Full on speculation: Ettore Messina signed with the Lakers. Messina thinks highly of Andrea Bargnani. Andrea Bargnani isn’t as highly thought of by the Raptors. Raptors need a defensive center. Lakers have Andrew Bynum.

Water on speculation: Andrew Bynum is apparently untouchable in trade talks.

The Italian’s arrival in Los Angeles has automatically made the Raptors a potential trade partner, this on the heels of the Lakers being eliminated by Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks in a series where the mismatches posed by a 7-foot mobile center proved too much for the defending champions to overcome. The Lakers need re-tooling if they’re to return to the NBA finals, and there is dead weight lying around which they’ll be looking to move. That’s where Messina and his advisory role comes in, and it’s not ludicrous to suggest that he could try and sell them on Andrea Bargnani. Questions were asked of the Lakers offense and the old formula of having Kobe Bryant generate the points was failing, with nobody else filling the scoring void in good measure.

The Lakers could very well be interested in Bargnani, perhaps not as a starter since they already have Bynum, but as an offensive weapon in a limited role, which is what Bargnani’s true calling probably is. Messina is surely to at least bring up the possible fit of a mobile center in a movement-heavy offense, and could convince the Lakers that a true shooting big man could add a dimension to their offense that would relieve the pressure off Bryant. The apprehension in a possible deal would come from the Raptors’ end as they scan the Lakers’ tradeable assets and lose interest. You can scratch off Bryant, Bynum and Gasol, and the next best player is probably Lamar Odom. Odom had a disappointing series against the Mavericks on both ends of the floor, and was roundly criticized for his work against Nowitzki. He will be 32 by the time the season rolls around and doesn’t fit into the Raptors’ plans by a longshot, simply put, he’s too old.

The next tier of Lakers are Ron Artest, Matt Barnes, Steve Blake and the sort, the only person of any outside interest is Shannon Brown, and he looks to be a set role player in the league. Unless a third team comes around and helps the Raptors out, any deal with LA has no purpose in it for the Raptors. Andrew Bynum’s conduct in Game 4 against the Lakers didn’t win him any friends amongst the fans and the organization, but was it bad enough that it could put him on the trading block? According to the above-linked Yahoo piece it isn’t, unless Messina’s persuasive skills can convince Jerry Buss otherwise. If he managed to do it, would you do this (plus, there’s also the TPE to play with)?

Coach talk. Must have NBA “pedigree” is how Colangelo himself described the new hire, and that to me has whittled down this search to either Rick Adelman and Jeff Van Gundy. No disrespect to Mike Woodson, Lawrence Frank, Dwayne Casey or the freshly fired John Kuester. These times are very similar to the spring of 2005, when the Raptors franchise was looking for a touch of respectability and reached out for Bryan Colangelo. At the time the signing of Colangelo gave the sullen franchise a much-needed facelift, and injected it with a sense of direction and enthusiasm. Six years on the fragrance of Colangelo has worn off, even turned to bit of a stench, and here we are looking for another individual to revive and invigorate the club.

As much as the new coach should be about defense and commitment, it is equally important that he be an ambassador for the team, and possess league-wide recognition and respect. Remember, as of right now, the Raptors do not have a single player on the roster that any other NBA player will go out of their way to play for. The team is in a situation where it has to truly build something out of nothing, and if it is to attract a key free-agent or two in the near future, having a coach of a rich extraction will help. This is not a slight against the lesser experienced head coaches or some of the great assistants the league has to offer, it is merely a matter of trying something new. As mentioned before, five of the Raptors’ seven coaches have been rookies and other than Butch Carter and Sam Mitchell very briefly, none of them have quite worked out. You know what they say about doing the same think over and over again, right?

On that note, I bid you farewell. Last night was a truly craptastic one with the zit-faced rat hitting that jumper, would’ve loved to see the Mavs win and the diseased ostrich be blamed for passing up that open look. Oh well, the sun even shines on a dog’s ass sometimes.

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  • Marz

    Adelman as GM+Coach is my prediction.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      A combination GM & Head Coach? Get real. lmfao

      Adelman isn’t coming here- he’ most likely going to PO as their new GM. Neither are JSloan, LBrown or JVGundy.

      Currently I like Mike Woodson, Dwane Casey & Lawrence Frank in that order.

       My current longshots would be Bob McAdoo, Mark Jackson & Bill Laimbeer.

      Will BC be offering potential coaches a two year deal with an option on a third year like his current deal?

      Bargnani (as soon as his BYC contract tag is removed June 30th) & Barbosa in exchange for Felton, Chandler (Chandler would be S&T) or JR Smith (JR would be a S&T) & Denver’s 2011 1st round pick (#22).

      Just say no to Bynum and his unreliable health.

      The Rap’s need to sign Sam Dalembert as an UFA this off season.

      The CB hate is over the top and makes you look really petty as well it seems as if you are on BC’s payroll or drinking his kool aid by the pitcher. CB is putting in work on the biggest stage in the NBA-The Finals- recognize.
      If anything you should be directing your anger at BC for getting played out by Riley in the JO deal & the CB S&T deal- especially if Barg’s is on the Rap’s roster next season.

      • Jamesk

        Combining the coach GM opens up the possibilities of finding an A list candidate, with the dual purpose of shielding Colangelo from whatever performance the club endures. He did mention hiring a GM or top level guy; in my opnion he’s looking for a little job security and someone to deflect all the blame on, but it could work out very well in landing the big fish. Remember when the leafs could have had scotty but didn’t want to give up total control, then found they had to give virtual aotonomy to get Burke? I think similar principals will apply if you want to invite JVG and Adelman to the table. If we end up with Casey or Frank, I’d have to think the search was a failure of sorts.

        • Bendit

          You must realize that there is but one individual with that dual authority currently…Popovich (all player transactions go thru him even though Buford has the gm title). Arguably Riley can have the dual role if he chooses as well. There is a difference between the two leagues in terms of player development, choice, cap management and of course roster numbers/no minor league. I dont think its doable beyond a couple of years…its too much work.  

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          I can see a potential Player/Head Coach but not a GM/Head Coach as it’s too much work for one man as opposed to one being the President & GM as then the individual is always in the Front Office not on the road busy with in season game planning.

          I would like to see a Jerry Sloan/Larry Brown/Rick Adelman/Julius Erving/Chris Mullin type as the Rap’s new GM.

          Plus I would like to see Alvin Willliams replace Jim Kelly as Director of Scouting. And Alex English take over Player Development.

          I see you’re already up on game as BC is going to hire a new GM in order to shield himself from himself ie BC Consensus, as part of his new winning plan.lol 

          I found it odd that he was going to get to keep both of his Raptor basketball titles (President & GM) after such a miserable past 2 3/4 seasons.

          Casey (1990s Seattle- Kemp/Payton led defense) is the truth all he needs is an opportunity. A student of George Karl.

          Anyone that can coach up the Minnesota T’Wolves to 8th best team defense in the NBA gets my respect plus he was fired during his 2nd season with the T’Wolves at 20-20 by Glen Glunwald- wtf? After firing DCasey the T’Wolves went 12-30 to finish up at 32-50.

          Rap’s would be lucky to sign either Woodson, Casey or Frank.

           But with BC most likely offering just a 2 year contract with an team option on a 3rd year I think that Casey will eventually get the nod because of his coaching pedigree, defensive knowledge and hunger to succeed. Time will tell.

          • Jamesk

            yeah, not glen grunwald brother…anyways, it’d be nice to see a coach with a little more pull than smitch and jay had, something more towards larry brown but not larry brown-he’s proved his point and we’d be a playoff team, untill he tires of the roster and tunes out, moves on etc. While it’s not realistic to expect jvg to walk through that door, the change would be impactful on many levels; from the realistic choices, let’s just hope we get lucky and find the next tibs.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              Yeah, Jim Stack was the T’Wolves GM at the time- brian freeze- brother……

  • Jaquan

    You gotta let go of the hate brother.

    • J_Hoss

      That last paragraph has no business being in a “professional” blog.

      The tone of my reply is one of “Serious disrespect.”

      • Nilanka15

        LOL!  Someone get this guy a kleenex

      • AwesomeGuest

        Sorry, but when did Raptors Republic become a professional blog?

        • Theswirsky

          when did any blog get a “professional” title?

    • arsenalist

      I have a right to hate and I’m exercising it.

      • David James

        Perhpas, but I agree with J_Hoss, its a blight your otherwise insightful commentary.

      • Ghotte

        Insight is your strength. Needling and humour when dressing down someone is welcome. The last paragraph was far from your usual. Of course, it’s your right…

  • Sam Holako

    Bynum for Bargnani/Kleiza/Bayless is such a bad trade for the Lakers, it’s comical.

    • Steve

      Lakers will NOT trade Bynum unless it is for Howard. The best we can get fom them in Odom and I am not sure if Raptors can get anything better than Odom for AB this summer anyways.

      • points

        does that mean we are stucked with bargs for another year?

  • Nilanka15

    Adelman has stated his preference to work with “veteran” teams.  Plus, having his home in Portland seems to link him to the Blazers’ vacant GM position.

    Van Gundy hasn’t made any indication that he wants to leave the broadcast booth.

    Based on this, Franks seems the most likely.

    • Steve

      Frank, Woodon and Ceasy !!! Wow, BC is getting the job done, eh??

      • Tommyg

        any suggestions?

  • Moronto

    Why would you want a coach who couldn`t speak English very well. 

  • Matt52

    Bargnani for Odom and Ebanks with the assitance of TPE. 

    • Steve

      This can easily happen and I am sure Lakers are very Open to this trade and is probably the best that we can get for AB this summer anyway.

      • Michel G

        Then don’t trade him.

        • Tommyg

          Seriously that would be a terrible trade for the Raps.

  • planetmars

    How about Bynum and filler (Ebanks?) for Bargs and Calderon. 

    Trade works:

    Although I’m not a big fan of Bynum.  The guy is usually injured and seems to have a low IQ.  But he could be used as an asset moving forward (better asset than either Bargs or Calderon in my opinion).

    • ak

      omg, u re bloody joking right?
      andrew bymum is the second best centre in the nba.

      • planetmars

        Bynum is good if he plays.  The guy has averaged 55 games a season.  He only played 82 once and that was his second year.  I don’t trust his body.   He’s also a bit of a knucklehead. 

        • Steve

          Dream On…. No way you Lakers will do that.

  • Ambidextrious

    CB was a class act for 7 years with the Raptors. I’m glad he made that shot in game 3. (he’s not perfect *game2*) It sorta showed what type of player he was here in Toronto. It’s been a pleasure to watch CB turn up his game once again. I I’m glad this time it is on the big stage. 

    P.S. Go Mavs!

  • Triano?

    Bargnani aside, I would like to see Barnes and Ebanks for Kleiza.

  • Statement

    In my uninformed opinion,

    nothing will happen between the Lakers and the Raptors.  The Lakers are too good a franchise to give up anything for Bargs unless it is supremely lop-sided in their favour and the Raptors would not be takers.

    As an aside, how much cap-space will the Raps have.  I know that there is going to be a new cap, but are there any estimates?

    • slaw

      There was some discussion on the forums awhile back that was based on some guess-timates around the new hard cap. This started the discussion but I think some of the numbers were slightly off. Can’t find the thread at the moment. Short answer: better than most teams but not a tonne.


      • Statement


  • feas

    What about Bargs+Jose+Kleiza for Bynum+Blake+Walton? The Lakers pay the useless Walton 10.4mil over two years, while the less useless Kleiza is owed 13.8mil over 3 years. Going from Blake to Jose is a big upgrade as well. Odom and Gasol started and played very well together earlier in the year before Bynum came back, perhaps they can continue that and have Bargs be a great guy to come off the bench at the 5 next to Odom, or at the 4 next to Gasol. Salaries are equal. Bynum is a huge injury risk, but he’s a talented kid that’s the same age as our young core, and if things aren’t working out he has a 16.1mil team option for the following year. 



    +#5 (Knight/Walker/Kanter/Biyombo/Valanciunas/Leonard, or maybe we trade the pick in a deal for Batum if Portland is really interested in Kemba)

    • Sam Holako

      Uhm…Calderon to Blake is not an upgrades; the guy was playing behind a 37 year old Fisher who’s final death rattle we’re all witness too.

      • feas

        maybe you misread what I wrote? I said going FROM Blake TO Jose is a big upgrade… for the Lakers. LA needs incentive to do this deal, because talentwise, Bynum is one of the best C’s in the league (and is just 23). I don’t think anyone would call Bargnani and upgrade over Bynum, which is why we are giving the Lakers incentive by giving them upgrades over their garbage in Walton/Blake (and with Jose, at a big position of need). We can afford to do that given our rebuilding situation, and our desperate need for an interior presence. Then we let Bayless (or a rookie PG if we draft Knight/Walker) develop at the PG spot. 

        • Steve

          Again, Lakers have no interest on Calderon. They need a PG that can stay will young and fast PGs in the league and the answer is not the aging Jose. Bynum can get him much much more than AB + Jose in the Market.

  • Mediumcore

    Larry Brown is out of a job and not looking too good publicly for bailing on Charlotte and can’t even get work at the collegiate level right now. It’s a stretch, but he may take a job with the Raptors (GM or coach or both) to repair the damage he’s done to his public image. He would fit the bill of having a pedigree.
    Bynum for Bargnani will never happen. Doesn’t Jerry Buss’ son have a hard on for Bynum and has prevented him from being traded before? He also didn’t even consult Kobe on the hiring of Mike Brown, so I doubt he’ll be listening to Messina regarding trading Bynum.

    • Nilanka15

      Doesn’t Brown have a reputation for having little to no patience with young players?

      • Mediumcore

        Yes, but I was referencing his need to do damage control on his image. Since the Laker job is locked up there aren’t any prime teams to coach and all are either young or sub .500 teams. The Raptors are as good as any other team looking for a coach.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      For all my Rap’s fans out there Larry Brown is the guy who halted the Calderon/Evans for Diaw/Chandler deal as he wanted no parts of Jose when MJ advised him of the potential trade particulars.

      The more you actually know.

      That being said fuck Larry Brown he had his time to shine now he needs to recline.

  • Bendit

    One has a better chance of making an Odom transaction by including the Nets in the deal. I hear the Kardashian sisters are missing each other.

  • Moeizzle

    Three way trade… orlando, lakers, raptors

    orlando gets bargnani + shitty players

    lakers get howard + shitty players

    raps get bynum + shitty players

    what yall think bout that!!!

    • Statement

      No for Orlando cause they are replacing Howard, who is an MVP-level player, for Bargs, who is not.

      The whole thing for Orlando is that Bargs would space the floor FOR Howard, much like Rashard Lewis did.

    • Statement


      I’ve got a trade

      Derozan for James and Wade.

      (Sorry for the sarcasm but these trade scenarios have to be kept in reality).

      • Nilanka15

        At least throw in Ajinca to make it fair…

        • mountio

          Agreed .. I like AB, but these thoughts are flat out crazy. Bynum is a trade chip to get you DH .. not AB. AB is not even close to the level of those two (Im talking miles and miles away)
          If you replace Odom for Bynum in the above mentioned  Bargs+Jose+Kleiza for Bynum+Blake+Walton – that might be slightly more realistic

      • points

        you might have to give them the #5 pick, Ed Davis, Bayless and
        Amir Jonhson

  • Rick Adelman?  Larry Brown?  I’m constantly amazed at the, let’s say, optimistic outlook of some Raptor fans.  The Raptors are a 22 win team without one sure fire All-Star and the 5th pick in a weak draft.  Good, respected coaches don’t usually jump on a situation like that.  They wait until something better comes along.  The coaches that usually get hired to those types of teams are either inexperienced or retreads with mediocre track records.

    Lawrence Frank is the best case scenario, in my opinion, and even he’s most likely a long shot.  That’s why I didn’t understand letting Triano go now.  The chance of getting someone much better now is slim. 

    • sleepz

      The chance of getting someone better than Triano is slim?
      This team haven’t defended anyone the past 3 years.

      Jay wasn’t a good coach to begin with so any change  is a good one, and whichever coach is hired will automatically be considered better imo. There’s no where to go but up at this point.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Almost anyone is better than Jay aka Company Man aka Empty Suit Yes Man running the show from the bench- especially Woodson, Frank or Casey as long as they (or whomever) don’t feel pressured from BC to hire Jay as an assistant coach aka BC’s Spy in order to get the job.

        • points

          jay was the spy lenny wilkens was talking about

      • I certainly don’t think Triano was the cause of the defensive problems.  Greg Popovich couldn’t have coached those teams to be good defensive teams.  Last year, Chris Bosh was the ONLY player on the starting lineup that WASN’T below average defensively.  It’s not as if a better system or coach is going to change that.

        Jay certainly wasn’t a great coach, but it’s really impossible to make a certain judgment on his coaching skills because he was never given a roster that wasn’t fatally flawed. 

        And my point is that whoever Colangelo hires will most likely be a stopgap solution.  He’s not going to be able to hire a quality coach with the roster they have, and whoever takes over the coaching duties will only be able to take them so far before being replaced.  I, personally, would have given Triano another season or two, not to see if he can prove himself, but because there was really no point in replacing him.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Let’s just be glad that your dumb ass ain’t running things then Lil Timmy.lmfao

          • Dan

            In Timmy’s eyes, the ONLY problem with Raptor is AB and ONLY AB. The rest is a Championship caliber Talent that is being handicap by AB.

        • points

          can’t believe you just said that ! uahfool

        • Nilanka15

          Although there would never be any way of confirming this, I’m pretty sure Popovich would’ve made a difference (from a defensive perspective) with last year’s squad compared to Triano.  Maybe not a top 10 defensive team, but definitely not 30th.  It’s true that our roster is peppered with defensively-challenged players, but the DISCIPLINE that Popovich instills would’ve had a noticable impact.

          • Theswirsky

            problem with this theory…. is it likely would have required holding Bargnani accountable, which then would have lead to popovich’s firing

          • mountio

            Dallas is a good example. They are playing a number of bad to mediocre defensive players (Dirk, Terry, Kidd, Peja) and making a good run of it defensively. Reasons include a good coach and a couple of good defensive stoppers (Chandler and Marion .. although Marion didnt give much on D here) and a good offensive team (which makes playind D worthwhile).
            I think people misjudge two things often
            1) You need all good defensive players to have a good defensive team. Not true at all – if the raps got a couple of good defenders, it would rub off on the rest of the team considerably
            2) Good offense has nothing to do with good defense. Also not true. When your team is scoring and is competitive in games, the players are much more likely to put out the required effort on defense. When you are down 20 and losing, even good natural defenders (like Marion) will tend to not put out the effort

  • Nilanka15

    Is it just me, or does Bynum look like Tracy Morgan in that pic?

    • Statement

      He does!

  • And I really have no idea why the Raptors would want Lamar Odom.  He’s a nice player, but he’d be of absolutely no help to a rebuilding team like the Raptors.  Unless a third team would be brought in with either a lottery pick or young prospect, Bargnani to the Lakers does absolutely nothing helpful for the Raptors.

    • Statement

      Addition by subtraction.

    • arsenalist

      Who suggested the Raptors would want Lamar Odom?

      • I realize you said basically the same thing I did, but a believe a comment or two above speculated about trading for Odom.  The comment wasn’t directed at you.

  • Mediumcore

    How about a trade scenario with the Clippers that sends Bargnani and Bayless in exchange for Kaman and Eric Bledsoe. Bargnani opens up the inside for Blake Griffin to do his thing (Blake’s numbers seemed to go down once Kaman came back after injury). Toronto gets a pure Centre and a young promising PG to learn from Calderon

    • Statement

      I don’t really like Kaman, but he would be serviceable, bledsoe would be good too.  Without looking at Kaman’s contract, this seems like a winner.

      I’m not sure if the Clippers would go for it though.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Kaman would look nice next to Davis & Amir.

      Fyi- Bargnani doesn’t want to play center he is a PF according to himself and Blake is the Clip’s current & future PF.

      Learn from Calderon?lmfao What his clap aka Gonorrhea defense?lol

      Calderon needs to be traded the fuck away- yesterday, before he gets hurt again.

      Hopefully Minny might be interesting in acquiring Jose aka The Spanish X Ray so he can ‘teach’ Rubio all his defensive tactics- with protection of course.

      • mountio

        You’re half crazy .. but I have to give it to ya .. some of the shit you come up with is funny as all hell..

        • points

          he always make me smile

      • Mediumcore

        There are only a hand full of PG’s in the league that averaged almost 9 assists a game. He rarely turns the ball over and has shot 87% from the charity stripe for his career…that once again is for his career. He might be a poor defender, but he ain’t no chump and there is value there as a teacher or as a trade chip.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          I’m half crazy like a fox. lol

          Have you seen Jose jumper lately?  Neither have I.

          Teams don’t even go over screens against him they go under screens.

          Lane penetration? Drive & kick?

          Jose has no confidence in his game at all as he’s hardly a threat to score on offense anymore.

          Plus he has been hurt more oft than not over the past 3 years.

          As well, Jose assist numbers are flawed as Bayless averages almost the same numbers as Jose when he is given starters minutes at the point plus Jose gives up way more on the defensive end than he produces on the offensive end.

          Jose would be much better on a more veteran laden team like the Mavs, Heat or Lakers.

          Or with Minny ‘teaching’ Rubio- just get him the fuck out of the TDot 1 way non stop.

          Both Jose & Bargnani, the 2 longest current tenured Raptor players, gots to go in order to release the bad karma/energy that they carry with them in my mind.

          • Mediumcore

            I agree that it’s in the Raptors best interest to move Calderon, but just saying that you make him sound like he has no worth. And comparing what Bayless did in a handful of games compared to what Jose has done over the entire season or even last few seasons holds no merit.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              He has worth just not in the TDot his expiration date is past due- time to move on for Jose aka PG Controversy.

              Too bad we didn’t get a better read on Bayless during this ‘rebuild’ year especially since Jose was hurt and BC via Jay was still starting playing Jose a majority of the minutes over JB late in the season for who knows what reason(s).

              • points


  • Statement

    Who is more emo?
    Dwayne Wade or Big Baby Davis.

    I’ll remind you that when the Heat were losing a few games in a row last year Wade said “the world is getting what it wants, Miami is losing” with his normal sade face.

    That guy is the definition of pretention.  

  • J.J

    HAHA I loved the last paragraph!!! forget all these haters, CB4 hate 4 LIFE!!!

  • enlightenment

    I just read an NBA article about the Lakers having the worst Point guard tandem in the league. They are looking for a veteran point guard with the ability to hit 3pt shots and a very capable passer and team player. Sounds like Calderon to me, and with this whole Messina like another player of ours I do not see why a Calderon + Bargnani for Bynum + Steve Blake is really that out of the question.

    • Nilanka15

      Hopefully they see some interest in Calderon.  But then again, that description fits a lot of players (i.e. Nash, Billups, Felton, CP3, D. Williams, Bibby, Kidd, Nelson, etc.)

  • Mike

    Lambeer is my choice for the next coach…he was a tough as nails competitor i’m sure it will carryover to his coaching style, similar to the likes of Sloan, Karl. Plus Lambeer has a coaching pedigree, won three championships in the WNBA and was an assitant last year. If anybody could toughen up Bargs that would be Lambeer, just look at his nicknames  “the prince of darkness,” “a street thug,” “an ax murderer” and “His Heinous.”

    • Nilanka15

      If Triano is one extreme in the toughness/nice guy spectrum, then Laimbeer is the other extreme.  We need a happy balance of toughness and approachability, with an eye for both offensive and defensive creativity….not another Kevin O’Neil.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    Even if Laimbeer was hired Barg’s still has got to go his stench of indifference is too strong in the TDot!lol

    Laimbeer is currently a T’Wolves assistant coach- has been since 2009, and helped KLove explode out of the box this past season.
    That’s what assistant coaches are for- to balance out the staff, so if head coach is more defensive minded he will most likely have an assistant who knows offense inside out take charge of the offensive schemes and the like.

    How about Bargnani (Post June 30th) & Calderon for Gasol?

  • RapsM

    If Bosh wins a championship and they don’t trade him, how many raptor fans will commit suicide?

    • mountio

      somewhere around none

  • Bigbalboski79

    anyone who think we r getting adelman or vangundy is seriously nuts.  guys like that r going to teams at the top in big us cities.  we will get larry frank or woody.  and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    as for this ridiculous bargs for bynum talk?  like i said, ridiculous.  LA will never do that deal.  and at this point, bargs value may be either so low or so hard to judge that it may not be worth trading him. we’d get fleeced.  as bad as he has been, i’d like to see how he’d do with a real starting SF who can slash and make some shots and a PG who can penetrate.  sure, he is never gonna be a physical rebounding type, but i’d start the season with him and see if his value goes up, first.

    as for the derozan for the 2nd pick trade?  DDR seemed to make huge strides.  he got to the line over 400 times.  and makes those shots at an 81% clip.  and he is money from 2pt land.  on the downside he cant and doesnt shoot threes, and his D is a work in progress.  still, he is 21 and still improving.  moreover, he loves tha city and is a huge fan fav.  moving him seems very risky at this point.

    a DDR plus the 5th pick for Flynn and the 2nd pick seems what is on the table based on various names mentioned.  not sure this is good for us.  i’d have them throw in webster or johnson because flynn seems the weakest part of the deal.  he is coming off an injury and regardless of the coaching he hasnt played much or well.

    i’d love to get their 2nd pick without parting with our 5th.  and if we dont get the pick?  michael beasly will likely be avail should they choose williams.

    • Theswirsky

      “i’d like to see him (Bargnani) play with a real starting SF… and a PG who can penetrate”

      see here is one of the issues with Bargnani…. people want/need him to play with so many different types of players to see where he fits.

      He needs a defensive/rebounding C who covers for him

      He needs a top notch defensive PG who also penetrates

      He needs a slashing, defending, shooting SF

      He needs a 3pt shooting SG who is also a good defender.

      He needs a pretty damn good team around him to be good…. but so does everyone else not named Lebron James.  Bargnani shouldn’t need the rest of the team to fit with him…. he should be able to fit with the rest of the team. 

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    Golden State just hired Mark Jackson as their new Head Coach as per Realgm.

    I like this hire and see GS building with MJack at the helm as a NBA pg is basically a coach on the court and MJack was one of the best NBA pg’s ever at managing games. 

    One less coach off of the market to choose from for TO & Det- most likely Minnesota as well.

    • Nilanka15

      Methinks Mark Jackson is overrated.  If his TV ramblings are any indication, he’s anything but a brilliant basketball mind.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Mike Malone will be his top assistant- that move right there shows that he’s not stupid but preparing to succeed.

        One of the best pg’s of the 80s/90s has anything but a brilliant basketball mind? Did you even watch him play?lol You may not agree with all of what he says- who does, but the man knows basketball like Magic knows HIV.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    As well, MJackson signed for 3 years & 6 million dollars plus GS will spend $$ in order to hire him a competent staff of assistant coaches at his choosing.

    Jerry West is making moves in the Bay Area.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    GS is currently trying to steal asssitant coach Mike Malone away from Brown & the Lakers- see ESPN twitters!

  • Dan

    Lets assume the trade with Minny is as follow:

    #2 Pick + Beasly              for       Deozen

    This will give us Kanter , Our future Center, Beasly, Our future SF and we still have our #5 pick that will give us, hopefully if we are Lucky, Knight , our future PG or at least Walker which can address some of our needs at PG.

    This way, we have addressed 3 position by giving up DD. Next, we can move AB or Amir to get a Solid SG and this team will be pretty young and talented.

    • Nilanka15

      One problem…passing up on Ivring/Williams to pick Kanter would be Babcock-esque!

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        I think you mean Jack McCloskey-esque as Jack recommended that Babcock draft Hoffa even though NBA consensus at the time had him rated out about 8-12 positions lower on their draft boards.

        Babcock had 3 weeks to prepare for the draft due to Dick Peddie dragging his feet in hiring a new GM post Grunwald- the very same GM that Jack recommended to Peddie 2 months earlier.

        Babcock may have done less as Rap’s GM than but that draft pick was not solely on him as Raptor draft revisionism like to charge.