I spent a better part of the day transcribing some of the interviews that were conducted. You can read them in the forums: Bargnani, Johnson, Bayless and DeRozan. There’s also the Ed Davis and Jose Calderon videos. and There was a lot of talk about learning and growing together, and the positives of a 60-loss season were being extracted as best they could. The players were positive for the most part and viewed this season as a necessary growing pain in the evolution of a franchise. Jerryd Bayless made a direct comparison to what a lot of fans see as the ideal path to success – the OKC and Portland models. Amidst the eulogies there was an underlying theme – that this team needs to improve defensively. As much as that is a no-brainer and completely obvious if you watch one quarter of Raptors basketball, it was nice to hear it coming out of a player’s mouth.

Andrea Bargnani took some veiled shots from Amir Johnson who classified the need for a “legit center” as an off-season task, the same with DeRozan who was seeking a “veteran big down there that knows how to play in the paint”, clearly descriptions different than Bargnani’s game. The most interesting piece of the pie came from Bargnani himself, who stated: “I do things that are more complicated than rebounds and defence”.

I missed this rather sensational comment from the interview video and was doubting the people who claimed he said it. It turns out that the Raptors PR team edited the statement out, probably knowing just how ridiculously stupid it was, and the light it would shed on Bargnani. Unfortunately for them, the internet doesn’t work that way. I don’t know if Bargnani meant to slight his teammates by making a statement like that, or whether it was a manifestation of his middling command of the English language. Scoring a basket could be seen as being “complicated” than getting a rebound, but the connotations emanating from a statement like that are not good for the brotherhood that Amir Johnson referred to. In my opinion, what he meant to say was that since he can do a complicated thing like scoring, defense and rebounding shouldn’t be a problem. Really, it was more self-indicting than malicious.

Of importance was Bargnani stating that he had received no assurances about his future with the Raptors, a sharp contrast from years past when Colangelo has always reaffirmed Bargnani’s status as part of the core. Ending with Bargnani, I get the feeling that he knows he’s had a bad year, and is deflecting blame. He spoke about how the defensive problems were “50-50” between coach and players, how his natural position is power forward and how it’s “always been” that way. The most ironic part about his comments was when he cited the importance of teamwork in the context of players being unable to guard one-on-one in today’s NBA, and how help defense is paramount. Note to Bargnani: You are supposed to be the help defense.

Right now he’s easy pickings and I’m done firing my shots, but really, that comment about him doing things more complicated than rebounds and defense is the worst thing a player can say. Oh wait, Michael Grange just started firing his shots. No offense to Grange, but RR (and other Raptors sites) have been pointing out the major problems with Bargnani’s game for years, so really Mike, welcome to 2008.

The off-season regimens have been laid out. Bargnani’s going to stay in Rome and play in the Olympic qualifiers, hire a coach and work with him. DeRozan is focused on extending his range, getting stronger, and improving his ball-handling. When asked whether he’s looking to be the “the man”, he simply said that he’ll be the best player he can be and wherever that takes him is fine with him. He spoke about having a “chip on his shoulder” because of the lack of attention he received last year, and said that it fuels him. Jerryd Bayless has no basketball planned for the summer. Interesting to note that the players cannot use Raptors facilities during the lockout. Some reporter kept on asking the players whether they had “saved money” for the lockout to which all of them responded, “I’ll be OK” but really thought, “You dumbass, do you know what I make?”.

Overall, the mood wasn’t what you’d expect of a 60-loss team, the youth was used to justify the record and exonerate a lot of the players of their current shortcomings, in the belief that the upward trajectory of the team is what should be evaluated, not it’s present state. I’m sure the architect of this situation will be speaking with us soon, and judging by complacency in the air, it should be a softer interview than years past.

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  • Pesterm1

    There is a 5 Part interview with Jay Triano on http://www.raptors.com, i watched all 5 and thought it was pretty interesting. You can kinda tell jay was caught off gaurd when he heard Bargnani thinks he is a PF. Jays response is ya he can score like a OF but he is a 5 as a defender. take a look its a good watch.

  • Don’t you think Amir’s and Derozan’s comment about a legit centre were also targeted at Amir himself, Reggie, Ajinca, who all played a crap ton of centre?

    We’ve got about 12 power forwards and they’re all out of their depth for various reasons when forced to play down there, especially defensively…

    • cesco

      No one in his right mind want to play center with the Raps , the whole team is too poor defensively , starting with the perimeter defenders like Jose and DD . Playing center on this team is a sure way to have nightmares at night of being raped.

      • Copywryter

        Don’t you mean nightmares of being ‘Mozgov’d’?

      • knickz

        it was the knicks game when i realized demar isn”t a good defender

        • AwesomeGuest

          Lmao, I love how half of this site thinks that a player is a “bad defender” when they let a player by them occasionally. Sorry, but not everybody is named Gary Payton, and there is indeed a grey area between The Glove’s of the league and the Calderon’s of the league. Not every player is one or the other. Can’t you people get it that through your thick heads?

    • knickz

      who are yo kidding? it was just a straight shot at andrea

    • Mando

      It’s just that the bozos who write these blogs can make more hay from targetting the one player, they don’t have to think about it.

      • KJ-B

        AHAAHAHAHAHAHAA…!!!!!!!! GOOD OL’ #7– iNEEDED THAT!!! “I do things more complicated than defense!!!!!!!!!!” I’ve been sick all day and THIS is the treasure that I come home to… Let me say your name for the last time: THANK YOU ANDREA BARGNANI, Numero Siete!!!!!!!

  • Mike D

    I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate GM, “Legomaster” and all-around “good guy” Bryan Colangelo on another fine season. Its been a fun five year run with you at the helm!

    When I suggested earlier this season that this may have been the worst roster in recent NBA history, it turns out I was way off. 22 wins is a strong accomplishment for this group – Mr. Colangelo – You gave Toronto the team it deserved!! Again!! I, for one, did not factor in the incredible foresight you had when you added the mighty power of the “Young Guns” to our stable. I thought these were just guys we happened to have left over after Bosh bolted town and Hedo was thrown under the bus…and suspected that you were trying to shine something up and call it gold. Little did I know the future would look so bright with Young Derozan, Young Amir and Young Weems!! Some of these marquee names could even play on the 2nd units of the finer operations in the league!!

    With another exciting season finish behind us, all I can say to the rest of the GM’s in the league is – Watch out for Toronto next year!! BC is back in the lottery boys, so keep your wits about you!

    • Ihatehaters


      • Ihatehaters

        You are really clever.

        • barenakedman

          With a handle like Ihatehaters you’d think a sarcastic post like Mike D contributed would have elicited a different response from you.

          • Ihatehaters

            How so?

            • barenakedman

              I’ts obvious.

    • cb

      pure gold.

  • 511

    It’s obvious Bargnani’s not what most think of as a true center, to us, to the team and even to himself. That Triano would be caught off guard by that comment from Bargnani is sort of disconcerting, but is he also surprised at similar comments coming from other players?

    As well, while I don’t know what I might’ve been expecting – or hoping for – regarding Bargnani’s plans for the summer, it was vaguely disappointing to hear the same-old-same-old coming out of his yapper. Italian National team, maybe hire a coach for himself, blah blah blah. The thought I kept having was “he really doesn’t get it, does he?” (And that was more from how he was saying things than what he was saying.)

    Maybe that ‘sixth man’ idea I’ve been liking the notion of really isn’t what’s best for this team. I’ve tried hard to continue hoping that he’d fit, just perfectly, somewhere on the Raptors but … this morning I’m asking myself (and not for the first time re this subject), ‘who am I kidding?’ If he goes elsewhere, he’ll come back to torch us on occasion, no doubt, but … nothing new about that. This morning, I’m leaning towards, ‘let’s see what we can get for him’.

    May those lottery-balls — a system I trust about as much as a politician’s word (way too much room for shenanigans as far as I’m concerned) — fall in our favour.

    Finally, on a different note, one of my first thoughts this Friday morning was, ‘damn, no Raptors game tonight’. Damn. No Raptors game tonight.

    • Nilanka15

      Someone mentioned it yesterday, but there is definitely something fishy about the NBA not having a transparent lottery. Why not televise the actual picking of the ping pong balls? Maybe all the conspiracy theorists are right!

      • sleepz

        I used to think this(and still do to a certain extent) but then I also realized that the team that if it went down that way the team that drafts #1 is the ball that comes out first. Once that is done there is no more suspense.

        The way they do it now is that suspense is built up until the reveal the first overall pick and who that team is. It would be better from a fans perspective to have more transparency though.

        • Nilanka15

          Always the voice of reason sleepz, nice work 😉

        • barenakedman

          Couldn’t they have a televised lottery to decide the teams order of selection and the next day have the selections or am I missing something?

          • sleepz

            I think that would still kill the suspense and build up of “who’s going to get the number 1 pick”

        • Juicy

          maybe they should do as they already do, but have the lottery side of it available for viewing on NBA.com after the reveal. At least that would provide proof to dispell the conspiracies.

      • knickz

        it’s been rigged for years, even melo said it himself

        • knickz

          let’s just be glad it’s not the nhl,the new jersey devils won the lottery but couldn’t move up more than 4 four spots smh

        • Ol’ Dirty Raptor

          if melo said it, i guess it must be true.

          • sleepz

            +1, lol

    • c_bcm

      Despite all the losing this season, I have to agree with you. Damn. No Raptors games tonight.

      • Juicy

        We’ll just have to suck it up and watch REAL basketball on the weekend.

  • Nilanka15

    I agree with Arse on Bargnani’s “I do more complicated things than rebounding” comment.

    I seems he wasn’t trying to deflect blame, but was trying to say that his offensive is much more complicated than rebounding, that there should be no reason why he can’t rebound better.

    It’s like saying “I know how to drive a manual transmission, so there’s no reason why I can’t drive an automatic”.

    • cesco

      I think it is like saying ” I learned how to drive a Ferrari , so I should be able to learn how to drive a bulldozer “.

  • Daniel

    I am disgusted by this organization. Unfortunately the Toronto market is conducive to leadership disasters like Colangelo and Triano. Colangelo’s tenure in Toronto represents the definition of failure. Triano has presided over the worst defence in the NBA 2 years in a row.
    Yesterday Triano dared to compare DeRozan with Bryant. Before that I had heard Colangelo making the same comparison. In what other city these two would not have been run out of town for making such statements? In which universe a player with no defence, no shooting range, no dribbling or passing abilities would be matched against a Top 10 player ever?
    Everything has to change in Toronto. We need good basketball minds and honest evaluators of talent. Colangelo is a marketing person and Triano is his puppet. The shuffling of musical chairs has to stop. Unfortunately the overall talent in the draft in the last 3 years have been abysmal and I don’t see much changed for the better in the future. The new rules favour the guards with speed and no b-ball skills. Wings and bigs are dissapearing in thier traditional sense. We’ll see what comes out of this.

    • Ihatehaters

      “Yesterday Triano dared to compare DeRozan with Bryant. Before that I had heard Colangelo making the same comparison. In what other city these two would not have been run out of town for making such statements? In which universe a player with no defence, no shooting range, no dribbling or passing abilities would be matched against a Top 10 player ever?”

      Take a look at Kobe’s stats when he was the same age as Demar (Kobe’s third year, since he didn’t go to college, while Demar spent a year at USC):

      37.9 .465 .267 .839 5.3 3.8 1.4 1.0 19.9

      34.8 .467 .096 .813 3.8 1.8 1.0 .4 17.2


      Look pretty close. Demar is definitely not Kobe yet, and I am not saying that he will be, but he definitely has the potential. If he keeps improving (like he did this year), the Raps will be in pretty good shape.

      • Daniel

        DeRozan does only two things well: catch and shoot an open mid-range jumper and atacking the rim in open court or using an open lane created by flex offence. He is the same player like in HS and college.
        Secondly the numbers are not similar: even normalized for minutes the percentage difference between them is huge for players at the same level of development. Other than scoring from 15 ft. in and from the FT line Kobe is a much more complete player in all categories. In addition, this numebrs don’t show their defensive contribution and there is no contest between the two on the defensive side of the ball.
        I’m not trying to knock DeRozan, who’s thrown in the spotline by default, I’m just trying to emphasize the absurdity of our brass in their messaging to the fanbase.
        In hockey, it’s like comparing Kessel with Lemieux.

        • Statement

          I agree with this Daniel,

          Derozan needs to somehow become a better defender and be more willing to rebound or he will share Bargnani’s fate.

          The only silver lining for him is that he is a 9th overall pick, so there shouldn’t be any pressure for it to be “his team” and a better player can always be signed.

          I’m also hopeful because players IMHO generally peak at around 24-26 or so so he has a couple of more years.

        • Ihatehaters

          I’m not saying that aspects of Demar’s game don’t need improvement (i.e. 3P shooting, defensive intensity) – I’m just saying that Demar is in the ‘ballpark’, when you look at a young Kobe (not now). Assuming that Demar continues to improve at the rate that he did between Y1 and Y2 (focusing on the areas that need improvement), he will be a really good player. Maybe not as good as Kobe, but who is?

          • G2arro

            Then why bring up Kobe? You’re a fucking idiot.

        • KJ-B

          I think if DeRozan gets that 3 ball in his arsenal he’s a top 5 scorer in the L next year!!! Y’all can call me on that 1–I stood by Weems not being an NBAer and this is the reason why…..Yes, call me crAzy!!!

        • G2arro

          Such is the problem when all a person does is compare Player A with Player B with only stats.

      • G2arro

        Lol are you guys blind? His numbers are not close to comparable to Kobe’s. I know fans usually overvalue their own players, but holy goddamn are you guys for real?

    • knickz

      i do think jay needs to go,i’m telling you that a better coach would have gotten more out of this team

    • Bravo

  • cb

    did anyone else listen to the travesty that is paul jones and eric smith yesterday on hoops? those two guys bend over backwards to find ways to defend triano and bargs. it’s beyond nauseating at this point. in the same way that the score is now featuring the top bloggers in its broadcasts (dustin parkes, stoeten, etc) it’d be so great if Rogers would be brave enough to dump those two charlatans and bring in some differing points of (informed) view. or if not fire their asses, at least challenge their dogma with some fresh perspective.

    i know that this doesn’t really have much impact on the pathetic state of the team itself, but really, the presentation of the product is abysmal all by itself. i know that local broadcasters for sports teams are always fairly horrid, but it doesn’t mean we have to settle for Rautins and Devlin, Jones and Smith; does it?

    • cb

      in its *baseball broadcasts (online anyway) is what i meant about The Score.

    • Nilanka15

      I’m not defending Jones and Smith at all, but I’d just like to point out that they’ve been covering the Raptors for eons, and have somewhat become “friends” with a lot of the coaches and players. They travel with them, talk to them off the air, eat with them, etc, etc. It must be hard to rip your friends in front of a national audience, even if it’s painfully obvious that they should be ripped. And that’s probably why it’s easier for bloggers to do so, having very little face-to-face time with players/coaches.

      • arsenalist

        Eric Smith was asking the softest questions of any of the reporters. Standing to the side, distancing himself from the rest of the reporters so that he doesn’t get associated with the people asking the actual uncomfortable questions (not that there were many).

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          BC memo: the friendlies (reporters) will all be wearing jeans & standing off to the side…lol

      • Bendit

        I can understand the broadcast team keeping with the program sotospeak. But then to hire the same to host a talk radio show which is ostensibly a phone in program meant to have a honest discussion/vent on the team is what is infuriating…. because the same inanities mouthed during broadcasts of the games obviously find their way into the radio show. We get it that they need to keep their jobs but does Sportsnet have to foist the same yokels into other programming on the same subject? Lets not fool ourselves, if the Score had the broadcast rights they might well be toeing a similar line.

        • knickz

          we think alike my friend

        • Statement

          I never thought of Smith and Jones as yokels, good call.

      • knickz

        just listen in to the the shows, these guys go to the extreme to defend the players when guys call in

    • sleepz

      I try my best to listen because they are good guys but the lack of objectivity is horrible when they start talking. No one says you have to tear down everything associated with this team but stop comparing Triano to Doc Rivers and defending everything Bargnani.

      I don’t feel you have to be always critical as a broadcaster but the lovefest off a 60 loss season doesn’t make sense to me.

      • barenakedman

        The big reason behind their shower of accolades on Triano was because of a J Johnson interview where he said JT was light years ahead of the players when it came to bball IQ. Remember this was coming from a player who was nailed to the bench by his previous coach and was made a starter by JT. From James point of view JT is brilliant.
        Yes Triano may be very bright and have wonderful concepts that he is trying to impliment but as J Armstrong pointed out there is a lot more to being a head coach than pointing to a clipboard. You can have brilliant ideas but if you can’t communicate by looking a player in the eyes and make him understand the importance of buying into that idea and the unpleasant repercussions of not doing so then the raptors are better off looking for someone who can.

        • sleepz

          My bredren called in the other day and gave an anology about Bargnani being a car. He said he’s the sleek looking sportscar with the panasonic sun roof, rims and banging sound system, but also has a bad engine, tires on low tread and windows you have to roll down. After about a week the rolling down of the windows and the engine troubles are the only things you care about.

          Eric got a laugh out of it but Jonesy came with the “you gotta keep it cause you knew what type of car you were buying” talk. lol

          Those guys need to keep it authentic and objective cause it ruins their credibility to do anything otherwise

          • knickz

            lol,i could imagine what you are talking about,jonesy always has an answer for something

            • knickz

              i guess they don’t want get fired,i remember some guy made a bad comment about the leafs and got fired smh

    • Balls of Steel

      Objectivity my ass. Those guys go out to dinner with the coaching staff. I’ll bet the farm that Eric and Paul even got to taste Mama Bargnani’s famous pasta.

      PS> I really hate Eric Smith. He sounds so self-righteous. He always makes it sounds like he’s critical but he’s not.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        I find it very believable that BC very well controls the whole aspect of Raptors media public relations (just like he controls Jay’s player rotations) that’s why I would get rid of the pre/post game & in game announcers along with the entire front office as they just spin whatever BC tells them to spin during said Raptors broadcast or media related event.

        I used to like to listen to Jack Armstrong aka Mr Eat Gulf Seafood during-before Raptors games but he too has now been revealed as nothing more than another clean suited Corporate shill talking regurgitated BC consensus rhetoric ie I got the memo boss.

        Most of the TDot media is a little too cozy with BC for my liking- it’s very cult like- one mind, one thought, one message.

    • Statement

      Stoeten is the new-red green!

  • Nilanka15

    It can be ridiculous playing the fantasy GM game (because of so many unknown variables at play), but it can be fun too. So here goes…my marginally realistic Raptor rotation next year, with an aim to win no less than 35 games.

    PG: Irving (Calderon, Bayless)
    SG: Mayo (Bayless)
    SF: Battier (J.Johnson)
    PF: Davis (A.Johnson, Evans)
    C: Chandler (A.Johnson, Evans)

    That’s a 10 man rotation, but Evans is restricted to spot-duty…so really a 9-man rotation on most nights.

    You’ll notice DeRozan is gone and replaced with Mayo, who in my opinion is the polished shooting guard we’re all hoping DeRozan one day turns into. Nothing against DeRozan, but Mayo already has 3pt range, great handles and passing ability. You’ll also notice that Barbosa and Bargnani have been moved.

    Battier doesn’t have stats that jump out on the boxscore, but he’s EXACTLY (I can’t stress this enough) the type of seasoned veteran that would be a perfect fit to help our young core. You can leave him in the starting lineup to set the defensive tone early in games, but he isn’t required to log 35 mpg with a very capable J.Johnson backing him up. Battier, combined with Evans, can be relied on to lead in the locker room, putting less onus on Triano to be a disciplinarian.

    As for Chandler in the middle, I realize that obtaining him will be tough, but any player in his mold will also suffice (e.g. Dalembert, Horford, Perkins, R.Lopez, etc.). We need a centre who won’t need a lot of touches, but will take pride in altering shots, and cleaning up the glass. A low-maintanance guy.

    I haven’t specifically addressed our 3pt shooting, but Irving, Mayo and Battier are all capable of hitting open looks, and hopefully Bayless improves his stroke during the offseason.

    As for the bench, I don’t really care who fills out the remaining 5 roster spots as they will be limited to garbage time anyway.

    With the continued improvement of Bayless, Davis, J.Johnson and Amir, this hypothetical (yet balanced) team could surprise a few next year, regardless of whether led by Colangelo/Triano, or any other tandem.

    • sleepz

      I think 35 wins is out of their reach next year. In fact, I dont mind another high lottery year (25-28 wins) if its going to mean a bonafide talent in what will be a much much deeper draft in 2012.

      I’d love Battier or Chandler as well but how do you acquire these guys? I know BC has spoken constantly about the financial flexibility but as you’ve also noted in your other posts they only come if you’re winning and overpaying them in the new CBA will be the death of your team I would imagine.

      I think the approach they have to take is very much like the OKC/Port approach that Bayless touched on. More draft picks (with more immediate losses) and drafting of young players. Once you’ve identifed the key youngsters going forward you move some of these additional younger players (like the Green for Perkins deal) for the vets you are looking for to take you to the next level.

      If we got Irving (which is not impossible but more unlikely) and moved Bargnani for another high pick and some spare parts I would be more than happy this offseason.

      • Nilanka15

        I suppose it’ll be up to Colangelo (or his replacement) to put on his “used car salesman” hat, and convince a guy like Battier and/or Chandler that there’s promise in joining the Raptors.

        It most certainly is easier to attract free agents when winning, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible otherwise, especially considering we’re not talking about ‘A-level’ free agents.

        Anyways, I realize the 2011-12 Raptors won’t look anything like this squad, but I thought it would fuel some interesting analysis.

    • No offense, but that’s a pretty mediocre team. I like Battier, but he needs to go to a contender. Both he and Chandler are at least 30, so are really the last thing the Raptors need.

      • Nilanka15

        It’s a mediocre team by today’s standards, but I’m hoping continued improvement changes that.

        Battier and Chandler are relatively old, but every team needs a few vets peppered throughout the roster, especially on a team as young as ours.

    • GDP

      Great roster, instead of losing 60 games, we’ll lose 50 lmao…

      • Nilanka15

        Which would equal 32 wins. That’s pretty close to the 35 win measuring stick I suggested.

    • Bo4

      Chandler, YES! Battier: I used to love him, but he’s now more like Evans … declining, effective in spurts … and worth having on the roster. Mayo is a great big NO!

  • dribbles

    Ryan Wolstat at the Sun transcribed that Bargs quote as follows, while writing an article saying the Raps should trade him:

    “I do things that are much more complicated than rebounds and defence (in terms of what he does offensively), that should be the easy part.”

    I’m the last guy to defend Bargs, but if that’s what he said it’s much less damning than a lot of fans are making it out to be. He obviously has no appreciation for how complicated rebounding and defence are if they’re done right, but he’s explicitly acknowledging that he should be doing a better job (which means nothing).

    And WTF is Triano doing calling Bargs a 5 defensively? A 5 needs to be able to anchor a defence. Bargs is simply not capable of that. Did he not watch Andrew Bogut shoot roughly 100% from the field while Bargs was trying to guard him? There is hope and there is delusion. The organization has to make a decision. If the team finds a real 5 this offseason as all the players seem to want (Bargs included), who starts at the 4 next season?

    • slaw

      He is a 5 defensively. He can’t guard quicker 4s as he isn’t agile or fast enough to defend on the perimeter or in the mid post. He also can’t guard good 5s. Typically, Bargs just guards the other team’s least effective frontcourt player and Triano hopes for the best.

      As for a decision at the 4, I doubt Bargs will be in Toronto next year. A lot of this stuff we are hearing in the press sounds eerily similar to what we heard about Bosh prior to his departure last season. I suspect we’ll continue to hear a lot of negative things about Bargs in the near future.

    • The only position Bargnani really has the ability to defend at all is center. No one says he’d be a good defensive center, but he’s worse defensively at PF, where he actually played a lot of the season, which I’m surprised more people didn’t notice.

      • dribbles

        I think it hurts the team more having Bargs as the last line of defence, which the guy playing the 5 usually is. Doug Smith likes to say it’s all semantics (a big is a big), but from a position standpoint, the guy guarding the opposing team’s 5 (i.e. the guy who is usually deepest in the post) is usually going to be that last line. Basically, I think a bad defensive 5 hurts a team more than a bad defensive 4. I also don’t understand why he can’t guard 4s better, given he’s often done a decent job keeping some point guards in front of him when he’s been caught on pick and rolls. I don’t think he’ll ever be a good defender, but I like his potential to defend 4s more than I like his potential to defend the 5 position, if that makes sense.

        Regardless, if Jay wants to consider him a 5 defensively and most of us agree he’s a huge liability on that end, the team is screwed with him as a starter.

    • cesco

      If Davis gain 15-20 lbs during the summer then they will try him as the starting center and Andrea as the PF . It should be an improvement on the Andrea/Evans combination that was doing a decent job at the start of the season . If Davis is not willing to get heavier then a defensive center has to be acquired and Davis will play heavy minutes as a center/PF substitute . And despite what the haters are saying , Andrea will finish his NBA career as a Raptor .

      • Nilanka15

        I admire your passion, but now you’re just being stubborn. There’s no way in hell Bargnani is in Toronto in 4 years, let alone in April 2012.

        My question to you is, once Bargnani is moved, will you still support the Raptors?

        • Mac

          Short answer NO

        • cesco

          If Andrea is ever moved , I would love him to go to a contender . And as far as the Raps are concerned , after he is traded , I would like to follow their progress for a few years . If they progress and become contenders , I will be happy for them . I am like the spouse who want to stay friend with his/her former mate .

          • Statement

            So you are just a Bargs fan? Damn, I thought you were a hardcore fan of the team like most other people on this board.

            • cesco

              I am from Montreal but as an aside , how many hard core fans did the Falling Leaves lose , including myself . It help to have a winner once in a while .

              • Nilanka15

                You’re from Montreal, but was once a Leafs fan? I’d call that blasphamous!

                GO HABS GO!

      • sleepz

        I love your resilency.

        How you’ve developed the clairvoyant ability to see into the future and anticipate future GM’s of this team retaining Bargnani is amazing.

        ‘Haters’ in your eyes are in fact realists.

        Your reality looks like it’s about to vanish, as will your posts.

      • dribbles

        On Davis, I’ve said as much myself. I’d be shocked if he could put so much size on in one summer, though if there’s a lockout he may have a lot more time to bulk up. To me, Ed’s upside screams Jermaine O’Neal in his prime, but Ed’s more athletic. Anyway, the problem is that the majority of the fanbase and reporters covering the team have very noticeably turned on Bargs. You can’t ignore that if you’re a GM.

        It’s one thing for a player to be accused of lacking in a certain talent. It’s another thing entirely when you’re accused, with much justification, of simply not caring. That doesn’t just piss off the fanbase, it pisses off the other players. Who the fuck wants to play with a 7-footer who doesn’t want to do any of the dirty work?

  • WhatWhat

    The video wasn’t cut off because they were trying to cut it out, surprisingly. There was just an error. The full video is up on Raptors.com. Around the 7 minute mark, I believe.

    I actually think that I have more respect for Bargnani because he said that.

  • slaw

    Arsenalist, I think you should include the full Bargnani quote. The snippet you included is completely out of context. I recommend everyone watch the video from the 7:00 minute mark on to understand the context of what Bargnani said. I also think this post should be edited to include the whole quote.

    Your conclusion at the end gets to exactly what he was saying, so I don’t know why you had to rip on the guy. It had nothing to do with broken english or anything else. Unfortunately, the way the internet works is we can all go hear the interview and we can all hear that you are selectively quoting the guy to suit your pre-conceived notions of him.

    Bargnani deserves a lot of heat but he doesn’t deserve to quoted out of context and ripped for something he didn’t say. Why the hell is there this personal animosity toward the guy? I don’t like him as a player but why is there this effort to malign him as a person?

  • Balls of Steel

    Bargs doesn’t have a thick skin when it comes to criticism. He’s simply indifferent.

    • WhatWhat

      Caliper test FTW.

    • pran

      thick skin, or just thick?

  • Joe

    Actually, that Andrea statement where he says what he does is more complicated than defence IS there and not edited out. Check the Raptors website, he says it a little after the halfway mark I believe.

  • Theswirsky

    2 things regarding the Bargnani quote:

    1) if he said it to mean ‘I do the hard stuff so someone else can do the other stuff’ then thats just ignorant and ignoring what every player should be trying to do on the floor.

    2) if he said it to mean ‘I can do the hard stuff so I should be able to do the other stuff to’ well thats about the 100th time he’s taken note that he has to improve his defense and rebounding and yet has not done anything about it (atleast not noticeably anyways)…. which makes me think he is either incapable of doing it, or he is just paying lip service to the idea.

    Either way its time for this organization to do something about it. The players and fans know exactly where this teams biggest problems lay… now if the coaches and managers can realize it…..

    • sleepz


  • Webcrawler89

    As some other people have stated, the full “rebound and defence” quote begins around 7:00 on Raptors.com. It’s important to go see it for yourself, because, just like most other people, I assumed, based on the quote taken out of context, that he was being callous about defending. But he really is basically saying that Defense isn’t something that you have to train for, it’s all about focus, and if I can do well offensively, there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to defensively. I just need to start doing it and start working on it. He’s literally saying he has no excuse.

    I guess my question is, why did it take him this long to figure that out, and what does he plan to do next?

    • Theswirsky

      so if he has “no excuse” why is he not doing it?

    • Nilanka15

      He’s just blowing smoke. We’ve heard him admit his deficiencies MANY times before. He’s never going to change.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    Jay this is CPS (Child Protective Services) & we are here to take the kids away from you.lol

    Sam was fired at 8-9.

    Jay finished up at 25-40 (33-49). No playoffs.

    Jay, in my mind, got a new contract from BC due in part to BC still paying Sam plus the fact that he would coddle Bargnani while following BC’s order to the word unlike Sam.

    Last season Jay had a playoff caliber team to coach: 40-42 no playoffs.

    This season Jay hasn’t done anything to warrant picking up his option after almost 3 years on the job and no playoffs- just a high Lottery selection the direct result of a 60 loss season- Jay go fuckin’ relax a bit.

    The 1st Canadian NBA head coach BC pr spin has ran its course like Jay’s defensive system- no mas!

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Trash Talk (Jay Triano):

      “I don’t think anybody wants to raise kids for two years and then put them up for adoption,” the 52-year-old responded Thursday when asked if he wants to be a part of the Raptors future.

  • Bo4

    Andrea is – by far – our best asset right now. However, he doesn’t fit the team anymore. If Bryan isn’t willing to get a dynamic SF for him, Bryan shouldn’t be re-signed at all, so someone else can make the trade instead. Bottom line. Everything else is insignificant in comparison. Then Leandro has to go just to make room for the new guy in the rotation.

  • C-Note

    Listen, the facts are there Bargnani is not good defensively, and even if a Tyson Chandler is brought in to mask his defensive flaws, what happens to the development of Ed Davis…. how about Amir Johnson remember we signed him for 4 more years?

    Ending point, Bargnani would be an offensive juggernaut if he came off the bench with no real need to worry on defense…. The last thing I would want to see is him being traded to a team in the Eastern Conference, that would really grind my gears LOL!!!

    • Nilanka15

      Where did the idea that bench players don’t need to play defense come from?

  • RenaldoSugarbush

    I used to teach English as a second language in Japan for 4 years. I expect someone who didn’t grow up with the language to mangle things. English is a very difficult language and I never appreciated until I had to teach it.

    I never understood why we never gave Roy Hibbert a chance with the club. I like his game.

    • Nilanka15

      Hibbert wasn’t a Raptors pick. It was on pehalf of the Pacers due to the pre-determined Jermaine O’Neal trade.

      Had the Raptors kept that pick, there’s no guarantee they would’ve selected Hibbert.

  • Roberto Capretta

    Good Article as alwats Arse…Interesting how the tide has turned on Bargnani this year. 1 request or advice you and other bloggers can simply ignore with all due respect; Taking shots at other writes demeans your position. We all know what you and many have been saying here – the ‘I told you so’ is unnecessary and makes you look paranoid.