The “two stumps of a team going head to head” edition:

Ajinca: he rebounds and fouls just like he’s a Raptor for life. Fair game from a player Jay hates to admit is a piece.

Alabi: throw the guy a bone. Seriously. Can’t even imagine what the guy must be thinking not being able to get into (at the time) blowout games.

Barbosa: another night on the dole.

Bargnani: I think the guy owns 3 suits and no ties. Seriously. Former first round pick who was born and raised in a country known for fashion and he shows up to every game looking like he hit up International Clothiers on the ride to the gym.

Bayless: got to the line and converted, kept his turnovers low, and didn’t look too worse for wear playing heavy minutes. Still don’t think he’s a starter, but he is closing the season strong enough to be a chip.

Calderon: could swear I saw him playing clap defence on the bench. Seriously.

Davis: I still get the sweats when he heads to the line, but 18/8 from your rookie this late in the season is a sign of things to come. He won’t get many, but he deserves a fair number of ROY votes.

DeRozan: his begging for MIP votes on Twitter is a bit sickening, but his game is sure backing it up. Get him rolling early and he is like a battery operated toy in that he keeps on entertaining you, looking for more. He was back to attacking a bit more tonight, which is a smart move against the Nets without Kris.

Dorsey: do you think he cares? Granted he had no opportunities after playing well early, but now that he has had the chance to ditch the warmups, he seems to have already checked out.

Evans: that hurt wing late in the 4th is a concern. It looked as limp as a gay man at a Victoria’s Secret runway show. Hell of a show for the young guys, though, saying a little pain is nothing when compared to getting a win.

A. Johnson: straight up pimpin’.

J. Johnson: solid game. Loved his ball distribution and unselfish play with the ball. His play is too inconsistent to be a starter, but as a 6th or 7th man…

Kleiza: boxers or briefs?

Weems: sat out another one. He has to play one of the last two games just so we can say we haven’t seem the last of him in a Raptors uniform.

Wright: jerkoff

Driving The Bus: Jerryd Bayless

Under The Bus: Joey Dorsey

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  • Mel

    Too bad we didn’t lose. The Wizards play the Celtics next, and we have the Bucks. They might be able to gain ground on us there.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      BC’s 2010-11 Raptors- where losing is winning and evil is

      • Mel

        I know I know, tanking is for suckas, let the chips fall etc etc…

  • Diego

    Who among the current Raptors has the best chance to get to an all-star game first? I’ll say Davis.

    • Ol’ Dirty Raptor

      By the end of next season, Ed Davis could the be best player on the team. He just needs to get a bit more comfortable on the offensive end, and continue to develop get his defensive reps against NBA players, and we’ll have our first complete player since…maybe ever.

      Paired with Kyrie Irving, it could look really nice. Of course we can’t put all our eggs in that basket..

    • Mediumcore

      Good question and could be a thread unto itself. I’d say with Ray Allen aging that Demar may have a chance to sneak in as a reserve behind Wade and Joe Johnson at the 2.

  • Trax

    this was the worst roll call of the year… not funny and dump points

    • JYD

      It’s a free blog, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    • barenakedman

      Sure not as funny as dump and dumper.

  • Ol’ Dirty Raptor

    I hope we can re-sign Reggie on the cheap..

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    Someone had to win this game- was this a D League game? Then why didn’t Solo get any burn?lol I mean he is getting paid real guaranteed contract money for this and next season.

    With the possibility of no summer league or training camp on the NBA horizon ie lockout, why not play Solo a few minutes?

    If BC & Jay can say that CB checked out last season after the All Star break well then I can say that AB has checked out as well post All Star break this season- he has been done shut it down- is he even an 82 game a year player?

    As well, the ACC was empty as fuck today. The Miami game should be a sellout

    Btw- it’s time to stop hating on JuJu the man apologized for his actions (even if he wasn’t really wrong) and is playing decently on the court- especially on the defensive end, for the Rap’s as they close this season out.

    • Rapture

      I literally thought the same things when I read the article. AB is bailing out, and a little too much hatred toward Wright.

    • mac

      I expect bargs has checked out, why wouldn’t he. There’s no play off run here like last year. Besides how long can I person get abused in the media and on sites like this before they say why bother. Expect him to be requesting a trade at the end of the year if he already hasn’t. If he was my kid I would be telling him to get out ASAP

      • draftedraptor

        I will cheer him for life if he hands in a trade request. We don’t miss him. Do tell him to move on if you are his dad. Its a team game now with better ball distribution and shots not as enforced as they used to be.

    • DC

      Glad he’s bailing out to be honest…

    • DJ

      If you think the ACC was empty, you should’ve seen the Heat-Celtics game earlier today. The stands were empty as hell, if you have LeBron and D-Wade on the same team and can’t sellout every game then your city has issues..

  • voy

    NJ’s starting 5, like, can anyone remember a worse starting 5 in recent memory? Yikes.

  • Toshmon

    we need a point guard.

    • guest

      We have a point guard, we need to get rid of Jose!

  • Darien

    we gotta get a top three pick so this win hurts us a bit there. That said, the difference between 3rd and 4th statistically is like 0.1% but I would feel much better if we can close out these last two games with heart but no results and get Derrick Williams. JJ off the bench would be great.

    • Socal

      Not quite. With 3rd worst record, you have a 15.6% chance at first pick, (and the percentages remain virtually identical for grabbing the 2nd or third pick) With the 4th worst record you have a 11.9% chance at the first pick.

  • Bendit

    Hey, I own a piece of International Clothiers. Armanis are overrated and you are going to hear from my lawyers in the morning for that slag.

    Besides, it’s Kory’s who supplies Bargnani with his duds.

  • G2arro

    Why does the writer always pop a boner for Ajinca? Guy’s a scrub through and through.

  • albertan_10

    Too many turnovers from DeRozan and JJ. Got to fix it. 8 or 9 between the two of them. that`s way too high.

  • Toshmon

    apparently Amir’s ankles messed up…
    doctors say “its more than just swelling”

  • Cali Raps Fan

    It would be nice if we could trade Bargs to Portland with a sign and trade for Oden, then pick up a shooter in Barnes, Williams or Irving in the draft. I really hope BC doesn’t take another Euro if we don’t grab one of those three. I would rather have a PG like Walker or Knight than a Vesely or Kanter. Perry Jones looks like another Ed Davis and the rest of the top prospects are all Euros. Pretty crappy year for a tank job, but we should be able to salvage something out of it.

  • Nilanka15

    “I think in the first half of the Philadelphia game the other night he was trying to get his teammates open looks rather than do what he does best,” Triano told “He’s a scorer and we keep telling him that he needs to look to score first and when they take that away 100% that’s when you can make a pass.”

    No wonder Bayless is such a chucker. He may never become a true PG in Triano’s “system”. I really hope that Colangelo isn’t fooled into thinking Bayless solves our hole at PG moving forward. Kyrie or not, we need a real PG if we ever want to compete in this league.

  • guest

    Did anyone watch the Bulls game? Rose had 30+ points, 5 assist and 5 turnovers. When the game was on the line he took over. Same can be said for how Westbrook plays the point. Are they not point guards? Rose is about to be named MVP…he is a scoring point guard. Look back at his first year in the league. Bayless has probably played the equivalent of 1.5 full seasons in minutes. He is showing exponential improvement. The idiots on here who count every assist to determine whether someone is a point guard or not need to remember the season that just happened. Lots of assists …very few wins. You had your point guard and he did not do jack shit. Bayless is showing all of the things that you want in a pg and deserves the opportunity to start next season. By the way how in the hell can he get any assist right now with the remaining players…who can shoot besides Demar? JJ got more assists because he doesn’t have to pass the ball to himself!

    • Nilanka15

      Sorry dude, there are more than assist numbers that are taken into account when labelling Rose and Westbrook as legit, and Bayless as not.

      Those guys make their teammates better by being a threat to shoot, drive or pass (your typical tripple threat). They also know how to run offenses, getting players the ball in the right spots on the floor (which don’t always translate into high assist numbers). You don’t get any of that from Bayless…and the way Triano is grooming him (that is, to worry about shooting first and passing only if neccessary), you never will get that from Bayless. He’s a Ben Gordon at best.

      Side note: Both Rose and Westbrook are in the top 10 in assists per game this season.

      • WhatWhat

        Rose and Westbrook clearly look to score first and pass to their teammates from the attention they create. TJ Ford was the same way. Who’s to say that Bayless can’t learn. Other than Irving, there’s no real huge upgrade. Even Irving you can’t be sure off because he’s only played a few games.

        Just give him a chance, you never know. I think that’s were most people are at, just let’s see what he can do. (Although we could have and should have done so THIS season. >.>) Also I think that you’re misinterpreting the article a bit. Triano just wants Bayless to be keep being aggressive.

        • Nilanka15

          I have no problem giving him a chance, but not at the expense of drafting Kyrie (assuming we’ll have an opportunity to draft Kyrie).

          • WhatWhat

            Defintely agreed on that.

      • guest

        That’s my point dude! There is more than just assist and at this point you don’t know what Bayless is. So your statements that he is this and is not that are just plain stupid at this point in his career!

        • Nilanka15

          Ok fine, I’ll concede that Bayless isn’t going to change his game, because as you imply, it’s so late into his career. But what’s stupid is assuming he can lead our team as a “coach on the floor” which is what a PG is supposed to be. When you think of quarterbacks in basketball, Bayless certainly does NOT come to mind. He’s not a PG….he’s an undersized SG, which doesn’t help us unless he’s coming off the bench. And we all know what to expect from Bayless coming off the bench (i.e. nothing).

    • Hound

      I don’t say this often, but I agree with Triano. Bayless is a scoring guard. They just have to get there head around the fact that Bayless should start and play 30 minutes, Calderon should back him up, playing about 25 minutes with both of them playing the last 4 minutes of games unless we need defensive stops, in which case wright should play over Calderon. We need a centre and we should draft Kanter. The starters should be
      1) Bayless
      2) DD
      3) JJ
      4) Ed
      5) Kanter

      1) Calderon
      2) Barbosa
      3) Klieza
      4) Amir
      5) Bargs


      Reggie, if we can get him for 2.5 or so
      Julian Wright
      2 more upgrades over Alabi and Dorsey

      The biggest thing is scrap the entire coaching staff. Don’t be confused thinking PJ is the guy. He was hired to be the top assistant in charge of the defense. How’s that working out? A new coach will bring a new message and hopefully respect and a new enthusiasm.

      I truly believe we are not that far away. We are young and need 2 pieces, a true center and a small forward who can knock down the jumper AND DEFEND. We can get that center in Kanter and will need to wait for the SF.

      The reality is Calderon is a good piece of the puzzle, just not the starter. Same with Bargs. I think both would flourish off the bench, especially Bargs as he would probably give more effort fighting for minutes and only having to play 25 minutes, instead of 37. I guarantee he paces himself and doesn’t fight the bigs as he wants to be fresh on the offensive end. I am not saying it is right, but I believe that is what he is doing. Reduce his minutes and make him accountable and I think almost everyone will be happy with him.

      Finally, if BC can’t get his head around the fact that his two highest paid signings aren’t starters, then he has to go as well.

      • barenakedman

        Excellent post. I would start Amir over Kanter to start the season and see how things develop from there. Agree with Carlisimo but I’d love to keep Alex English. The bench might be better than the starters in some opinions but over all it is a lineup that has a chance to be an exciting young team.

      • Bendit

        BC, as well, has the trade and f/a route alongwith the unused tpe to mold the team. A very important summer indeed.