Bill Ingram from HoopsWorld is reporting that Minnesota are looking to acquire a true shooting guard this summer and are apparently even throwing their #2 overall draft pick as bait.  And the rumoured player they are looking at targeting is our very own DeMar DeRozan. If your Colangelo, do you bite?

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  • geoff


  • brandon

    Hell No!!!!!! this draft is soft anyway and demar has potential future all-star written all over him, tell minnesota t-wolves to go howl somewhere else

  • Afasdf

    ya forget that!!! keep the YG’s together so they can grow together and build on chemistry!!! 

  • Hunter

    I might just take that trade because it would sure be nice to have the second and fifth pick in this years draft. Imagine getting Williams and walker next season, Toronto would be an amazing young team with way more potential than now. Than you can think about making a deal with the timber wolves for johny flyn, maybe trade jose, who could mentor Rubio it’s perfect.