Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call April 11 vs Bucks

The “gassed” edition:

Ajinca: safe to say his shooting game was a tad off tonight. That’s like saying Don Cherry’s suits are slightly tacky.

Alabi: he played!!! Even better: he did okay. Surprisingly he didn’t appear out of place and actually appeared…!

Barbosa: Radar.

Bargnani: Frank.

Bayless: well, as a fan and a coach, you long for guys who leave it on the floor. Bayless did that by halftime. Gutsy, heroic, full of desire. One of the best all out efforts I’ve seen all season.

Calderon: Hot Lips.

Davis: if the day ends in “y” it must mean another double double for the rookie. 40 minutes of determination by a guy who, whenever there is a next season, will be top 3 on our team.

DeRozan: loved the first half, enjoyed the second. He forced the Bucks to acknowledge his game early on and they sent him to the line, where he made them pay. Kudos go out to his conditioning because, even after getting kicked in the face, he looked like he could go another 40.

Dorsey: Dwight Jr made a late season re-appearance. 20 rebounds, some attitude, horrible shooting, and the ability to have 3/4 of the sports bar you were at say “WHO?”. Somewhere (probably a strip club) Charles Barkley is going nuts.

Evans: Klinger.

A. Johnson: Potter.

J. Johnson: conditioning is probably the issue here, but another game I thought we would see James take control. Somewhere he seems to have an on/off switch that only gets flicked “on” for certain teams. Need to figure out how to hotwire that sucker.

Kleiza: John Patrick Mulcahy

Weems: Trapper.

Wright: asshat.

Driving The Bus: Joey Dorsey

Under The Bus: Julian Wright

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