Jose Calderon

Raptors Season or Off-Season?


Which do you find more interesting? The Toronto Raptors during the season or the Toronto Raptors off-season? I think I share the same sentiment as RR Member Maleko when says he thinks the business side of basketball in Toronto outweighs our team during the season from an interest perspective. Needless to say, this perhaps could… Read more »

Statophile Volume 19 | Regular Season Review


The Final Count With the regular season over, we present the overall data for the year in this Statophile. Yes, most of the metrics are a bit ugly, but were expectations all that much higher? Nothing overly surprising: defense was the major issue for losses this year. Wonder if this guy may have helped? Man… Read more »


You Wouldn’t Know The Raptors Lost 60 Games


Andrea Bargnani took some veiled shots from Amir Johnson who classified the need for a “legit center” as an off-season task, the same with DeRozan who was seeking a “veteran big down there that knows how to play in the paint”, clearly descriptions different than Bargnani’s game. The most interesting piece of the pie came from Bargnani himself, who stated: “I do things that are more complicated than rebounds and defence”.