Darren Andrade from Sway Sports joined me to talk some hoops.

Topics of discussion:

#5 Pick:

  • Is Jan Vesely ready to play right now or is he a project?
  • Kemba Walker vs. Brandon Knight.
  • Colangelo’s 2-year extension changes the Raptors draft plans.

Coaching Situation:

  • How good Jay Triano is, and could be. Just not here.
  • The number of coaches actually interested in the open head coaching position.
  • The supposed two-man search.
  • Expectations of Dwane Casey and Lawrence Frank.

The Rebuild:

  • Fast or Slow. What’s better.
  • Next steps for the roster.
  • DeRozan and exactly who else make up the core going forward.
  • Whether there is a need for veteran talent next year, or if it can wait.

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  • Batman766

    Watching Miami Dalls game

    Hey Chris Bosh. Have you ever showed up in the 4th quarter of an important game? You are the biggest disgrace too the game of basketball. You complained in Toronto you had no teammates and now that you do you still can’t win? Lol This guy is a jumpshooter and that’s it. Now Miami will trade his ass soon for some defense and rebounding at a cheaper cost. So Bosh, I guess making youtube videos all those years and going out partying has caught up to you. You have been exposed as the Loser that you are. 

    • Mediumcore

      LOL, um…I don’t think Chris Bosh visits this site sooo….yeah…

    • Sam Holako

      How was last night’s game Bosh’s fault? I thought he played well all things considered, and if anyone deserves that rage, it’s LeBron for not being aggressive when it mattered.

      • Statement

        last night’s game boiled down to an insane shooting display by the Mavericks.  Can’t really hate on the Heat for last night’s game, the Mavs were just unconscious.  I hope that lasts, but it’s doubtful.

        The Mavs need to step up their rebounding to have a chance to win in Miami.

    • Nuts-Inc

      defense is clearly not miamis problem as they were top 3 in defence.
      Theyre in the market for a post player more so then a defender

      • RapthoseLeafs

        Bench is their issue. Miami’s 2nd unit doesn’t have enough scoring prowess – although that could be a function of 3 guys who averaged a combined 70+ points during the regular season.

        That’s why the Heat have to trade Bosh. Potential Bench players would love to win multiple titles, and will be drawn to that thought, but ONLY being able to score 7 – 8 points a game, can rapidly take the shine off things. Especially if that 7 – 8 points is only for the top Bench scorer.

        Take CB’s 19 points (during the season), and redistribute it to the Secondary (and partly to a defensive Centre), and more guys will be happier. If Miami wins, he still should go. If they lose, pressure will be on – especially with CBA rumours suggesting a hard cap.

        • i know this is going to seem ridiculous, but it’s something i’ve believed since early on with respect to the heat’s big 3 (or big 2.5, or whatever other juvenile descriptor you choose to use to account for bosh).

          IMO, bosh is a perfect 3rd banana.  yes, he’d have some value on the market, but what are you really getting back?  he’s got an albatross-ish contract, and has demonstrated that he clearly can’t be built around as the centrepiece…so what team is going to offer up a tantalizing enough platter of players/cash/prospects & picks and also be willing to pay such a large % of their payroll to a guy who we KNOW is going to need at minimum one superstar to play with, and more realistically, two?

          i’ve mentioned the following on a few occasions…but i really feel that going forward, the heat would be better off trading wade while his value is at the absolute apex relative to his contract than they would by dealing bosh.  to me, the idea of ‘team’ works better when there is a clear pecking order or hierarchy…with lebron & wade, there will always be a behind-the-scenes struggle to determine whose team it really is.  removing one of them from the equation clarifies that, and since lebron is significantly younger & appears unbreakable, and because wade has shown himself to be a phenomenal leader & playoff performer, i think you get all that you need (and likely more) to complete the heat’s roster by dealing wade.

          and yes, i fully understand that doing so is completely outside the realm of possibility, for a number of reasons.  but from a strictly team-building perspective, it’s the move that would allow them to build a true dynasty.  lebron assumes the ultimate alpha-dog role, bosh stays as a secondary (or tertiary, depending on who comes back in a wade deal) option, and the roster becomes much more balanced.

          my 2 cents.  shred away.

          • Nilanka15

            Having said all that, how completely fucked would the Raptors have been had we signed Bosh to a max deal?  As much as Torontonians feel slighted that he left, it’s a blessing that we don’t have his contract on the books for the next 5 years.

            Aside: during the 2015-16 season, $66 million will be owed to Lebron, Wade and Bosh alone, haha!  Wade will be 35 yrs old.  Miami is completey screwed!

            • mountio

              Amen to the first part. CB is a nice player .. but we would have been stuck in complete neutral (at best) had we signed him. I couldnt be happier he decided to leave (otherwise we would be stuck with him).
              As for the aside .. I dont think they’ll be that worried about 2015-2016 if they are able to pull a few championships between now and then .. but maybe thats just me

            • Downgythesea

              BC was brilliant in the way he handled Boshy wasn’t he!!

          • Theswirsky

            Not saying this trade will happen, but I wouldn’t put a Varejo + Hickson for Bosh trade completely out of the realm of possibility (except Gilbert probably won’t want to do anything that involves Miami). 

            Gives Miami a better starting C than Anthony… Haslem can pick up some of the scoring punch and then Hickson off the bench.

            Cleveland gets a guy that can score to go along with their picks this year.

            • that’s the crux, though…why would CLE ever fathom doing that deal?  regardless of whatever talent they pick up in the draft, they’d still be building around bosh with those players, to a degree (no one in this draft is considered to be a sure-fire all-star – eventually – let alone a superstar).

              • Theswirsky

                Its just an idea of a trade that could happen (the style that is… ie. Maimi wanting a defensive specialist big man that offers some level of offensive production since Anthing offers none what so ever). 

                If Miami puts Bosh on the market… there will be a taker. No doubt about it.

                Why I think Cleveland works (again outside of Gilbert probably not wanting to do a deal with Maimi)… because they want to get better as quickly as possible (which I think Gilbert does).  If they feel that Irving and Kanter (who I expect they end up with) are good enough (Irving as a distributer and Kanter as an inside banger) I think Bosh could be a good compliment to them. 

                No doubt I’m making a bunch of assumptions here… but its not out of the realm of possibility.  But I guarantee Maimi is not “stuck” with Bosh, and neither Wade nor Lebron are going anywhere.

                • Theswirsky

                  Anthing = Anthony

        • Bendit

          The Miami bench scored about 40 last night. Their bench wasnt the problem. I believe Lebron was in the 4th qtr. and has been for the series. He seems to freezeup at crunch time. LOL. Flashback to the Boston series of last year with that whole elbow thing and seeming disinterest. The pressure must be something else now so the next games will tell the tale…also with the severity of Wade’s injury. 

          • Statement

            I’ll reiterate.

            Dallas shot 56% for the game and 68%!! from 3-pt land.  James didn’t choke or anything like that, Dallas just couldn’t miss. 

            Barea = 80% from 3pt
            Terry, Kidd = 60% from 3pt

            Those are obviously unsustainable.  Miami played well enough to win, had good offense (over 100 points) and outrebounded Dallas.

            Dallas was just unconscious, that is all and that doesn’t fill me with a lot of hope for the next two games. 

            Believe me, I’m no Miami fan.

            • Theswirsky

              I agree with some of this.  Most of the games in these finals have been dependent on D.  This one was a shoot out that Dallas won. 

              That said, Lebron was completely non-existent in the 4th again last night.  I’m not sure if there is a failing strategy here by Spoelstra or if something else is going on (Lebron straight up choking, injury, tired etc)…..

              As good as Wade is, and I know he has a history of big shots and big plays late in games… but it should be the LBJ show.  Instead of being Lebron and Wade against Dallas its been Wade against Dallas… and Wade by himself ain’t winning that battle.

              • Nilanka15

                During the last 6 minutes, LeBron went 1-3, zero rebounds, zero assists, and 1 turnover.  If that’s not disappearing, I don’t know what is.

            • a good number were wide open 3’s, shots that most competent shooters can make.  yes, they made some tough shots, but so has miami, all series long…in fact, i think miami (wade in particular) has made a lot more crazy shots.

        • Statement


    • Beaverboi

      There was a video on NBA.com that mentioned there were four future HOFers on the court at the start of the game. You think Bosh thinks he’s one of them??

      • no…as deluded as we think bosh is re. his place in the game, i’m pretty sure he realizes where he falls in the pecking order.

      • Nilanka15

        Eddie House is the 4th…

        • points

          I think that centre from toronto is the 4th…not the one who play for them the one who plays for the HEAT and is from there

          • Nilanka15

            Jamaal Magloire

      • Bendit

        Kidd just might have something to say about it.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!!

      Let it gooooooooo!!! 

      CB is in the NBA Finals not the Lottery- recognize.

      And if you think that Dallas is going to win the ‘Ship on Miami’s home court- think again.

      Especially if the series goes to a game 7 as an opponent has never won a games 7 on the road in the NBA Finals.

      As well, how can CB be a loser when he was an All Star this past season and is now playing in the NBA Finals- CB did hit a game winner in Game 3.

       I believe that BC is the loser in this case- CB TPE do you know me?

  • Nilanka15

    Apparently it’s Maurice Cheeks who’s credited for turning Russell Westbrook into the player he is today.  At the risk of being grossly over-analytical, if Cheeks is hired, perhaps Colangelo will lean towards Knight or Walker (even if Kanter available) in an attempt to duplicate Westbrook’s success in Toronto?

    • mountio

      Thats certainly possible .. Mo was a great guard and could teach our guards for sure. As Ive brought up a few times over the last couple of weeks (and got no love) .. I think Mo is a very good hire .. Id be happy if we land him. Not only his past history, but his recent history in OKC should be helpful to us ..

    • points

      Mo Cheeks will complete our COY ROY and EOY awards .BC is god the man has a vision still it would have helped JT coaching induction into the NBA with this year COY. Cheeke is due COY

        Coming Soon To Raptors #5 pick  yes! you know who he is when he shoots he never miss  

    • yertu damkule

      uh, we do remember that RW was the 4th overall pick in what was then – and has proven to be – a helluva draft class, right?  it’s not as though russ was some unheard-of 2nd rounder who scrapped his way into the NBA, and needed some exceptional level of guidance in order to become what he is.  yes, i’m sure cheeks had a hand in shaping him into the player he is today (though, given his own playing history, one could argue that he (cheeks) hasn’t done enough to ‘turn’ russ into a better POINT GUARD), but that could be said about any player.

  • if colangelo draft vesley he might as well as draft himself out of toronto 

    • points

      BC is smarter than you think, he knows how to get the EOY awards he’s drafting yes! you know who he is and when he shoots he never miss and then let him run free like DD first year and he will lead the raptors to the 7-8 playoff spot…out in the first round thats ok .

      I’m singing KEMBA YAH MI LORD because BC is god

      • yertu damkule

        unfortunately, BC isn’t nearly as smart as HE thinks he is…