Rapcast #110: The Doctor Welcomes Super Blogger Zach Harper

Dwayne Casey, The Draft, The Maloofs, Trades; we got it all.

Zach Harper of ESPN Daily Dime Live Host, Cowbell Kingdom, Hardwood Paroxysm, A Wolf Among Wolves, & HoopSpeak checks in to talk Dwayne Casey, The Sacramento Kings, the draft and some trade rumours.

  1. Rumours swirling around the city today about Dwayne Casey being named the next Raps coach- have you heard anything here? Also, you follow the Twolves pretty closely, and you were the guy live chatting every game of the playoffs for ESPN, what kind of coach is Casey? a good hire?
  2. Want to talk draft: what are you hearing as far as:
    • Irving going #1?
    • What is Minny doing at #2?
    • The Raps at #5?
  3. Of course you cover Sacto, and their draft is pretty heavily connected to the Raps draft in a couple of big ways- lets talk about them:
    • The Maloofs apparently love Jimmer- but are also looking at Kemba. The Raps are stuck in a debate between Knight and Walker- and who is better. Lets talk about the PGs. How much does Utah’s pick at #3 affect Sacto and the Raps?
    • Any chance of Sacto moving up to try and skip the Raps at #5? Has there been any talk of them trying to acquire the #4 or the #2 picks?
  4. Trade talk. GMs (even with teh uncertainty of the collective bargaining agreement) are starting to talk pretty hard right now. What are you hearing?

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