Reggie Evans
Do you want this guy back? I want his personality back, not sure about the rest of him. The conundrum with him lies that he can only play one position, and in that position he can play one end, and on that end he can do one job, and that job is rebounding. To make matters worse, he’s injured for half the season and although he does travel with the team to spread his infectious attitude, I can’t imagine a fringe player sitting in civies having much of an impact. He also plays the same position as two of the Raptors “core” players in Amir Johnson and Ed Davis, which makes his return even more of a questionable decision. Obviously the solution here is a blood transfusion which will see Reggie’s blood being drained, mixed with performance-boosting tiger jizz for good measure, and then injected into every Raptor. Seriously though, he does leave a leadership void and it needs to be filled, the only guy coming close to it is Amir Johnson and he sells ice-cream part-time.

Ed Davis doesn’t make either rookie team
Blake Griffin, DeMarcus Cousins, Greg Monroe and Derrick Favors. Did Ed Davis a better campaign than any of those guys? His numbers are better than Favors and Monroe, but he did miss 17 games which had something to do with the vote. None of the teams for these guys came close to making the playoffs so you can’t say he got jipped because of being on a bad team. It would have been nice to see a Raptor get some kind of “honor” this season, but as things stand nobody on the team getting arrested has to be the hallmark of yet another season. Jarrett Jack got a DUI but that was when he was with New Orleans. Come to think of it, there haven’t been too many Raptors involved in any off-the-court issues in recent memory. There was Oakley punching McInnis, Bosh being called a deadbeat, and that about sums it up really. I propose having a banner raised at the ACC commemorating this “clean sheet” of ours. In this day and age of crime, terrorism, violence and Justin Bieber, going a whole season without having any of your players arrested has to be an achievement. We’d probably lead the league year-after-year in this category, it would be like our new three-point streak.

Bryan Colangelo is stilll around
Let me lay a soccer analogy on you. And if you don’t follow the EPL, this wlll go straight over your head. As a long-time Arsenal fan, I have had to sit through six straight trophyless seasons under Arsene Wenger. The last six years haven’t been exactly bad, in fact by most other clubs’ standards they’ve been fantastic: top four finishes in the league, the associated Champions League football and advancement into the later stages of the competition have been frequent. However, by Arsenal standards the results are poor and the bottom line is that we haven’t won anything for some time. Much like how Raptors fans are split on whether Bryan Colangelo is the man to do the job, Arsenal fans are not sure whether Wenger deserves to continue. The loyal and blinding allegiance to both men is surprising and something I can’t quite figure out. The major difference between the two is that prior to the six trophyless seasons, Wenger won the title twice along with a host of FA Cups. Bryan Colangelo hasn’t won anything.

Colangelo stated in his press conference that nobody on this team is untouchable, he’s quite right about that and the Colangelo loyalists will agree on that point. However, by that rationale, since Colangelo is the one who assembled every single person on the roster for the last four years (three of which have been failures and one a 22-win season only considered acceptable because expectations were so low), he is the last person who should be untouchable. I can’t quite fathom why his loyalists can’t see that perspective and continue to bring up the, “if not him, then who?” argument. Unlike Wenger, Colangelo isn’t a man who has a track record of great success that we’re counting on him to find his lost touch. Colangleo isn’t even looking for his lost touch, he’s still trying to figure out what his touch is.

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  • JHP

    Not sure in what direction the Raptors should go in.  But the facts are Reggie just can not stay healthy, so my vote would be to stay interested but definitely not over pay.  If he gets a better offer then good for him. 

  • Bo4

    Reggie Evans should be a player-coach …
    Ed Davis will get his minutes, and will develop into a pretty good player …
    Since I like the core of Amir/Ed, DeMar/James & Jerryd, I have to give BC credit for getting us to within 3 players of the rotation we want to watch … the draft will get us to 6, a free-agent will get us to 7, and Andrea or Leandro or José make pretty good 8th, 9th & 10th players …
    I’m looking forward to the next 12 months … 

    • AJM

      “Reggie Evans should be a player-coach …”
      Charles Oakley was unemployed for god knows how long and no one from raptors called him for assistant position. That’s the kind of assistant coach that I want to be around young players.

  • c_bcm

    Dunno about the arsenal comparison. It’s not like the raps have a history of success here. Bryan haas done what every other gm has done…but for one thing. He has raised expectations for this franchise. He also has the franchise pointed in the right direction as far as youth is concerned. Which is something no gm has ever really had the balls to do before.

  • KJ-B

    Arsenal was running the world for a minute with Viera, Henry, Dennis the Menace, Sol and the other Monsieur in the midfield BUT they got old–At least Arsenal has something to look back…what do we have to look back on in T-Dot… If anything BryCo should be sacked because he never created a new reality for the Raptors & new expectations…

    It just figures that as his contract expires, 5 out of top 10 players in the NCAA happen to pull out of the draft and he’ll have hard time “selling” without little hype available to market… Ho Hum, that’s my opinion of BryCo… At the end of the end of the day, his sins of omission are just as terrible as Babcock’s sins of commission.

    To me it’s all about what he could never do, both here and in PHX…… He’s an underachiever in the guise of an overachiever!  Look past the suits and the trades for players he should’ve never signed or traded for in the 1st place, and just what do you have?!? 

    This may sound like it has nothing to do with Reggie Evans but it actually does?  What has Reggie really done in his time in Toronto–whereas Kapono was overachieving many a night and def in the playoffs v Orlando….

    • Steve

       Comparing European football (as sport & business) with North American NBA basketball is lame. Still, if we had playing for Raptors such a basketball players as were soccer players Seamen, Lehman, Fabregas, Cole, Viera, Henry, Dennis the Menace, Edu, our team would be in the playoffs every year. Further, In 2010 Forbes ranked Arsenal as the third most valuable soccer team in the world. The largest shareholders are sports tycoon Stan Kroenke, diamond dealer Fisman,  and “Red & White Securities”, which is co-owned by Russian billionaire  Usmanov and  financier Moshiri.  And who do we have here? The “Teachers”!Jingle bells, jingle bells,
      Jingle all the way,
      Oh what fun it is to see,
      United win away – oh!  

      • Theswirsky

        I don’t understand the comparison?  Arsenal is owned by a bunch of rich people? You do know that MLSE is a pretty wealthy sports conglomerate themselves? What does MLSE or the OTPP have to do with what Bryan Colangelo didn’t accomplish?

    • TheMC5

      Colangelo’s suits aren’t even that nice. He looks like a second rate wannabe mobster. The cuts he chooses are terrible. Ever heard of a tie, Bryan?

  • Gaurav87

    The Wenger – Collangello analogy is terrible. I’m from London and no Gooner wants Wenger sacked, true Arsenal fans know Wenger isn’t the problem, the problem is building a stadium on finance, and now having to pay it back. There is a lot less money then what there used to be when the Gunners were winning trophies. Any true Gooner will know Wenger has done a brilliant job with the resources available to him.

    • Arsenalist

       I believe there’s a protest going on today, extra police and all.  Google it up.

      • AJM

         you think being a Gunners fan is hard , I’m a Juve fan.

        •  Try being a Liverpool fan.  Although things are starting to look up ever since Dalglish was made head coach.

      • Statement

        Passes it to centre, centre holds it….holds it…..HOLDS IT!! 

        • Nilanka15

          Ariyaga!  Bariyaga!  Ariyaga II!  and Beetsotza! 

          • Statement


  • barenakedman

    If the Raps add a center through the draft or FA Dorsey, Ajinca or Alabi can fill the role of fourth or fifth big off the bench and save a nice chunk of change. 

  • Sam

    I’d trade my left nut to be the NBA equivalent of an Arsenal fan.

    Best analogy I can come up with is the Houston Rockets – not only did Hakeem win them 2 titles (with the Jordan asterisk, it’s true) but they (or at least he) had such style doing it.

    Fire BC and find the NBA’s Arsene Wenger. Please. I can live with that kind of sports heartbreak.

  • Toshmon

    “I can’t quite fathom why his loyalists can’t see that perspective and continue to bring up the, “if not him, then who?” argument. ”
    Arse….I don’t think most people think that there isn’t  anybody qualified to replace him.(although there are only about 50 people in the world that are qualified to do his job)   Its because we have people who own the team that don’t give a shit about sports and don’t know anything about basketball.  So to entrust the powers above to find a suitable replacement is a lot of blind faith.

     Arsenal F.C.Premier League Championships—13
    F.A. Cup championships—-10

    =a history of winning and a sense of enttitlement. 

    Toronto Raptors
    Atlantic Division Championships——1

    I’m not sure you can compare the two teams or blame one specific person for our plight.

  • Raptor4Ever

     The fascination of BC fans with him is beyond logic and is unexplainable. The guy has done nothing to deserve an extension and hopefully will be sacked right after the NBA Draft night.  

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    As much as I appreciate what Reggie brought to the Rap’s he is not reliable as a player to remain healthy all season thus I would let him walk or S&T if the option arises. If Reggie would come back for the vet minimum I would keep him as the 3rd roster PF and make sure he knows his role behind both Ed & Amir.

    Ed Davis is a victim of the Rodney Dangerfield disease- no respect. BC has brought the Rap’s no respect League wide in year 5 of his Raptors reign as such Ed would have had to average close to a double/double to get noticed as BC has no pull just bull.

    BC is a deceiving liar- point blank, if you like being lied to and manipulated via pr media spins then he’s your guy- if not I can think of at least 30 current assistant NBA GMs that would like his GM spot in the TDot. And a few more that would make a far better President of Raptors Basketball operations than BC.

    • ezz_bee

      I’ll call you on that. List your names please.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Google the current 30 Assistant GMs in the NBA & pick 1.

        From my own pipe dream preference if I was in charge:

        Raptors President: Julius Erving aka Dr J

        Raptors GM: Chris Mullin 

        Raptors Head Coach: Rick Adelman

    • ak

      I wouldn’t call him a liar like that.
      In fact, most of his interviews he gives clues and insight into his decision-making process.

      He deserves respect for he had balls to stick with his strategy. The fact his strategy failed is another matter, however.

      I, personally, would like him to be replaced by someone unortodox. Say, when portland hired the quant guy from okc or even when gstate hired a former players’ agent.
      MLSE has to explore more creative ways to get an edge.

      • Mediumcore

         Actually I was wondering about hiring a players’ agent as maybe an assistant GM. They have connections to players which might be helpful with bringing talent to Toronto which has historically been difficult for our GM’s to do.  

        • ak

          that was kind what i was thinking. even at the time the deals for kapono and turk seemed outlandish.
          with bc you never feel like you have got yourself a bargain. i mean what you expect from a guy with a thousand dollar suit right?

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Judge a tree by its fruit- BC speaks in the language lies, deceptions & half truths just like a politician politicking.

        BC deserves respect? lol What was his strategy again?

        Wait 5 years for Barg’s to evolve into a NBA player?

        Rebuild? He didn’t come up with that pr spin until January.

        BC deserves to be let go as both Raptors President & GM of Basketball Operations at the end of his contract as we are back in Babcock territory 5 years after the fact of BC’s arrival in the TDot.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    The longer MLSE stalls on their GM, the more Mickey Mouse we look, and the less chance for “upgrade” trades to be possible.

  • JYD

    I agree Bryan had a mixed result as the GM of the raptors, but I do want him around for the next two seasons for 2 reasons: 

    1. He is a great salesman.   If there is anybody that can sell crappy players to other teams (to the TO fans as well), it is BC.  He manage to convince PHI to take Kapono and PHX to take Hedo, not to mention the Haffa for Hump trade a few years back.  Those are horrible players with horrible contracts, and the fact he traded those players for more productive players with smaller contracts, speaks for his skill to convince other GMs that our average to bad players are good role players on their team.

    Of course he also signed Kapono and Hedo, so his free agent signing record is pretty bad with the raptors.  But with all the assets on this team, from savy vets (Calderon, Barbosa) to young player with potential (Bayless, Ed Davis), and a player named Bargani, BC is as good as any GM in the league to trade them for better players because he is such a good salesman.

    2. He has a decent draft record, with both Phx and the Raptors.  At least he has the experience of going through 15 or so drafts as a GM.  Do we really wants a rookie GM with no drafting experience to handle our lottery this year and next year?

    A lot people say that we can’t be any worse with another GM, but I think we can do a lot worse.  If a better GM is available,  go for it by all means, but don’t fire BC just for the sake of firing BC.

    • onemanweave

       Gotstogo takes the same position regarding BC as another well respected blogger on here does in regards to AB — they have to go no matter what the alternative is as a replacement.
          I just don’t think it’s the best approach to positive change.

      • onemanweave

         There is an old African proverb that states ‘ when you discard something, make sure you can replace it with something of value.’

        • onemanweave

           In regards to something of value — after years of successful coaching would Phil Jackson be interested in trying his hand at GM?  Would he make a good one?

    • Raptor4Ever

      “He manage to convince PHI to take Kapono and PHX to take Hedo”

      True, but the problem is He is the MORON who gave those huge contracts to Kapono and Hedo at the first place 🙂 🙂 So him being a great salesman is really not helping the Raptors due to his constant mis evaluation on players.

      • ak

        Well he took his chances when signing both of those players. The fact that he traded both of them with success, however, speaks volumes of his ability.

        A lot of GMs in the league either take chances and fail or play safe and bear the misery throughout.
        Otis Smith/Rashard Lewis/Gilbert Arenas is the former, Rob Babcock/David Kahn is the latter.

        When you look at qualities BC offers as a GM you can’t ask for more.
        If you judge him by the results, then yeah he does not deserve much as failed terribly throughout his tenure.

        One thing you can’t deny is a team led by BC will have the most exciting offseason in the NBA, period.

        • Theswirsky

          Seriously… BP created one of the largest oil spills in history, destroying 1000s of peoples livelihoods, 100,000’s of innocent animals, billions of dollars in damages…. but the Gulf Coast isn’t completely destroyed so they should be praised for their efforts right?  The results should be looked at as successful and a good reason to keep drilling for oil?

          Look I like Reggie and Barbossa, but these guys are, at best, bit peices in the short term, meaningless in the long term.  They were traded for guys that were SUPPOSED to be key peices to competitive team.

          Just because he marginally cleaned up a mess he made… it shouldn’t be look at as a success.

          • ak

            BP analogy is not applicable here. Oil companies are not judged by their ability to clean up the mess, they are evaluated upon the oil reserves they have access to and the direction price of oil is taking on.

            in case of colangelo, being able to sell a bad contract is one of those critical skills a gm is being paid for.

            i am not trying to say he deserves a new deal. however, i do agree with JYD’s point that BC is tremendous salesman.

            • Theswirsky

              “Oil companies are not judged by their ability to clean up the mess”

              but GMs are?  Do the GMs not get evaluated on their players and direction?

              “being able to sell a bad contract is one of those critical skills a GM is being paid for”

              and what about giving bad contracts? Taking on bad contracts?

              I’m not saying BC is not a good salesman.  But he created the mess in the first place but somehow, by your reasoning, that mess is less important than him PARTIALLY cleaning it up. 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      The only reason Phoenix took Turk is because Lon Babby-Turk’s agent was taking over basketball operations in Phoenix so he helped his client out ie BC didn’t convince ish – do the full math not the self serving BC nuthugging half. As well, hasn’t Reggie been hurt more than not?
      No wonder BC gets over on alot of people in the TDot because they don’t know all the facts only the pr spins in the wind.

      Btw- who gives a flying fuck what he did in Phoenix- we don’t know if he really did make the moves in Phoenix or was he just given credit for those moves via his NBA team owning daddy?
      The only thing BC sells is Bull Chit, after 5 years people can’t see that fact? 

      There are 30 Assitant GMs ready to take BC’s GM place in the TDot plus many others ready to take over as President of Rasptors basketball, hopefully the new owners will get some new minds, direction and energy in the TDot and rid us of this liar BC and his bad karma.

      This is basketball not rocket science here.

  • JP

    the only banner the raps have flying in the ACC is the Division title…and that was under BC.  Give him a chance to finally fix this thing the right way (without Bosh) 

  • Statement

    Jose Bautista rules everything.

    That is all. 

    • Copywryter

      Great, lets put him at the 3. If somebody cuts to the paint, he mashes them into the Sprite Zone.

      • Statement


    • Toshmon

      Its funny because Bautista is a product of JP Ricciardi, a GM that liked to spend Rogers’ money and got chased outta town.

  • Rpsfan95

    so funny to watch the Eastern final with Chuck doing radio for the team opposite Bosh.  can just imagine how much Chuck blew D-rose all year

    • Statement

      Oh ya,

      Chuck is da man.

      I remember when Bargs hit a three in his rookie year and just was like “Man…put this kid in the hall of fame”. 

      • Statement

        and just was like = and Chuck was like. 

  • boom


    • Jonathan

       Just wondering, but if Bargnani sucks so much, how do you propose trading him for a legit center?

  • feas

    Fun fact of the day: Reggie gets one-fifth of his shot attempts blocked

    • Copywryter

      Yeah, by the backboard.

  • Rpsfan95

    Chad Ford insider has Kanter as possible #1 now

  • Malefax

     In an unrelated note, the website is really, really small for me. It’s like everything is in 6 pt. font. Very hard to read. I use Chrome, if it matters.

  • stan

    I f’n hate the epl.  Who cares about soccer, especially pathetic english soccer.  This is about basketball.  Seriously.  Arsenal?  WTF? 

  • FAQ

    Hey, tribal honkers … this is as good as the Raptors will get for the next 4 – 5 seasons …. a mishmash of cast-off veterans and wannabe rookies via the draft.  The Clippers of the East …

  • matt

     lol at the comparison, especially for a gooner to read

    still, arsenal did have a period of good times, but toronto……division title?

    would like to see evans in toronto again, but that would mean a lot of dnps or 1 of davis, johnson, or evans at center. Leadership is real underrated, just ask…….arsenal. fabregas aint no leader.

  • I’m a Man U fan but even I wouldn’t compare Wenger to BryCo. That’s just harsh man.

  • Thejellokid

     Jesus folks he just resigned for 2 years with option for 3rd….Discuss

  • Clamber

    Short of having the most successful modern day manager and a Russian billionaire willing to spend on anything capable of dribbling a ball what more could you want. English fans are all the same, and far to predictable. You have the second longest tenured manager in a league where coaches are lucky to make it past one. That my friend is called consistency and its the only reason that pathetic South London excuse for soccer team has had any success. But then again maybe you are right, maybe you should hand the reins over to Steve McLaren or whatever other dreg the EPL can summon up – Arsenal deserves better after all…