How fitting, that on the last game of the year, we play Chris Bosh; a season removed as our franchise player. To say that this season was a long one would be an understatement. Fan interest is the lowest I’ve seen in quite a while, yet, we have a great online Raptor community here at RR, and are very thankful for your daily support regardless of whether you agree with what’s written or not. The discussions here at RR are what makes this a great site, not my blabbering.

Tonight’s game will not be answering any questions about the team we might have, and should by no means change our perception of them regardless of the outcome. The Heat have locked up 2nd in the East and look poised to make a run at the championship, especially considering Bynum hyper-extended his knee again last night. So don’t expect to see the Miami Thrice play heavy minutes.

There is a lot to talk about, speculate on and argue too for the next couple months, but I have a few random thoughts I need to get out:

Bryan Colangelo

We shouldn’t hate too much on the job BryCo did for us this season. Is he a top-tier GM in the league? Maybe. What we do know is that he took a damn good shot at changing this teams complexion last summer.

It’s quite hard to make deals work in the NBA, and after coming up short twice, his cards were all out on the table which didn’t help him make positive moves with the vultures circling. The Raptors were a hair away from fielding a starting day lineup of:

Jarred Jack
DeMar DeRozan
Boris Diaw
Andrea Bargnani
Tyson Chandler

Leandro Barbosa
Sonny Weems
Linas Kleiza
Amir Johnson
Ed Davis
…and a couple scrubs

That’s a damn good lineup if you ask me, and one that would be playoff bound. The great part of that lineup would be that Andrea and DeMar would still be used as primary scorers, but there would have been enough of everything else to make-up for each of the starters deficiencies. I don’t want us to lose sight of this fact, it was Michael Jordan who screwed us, not Colangelo (at least this season).

Jay Triano

Still not sold on him as a head coach, but in all fairness, he didn’t have a whole lot to work with. I called a 30-win or so team at the start of the year, and even that was generous. This team was too inexperienced with too many guys who didn’t have a specific role to play. If BryCo gets re-signed, Triano probably has half a season to change perceptions about the team, or he’ll be gone. If D’Antoni is on the market this summer…the rest writes itself.


I do have a great deal of respect for how the team competed on a nightly basis. While we ripped to shreds individual performances from game-to-game, they did play hard as a unit.
The fact of the matter is that the team didn’t have enough complementary pieces to find the right mix with. It all goes back to the failed off-season moves. You mean to tell me that we would be so down on Bargnani if he was flanked by Diaw and Chandler on a nightly basis? Those two would have been perfect compliments, there is no question…sigh…

Ontario Teachers Pension Fund

While I’m looking forward to them bankrolling my retirement (wifee is a teacher), they have no business owning professional sports franchises in a great city dying for championship calibre play. Do us all a favor and sell your stake to another billionaire who is committed to building championship calibre teams, and be done with it.

So there’s a game tonight, and a win or loss shouldn’t affect the final standings since the Wizards own the tie-breaker (they sit a game ahead of us, but are playing the Cavaliers). I’d like to see this bunch end the year with a win, meaningless as it is. The post-game wrap-up Colangelo will (should) give is the most important event tonight, don’t flip the game off until that goes down. Should be good for a couple weeks of discussion and dissection.

Thanks for putting up with me for another season; lots more rants, opinions, draft, free agency and trade coverage to follow through the summer, regardless of a lockout.

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  • Nilanka15

    If I understand this correctly, a win tonight wouldn’t be meaningless at all. A Raptor win combined with a Wizards loss would bring us into a tie for the 3rd worst record, thus costing us approximately 15 ping pong balls (out of 1000). We need to bring out a starting lineup as follows, to ensure a loss tonight, instead of caring what happens in the Wizards/Cavs game.

    PG: Alabi
    SG: Dorsey
    SF: Ajinca
    PF: Bayless
    C: Micah Nori

    • Sam Holako

      lol I think I could assemble five-guys to give that lineup a run for their money.

    • Sam Holako

      Also, if the Raptors win, and the Wizards lose, we will still be 3rd last since the Wizards own the tiebreaker and would be ahead of us in the standings.

      • Nilanka15

        That’s where my confusion lies. In yesterday’s Sun, Ganter said:

        “If the Raptors finish alone in third worst, they would have a 156 ping-pong balls in the drum of the 1,000 total. If they finish tied, they would get the average of the total chances of the third and fourth-place teams combined which would work out to 137 chances of the 1,000 ping-pong balls.

        The only combination that will see the Raptors tie for third worst record on Wednesday is a Raptors win over Miami and a Washington loss to Cleveland. Any other combination leaves the Raptors with 156 ping-pong balls.”

        This suggests that although the Wizards hold the tie breaker over us, that lottery determination only takes the win-loss record into account. I have no idea if that’s right. But the only guarantee is if we lose tonight 😉

        • RapthoseLeafs

          From what I’ve read, a tie would mean splitting the 3rd & 4th lottery balls amounts, but apparently it doesn’t stop there.

          3rd & 4th positioning total 275 balls (chances). Being as this is an odd amount, each team would get 137, with the extra chance (ball) being decided by a coin flip. This coin flip also determines draft order (ie. if Raptors lose the flip, they could draft as low as 7th, versus Washington going 6th).
          Not sure how accurate this is, but it would be nice if the Raptors just lost – and we didn’t have to worry about losing 19 chances. With Raptor luck, we will. And we’ll place 7th in the pecking order.

        • That’s how I understand it. Only the “extra” ping pong ball (combination) is decided by a coin flip. They will essentially have the same odds. So ideally we want either WAS to win or us to lose.

          Remember, its not just 1st spot where we’ll have better odds, but 2nd and 3rd as well.

        • Further to that – a clear 3rd place spot has 46.9% chance at a top 3 pick, while 4th has a 37.8% chance at a top 3 pick. That’s a meaningful difference.

          • Nilanka15

            That means that even if we finish 3rd in the inverted standings, there’s still a 53.1% chance we fall outside the the top 3 in the draft. Scary thought considering the shyte we had to put up with over the past 6 months…

      • tonious35

        Remember: this is a tie-breaker of FAIL, the wizards have more wins than us, making giving us the 3rd seed in sucking…

    • RapthoseLeafs

      I can’t agree with Dorsey starting. We need to lose this one. lol.

      • Nilanka15

        Yeah, but he’s our starting SG, meaning he’s only allowed to float around the perimeter, help bring up the ball, and shoot 3’s 😉

    • Arn

      I think those guys could make the NBA All-Scrub team, at least we’d win something.

    • barenakedman

      I don’t know why they can’t open the the ping pong balls up to public viewing and make it a transparent process. I saw some comments here that it’s rigged.
      The heat will be playing their anemic bench for most of the game so it could be tough to get a loss tonight.

  • Nilanka15

    BTW, to the RR crew, great job keeping us entertained during this god-awful season. Much appreciated.

    • Worried1234

      agreed. as a long time lurker I appreciate the work and reading material. good job

      on a side note. what happened to the morning coffees?

    • Milesboyer

      I second that. The best forum for talking Raptor ball right here – keep it up, the efforts are appreciated.

  • Mediumcore

    Not sure if it was the first time ever said publicly or not, but during the half time show during the Buck’s game Leo and Rod Black actually uttered the words that Bargnani (and calderon) might be traded during the off season. Seems like blasphemy for Raptor media to utter those words unless given permission by BC to do so. Gives me a warm feeling that next season might have some hope after all.

    • knickz

      get rid of bargs! it’s obvious he’s not liked by anyone on the team

      • Sam Holako

        I don’t know about that. I was at E11even last night, and most of the team was there hanging out, Bargnani included. Everything seemed good with them.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          It was a mandatory team dinner last night- as per Amir’s twitter account.

          I don’t doubt that the fellas like Andrea as a person but as a basketball teammate that gets preferential treatment he leaves a lot to be desired on the court and in the lockerroom.

      • Employee

        Any proof of this knickz??

        • knickz

          what proof? all u gotta do is watch the games

      • Junior

        more fag fan fiction.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      You know how BC operates ie BC consensus, as he had to give permission for Black/Rautins to utter those words- that’s how BC works he plants seeds (media) then cultivates the plant (pr spins) to his advantage.

      I mean outside of the obvious that AB shut it down (quit on Rap’s) a few weeks ago he needs to go as Ed racks up double doubles in his sleep- Bargs (2), Ed (13).

      Jose needs to go away as well (Dallas,Memphis)- we need Lawson or Felton at the point next season.

      If there is an off season come July 1st we will know the real deal in relation to both Barg’s & Jose- the longest tenured Raptors under BC.

      I can see a potential NBA lockout lasting until the new year (december’11/january’12) ie no summer league, training camps, pre season, free agent signings, rookie signings or player trades.

      • RapthoseLeafs

        [“I mean outside of the obvious that AB shut it down (quit on Rap’s) a few weeks ago …”]

        Ever think his “sore” ankle was simply a means to an end – tanking. Look at all the players with minor injuries (finger sore etc), and tell me this wasn’t a mandated scenario.
        To me – and I hate tanking – the last 10 – 15 games seemed like the Raptors went out of their way to lose. Joey almost screwed that up with his “just energy guy of the game”. If I was a dedicated conspirator, I might even say Dorsey punched his ticket out of here with a game like that. lol

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          And his post all star game weekly flu missed games as well……does Barg’s have the immune system of a 5 year old?

          Primo pasta- not!!lol

          • RapthoseLeafs

            Don’t know about his immune system – he did have sinus issues before – but I do remember that ashen-faced look of his in warm-ups during this time.

    • Junior

      hope that what? we trade our 2 best players for more mediocre shit we already have plenty of? you dumb bastards should never reproduce.

      • Nilanka15

        Bargnani = Mike James

  • Harry S. Truman

    Looking forward to an interesting summer. Hopefully we can trade the Ontario Teachers for a decent centre!

  • Rapsfan

    Your right this article is blabbering and the details are untrue. first of all we should hate the job that Colangelo did because 60 losses is nothing to be pleased about. I am not One of Colangelo’s peers. To give a guy credit for a trade he wanted to make and blame Micheal Jordan for not wanting to make the trade show ur a sellout. I am not one of those guys who thought Turkaglu was good, I know that 12ppg is average and that B.C is a GM on the decline.
    If we honor B.C awards then we should also honor Sam Mitchells coach of the year award. Triano is not a good coach he is a unproven and unfairly in a position that command a man like Mitchell.

    If our teachers pension were destroyed by bad investments the blame would fall on the one who is incharge. Colangelo is inchrge of the Raptors and you cant put blame on Bosh or anyone else, Colangelo receives a paycheck for his services. Therfore he should of done his job. 22-60 is not tolerated here.

    It seems that You do not know what a franchise player is. Well bargnia is not a franchise player so builing around him will not work. Basketball is not only about stand and shoot. Only a guy like colangelo would of Drafted him to play with Bosh.

    That’s why Colangelo wont be back because they can and will do better. over evaluating players and giving huge contracts to guys your trying to trade the very next season show that colangelo is terrible fit for Toronto.

    • Sam Holako

      A) the details are all true
      B) there was a lot of merit in the trade that didn’t fall through (cap flexibility with the expiring contracts, a defensive center to cover Bargnani in the paint, a point foward who can open up the floor with his playmaking ability)
      C) I never praised BC, he’s done a pretty brutal job since his first season here. I was talking about the summer trade attempt at changing the franchise.

      • Statement

        Nice hat Sam.

        • Sam Holako

          That’s the only picture of me worth posting on the internet.

    • Juicy

      I agree bargnia is not a franchise player, or even a player on the team. And i would never consider builing around bargnia. What was conalgela thinking?

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        And folks wonder why Bosh bolted so easily- blame BC.

        Would CB really want to play next to Barg’s for 5-7 more years?

        • Nilanka15

          From the Sun Sentinel:

          In many ways, the end of the season has justified [Bosh’s] free-agent means.

          “I don’t want to offend anybody, but kind of,” he said, with the Heat eying a championship and the Raptors another extended offseason. “It’s kind of exactly the position I thought. It shows why I made the decision I made.”

          • sleepz

            Lol, of course some people are going to interpret this the way they want or say Bosh had already conspired with Lebron and Wade (which I don’t readily believe. no one knew how much cap space miami had to pull that off, not even riley) but I hope it’s taken as it should be…..that the Raps organization and GM has bottomed out the team solely on his own performance.

            How could Bosh have ever made a different choice than the one he made? BC should have anticipated that response but for whatever reason he didn’t bother to map out plan B. Getting ‘assets’ for Bosh and working out a beneficial sign and trade was not an acceptable plan B when the player held all the leverage.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

            CB, looking back, made the right decision as he knew BC well enough to see that the Rap’s future with BC’s Golden Child Bargnani starting at center wasn’t good especailly in comparison to playing in Miami w/ LBJ & Wade.

            Riley & Miami had no team last off season and now they have a championship contender largely in thanks to BC in less than 1 calendar year.

            BC’s rebuild philosophy is the truth- for Heat fans.

            • RapthoseLeafs

              Take away Bosh, and Miami is still a top Contender. In fact, one could argue they’d be even more of a Contender. Put a defensive minded Big in his place, who can’t hit the side of a barn, and all that whining (at one point), would not have taken place.

              Bosh might have made the right decision to leave the Raps – some might say to the Raptor long-term benefit – but going to South Beach was not any better of a choice. Unless of course you like being the 3rd wheel.

              If Miami doesn’t win the championship, I would imagine there will be more modifications for next season. If the new CBA impacts teams like it should (or is being threatened), there won’t be enough cap room to keep these 3 guys, and still be able to fill out the roster with reasonable talent.

              Remember, the other players (besides the 3 Amigos), need to have decent statistics, otherwise their value diminishes. Not just with Miami (during contract negotiations), but also with potential free agency. I just can’t see 3 Max contracts surviving within a team. One has to go, and we all know who that one will be.

              • Junior

                bosh is getting traded to an nba outpost in the off season…karmas a bitch and so is bosh.

                • Gue

                  LMAO “karmas a bitch and so is bosh.” +1000

              • sleepz

                Put a defensive minded Big in his place, who can’t hit the side of a barn, and all that whining (at one point), would not have taken place.

                You just described Joel Anthony. Where did that get them?

        • Junior

          who wanted rupaul to stay anyhow?

      • Junior

        learn to spell negro.

        • Nilanka15

          Wow, just wow. Someone get this fucktard off this site.

          Bargnani’s a bitch, and soon as he’s traded, we won’t have to deal with your utter nonsense.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      The BC era in the TDot started out strong- Atlantic Champs but he has not built on that early success thus the Rap’s are currently in NBA Lottery country.

      BC got shellacked by Riley in the JO deal (JO, #1 for Marion/Banks) leading up to the CB S&T deal (JJ, Bayless, Ajinca, Rap’s own Lottery pick from Miami JO deal, 9 CB million TPE) and if he couldn’t see that coming after CB signed a 3 year deal along w/ LBJ & Wade then his instincts aren’t that great.

      BC prematurely fired Sam (at 8-9) then rewarded Jay for failure as he signed Jay (who finished up for Sam at a 25-40 clip) to a 2 year contract w/ a Team option on year 3 just because Jay would coddled Bargnani and BC could pr spin the 1st Canadian NBA head coach story on the fans via his media puppets.

      This past summer BC signed Kleiza (1 of 2 guaranteed starters along with Bargnani as per BC & Jay) to a long term deal that looks to be a wash as Kleiza is currently injured and won’t be healthy until around Feb 2012 & by then he might not even have a rotation spot available- especially if Rap’s draft a SF in the draft. Klieza looks to be another future contract on the books but not on the court ala Banks.

      Ever since BC & Jay lied on CB about last season in order to cover their own asses for missing the playoffs I felt that they have gotten the karma that they deserve in return.

      We (the fans) need to rid ourselves of these demons BC & Jay have brought upon the Raptor franchise with their collective deceit and show them the door along with Gheradini, Embry (what does he do again?), Jim Kelly (director of scouting) and rebuild the Rap’s anew.

      • RapthoseLeafs

        [ “BC prematurely fired Sam …….. just because Jay would coddled Bargnani “]

        There are plenty of reasons why Sam was fired – so to focus on Bargnani just seems atypical for some posters.

        Sam (hired ~ June 2004) was on his way out, but (un)fortunately he won COY and delayed what some viewed was his inevitable exit. Issues developed during his coaching stint, including Rafer, Vince (left in Dec 2004), and a few other players. If Andrea had any effect, it was more like icing on the cake.

  • Bendit

    Thank you all @RR for providing a spot to read, vent and learn about Raptor bb.

    Re OTPF and their ownership, this is capitalism…smell out a deal, improve the balance sheet and sell high. Their priority is your wifey. If they found a significant profit in the methane emanating from a pig farm they’d buy it. Agnostic about the feelings of the fans is what they are.

  • demar

    if we got chandler and boris diaw we would have been 7th seed this year. But fckin michael jordan. i respect him as a player but he is a stupid ass GM.

    • Juicy

      I keep hoping that it was for the best. Maybe making the seventh seed, and getting blown away by the Heat isn’t the best thing (though it would have made for an absolutely electric ACC heckling the Big 2 and Bosh). They would have made the playoffs but done nothing to improve long term and give them a chance to someday be a contender rather than a pretender. Maybe having this weak team to develop players with minutes and get a high draft pick is better long term. At least Ed Davis had more opportunity not having to play behind AB, Amir, Reggie AND Chandler.

      Not really saying the way things turned is beter, more just hoping it.

    • c_bcm

      7th seed and a continuation of mediocrity. I prefer this season than what that would have been.

      I want a good and proper, albeit painful, rebuild that gives this team a chance at consecutive 50 win seasons, deep runs into the playoffs, and an opportunity to remake the identity of this franchise.

      • Nilanka15

        +1. Hit the nail on the head. That trade would’ve done nothing to help this franchise, except sell a few extra tickets.

        • Shitslanka

          ya big dummy

          • Nilanka15

            Joshua Reynolds hickeys Bargnani’s stinkhole.

    • St.

      Who knows, maybe we’ll be thanking Michael Jordan for botching that Chandler trade come draft lottery if it indeed make us as bad as a team as we are today.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        You do realize that PJones, Sullinger & Barnes have all pulled out of the draft- do you not?

        And more players may do so as well before May 8 (official deadline to withdrawl from NBA draft).

        BC’s Raptor tenure is a direct reflection of the 2 failed transactions this past off season: Calderon/Evans for Chandler/Diaw & Barnes free agent signing- coulda, shoulda & woulda but didn’t & the 1 free agent transaction that he did was able to complete- Kleiza.

        • sleepz

          I’m actually fine with the players not coming out this year (outside of Barnes) as it will indicate that the losing and the ‘high pick’ talk around these parts is no longer a selling point or justification for the losing this season.

          It most likely will also ensure another top pick next year for the Raps in a draft that should be loaded, assuming the NBA does not enforce a 2 year manadatory college spell for these kids. Hopefully the 2012 pick will be made by a better GM.

        • Bendit

          Do you know what the rules are re: declaration for the draft. eg. Once “declared” about going back to school …can the player change his mind and re-opt in by May 8?

          • Nilanka15

            I could be wrong, but from what I understand, a player can change his mind as many times as he wants until May 8th. The only thing he can’t do is hire an agent (thus becoming a professional athlete), and go back to school.

            I believe that’s what Shelvin Mack is doing. He declared for the draft, but is choosing not to hire an agent. That leaves the college door open if he changes his mind.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

            Players can pull out of and/or declare for the 2011 NBA draft before May 8th as long as they haven’t hired an agent.

            May 8th is the moment of truth for all potential 2011 NBA draftees to make it official.

            • RapthoseLeafs

              And May 17th is the moment of truth for the Raptors – Ping pong ball day.

              • Bendit

                Thanks all.

        • St.

          So? Perry Jones is still very risky (5th or 6th pick) and a soft jumpshooting power forward (sound familiar? ex. Bargnani), Enes Kanter made Sullinger his bitch and the World Hoops Tourney (dropped like 34 on him). Barnes is the only one that will somewhat be missed from the draft, even he has question marks. Rarely, if ever, (unless you can name some) do players all of a sudden pull out of the draft, especially after going through it with their coaches, families, press conference etc, and not enrolling for classes as the semester deadline passes. The ones who declare will be there, Irving, D Williams, Walker, Kanter, Knight, they’ll be there no doubt.

          Those guys you mentioned don’t make or break this draft, Raps have a chance of drafting a really good impact player. Stop drinking the lockout koolaid son, the draft will go down, and some good or great players will come out of it stop hatin.

          • yertu damkule

            it’s not so much whether a player who pulls out would have been picked by the raps, but rather, with a shallower talent pool, players that may have been available around the #3 spot are more than likely to be gone. say, if sullinger, barnes & jones all declared, there’s a realistic chance that one of them (if not more) could have been taken with either the 1st or 2nd pick…leaving a guy like irving potentially available for the raps. now that those big names are out of the draft, there’s virtually no chance that irving won’t be taken with one of the first two picks…and since the chance the raps have one of those picks is minimal, the likelihood that they end up picking a difference-maker with the 3rd pick becomes more dicey. so, if we assume that irving & williams (just as examples) are the 1st & 2nd choices of the raptors, there’s a higher likelihood that both could be gone by the time the raps get around to picking at #3.

            • St.

              Don’t think so, Irving and Williams are pretty much consensus 1 & 2 picks (in whatever order) regardless of whether or not those aforementioned players enter the draft, no way would Irving and Williams fall below the top 2. If the Raptors fall down to the 4th or 5th spot (which is about a 50% chance), then these players might be missed.

            • RapthoseLeafs

              [ “… there’s virtually no chance that irving won’t be taken with one of the first two picks…and since the chance the raps have one of those picks is minimal, the likelihood that they end up picking a difference-maker with the 3rd pick becomes more dicey.” ]

              As Donald Sutherland character (Oddball), in the movie Kelly’s Heroes always attested to:

              ” woof woof …. have a little faith baby .. have a little faith”.


    • The_man_moth

      What’s really annoying about that, isn’t just that MJ refused to trade for Calderon (a fair deal), but then he got rid of Chandler for nothing. It’s like someone tearing up a 100 doller bill or a winning lottery ticket in front of you just to see the look on your face.

    • Junior

      this was the move that fucked us.

  • WhatWhat

    Today, we control our own destiny. Let’s get that 3rd seed.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      The Rap’s destiny is controlled by Stern- believe it or not (Jack Palance voice).

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Great article Sam – sums up my feelings about this season. Have to say it was tiring to listen to all the Bargnani hate, as he seemed to be the lightening rod for fan’s anger to this season. If he’s traded, I feel sorry for Demar.

    As for the season … yes – it sucked. But like booze & drugs, one has to hit rock bottom in order to clean slate. Aside from Demar, Davis, Bargs, Amir, JJ, and possibly Bayless, the core will be going through another round of new faces. That’s an scenario that we seem to do every year. My vision of rebuilding means rebuilding – not blowing up the building each year and starting a new foundation.

    Anyways …. not sure what some people expected, but it’s not hard to say that injuries impacted a team that couldn’t take the impact.

    Really like the part about the Teachers Pension. I still believe their Modus Operandi places “real” money first, and not the potential for money (ie. making the play-offs, and gaining revenue via games & promotion). MLSE have (apparently) said in the past, that Raptors could spend into the luxury tax, if the need arises. But that just strikes me as a complete lie. And facts back that up.

    The new CBA is on the horizon, and we know very little about its’ eventual structure. Suffice to say – and this is a hindsight perspective – I believe we needed to be in this luxury tax bracket in order to get better. Simple accounting (which the CBA is not), suggests it is easier to acquire contracts in exchange for expiring contracts, when you have more to exchange.

    In other words, if you have a larger payroll, you have more to trade. And a better chance of finding the right package in such a trade.
    And lastly, this talk all season about what players we need to keep to become a Contender (and what ones to jettison), just strikes me as looking too far into the future. We need to get to the play-offs first. At that point we can assess our future, because who knows – that future may see Demar bolting to greener pastures. Hopefully not, but did anyone expect Bosh to be gone – back in 2008-09 season. Let me know though, cause I have to pick my Max Million ticket soon.

    • sleepz


      The only notion I disagree with is being sorry for Demar going forward becuase Andrea was a lightening rod for the hate this year.

      All Andrea had to do was give his best effort every time out. Even if he wasn’t succesful (rebounding or defensively) he would have never received that much criticism.

      In a year with so much losing it’s not hard to imagine and conceivable that fans are going to direct their fury at a player who doesn’t seem to have as much problems with the losing as they do and doesn’t care to at least try to do something to stop it.

      All he had to do was leave it on the court evey night no matter the results and he didn’t.

      • Statement


        It could be an effort issue, but I believe that Bargs is not talented or smart enough to play defense. He just is not a good player.

        He’s like Olowokandi and Morrison, he just sucks.

        • yertu damkule

          well, let’s not be too extreme. i don’t believe for a second that he lacks either the physical or mental ability to be a solid defender. he just lacks the desire. it’s why i’m never as hard on jose for being a shitty defender as i am about bargnani – there is no justifiable reason why bargnani could not be a top-notch defender. he just doesn’t want it. as bad as jose CAN be (and i’d argue he’s not really as bad as he’s made out to be), at least he TRIES. you can question his ability, but you cannot question his effort.

        • sleepz

          I do think his IQ on the defensive end is lacking in some areas but I have more issues watching him stand at the FT line or hoover around the key as a spectator and not putting himself in the action, instead waiting for one of his teammates to grab the ball or block a shot.

          If he just put forth the effort in those situations I might be able to give him a bly but he doesn’t so I can’t.

          Olowokandi and Morrison comparisons are harsh, but at the same time I always respect your opinion as you often try and post based on substance, Statement. Those are some wicked body blows however.

          • Statement


            Bargnani just “won” the Darius Songalia award at the wagesofwins blog for the least productive player in the league


            So if you believe this measure than Bargs is the least productive player in the league – just like Olowokandi and Morrison were.

        • Meds4u

          give your head a shake. get your meds. come back and repost something sensible.

  • Fred

    Go figure, the last game of the year is on Sportsnet 1, corporate assholes…

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    D’Antoni is known around the NBA as Antoni because his teams play no defense- no thank you.

    I don’t think D’Antoni would be right for the TDot plus it would just further the Italian nepotism claims going on inside of the Rap’s organization under BC being made by some people- like

    Rap’s need a coach like Mike Brown, Jeff Van Gundy, Lawrence Frank, Brain Shaw, Dwane Casey or Rick Adlemen (if Rockets release him) who will hold ALL players accountable on both ends of the court. Nate McMillian would have been my perfect Raptor coach but PO retained him.

    • Sam Holako

      I’d support Lawrence Frank as the head coach for sure. I have a lot of respect for him.

      • Mediumcore

        Out of curiosity,what exactly was it about his style of coaching that you respect? Trying to figure out what he was really known for other that being the youngest head coach in the league at that time.

        • Sam Holako

          He’s fiery/passionate, seems very well prepared, and was able to squeeze quite a bit out of Vince Carter. That should prove useful with Bargnani.

          • Ol’ Dirty Raptor

            I give all the credit of getting something out of Vince Carter to Jason Kidd.

            It’s about on-court leadership.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    The NBA has cancelled its annual Las Vegas summer league, according to the Daily News’ Mitch Lawrence.

    The Las Vegas summer league normally starts around July 9, with upwards of 20 teams, including the Knicks, sending little-used veteran players and rookies to compete over a 10-day period.

    In preparing for a lockout, the NBA is also not sending any teams abroad for training camp, and did not schedule any preseason games in Europe for this fall. **END**

    Maybe all NBA fans should consider a boycott of watching the NBA playoffs?

    This move really hurts the Rap’s 2011 draft pick’s development and Ed too plus there will most likely be no off season player movement, training camps or NBA preseason games as well.

    • Safari

      Lol you can go ahead and boycott the NBA playoffs, but I know I’ll be watching it.

      • mountio

        Agreed. Should be a great playoffs .. with Bos and LA falling like rocks, should be tonnes of compelling match-ups.
        Be happy for a lock-out – its going to benefit the owners and make it better for teams like us that have trouble attracting / retaining superstars. The goal is parity and financial health for as many teams as possible .. and even though we are financially healthy – we have quite a bit to gain for a new CBA ..

        • RapthoseLeafs

          Don’t be so quick to toss LA around like that. I know Bynum is down again, but Kobe knows this may be his last kick at the can. He has what Lebron wishes he had – heart and soul.

          • Mills

            Bynum is good to go for the playoffs, it was just a bone bruise. We’ll see how those knees hold out as the playoffs get underway though.

  • Bo4

    1) Get new owners tonight.
    2) Fire BC.
    3) Promote JT to GM.
    4) Promote PJC to head coach.
    5) Trade AB for best offer.
    6) Trade LB for best offer.
    7) Trade the $9M TPE for best offer.
    8) Draft Derrick Williams (#2) as the best SF in this year’s draft, OR
    trade for a veteran starting SF.
    9) Draft Jimmer Fredette (#14), for his 3-point shooting.
    10) Draft Kenneth Faried (#28) for his rebounding, OR
    sign RFA Marc Gasol (7.5-15.5M/yr for 4 yrs) for his shot-blocking.
    11) Sign FA Reggie Evans, for his rebounding and veteran leadership.
    12) Sign a FA swing as an injury-sub.

    Calderon, Bayless & Fredette
    DeRozan, J. Johnson, (Williams or ______?) & ________?
    A. Johnson, Davis, (Faried or M. Gasol), & Evans.

    • Bokocumguzzla

      ask santa….cuz u livin in fantasy land son.

      • Bo4

        So, what’s your ‘Reality Plan’ ?

      • Bo4

        … and I’m probably older than you are, pops …

  • JK

    Harrison Barnes on future decision: “If I knew, I’d tell people, that’s the way it goes.”

    It’s not official until you see it on the front page of ESPN people! There’s still hope.