Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call Apr 6 vs Cavaliers

The “real sloberknocker” edition:

Ajinca: I just know Jay hates it when I’m right. First about the number of wins the Raptors will have this year and about Alexis. Give him some run and let him show you he can play. If James Johnson has “earned’” it, let Ajinca do the same.

Alabi: back to Tim Horton’s country. See you in line tomorrow, big boy.

Barbosa: didn’t play and boy it was noticeable. Very little cohesion in the first half and you could sense it happening when Leandro didn’t come off the bench.

Bargnani: another night rocking the blazer.

Bayless: deserved more minutes for two reasons: he deserved it tonight and why push Jose so hard in a meaningless game? Bayless’ balls were dropping harder and more consistent than Justin Biebers.

Calderon: back on the floor and showing as much rust as a Pinto in a junkyard in a rainforest. Add in the fact that his bodypillow Andrea wasn’t playing and Jose’s night was a write-off.

Davis: playing heavy minutes in 5 nights is taking its toll on Mr. Personality. You could see he was trying but it was like making a 6 year old eat that last mouthful of asparagus.

DeRozan: I swear in 4 years he is going to have that “I was WRONGED!!!” Reggie Miller look down pat. Annoying as hell. Another Raptor that played well tonight, though. Really hoping he finishes the season strong, takes a little break and then gets back into the gym. The lockout worries me.

Dorsey: He played for three minutes. This statement applies both to Joey’s game and my sex life.

Evans: he was a scoring machine tonight, going 6 of 8 and trying to spur his teammates on. He wasn’t as in-your-face as I would have liked to have seen, but kudos for showing people how it’s done.

A. Johnson: pulled after tweaking his ankle in warmups when he saw a shiny object in row 13 of section 108.

J. Johnson: exhibit A of why it’s not a good idea to watch Wrestlemania just before playing in a sporting event. After playing like he had just lost his best friend in the first half, he comes out and just facepalms Joey Graham. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but how he doesn’t get a flagrant and a fine after that, I’ll never know. Good use of hands, though.

Kleiza: ooompah!

Weems: 4 assists, 4 rebounds, 6 of 10, 4 trips to the line. Heck, at times that could be his cumulative stats from 6 games! Stating the obvious, he played his game tonight. Not sure if he felt with so many injuries he was untouchable or what, but he held it down.

Wright: look who saw some floor time! Look who still plays like the bitch that he is. He’s not worth our time.

Driving The Bus: Reggie Evans

Under The Bus: James Johnson

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