using a top 5 pick on Walker. And I have no interest in taking a chance on Oden, or trading for Nash. As painful as the rebuild is, the Raptors need to play it out, and not make any rash moves that sells tickets next year, at the expense of our future.

    • hound

      Agree 1000%, I would take a chance on Kanter. I would also like to get a low first round pick in a trade as I would like to see Nolan Smith in a raptor jersey

    • Marcus

      If we can’t land one of Irving, Barnes (if he even declares), or Williams, then I would surely take Walker (or Knight) over the Euros (Kanter, Vesely, Motiejunas etc) ranked ahead of him. Perry Jones is interesting, but too much of an experiment. I’m not sure, can’t wait until the final positioning is determined. Who would you take if we can’t land the aforementioned top 3?

      • Nilanka15

        That’s a tough question. I’m working under the assumption that we’ll have a legit shot at one of Irving, Williams or Barnes. If Sullinger changes his mind about declaring, then our chances are even better.

        I haven’t seen any of the International guys play, but from what I’ve read about Kanter, his value would probably be higher if he was able to play for Kentucky this year. So maybe he’s worth a gamble?

        As for Walker, I’m not convinced his game translates well with the NBA (especially being undersized, and not a true PG). So I’d maintain my stance of not using a top 5 pick on him. But if I wanted to draft him, I’d attempt to trade down to the 7th-10th picks (or wherever Walker is projected to be selected), and try and get another piece or cash in return…similar to how we aquired Carter for Jamison in the 1998 draft.

        But then again, is it really worth suffering through a 60-loss season just to end up with a 7th-10th pick, plus cash and/or a throw-in?

  • Nilanka15

    I completely agree with the ESPN podcast that Triano isn’t the right guy for this job. His voice has become stale, and he’s not tough on the players (regardless of the occasional F-bomb in the media). Funny how Lawrence Frank was mentioned as a suitable replacement….someone I previously mentioned as a good fit in Toronto.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Jay is just BC’s puppet coach- point blank.

      Sam was fired at 8-9 yet Jay lives on as Rap’s head coach despite mismanaging a playoff caliber team last season and being out of his element this season not to mention that he finished up the season he took over for Sam at a 25-40 clip and was retained by BC- wtf?

      BC won’t hire any coach that will go hard on Barg’s- his pet project, BC consensus.

    • Reb

      Raps have to get Lawrence Frank, totally agree, a young coach but he’s not a wussy like Triano.

  • Nilanka15

    I don’t have too much knowledge of how TPEs work, but the ESPN podcast stated that it’s almost guaranteed that it won’t be used, and will expire. Is this accurate analysis? Was the Bosh trade for a draft pick, Bayless, J.Johnson and Ajinca at best???

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      That about it- Bayless, Ajinca, JJ & Lottery pick.

      The TPE will most likely go unused as it expires in July. Plus other teams around the NBA have larger TPE’s than the Rap’s just above 9 million TPE available to use.

      The CB TPE (its potential use) was just another BC pr spin on his mishandling of the CB S&T.

  • Nilanka15

    I agree that moving Amir might not be a bad idea. I love the improvements he’s made on his mid-range jumper, and his ever constant motor, but with Davis playing the way he is, Amir becomes somewhat expendable…unless he has no problem coming off the bench for the remainder of his contract. But I’d still be curious as to what he could fetch in a trade.

  • voy

    compelling podcast.

    I also think you dont need ED and Amir on the same team. However, if you do trade Amir and start ED who is gonna be the 2nd unit’s PF? With the understanding we’ll probably suck again next year, I wouldn’t be against giving Joey Dorsey 10-15 minutes a game until a better fit comes along, if we trade Amir.

    Still, I think it could be a little too early to trade Amir as he’s still young and locked up for 4 more years. Again this being said I wouldn’t be surprised if Amir gets injured in the next few years and there goes his trade value down the toilet. I could see an argument being made for both cases. I guess it all depends on who we get back.

    Gotta disagree that a rook we may draft in the 25-30 range would be able to do the things JJ does (especially at his size). If a dude we draft does make JJ expendable we could always swap him for another team need. I think JJ has definately improved his stock while on the raps.

  • WhatWhat

    It would be very, very, very hard to replace Amir with another backup remotely efficient as he is. He’s still a better player than Davis at this point, but the gap is closely fast.

  • triano

    I’m really not sure what is so hard to comprehend about the FACT that Sullinger (and likely Barnes) will be returning to college. Good luck with your prediction that he comes out.

    • slaw

      They will both come out. They will be told that they are top 5 picks and, given that, they would be stupid not to come out. Even if the NBA has a work stoppage, the endorsement deals for shoes alone that these guys can get will be more money than they have ever seen before, plus, lenders will be lining up to give these guys money based on future earning potential.

      If your option is to go back to school or walk into $250m in endorsement deals and a nice new condo with brand new Escalade, you ain’t going back to college, which is nothing but a waste of time and money for most people, let alone these guys.

      • triano

        Hahahha…Okay, if you say so. I’ll be sure to return to these pages after they both return, in order to remind you that you are a f****** moron.

        • Nilanka15

          There goes Triano again dropping f-bombs that don’t scare anybody 😛

        • Bo4

          Where is that ‘Dislike’ button when I need it?

      • Bendit

        I think it will dawn on Mr. Sullinger (after the sting of the loss diminishes) that turning down a top 3 pick in a draft is worth possibily 20 mill. guaranteed. He can always get that education if he is so committed but not a similar draft standing the next year while an achilles tear in college shall render him a simple “thank you” from OSU and maybe a retraction of the scholarship as well. Any friend of his including his coach will advise him to declare.

  • JezusP

    I say keep Bargs for next year. If there is no deal then don’t make a deal. I think next year he will have less focus on him for being the “#1 guy”. I see him having a better year (maybe with a different coach) and his stock not being as bad as it is now.

    Same situation with Calderon. Make Bayless the starter have Calderon off the bench maybe. Honestly I have no idea here.

    Hopefully we luck out with the draft and we at least fight for a playoff spot next season.

  • 99

    Hmm, the ESPN guy mentioned trading Bargnani and the 4th pick (if it happens to land there) for Nash and Gortat. It really depends who’s on the draft board by then, but it is an interesting proposition. I’d do Bargnani for either Nash or Gortat straight up, just to get rid of that albatross of a contract.

    I’ll tell ya what, that ESPN guy sure makes you dislike Bargnani.

  • Bendit

    Isnt Barbosa’s next year a player option? He decides…and he probably will exercise it considering its worth 7+ mil. and the new cba restrictions on cap possibly.

    • Bendit

      disregard pl.

  • Jim

    It’s official, Kyrie Irving is entering the 2011 NBA draft: http://bit.ly/dOnFAy

  • Bo4

    You’re touting DeRozan & Davis as your core. Point of fact: There are four Raptors with both Efficiency & Efficiency/Minutes in the top 150 … Amir, José, Ed & Reggie. NOT DeMar. If I’m going to keep four players, they’re the four I keep. However, I do like DeMar. He just has to keep improving, or else he should go into the same status as Jerryd & Sonny… OK, as long as we don’t have to pay him too much.

  • Bo4

    P.S. The same probably goes for James. Keep improving. However, our top 2 needs are still a swing that deserves to start in the NBA, and anybody that can get us to play D effectively. We may have to get both a new GM & a new coach to get that D, though.

    • Statement

      Right on Boko,

      I do think that Demar has improved his offensive game (jump-shooting wise), he has only minutely improved his steals from last year and otherwise he has regressed.

      Come on Demar, you have the body to do good things defensively and on the glass, git er done!

      • raptorwin

        the problem with demar is he slow footed he doesnt have great lateral quickness. which can be improved on

  • guest

    I think what a lot of people are missing is that with the lockout, there is a very, very, good chance that there will not be a training camp. Drafting a pg, who does not have a chance to participate in the training camp will end up really hurting the player’s development for that season. That is not a good thing for a pg. Their chance of being an impact player of any kind that year becomes slim. I would rather see them take Williams, someone who can come in and score or trade down and get a quality veteran.

    • Nilanka15

      So you’re willing to give up on a player who could turn into a great PG one day, a position we desperately need to fill, simply because he “might” miss his first career training camp? Isn’t that a little short-sighted?

      There’s a good chance that we’ll miss the playoffs next year. We shouldn’t be making personnel decisions with a priority on next year alone.

      • raptorwin

        I agree as well why would pass up on a potential great pg just because he might miss his first year of trianing camp. I dont see much risk in that

      • guest

        The key word in your question is “could”. If a pg is what the team needs, and I am still not convinced that is the case, I would go out and get one in free agency.

        • Nilanka15

          But the question of “could” applies to every draft pick, not just PGs. Picking Irving isn’t any riskier than picking Williams. Irving and Williams are both great college players already.

  • Bo4

    Here’s my current plan:

    1) Fire BC, and promote JT to GM.
    2) Promote PJC to head coach.
    3) Trade AB for best offer.
    4) Trade LB for best offer.
    5) Trade the $9M TPE for best offer.
    6) Draft Derrick Williams (#2), or Terrence Jones (#7), if possible.
    7) Draft Kemba Walker (#9), or Jimmer Fredette (#14), if possible.
    8) Draft Kenneth Faried (#28), or
    sign RFA Marc Gasol (7.5-15.5M/yr for 4 yrs), if possible.

    Calderon, Bayless & (Walker or Fredette)
    DeRozan, J. Johnson & (Williams or T. Jones)
    A. Johnson, Davis & (Faried or M. Gasol).

    • Bendit

      Why would you want JT as GM? He is a nice fellow and Canadian but what are his qualifications to be a successful gm? Has he worked in/had management exp. in a front office, scouting background or connections at that level with other teams? He hasnt even been a successful coach yet at this level. I think they should make him head of Basketball Canada so he can fire Leo. Kidding on the last!

      • Bo4

        1) MLSE hasn’t sold yet.
        2) JT is their guy. How many different head coaches was he an assistant under here?
        3) JT managed the national team, as well as coached, as well as scouted.
        4) There is no better, successful GM that would want to come here. Plus, it really worked with BC, didn’t it!
        5) Connections? Being part of the practice Team USA didn’t get him connections?
        6) I want him to either coach without BC as the GM, or to GM and get a different kind of coach for the team (D).

        Finally, it’s too bad that you were kidding. Leo is sometimes too full of himself.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          You want JT as the GM- wtf are you smoking on?lmfao

    • the rub

      3-5) You realize there’s two sides to a trade right? Someone actually has to want the crap you’re trading. So unless you’re really keen on getting 2nd round picks and 9th men in the rotation you’re not going to be able to make those trades.
      7) thanks for watching NCAA for 3 weeks. Your insight is astounding.

    • Mediumcore

      By “promote JT to GM” do you mean Jay Triano?