Once David Stern’s rigged lottery system overseen by the crooks at Goldman Sachs reveal those random results, there is a chance – a 49% one – that the Raptors will either get the 4th, 5th or 6th pick. Since failing to prepare is preparing to fail, a contingency plan needs to be in order if this disaster strikes. Kyrie Irving and Derek Williams are the consensus 1/2 choices across every draft board, and will be gone by the time the 4th pick arrives. This isn’t exactly considered a strong draft and once a team like the Raptors has to pick from a crop of Jonas Valanciunas, Kemba Walker, Brandon Knight and Enes Kanter, to add to their already young roster, trade winds are bound to swirl.

Let me say right now that I see zero chance of the Raptors trading down because of two reasons:

I get the sense Colangelo doesn’t view this draft as particularly strong, and his comments around the time he traded the 27th pick for James Johnson reflected that. In Toronto, the latest first-round pick Colangelo has bothered keeping is Ed Davis at #13. The 2007 first round pick was traded well before the draft, in 2008 Roy Hibbert was shipped to Indiana as part of the Jermaine O’Neal deal, and in the last two seasons the Raptors rid themselves of their second round picks (selecting DeRozan at #9 in 2009). Colangelo’s Toronto track record isn’t one which indicates that he targets mid-first round players. If anything, he has shown to take the player that falls in his lap without much complaint, see DeRozan and Ed Davis, both very predictable selections at their positions. The short-lived P.J Tucker is the player Colangelo has drafted to suit up beyond Ed Davis. This isn’t painting the picture of a GM who is targeting a player and will take the risk of trading down in order to get a 2-for-1.

Trading down from a top 6 pick usually results in a player coming back on the roster, perhaps even an established veteran. Right now the Raptors do need a veteran presence, especially with Evans’ likely departure, but I’m not sure using your pick to do that isn’t wastage. If a “readymade” player like Tony Parker (think Spurs are going to rebuild?) is offered, it would seem to make sense on paper: the Raptors need a PG, Parker is a great PG. Except that this goes entirely against the zeitgeist of rebuilding that Colangelo has so openly admitted to partaking in. He already said that the Raptors were “unlikely” to use the 9 million remaining on the Bosh TPE because of the rebuild at hand, and this is right along that alley. A 4-6 range pick isn’t going to net a young, potential All-Star caliber player and the Raptors would be better off keeping the pick and dealing with him post-draft.

I don’t believe the Raptors will move the pick before the draft for the simple reason that Colangelo showed his cards in his press conference: “I think we need to take the best available talent and let the dust settle….talent equals other possibilities. Right now we’re stockpiling assets, stockpiling flexibility and stockpiling talent that will yield a better team next year”.

Fine, I get it and makes total sense, but it’s only May and I have five more months of material to write. Allow me to present a scenario where it would make sense to trade down or even out of the draft. This thought process is preying on teams who might not be able to afford players on their existing rookie-scale deals because they’ll be up for big raises. We trade them a fresh rookie at the start of his cheap rookie deal for a more developed, but still young, player who can allow us to responsibly escalate the rebuild. So when do is it a possibility to trade out?

If the Raptors get the 2nd pick.

If you get #1, you pick Irving and move on. The third pick this year is like the second pick the last two years (after Griffin and Wall there’s a big dropoff). We already discussed the uncertainty and relatively low trade value of 4-6, which means #2 is the answer. The Raptors can use the pick as bait for anyone interested in Derek Williams. The value of this pick can be so inflated that they just might be able to extract a player that is already developing like the one they’d hope to develop with the pick anyway! This is a pick where you don’t get what other teams are looking to discard, but what other teams would like to keep and are only giving up because of reasons unrelated to talent.

The lottery is on May 17th, the pre-draft combine is on May 22-23. On the 24th the value of this pick will either start to rise or stick where it is, a few workouts later it could go either way, the key is to strike when the iron is hot. Now, who can the Raptors get that will fit perfectly into a rebuild:

Eric Gordon, LAC: Will enter his final year before the Clippers have to deal with a qualifying offer of $5.13M. He would give the Raptors an option to switch DeRozan to the three.

Kevin Love, MIN: Same as Gordon, except his qualifying offer stands at $6.1M. I can’t even remember the last time Minny paid someone big money, maybe they would be interested in saving cash and restarting the cycle once again with the #2 pick.

Brandon Jennings, MIL: The Bucks are in no hurry to make a decision on Jennings as he still has two years left on his deal, it is however in the interest of the Raptors to inquire about Jennings and see if they can unite him with good friend DeMar DeRozan. Plus, the Raptors do need a starting point guard.

Brook Lopez, NJN: Considered a quality offensive player, Lopez is a poor defender who accumulates a lot of blocks giving the impression that he’s a good defender. He’s on this list because his deal is expiring next season, however I do get the sense that the Russian owner will re-up anyone at this point as long as they’re willing to stay.

Roy Hibbert, IND: See Brook Lopez.

Tyreke Evans, SAC: The ownership situation is a mess in Sacramento and it also happens to be Sacramento. The Kings are not going anywhere fast and having two top five picks is an attractive proposition. Trading Evans would send the wrong message to the fans, but that’s the last thing the Kings are thinking of right now.

OKC roster: James Harden, Eric Maynor and Serge Ibaka are amongst the guys whose rookie deals are expiring after next year. Ibaka and Maynor are specialized backupish players, with Harden being the most polished of the lot.

Some RFAs to consider in sign-and-trade deals:

Marc Gasol, MEM: A sign-and-trade package which would also send back someone like Darrell Arthur would inject some experience into the Raptors, and would ensure the Grizzlies don’t lose him for nothing.

Thaddeus Young/Jrue Holiday, PHI: Sixers are at $53M and have to make a decision on Young this summer and Holiday in a couple. The possibility of Derek Williams at the three alongside Brand and Iguodala has to be teasing to Philly, would they give up Holiday in a S&T deal?

Any other players that you’d at least consider bringing in with the Raptors top pick?

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  • You could maybe get someone like Maynor or Hibbert. Not gonna get a more established guy based on the quality of the draft.

    • Spenny

      For Derek Williams you might. BCs gotta make the move if we’re at #2 and he doesn’t believe he can play the wing.

      • Theswirsky

        Maynor, Harden and Young are the only ones that have a chance of being moved. (Gasol I question because I imagine Memphis is going to do everything they can to keep him… but MAYBE they can’t financially.)

        None are going to be impact players. Nice peices maybe. Role players+, yes. But not the stud the Raps need. We are talking about 2 6th men and what will likely be, at best, an average PG. None are exactly known for consistency.

        The rest of the guys are core peices. No one is going to give up young, established, consistent talent for a complete unknown (#2 or less pick in this draft) as long as its even remotely in their power to do so. None of those salaries are going to be so hard on a team that they can’t, at the very least, dump salary somewhere else to maintain.

        The only way the Raps are getting a stud this year is through the draft (pretty much need the #1 pick for that) or some player bitches his way out of a city…. and if they do that, what are the chances they won’t bitch their way out of Toronto?

        God please let some GM be stupid enough to want Bargnani… that’s the only other possibility.

        Prognosis… another year of futility.

        • Nilanka15

          You never know man. Dumb GMs do get fleeced every once in a while (see Gasol to Lakers, or Carter to Nets).

          I would love any of Gordon, Love, Jennings or Lopez on this team.

          • Theswirsky

            I’m not saying I wouldn’t want some of those guys (Jennings and Lopez I’m kind of meh on… but besides the point) I just don’t see it happening.

            I will say crazier things have happened.. but usually its because something (often the player) forces it to happen.

          • Bendit

            You still think Gasol to the Lakers was so lopsided? Even Popovich (about 1-2 yrs. ago) indicated he was wrong about that same assertion. Right now I think Kobe would prefer the younger Gasol instead! The resulting savings on cap space allowed the Grizz to get Randolph as well. ANd then there were the 2 firsts in 08 and 10 (which I dont know who got drafted).

            • Nilanka15

              It worked out well for Memphis eventually, but I’m sure that if they officially put Pau Gasol on the market, Memphis would’ve received MUCH better offers at the time.

            • Juicy

              “Right now I think Kobe would prefer the younger Gasol instead!”

              But would he be willing to take off his 4th and 5th rings to go back and wait on the younger Gasol?

              • Bendit

                Silly question. Since when did NBA players not want their cake and eat it (in multiple ways if possible).

                I was of course referencing the comment of the Gasol trade being made by a “dumb” gm (the Grizzlies). I believe he also did it under duress of Pau wanting out.

          • chief

            Gotta weigh in on this ‘popular notion’ that Memphis got rinsed in the Gasol trade – man, ‘I ain’t havin that’.

            Griz got rights to Marc Gasol, 2 first round draft picks, Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton and Aaron McKie. They traded Crittenton for another first round pick. One of the picks ended up being Greivis Vasquez. After more trades another pick became Darrell Arthur. Brown and McKie were expiring contracts, allowing them to have the space for Zach Randolph’s contract (acquired through trade) and subsequent contract extension.

            Memphis had never won a playoff game and now is threatening to advance past the second round – with guess-who leading the charge? Gasol and Randolph, with Arthur and Vasquez playing minor roles. So pretty clearly Memphis is better off, considering they weren’t widely accepted as serious championship contenders with Gasol. Simply keeping him wasn’t going to bring them there, and this trade gave them the flexibility to improve their team. They bombed the rest of ’08, which was already down the shitter, struggled through ’09, improved last year and now are already achieving franchise highs. Even if they don’t win a championship any time soon, looking back from now to where they were in ’08, the improvement resulting from the Gasol trade is evident.

            It’s called committing to a build people, it might take a couple seasons but when you do it right the results will show.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      If the Rap’s can draft either DWill, KIrving or TJones (who put on a show at the Kentucky team workout for NBA scouts) I would venture keeping the pick unless a young veteran pg like BJennings can be had for the pick.

      Or if you can move along a salary (Kleiza, Calderon) in combination with the draft pick while still acquiring relative assets in relation to the draft and/or the season.

      I like a potential Str8 Outta Compton Raptors starting backcourt consisting of BJennings & DDeRozan.

      Until the Lottery is finalized as per NBA Czar Stern’s wishes we will have to guess on where the Rap’s may or may not select at or if they should consider trading the draft pick away in a package for more assets.

      I still say DHoward & CP3 by any means necessary or bust!!!lol

      • ak

        Boy wats your name? Do you want to use it instead of this silly nickname? Hurts my eyes to see it everytime!

        • BCGhereadiniJayGots2Go!!

          Boys play with toys my name is Sammy I play with ya mammy- recognize game, chump.

  • Pesterm1

    the only one i liked was Kevin Love, that would be awsome.

    • Nilanka15

      With Love around, either Davis or Amir become expendable. Maybe Colangelo could throw in Davis/Amir for Minny’s pick?

      • mountio

        Be careful what you ask for in Love. Considering the price you would need to pay to get him in a trade (young all star, the ask will be significant) – im not sure hes worth it. The advanced metrics guys love him .. but his filling up the stat sheet hasnt led to any more victories in Minny than AB’s 22 ppg has in TO. His stats are for sure inflated by the lack of talent around him. I think of David Lee as a comparison. Put up good numbers on a brutal NY team .. but whats he really doing to help GS (as their third best player, nonetheless?)
        Id much rather go for Gasol or even Evans (I realize the red flags, but this guy is a beast and if he got his head on straight, look out) than Love.
        I think Love is a great 3rd or 4th piece (and I mean GREAT) on a good team with other stars to carry the load, but will never be a 1st or 2nd option. What he need is a stud and Evans or Gasol could be that guy. Not sure anyone else on that list fits the bill …

        • Nilanka15

          I don’t think anyone on Arse’s list should be considered a 1st or 2nd option (with the exception of maybe Gordon).

          • mountio

            Mr Evans would dispute that claim… but I agree on the rest. Point on Love, is, given that he is a “young all star, advanced metrics freak” .. you are going to have to pay for him like hes a 1st option .. and hes not worth that.

        • Theswirsky

          “the stat sheet hasnt led to any more victories in Minny than AB’s 22 ppg has in TO”

          but the teams not building around Bargs I thought? I would also mention, while I don’t think the Raps roster is good… I’d take the players around Bargs vs the players around Love any day of the week.

          • mountio

            I swore off AB discussions on here (the site is much more enjoyable talking about other things as people clearly have their view one way or the other). Perhaps I should have used another example … my point was that, despite leading the league in rebounding and having the 4th or 5th best PER, Love didnt do much to help the team win. I agree he didnt have a heck of a lot around him .. but none the less .. I think any other all star would have got his team more wins than Love got his (with the same teammates).
            My suggestion is that, despite being a stat-stuffer, the reason for this is the Love doesnt have the skills to be a 1st or 2nd option .. thus hes not worth mortgaging your future on unless you already have stars in place.

            • Statement

              Love is a good player with offensive skills and a beastly rebounder.

              I don’t like his defense though.

            • Theswirsky

              here’s the thing… “allstars” are almost exclusively from teams with good records. Teams with good records almost always have more than just one talented player (and usually more than one all-star). I’d wager there are very few all-stars that would have made that team even marginally successful. I don’t think for a second that because Minnesota ended the season with a 20 (?) or so win record it says anything about Love, other than he isn’t as good as Dwight or Lebron.

              Now as said he’s not a Lebron or Dwight or Wade? But he is one of the players that has the toughness, grit, efficiency and all around skill to be a huge asset to every team. If you expect a team to not start building until they have a LBJ or Dwade on their team, its probably gonna be a long wait.

              I don’t even remotely see having a player of Love’s calibre as mortgaging your future. His next contract max. is 14 mil (? approx, and assuming no salary cap change) Thats a great price for what you get from him. Do you need more than Love? Ofcourse. But its been pretty clear that you need more than Dwight, LBJ, Kobe or Wade to. If a guy like Love falls into your lap, you take it. You don’t ask questions. Love may not be “the star” on a team, but he will be one of them. And I can’t picture a player, besides a 3 pt shooting C (not refferring to Bargs), that you couldn’t put with him. You have a inside/outside, monster rebounding, good passing, hard working, efficient PF thats in his 3rd year in the league (1st year limited playing time, 2nd year hand injury that kept him out for the majority of the season)… thats the type of player GMs drool to have and cry when they loose.

              • Nilanka15

                Well said. Love isn’t just a random player statistically benefiting from playing on a weak team. When was the last time anyone saw a 30-30 game prior to Love’s? He’s got serious game.

                • Boomer

                  He is also an absolutely fantastic passer, especially on outlets.

              • mountio

                Very well said .. and I agree on the majority of your points.
                My point however is the “cost” from a trade perspective is going to be too high for what you get back (not so much the cost of his contract).
                Realistically, I cant see Minny giving up Love unless they got the #1 or #2 pick plus at least one of DD and Ed (maybe AB – but Ill keep him out of the conversation to avoid bias since hes not the point). If we dont have the #1 or #2, you can forget it altogether and if we wont include DD or Ed (might need both with something inferior in return along with Love), you can forget it to. You asked if I would take him if he falls into our lap? For sure! But thats not going to happen .. its gonna cost us dearly. If you think Minny would trade Love for the rights to Enes Kanter and, say, Amir Johnson (let alone someone worse) .. you are crazy.
                Is that worth it? To end up being essentially where Minny is today? Not in my books ..
                But we’d have the leagues leading rebounder! PER off the charts! WS/48! … and still be a 20 win team.
                None of this is a comment on whether I think K Love can be a valuable member of a good team (I absolutely do). I just wouldnt mortgage my future for him (as described in the above deal) .. whereas, I would do the above deal for potential star / first option like Blake Griffin all day every day.

                • Theswirsky

                  I will say we have a slight difference of opinion when it comes to the Raptors players

                  would I trade the #1 pick for Love… maybe. #1 and Ed for Love… probably not.

                  The #2 and any combination of players we have? In a second.

                  Amir and Ed I really like. But I don’t think either of them will be as good (overrall) as Love. Better defenders? Yes. Better at anything else? No. Plus you’d be getting a premeir PF back, so keeping 3 would make no sense anyways. And I just don’t think relying on draft picks IF another option is available is the way to go. I will say its a rare day when a move like we are talking would ever happen (and I don’t think for a second the #2 pick + anything the Raps have would be good enough).

                • mountio

                  Interesting thoughts. Sounds like you have a much higher viewpoint on Kyrie than D Will (whereas I prefer Kryie, but like D Will a lot as well). Also, when you think about Minny – would they really trade Love for the #1 to take another point guard? Maybe, but want a PR nightmare. Thus, I think they might be more inclined to take the #2 (D Will) and more players (DD plus Ed and return someone like Beasley with Love) as opposed to focus on Kyrie (they are probably the only team in this boat, however).
                  And, to be clear, I am in no way shape or form suggested that AJ or Ed is better (or will be better) than Love. I am however, suggesting that Ed will be a solid NBA player and Ed + Kyrie would be better than K Love and Ed plus D Will might be better.

  • Mediumcore

    It’s going to take more than the draft pick, but I can see the Raptors taking a long hard look at trading for Nene.

  • Mediumcore

    Also, if the Cav’s get the first overall pick then Ramon Sessions could be up for grabs. He’s still young and has shown a lot of potential…not consictency however.

    • Maleko

      They like Sessions and will likely keep him for their own rebuild. Would they go for a 3rd lotto pick in return for Varejao?

      • c_bcm

        I wouldn’t. We need younger talent willing to grow with our current group. Not someone who has tasted the promise land as a role player.

      • Nilanka15

        I would rather have any of the projected top 5 picks over Varejao.

      • Mediumcore

        But if they end up with the first pick they will surely go after Kyrie. Not sure why they would want both Kryrie and Ramon.

        • Bendit

          I am not totally convinced that the Cavs will surely take Irving. Baron Davis (when he wants to) is a terrific talent. They have a lot invested in both Davis & Sessions so, taking a Williams especially if he aces the combine might not be such a reach and Minny taking Irving with their point guard investments of the past couple of years is also questionable.

          • Mediumcore

            I disagree. Davis is old and constantly out of shape and unmotivated. If they are picking #1 in the draft the Cavs will pick Kyrie and so will Minnesota if they have the chance. Minnesota is having trouble getting Rubio to come play for them, so trading the rights to Rubio to another team would benefit them.

      • Bendit

        Varejao is akin to a younger Reggie. Would you trade the 3rd pick for a younger Reggie? Too uni-dimensional I believe with upside already determined.

  • c_bcm

    I was really disappointed to see Memphis do so well in this years playoffs. I’ve been high on M.Gasol for about a year and a half now, and I thought he was relatively unknown to the rest of the league. In that situation you would imagine that BC could undress the Memphis GM and no one would be the wiser. Now, not so much. If there was ever a time for Memphis to pony up the cash, its now. Gasol will stay there, and it’s a real shame for Raptors fans.

    Hibbert is a core piece of the Pacer re-build. They’d be willing to give him up about as much as we’d be willing to give up ED or DD. Same with Minnie and K.Love. Not gunna happen.

    Not a fan of the Philly trades either. That team hasn’t played with any passion for about 4 years. I don’t want that impacting this team, which despite all their misgivings, played their asses off this year for us.

    So really. I don’t know. Unless BC can seriously pull a rabbit out of his ass by convincing another team (above) that their rebuild is not going the right direction, I don’t see us getting an young established big this off season. BUT, Gasol or Hibbert would make a believer out of me. In BC we….hope?pray?

    • Nilanka15

      It’s hard to say that Philly hasn’t played with passion considering what they accomplished this year as a projected lottery-bound team.

      • c_bcm

        I think they got into the playoffs by default. Someone had to fill the last 2 spots. Iggy and Brand are not the type of vets i’d want to influence impressionable young talent.

        • yertu damkule

          hmm…seems a bit of an unnecessary swipe at two guys who are considered to be pretty classy around the league. what is it about them that you wouldn’t want younger players learning? how to be an excellent perimeter defender & keep yourself in top-notch shape year after year (iggy), or how to persevere through a devastating injury, rehab for months & months, and come back with a greater understanding of how to play the game? i think you’re confusing iggy & brand with josh smith…

  • Statement

    No to all of those players except Marc Gasol.

    Derozan should stay as a 2, he could possibly be above-average playing that position. Not so much at the 3 (defensively I mean, he is not strong enough to man that position).

    If we got the #2 pick, we should keep it and choose Williams.

    • mountio

      For sure. I think all of this is moot unless we are below #2. Of course, if we are below #2, not sure we will get much for the right to draft Kanter, Valanciunas or Kemba ..

  • Tbihis

    i think this would be a good topic for discussion in the forum

    • mountio

      Maybe Im the only one, but I prefer to discuss topics in the comments as opposed to the forum. Much more user friendly ..

      • yertu damkule

        i’d agree, but for some reason, i can’t seem to comment using this ‘disqus’ thingy at work.

    • slaw

      It’s a pointless discussion. No one has a clue what the CBA will look like but the Raps should taget people based on cap numbers for teams? What? This is all premature. No team is going to take on any salary until the CBA sorts itself out, which may not be until 2012. Forget about any major moves this offseason. There will be a draft and a lockout. That’s it.

  • max

    Sometimes I think you live in a fantasy world when you suggest the Raptors could get a Kevin Love or Tyreke Evans.

    • yertu damkule

      yeah, because lop-sided, outlandish, ridiculous trades NEVER happen in the NBA. every deal is beneficial to each team involved to the same exact degree, and every FA signing makes the utmost sense.

  • Mediumcore

    Kevin Love is not a player I’d want on the Roster. Already have Ed and Amir at the 4 and Love though a good rebounder is not a great defender. Pass.

    • yertu damkule


  • tonious35

    I just got this weird feeling Houston will have some 28th pick in the draft and he will become a 15PPG and 10 RPG player in two years. Our scouting system and scouting personnel suck balls, that’s what I have to say.

    • Bendit

      They havent been doing so hot with their picks/trades lately. Patterson who was slated for the Raps had a avg./below rookie yr. and Kevin Martin was questionable in terms of making a difference.

      • yertu damkule

        ‘Kevin Martin was questionable in terms of making a difference.’


        • Bendit

          The Rockets failed to make the playoffs the season before and after he was acquired. The team has regressed on defense and while KM is gifted offensively (scoring) he is not considered a good passer nor a defender. So, from an acquisition rating viewpoint, did trading for KM make a difference to the Rockets season?

  • RapthoseLeafs

    If the draft proceeds as scheduled, followed by a lock-out, what would happen if the whole season was wiped out. Would Toronto get another hit at the next draft (in the same order)?

    • mountio

      I think the NHL basically re-drew with similar odds, but skewed towards the better teams to give them a better than usual chance of moving up. Explanation below. I assume it would need to be negotiated, but the result would probably be something similar .. which could be great for the raps, theorhetically.

      “The league settled on a lottery system in which all teams had a weighted chance at the first pick, expected to be Sidney Crosby. The lottery was tilted so teams with fewer playoff appearances over the last three seasons and fewer number one overall picks over the last four seasons had a better chance of landing higher picks. The complete order was determined by the lottery, and the 2005 draft was conducted in a “snake” style, meaning in even rounds, the draft order was reversed. This system was an attempt to compromise between those who felt all teams should have had an equal chance at the first pick and those who felt only the weaker teams should have been in the running.”

  • Bo4

    1) Marc Gasol, Roy Hibbert, Kevin Love or Brook Lopez, in that order.

    2) Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday, Brandon Jennings, James Harden or Eric Gordon, in that order.

    3) Thaddeus Young, period.

    • Nilanka15

      Evans doesn’t impress me, and for whatever reason, I see more potential in Jennings than Holiday, and I would definitely take Gordon over Harden.

      • Theswirsky

        20-5-5 rookie season doesn’t impress? Only done by MJ, Larry and Magic?

        You are a hard man to impress Nilanka!

        • Nilanka15

          lol, impresive rookie stats, no doubt. But I would much rather see the Raptors with a true PG….not another combo guard.

          • Theswirsky

            well I’d say he has, more or less, played SG since half way through his rookie season.

            I see him more like a Wade, in the sense that he’s a sg that can also handle and pass the ball (rather than what I think when I hear combo guard… which is a PG that shoots to much and should be playing sg). He’s not quite as tall as some other SG’s, but easily has the strength to compete at that position.

            • mountio

              Im with Swirsk on this one. Attitude is an issue, but otherwise, Evans is a beast (and I would WAY prefer him to Jennings (chucker with brutal shot selection) and Holiday (impressive run recently, but not nearly the overall skillset of Evans.
              I dread every time the raps play the Kings .. it seems like anytime Evans wants to get to the rim and dominate the game, he can (admitedly he seems to fall asleep for quarters also).
              He would be a dream if the raps got him .. perhaps not a perfectly prototypical PG .. but still a good passer and makes up for it in other ways (great rebounder for a PG).
              Would take him over pretty much anyone on this list – including Love.

  • Rpsfan95

    i would just take our pick and wait to rip off a team looking to make a run in a probable shortened season

    • Theswirsky

      a team making a run:

      1) won’t have a high draft pick 2012
      2) won’t give up the lvl of talent a team like the Raps would want. If they do, how would they make their run?

      Teams grabbing up players to make a run give up low end draft picks and expiring contracts for experienced players and ‘bad’/short term contracts to fill a need for their run.

  • Kevin

    I like the prospect of pairing Jennings with DeRozan a lot but Derrick Williams if he can play the 3 is someone I wouldn’t mind taking a chance on. However if there is some way we can trade the 3rd pick assuming that Williams and Irving are off the board for Jennings depending on the packages I would do it in a heart beat.

  • Dzoni

    Arse, I usually take note of your articles, but Minny trading Love or Clips trading Gordon!? At least you didn’t mention Bulls and Rose, com’on man!

    • yertu damkule

      to be fair to arse…you have to look at the organizations involved. the front offices of either aren’t exactly carpooling to mensa meetings.

  • feas

    Some other guys I’d consider moving the pick for, depending on where it falls:
    #1- Cousins
    #2- Greg Monroe, Stephen Curry
    #3- Bogut

    A lot will depend on how we view some of the big man prospects in this draft (Kanter/Biyombo/Valanciunas). Cousins or Monroe would be awesome at C next to Ed/Amir here, we would have a really solid young frontcourt to move forward with with either of those two. Monroe averaged 13.7ppg/10rpg/2.2apg post all-star break, and Cousins averaged 14.2ppg/9.3rpg/3.8apg post all-star break. I doubt either team moves them though, they’re proven, and still locked up on rookie scale contracts.

    Curry is an interesting possibility, his super efficient scoring (especially from 3) would look great next to DeMar, and he’s got good court vision as well. The Warriors will likely want to hold on to him, but they really need to improve their frontcourt (especially at C), and Ellis is their best player, so maybe they move Curry instead. With him getting full control as the primary ballhandler here, we might even see his numbers go up from the already great 18.6ppg/3.9rpg/5.8apg he put up this year.

    Bogut is one of the best defensive C’s in the league, and replacing Bargs with him at C would make a huge difference to our team’s interior D. He is owed a lot of money though, and has had some injury concerns in the last few years, but overall I think he’s worth it as a defensive anchor that can score in the post, and pass the ball as well.

  • Raptor4Ever

    What is James Harden’s postion ?? Is he a PG or a SG ? I was listing to an interview with him few days ago and he was saying how much he likes to set him teammates up and he never looks for his shot first and …

    • yertu damkule

      SG. his role in that offense is something more of a facilitator than one would normally associate with the 2 spot, but that’s more to do with who he’s on the floor with (spends a lot of time with either russ or KD), though from what i’ve watched (and i admit, it’s not a tremendous amount), i think he’s exaggerating just how much of a facilitator he’s making himself out to be.

  • YoBro

    If the Raptors got 2nd pick I’d consider offering Bargnani plus the second pick to Minny for K. Love, R. Rubio, and Minny’s second pick (20th). Then I’d try and trade the 20th pick plus Amir to Cleveland for their 8th pick. I don’t know if part of the Bosh TPE can be used to perhaps sweeten either of the offers to Minny or Cleveland. The result would/should satisfy all concerned, on the basis of fit and value. The eighth pick should/could yield the Raptors one of the following: Kanter (C/PF); Vasely (SF); or Motiejunes (PF)

    • Raptor4Ever

      You want Kevin Love + Rubio for our 2nd Pick and AB ??!!
      How does that make any sense to Minny !!! Kevin Love is a Stud especially after this season we just had and AB’s Value is at its lowest after the bashing he got here in Toronto. You have to offer alot more to get your hands on Love + Rubio. I think the following will make more sense:

      DD + AB + 2nd Pick for Kevin Love + Rubio + 20 th Pick

      • Nilanka15

        It’s funny when people think trade value is determined by fan msg boards…

        • Theswirsky

          I agree… but I think you can take that a step further and say he only did that to himself anyways.

          If fans can get behind Reggie and chant his name in games, there’s no reason they wouldn’t for any other player if they deserved it.

          Rose gets an MVP chant after shooting 35% in his first 2 games against atlanta….. and its fans fault for “bashing” Bargnani

  • Ear Wigg

    YoBro, I like your idea! The Raps give up Bargnani, 2nd pick (D. Williams) and Amir. They get Love, Rubio, and maybe Kanter. Sounds good to me. Rubio (Spanish) gets to learn from Calderon. (Calderon should be traded after 2012, to lighten payroll), Love fills Bargnani’s spot offensively, and is better defensively. Kantor (should we be so lucky) fills Amir’s spot. Makes a great back court, and adds very good big men forward. Yaho!

    • Jonathan

      YoBro says: “YoBro,I like your idea!”

      LOL. Did you really just pretend to be someone else praising your own post, but without changing your name?

  • onemanweave

    There’s very short odds on getting nos. 1 or two. Good bye Kyrie. So long DWill. Get over it.
    There are three potential 5’s — Valanciunas, Biyombo and Kanter. All have European backgrounds. Gheradini should be able to give the Raps as good a chance to evaluate them as anyone. Draft the best one.
    You will have a young big man to work into the rotation along with Ed, Amir and AB. This to me is the best solution for Bargnani. Make him earn his minutes against some actual competition. Or not.
    Trade someone expendable — there are lots of candidates — for a second rounder and draft a pg like Isaiah Thomas. Short but coming on since moved to pg. Put him behind Jose and the banty rooster and let him develop and maybe eventually provide some competition.
    Get ready to miss the playoffs again, but not by such a wide margin. Some of the young talent will pan out.
    If Kyrie falls into TO’s lap — great, but the odds are against it.

  • Kemba Walker is a beast! I don’t care about rest

    • Nilanka15

      Kemba Walker = Ben Gordon.

      I bet Bayless’ stats mirror those of Kemba’s (adjusted for minutes played next year).

      • mountio

        Way to generous. Kemba is more likely to equal Damon Stoudamire, Shawn Respert or Mateen Cleaves than Ben Gordon. Ben Gordon is a pure scorer like Kemba .. but hes 6’3″, not 5″11 like Kemba.

  • onemanweave

    One more rant and I’ll shut up.
    Please can the ‘ get Howard and CP3. Draft Kyrie. Trade AB and a sack of Canadian Tire money for Love’.
    Hope springs eternal. Don’t hurt to hope, but there’s probably more chance Biyombo develops an offensive game than any of those miracles taking place.
    Toronto Raptors are in a deep hole. One young player, even a potentially great one isn’t gonna lift them out immediately (see Wall, John).
    To use a baseball analogy, when you go up swinging for the fences you don’t hit nearly as many dingers as when you keep your head still and try to make solid contact.
    Keep making good moves, even small ones. Draft, trade for good, young available players. The semi-finals are VERY likely not just a year away.