Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call April 10 vs Nets

The “two stumps of a team going head to head” edition:

Ajinca: he rebounds and fouls just like he’s a Raptor for life. Fair game from a player Jay hates to admit is a piece.

Alabi: throw the guy a bone. Seriously. Can’t even imagine what the guy must be thinking not being able to get into (at the time) blowout games.

Barbosa: another night on the dole.

Bargnani: I think the guy owns 3 suits and no ties. Seriously. Former first round pick who was born and raised in a country known for fashion and he shows up to every game looking like he hit up International Clothiers on the ride to the gym.

Bayless: got to the line and converted, kept his turnovers low, and didn’t look too worse for wear playing heavy minutes. Still don’t think he’s a starter, but he is closing the season strong enough to be a chip.

Calderon: could swear I saw him playing clap defence on the bench. Seriously.

Davis: I still get the sweats when he heads to the line, but 18/8 from your rookie this late in the season is a sign of things to come. He won’t get many, but he deserves a fair number of ROY votes.

DeRozan: his begging for MIP votes on Twitter is a bit sickening, but his game is sure backing it up. Get him rolling early and he is like a battery operated toy in that he keeps on entertaining you, looking for more. He was back to attacking a bit more tonight, which is a smart move against the Nets without Kris.

Dorsey: do you think he cares? Granted he had no opportunities after playing well early, but now that he has had the chance to ditch the warmups, he seems to have already checked out.

Evans: that hurt wing late in the 4th is a concern. It looked as limp as a gay man at a Victoria’s Secret runway show. Hell of a show for the young guys, though, saying a little pain is nothing when compared to getting a win.

A. Johnson: straight up pimpin’.

J. Johnson: solid game. Loved his ball distribution and unselfish play with the ball. His play is too inconsistent to be a starter, but as a 6th or 7th man…

Kleiza: boxers or briefs?

Weems: sat out another one. He has to play one of the last two games just so we can say we haven’t seem the last of him in a Raptors uniform.

Wright: jerkoff

Driving The Bus: Jerryd Bayless

Under The Bus: Joey Dorsey

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