Doug Smith is tweeting Triano is out. As we all know, he wouldn’t be going out on the line like this if he didn’t have it on good word from someone in the know.

More news to follow as it trickles in.


Update: Holly MacKenzie is tweeting that his option has been declined, and Triano will be retained as a consultant/special assistant to president/GM.

Quotes from BC:

“I have great respect for Jay Triano both as a person and as a basketball mind,” said Colangelo. “Jay deserves tremendous credit for developing our young players this past season and our most recent win-loss record does not appropriately reflect his many positive contributions to this organization.

“This was a difficult decision to make, but after almost three full seasons of observation and evaluation I believe that bringing in a new voice as head coach will accelerate the progress we are looking to make in the coming years.

“I am very pleased that Jay has agreed to stay on and help see through the plan that we have designed and initiated together.”

“I am grateful to the organization for the opportunity to be a head coach in the NBA,” said Triano. “I am proud of the work that I and the coaching staff have done with our young players and feel confident we have laid the foundation for a team that will continue to improve. I look forward in assisting Bryan to deliver a championship team to Toronto.”

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69 Responses to “Breaking: Jay Triano out as Raptors Head Coach”

  1. No

    If Doug says its true…its true. He’s so sure on his info he’s never first for anything

  2. j-z

    I wonder if they have someone in place already. The work outs start next week.

  3. G-Money

    I wouldn’t be surprised if PJ Carlesimo takes over!  If it happens – I want Rap of the Day!

  4. Colef

    hes getting reassigned; he is a consultant and special assistant to BC now…peace Jay!

    • stan

      Hoes on his d!ck, bitches on his d!ck, sucking like they’re martians,  he’s Based God and he looks like Earl Boykins!

  5. Raptor4Ever

    This COULD be a great move by BC ONLY IF he hires a RIGHT, DEFENSIVE Coach for this team. 

  6. Theswirsky

    does this now mean that Bargnani is responsible for 2 coaches jobs?  Just saying……

    • James

      Get the F out of here ??!! You and Tim needs to Stop your AB bashing and move on. It is getting boring and pathetic. 

      • Theswirsky

        then don’t read or post a response….  hardly my fault you choose to. 

      • albertan_10

        AB has to much potential but the attitude he carries hasnt proved that he is motivated enough to improve. He had some great scoring games last season but he was streaky and his defense was bad.  i wish he had the attitude to go with the skill

        • Beaverboi

          This is a Jay thread. There are 8 billion AB threads to discuss his skill/talent/attitude.

  7. Brandon

    This won’t solve the lack of talent problem. God couldn’t coach this team to a winning record.

  8. Sepp Blatter

    Doesn’t anyone find it at least humorous, if not slightly deplorable, that Triano’s been “reassigned” after BC stated at the end-of-year press conference how he wanted Triano back as coach?  Am I missing something?  Regardless of what Raps fans thought of Triano, what (more) does this say about BC?

    • Marz

      What did you want BC to say exactly? Blast the coach after he handed him a talent-less roster? He said the right things at the right time, just like he always does. But if we’ve learned anything about Colangelo, what he says has no bearing on what he does.

  9. Tucas

    about time lets put enlgish as coach hes a more defensive minded coach the pj carlisimo

  10. FenixL

    Im happy he remained on the staff. He was not the best head coach by any means, but he was never really given the right pieces to succeed. I really hope this breaks the streak of rookie head coaches and we bring in someone with experience

    • Theswirsky

      I completely agree.  He’s given no D and limited talent, all while being expected to get individuals to improve (who have no desire to).

      As far as I’m concerned this is a pass the buck move. 

      I am glad he is getting to remain on staff and an experienced coach would be a nice change.

  11. ezz_bee

    This is messed up in my opinion.  I have no problem with BC bringing in another coach, but he better have somebody BETTER already lined up.  Otherwise this is not a good move.

  12. KJ-B

    Can’t win ’em all but we won 1!!!! Triano tried but was clueless in the end… 2 bad but hey that’s life @ the end of the day….

  13. Kevin

    Lawrence Frank is our guy, I like Adelman but I don’t know if he will come here and whether or not we have the money to pay him.

  14. FAQ

    Soooo … how many head coaches has Bargnani played under …???

    Bargnani would love a change of scenery next season .. somewhere south of Canada.

      • Dkoop10

        Thinking outside the box here, but I miss Sam Mitchell. I think he did a much better job than he was given credit for and shouldn’t have been canned. Lots of teams re-hire coaches. He brought intensity and pressured the players to play defense. Bring Smitch back

    • Tom Liston

      You mean the Lawrence Frank, who’s last three seasons had teams with defensive ratings of 21st, 24th and 25th respectively?  Must be another one.

    • ghostface

      Last time I checked, Frank was fired from New Jersey after an 0-16 start with a weak team…what makes you think he can do any better with a talentless Raptor team.   

  15. tonious35

    Jay is a special consultant?  I hope he can fare better than what Isiah Thomas is doing in NYK with Dolan.

  16. BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    Jay Triano is BC’s puppet aka Company Man so it’s no surprise that he’s moving up into the front office with BC after leading the Rap’s to being the worst defensive team in the NBA 2 years running while Sam got the steel toe boot out of the TDot.

    Special consultant means nuthugging BC Consensus yes man.

    I wonder if Jay was the guy who advised BC that Sam had so called lost the team?

    Jay sold his soul to

    Hopefully in 2 years they will both be gone or 3 at the latest.

    Bob McAdoo (My choice, current Heat assistant)
    Rick Adelman (rumored to be a candidate for PO GM)
    Mike Woodson
    Lawrence Frank
    Brian Shaw
    Jeff Van Gundy
    Sam Mitchell (stranger things have happened)
    Dwane Casey (current Mav’s assistant)
    Bill Laimbeer
    Mo Cheeks
    Alex English
    Mike Dunlevy
    Mark Jackson

    Just don’t make PJ Carlisemo as the head coach he’s not a good fit.

    Sloan & Brown are too old.imo

  17. jlongs

    Wouldn’t know if this was a good or bad move until we see who BC hires as replacement. And even then, not until the season actually starts would we see any results. At the very least I hope it’s someone who holds players accountable.

  18. 45c


    • AllCapsNazi

      Quit yelling. People who use all caps are the most hated on message boards the world over.

      • Guest

        Your name is ridiculous.  You turned “Nazi” into “Law Enforcement”.  The only thing more hated than allcaps are nazis.  Idiot.

        • AllCapsNazi

          No, the only thing more hated than either is those who don’t grasp sarcasm and jokes and all other things funny. 

        • hateslosing

          You are really getting mad over a Seinfeld reference? Soup Nazi anyone? Or perhaps it’s the allusion to the commonly used phrase “grammar Nazi” that bothers you? 

  19. Nilanka15


    Colangelo said if his new coach wants to retain Triano, that would be
    fine by him. Certainly he knows the turf: Triano worked with three
    Raptors head coaches.

    Colangelo said he would like to have his new hire in place by the NBA
    draft, June 23. That’s three weeks away and the Raptors have a gaudy
    list, eight candidates, for their fifth overall pick.

    The new Raptors coach will be hired based on stature, experience and
    pedigree, Colangelo said. He does not consider a playing career in the
    NBA a prerequisite. What will be essential will be a comprehensive
    defensive system. The Raptors have never had difficulty scoring but
    defensive elements: rebounding, help defence, have long been elements
    that needed improvement.

  20. Cuttyd

    Sorry guys but this is a promotion not a termination. this is a bad thing.

  21. Rpsfan95

    I’ll give BC some credit for once, by not trashing Jay he is sort of admitting that this is his fault

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      That’s because Jay was doing what BC directed him to do in relation to starters, rotations and the like BC might as well been coaching the team since Jay was just his puppet coach

      Jay is a Company Man as per Jack Armstrong- wake up!

  22. Dkoop10

    It’s going to be a tough coaching search, I think. The fan base will explode if they bring in a nobody or a rookie coach, but what veteran coach is going to want to take over a team 2 or 3 years away from competing?

  23. Bendit

    Seems like he has someone just about chosen…he wouldnt have let JT go with the draft 3 weeks away. Bad optics. 

  24. Dkoop10

    Nothing confirmed in story, but the New York Daily News is running the headline: Canadian Bakin’ – Walsh Questions if D’Antoni is right fit for Knicks; Coach Could Bolt For Toronto

  25. homer-griffin

    I think Bryan is just covering his rear, but at least he can’t cover it anymore because if nothing changes, it’s all on him now.


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