The “gassed” edition:

Ajinca: safe to say his shooting game was a tad off tonight. That’s like saying Don Cherry’s suits are slightly tacky.

Alabi: he played!!! Even better: he did okay. Surprisingly he didn’t appear out of place and actually appeared…!

Barbosa: Radar.

Bargnani: Frank.

Bayless: well, as a fan and a coach, you long for guys who leave it on the floor. Bayless did that by halftime. Gutsy, heroic, full of desire. One of the best all out efforts I’ve seen all season.

Calderon: Hot Lips.

Davis: if the day ends in “y” it must mean another double double for the rookie. 40 minutes of determination by a guy who, whenever there is a next season, will be top 3 on our team.

DeRozan: loved the first half, enjoyed the second. He forced the Bucks to acknowledge his game early on and they sent him to the line, where he made them pay. Kudos go out to his conditioning because, even after getting kicked in the face, he looked like he could go another 40.

Dorsey: Dwight Jr made a late season re-appearance. 20 rebounds, some attitude, horrible shooting, and the ability to have 3/4 of the sports bar you were at say “WHO?”. Somewhere (probably a strip club) Charles Barkley is going nuts.

Evans: Klinger.

A. Johnson: Potter.

J. Johnson: conditioning is probably the issue here, but another game I thought we would see James take control. Somewhere he seems to have an on/off switch that only gets flicked “on” for certain teams. Need to figure out how to hotwire that sucker.

Kleiza: John Patrick Mulcahy

Weems: Trapper.

Wright: asshat.

Driving The Bus: Joey Dorsey

Under The Bus: Julian Wright

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  • WhatWhat

    Just an all around glorious day for the tank.

  • raptorwin


  • Minorityretardfan

    bargs is right. maybe if the game was called reboundball joey would be a superstar.2 bad you morons are scrub lovers. yall got what yall wanted with all the euros out. the players failed you bitches repeatedly…. let the gushing and fawning over scrubs commence.

    • WhatWhat

      U mad bro?

    • raptorwin

      this guy is actin like the got blown out. u dumb fuck go suck bargs dick..they had 8 players on back to back

    • Junior Maurice

      whats ur point is not like we won 40 fucking games with bargani dog if u a hater just jump over cliff and take bargani with you

    • hateslosing

      Just curious, but is your poster name, Minorityretardfan, a subtle reference to the content of you post, because if so, well done sir.

    • Tim W.

      Perhaps Raptors fans just enjoy watching someone play hard, whether it be a guy with little talent or lots of it.

      • Jp

        Tommy saying thank you to Timmy is like Amir saying thank you to Buddah fan :) :)

        This is the team that finished with 22 win this season while ignorant, scrub loving fans here like Timmi predicted 30 and over wins. ( Check out the poll at the beginning of the season).

        I am willing to bet,with this GM and Coach and this team witout AB and Jose next season, regardless of who we get through the draft and free agency ( since our GM’s record speaks for itself) will finish less than 20 wins next season.

        Mark my word.

        • Tim W.

          It’s nice that you can tell me that I predicted 30 or more wins, but the fact is I predicted 28, and that’s not too far off from where they finished.

          And it’s not that I like scrubs. I just like players that aren’t liabilities half the time they are on the floor.

          And I do find it ironic that you bash the same GM that made Bargnani the #1 pick and kept longer than I would have.

        • Tom Liston

          “I am willing to bet,with this GM and Coach and this team witout AB and Jose next season, regardless of who we get through the draft and free agency ( since our GM’s record speaks for itself) will finish less than 20 wins next season.”
          Accepted. Let’s each pick a charity to donate to.

          • JP

            sure, how many wins are you and Timmy predicting ?

    • Nilanka15

      The only “scrub” on this roster is a 7 foot douche who constantly runs away from the ball.

      A whopping 2 double-doubles in 68 games from our starting centre this year. Put him in the hall of fame!

      • cesco

        He is the only reason we did not finish last in the standings and become the most ridiculed team ever in the US media (since we are not Americans) . A ridicule that what have become legendary .

        • Nilanka15

          Actually no, Bargnani is often the target of American ridicule, including players and coaches who literally laugh out loud at his defensive ineptitude (see Golden State).

          The only people proud of Bargnani are his compatriots.

          • cesco

            They may have ridiculed Andrea for his defensive ineptitude but he saved the team from the US media ridicule . They would have loved to make fun of the Raps , you know that .

            • Nilanka15

              But no, he didn’t save anything. The Raptors ARE a laughing stock, and deservedly so. The only way to change that is to win more games than you lose.

              • jimmie

                I don’t think the Raptors are a “laughing stock” or are being made fun of anywhere outside Toronto. At least, it’s not an opinion I’ve seen voiced very often by media/players/coaches from elsewhere around the league.

        • BCistheMan

          As someone else mentioned in another comment, the numbers are there for people to look at it themselves.

          You are 100% right. u remove AB from this team and this team was not even able to win 10 games this season.

          • Tim W.

            The same numbers that say that Evans is the team’s most valuable player, because the team’s record seems to have been affected most aversely when Reggie is out than any other Raptor.

            • Mr Stat

              No True at all. Do the calculation and the % of the games we won when AB is on the floor is alot more than when Evan is on the floor and AB is NOT.

              Stop spreading lies :) It makes you look desperate.

              • Tim W.

                Okay, let’s look at this so called win/loss record with and without Bargnani. With Bargnani, the Raptors are 18-45, which is a .286 win percentage. Not great, but the team won 22 games. Without Bargnani, the team is 4-11, for a .267 win percentage. Considering the fact that other players, such as Evans, Calderon, Amir and Barbosa have been injured at the same time as Bargnani in many of the games Bargnani missed, and the fact that the opponents the Raptors have faced in games Bargnani has missed have been much better than average, I’d say there is literally no evidence to support your claim that the Raptors are better with Bargnani.

                Oh, and in games Evans plays, the team is 11-19 for a win percentage of .367, which is better than the percentage of wins when Bargnani plays. In other words, you are completely wrong. You might want to check your facts before you say something isn’t true.

              • Statement

                Shut up asshat

              • Statement

                Just stooping to the Bargs’ fanboys level.

        • Tim W.

          Why do you say Bargnani saved the team from being last in the standings? There’s simply no evidence of that at all. What you get in points from him, unfortunately you give up on the other end. I’m not one of the people who says he sucks or is the team’s worst player (he’s not), but the fact of the matter is that with or without him, the team is simply not very good.

          • golden

            Tim, you’re flogging a cremated horse here. Everybody who knows the game knows that Bargs is one-dimensional. Perhaps we need a hockey analogy to make people understand. Making Bargs your defensive anchor would be like having Phil Kessel as your goalie. And it’s not like they give you consistent, spectacular offense either.

      • JP

        Are u speaking of Acinja, because I though Amir is 6’11”

        • Nilanka15

          John_P, good to have you back

    • Nilanka15

      Also note yet another screen name for “Junior” (a.k.a “dan hardy”, a.k.a “joshua reynolds”)

    • Mr Stat

      The real basketball skill in this team without Jose and AB is one of the worst in the league. It is not to have Hustle players and garbage man in your team but not all your team should be made of them !!

      Looking at Bayless and how he ignored all his teammates on the offence last night was a site that you see in a YMCA basketball games.

      • knickz

        was kinda upset about that…i need him to drop dimes cuzz i’m in the finals of my fantasy team

  • Fsadsf

    LOL… They already were gassed up after the first half. Was it a 6-man rotation there? at least we got to see King Solomon, and so far he didnt disappoint. King Julian was actually ok. I would place bayless shoe source under the bus for giving the balls away which actually cost us the game. But I dont really care.

    Hopefully, on wednesday, we’re back at full strength, and I want our team to beat the crap out of the Cryami Cheat and whoop Rupaul and the rest of them candyasses. That’s actually the only game i want them to badly win. we got robbed the last game. next season, kyrie irving or brandon knight hopefully.

  • ID

    Thank you Doc Rivers for resting your starters, thank you Wizards for beating the Celtics. 3rd place in the lottery is officially clinched regardless of what happens in the final game. Hard to believe just one more game in the season, here’s hoping to a next season for the greatest game on earth.

  • Junior Maurice

    barnes or derrick williams then again we can either move up or drop down lets just pray colangelo win the lottery again

    • Tim W.

      Barnes is out of the draft, and so is Perry. My guess is the Raptors will end up with Irving, Williams, Jonas or Kanter (if knees check out). I’d be content with any of those four.

      • Mr

        I know Perry is officially out, but Barnes? Where’d you hear that from? I can’t find any official news on that yet, just some rumblings. You still have the source by any chance?

      • hound

        Guys, we really need williams or Kanter (if knees check out). Both fill a need, whereas Irving really doesn’t. It would require trading from weakness as everyone would know we would have to unload Calderon or Bayless. Trading from weakness is never good. I am also not sure that Irving is better than John Wall, who certainly isn’t a savior. We are okay at PG, but clearly not at Center. Draft Kanter and bring Bargs off the bench, or Draft Williams who is an upgrade over JJ

        • Sol

          If we get 1st pick, there’s no way we pass on Irving for Kanter, and if we get 2nd pick there’s no way we pass on Williams for Kanter. 3rd pick and later, if none of those two guys are still on the board, then we go for Kanter. Again, this is dependent on his health, I’d imagine he’d be physically examine upon workouts, and teams will do their homework on him. He looks like a legit center though, somebody that actually cares about basketball and all its aspects INCLUDING defence.

        • Warpjv

          sorry, you are nuts. It’s a point guard and point-guard-rule league — Irving comes along once every few years, bayles and calderon every year.


          • Nilanka15

            Agree with these guys. Absolutely cannot pass on Irving under any circumstances. Even if we end up getting pocket lint in exchange for Calderon/Bayless, it will be worth having a true PG.

            Regarding Wall, he is the real deal. He’ll be a top 3 PG very soon.

            • Nilanka15

              This was supposed to be in response to hound.

        • ghotte

          Williams. Please.

  • KingRaptors

    Boys played hard and tough(Mad Props for Joey D, I swear he looks like a D-Howard Jr)

    ALL HAIL King Solomon!!!

  • Face

    I liked what Dorsey did on the defensive side with those 20 boards (including 10 offensive rebounds), but he should take a Reggie-like approach and DON’T shoot the damn ball. He doesn’t have a scorers touch and should never take 12 shots in a game as he just did (I know, I shouldn’t be complaining in a virtually meaningless game). That being said, it’s a shame that he hasn’t played more in the season, he should’ve been given loads of time when Reggie was shelved as a replacement.

  • hateslosing

    I missed this game…I have never been so disappointed. To think I missed Alabi taking the court and Dorsey grabbing 20 boards. It’s like we went into ultimate scrub world and road the roller coaster until we vomited up playing time.

  • Pug

    What’s with the M*A*S*H references in this roll call?

    • cesco

      AltRaps showed his true colors , he is a Euro hater , Andrea and Jose are Frank and Hotlips , the two characters that were most ridiculed . Andrea and Jose were the two best players the Raps had this past season , they were Hawkeye and Trapper , the best doctors the medical team had .

      • sleepz

        If Andrea was a doctor he might be sued for malpractice.

        The ‘best’ players on a 20 win team is nothing to write home about and at this point I will take Davis over Andrea as a big any day of the week.

        I had to chuckle listen to Devlin constantly referring to Jennings as a volume shooter last night.

        Made me want to say: Matt, look around we got plenty of that over here as well.

  • Toshmon

    watching Bayless play point guard hurts my eyes

    • Nilanka15

      5 assists, 6 turnovers. There’s only one word to describe that: UGLY

    • sleepz

      I hear you loud and clear. Many fans would seem to want Andrea jettisoned from this team for next year, (not in complete disagreement with that one) however I would be very dissapointed to see Bayless back with the team next year especially if they have Barbosa coming back.

      Bayless has tunnel vision and is not a true pg. He’s a short ‘combo’ guard and when I say combo I mean 4/5 2 guard and 1/5 pg.

      • hound

        But, the thing is he is a solid scorer. If he starts with Kanter, Ed, Demar and JJ it works because JJ can distribute or get his own shot. Demar can get his own shot, Ed just picks up the garbage and Kanter can screen and rebound. The second unit would have Jose distributing to Bargs, Barbosa, Klieza and pick and rolls with Amir against the other teams subs. Then have Calderon and Bayless playing the last 4 minutes together, Calderon controlling the ball on offense and Bayless defending the opposing PG on defence. We have okay pieces, we just have to use them properly. An athletic first unit and a possible scoring/ball control second unit. Bargs and Jose are too valuable to just get rid of.

        • Toshmon

          Y eah i agree about the scoring/getting his own shot part.
          But a PG is also your quarterback. I wouldn’t want to hand Bayless the keys to the team just yet. I would only trust him for about 10-15 games starting each season.Hes been in the league for 3 years now, I think. He should have learned to run the point when he was growing up.

          I think he has the ceiling of Mike Bibby but he plays similar to Rafer Alstin right now.
          I could be wrong though, I had no clue about C Billips when he played for the raps.

          Im not saying don’t keep him but with the rules in the NBA favouring the PG position & with Jose’s age I would want some new, young talent.

    • Mr Stat

      LOOOOLL, I know. The guy has no clue on how to play that position.

    • WhatWhat

      Keep ignoring that his AST/TO when starting was excellent prior to this game though.

  • KingRaptors

    Now I hate using this comparison because Bayless IS NOT at the level of these players I will mention, but when Tony Parker/Gilbert Arenas(BEFORE his surgery) was initially drafted and played for their respective teams, the initial thought was they were not a “REAL” pg, and well if you look at them a couple of years later(3-5), Parker is a lead guard in championship team and Arenas is being hailed as an assassing, agent zero, blah… blah… So why can’t Toronto fans just be patient with a pg who can actually create his own shot, we haven’t had one in YEARS!

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Btw- JJack could create his own shot as well as TJ Ford.

  • Statement

    I put the stats up before, but the people on the site missed them. So lets try again.

    Andrea “hot-garbage” bargnani = -5.8 wins produced (the worst measure in the entire F’n league)

    The raptors give up 5 more points than they score with hot-garbage on the floor

    Andrea Hot-Garbage Bargnani 2-year adjusted +/- = -5.96

    Hot Garbage’s net PER (His – opponent) = -4.9

    This guy sucks ass, why do people defend him??

    Oh ya,

    21.4 PPG (On 18 shots)

    Yay POINTTZZZ. Also, he’s European which obviously appeals to some. I personally don’t give a shit where a player comes from as long as he can play. This piece of hot-garbage can not.

    • cesco

      Throw those advanced stats DOWN THE TOILET . The win/loss column is the only one that count . With Andrea playing they won 19 of 66 games for a winning percentage of .287 . Without Andrea they are 3/15 for a percentage of .200 . Other stats like the +/- show that players like DD , Davis , Evans , Weems and Bayless have worst +/- per minute than Andrea .

      • Tim W.

        If the win/loss column is the only thing that counts, then Reggie Evans is the team’s best player. Period. And that record doesn’t take into account other players who may have been out, such as Evans, Calderon, Barbosa and Amir. It also doesn’t take into consideration the strength of the opponent, and the fact that the teams Bargnani didn’t play against were better than average.

        The fact is the only reason you don’t like the advanced stats is because they back up the argument that Bargnani is simply not as good as his fans seem to think he is.

        And you keep criticizing the +/- stats, while ignoring the vast amount of other advanced stats.

        • BCistheMan

          lies, lies and more lies Tim.

          • Tim W.

            If you can tell me which one of the things I said was a lie and back it up with evidence, I will take it back. Otherwise, just saying doesn’t actually make it true. Sorry.

            • BCistheMan

              Your statement that Raptors won more game with Evans on the floor while AB is out. That is pure lie. If you count and compare the games that Raptors won with AB on the floor and Evans out, versus games that Evans was in the game and AB was out due to injuries, then this number, simply favor AB with HUGE margin.

              You have been repeating your lies about this issue over and over while the numbers are there for everyone to look at.

              It is shame that you choose to lie to push forward your personal bias and agenda against AB.

              • Tim W.

                I’ve given the stats! In games where Evans plays, the Raptors are 11-19 for a win percentage of .367. Check them out for yourself.


                I miscounted Bargnani in a comment above (the percentage is the same), but the Raptors record with him in the lineup is 19-47 for a win percentage of .288.


                Last time I checked .367 was higher than .288.

                The fact that you never came back with any numbers to back up your claim that I was lying makes me think you didn’t even know yourself. If you’re going to call someone a liar, make sure you actually know what you’re talking about.

                It seems that not only am I not a liar, but you, sir, are either an ignorant twat that spouts off with absolutely no idea what he is talking about or a liar yourself. And unlike you, I actually have evidence to back up my claim.

                • Swiz

                  shutup ya old bastard u take this too serious

                • Tim W.

                  If that was joking, how am I supposed to differentiate it from all the other crap just like it people post on here?

      • Nilanka15

        Clinging to this idea of Bargnani being responsible for a .287 winning percentage has got to be the ultimate low of all Bargnani fans. What’s funny is that you’re using this stat as praise instead of critique. .287 is fucking terrible. Is it even possible to lower your standards further?

      • Statement

        Don’t be a dumbass.

      • Statement


        This is the asshat who got Mitchell fired and Bosh to leave.

        This franchise (and moron Colangelo) has hung its hat on a piece of turd horrible player.

        The fans have suffered through his entire career. Now it is time to move on.

        “It’s not reboundball but basketball” – Rebounds are part of basketball you lazy, entitled asshat. You are a piece of hot-garbage who got lavished a contract by an itchy trigger finger GM who was over-willing to justify his pick.

        You should have gotten the Adam Morrison treatment, because you don’t have NBA level skills.

        • Nilanka15

          Statement, I applaud your sublime restraint up until now. But I suppose everyone has their limits with it comes to Bargnani.

          Welcome 😉