Zach Harper of ESPN Daily Dime Live Host, Cowbell Kingdom, Hardwood Paroxysm, A Wolf Among Wolves, & HoopSpeak checks in to talk Dwayne Casey, The Sacramento Kings, the draft and some trade rumours.

  1. Rumours swirling around the city today about Dwayne Casey being named the next Raps coach- have you heard anything here? Also, you follow the Twolves pretty closely, and you were the guy live chatting every game of the playoffs for ESPN, what kind of coach is Casey? a good hire?
  2. Want to talk draft: what are you hearing as far as:
    • Irving going #1?
    • What is Minny doing at #2?
    • The Raps at #5?
  3. Of course you cover Sacto, and their draft is pretty heavily connected to the Raps draft in a couple of big ways- lets talk about them:
    • The Maloofs apparently love Jimmer- but are also looking at Kemba. The Raps are stuck in a debate between Knight and Walker- and who is better. Lets talk about the PGs. How much does Utah’s pick at #3 affect Sacto and the Raps?
    • Any chance of Sacto moving up to try and skip the Raps at #5? Has there been any talk of them trying to acquire the #4 or the #2 picks?
  4. Trade talk. GMs (even with teh uncertainty of the collective bargaining agreement) are starting to talk pretty hard right now. What are you hearing?

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  • Juicey

    Would be very happy if the Dwayne Casey rumours are true.  If nothing else hiring a world champion assistant coach might bring some credibility to this team, that it most definetly does not have right now.  Plus a coach who has proven he can teach defense to offensive focussed players has got to be a great choice for this team.  Not sure how things went in Minnesota, but some experience under Carlisle helps.  And well, it can’t get any worse, right?  Please tell me it can’t get any worse!

  • Generator31

    I just gotta say, I really appreciate and can see the hard work and dedication that you put into this website Steve!
    I was a little disappointed with one of the rapcasts last week (as were a bunch of fans apparently) but the last two have been a joy to listen to. Keep up the good work steve, you’re the man!

    • I would have to agree that the guys do a great job, go look at other teams sites and you can see the difference.
      I especialy think Arse does a good job with coming up with entertaining stories even when the off season gets slow.

  • Raptor4Ever

    Dr. You are spoiling us with all these great Pod Casts 🙂

  • Why would you be worried if Triano is asked back as an assistant?  By most accounts, he was a good assistant and he’s got an incredibly respected basketball mind.  

    Putting Bargnani next to a defensive center might be a nice thought (to some) but what about Ed Davis and Amir Johnson?  Davis should be the future at PF for the Raptors, so you don’t want to sit him on the bench.  

    I agree completely on Dirk being a better defensive player than he’s been given credit for, and it’s something I’ve been saying for a long time.  

    Overall, I agreed with Zach more than Chris Denker.

    • Triano?

      Ummm, because he will wipe away Bargnani’s tears (after Casey makes him cry) and tell him that everything  (read: “doing things more complicated than defense”) will be okay.

      • points

        JT is tot dad babysiter for his #1 son

      • I will be the first to admit that Triano didn’t hold Bargnani accountable for his poor defense and rebounding, but he was a good assistant coach and knows the game.  The whole “wipe Bargnani’s tears” thing is an extremely weak argument.  Especially since Bargnani is most likely going to be gone.

  • points

    no no no to pewee herman forget that guy he look so timid talking to reporters. we need a leader first,and if tot dad go out and draft a player to babysit his #1 son and not do all he can to make sure we get our leader you know who he is then on fri june 24 2011 this city will be like downtown after the stanly cup

  • mountio

    An unbiased, non emotional NBA expert thinks AB has value. Must be a plant from BC ….

    • Sek99

      He has value, almost everyone can agree he is a good scorer, but unlike Dirk, I don’t think he has the killer instinct that great players have that makes him deserve to have a team built around him sort of like Dallas did with Dirk. Besides, Dirk isn’t as bad a rebounder or defender, and realistically, I don’t see Bargs leading us anywhere beyond a first round exit even with better complimentary pieces. He’s a good scorer off the bench or a second option on the right team, but not on a rebuild team. 

      • voy

         just because someone is the team’s best player doesn’t mean the team is being built around him

        • Sek99

          Like I said, I don’t see Bargs leading us anywhere, meaning we won’t accomplish anything if he is our best player. 

  • points

    something form the chosen one www

  • Bigbalboski79

    i will be disappointed if we dont hire larry frank as.  he is also a good defencive coach, but also a great game manager, using the clock and calling plays.

    i worry casey wil be too much kevin o’neil, and that is to say, a defencive co-ordinator who became a coach, but is really just a great assistant coach.

    it seems obvious BC has an interest in salvaging bargs.  and seing how dirk did in DCs schemes, it is pretty clear what the raps would be hoping for here.

  • Sek99

    I don’t get this whole “weak draft” thing. They said that 2 years ago, and that draft actually turned out to be pretty lauded (Curry, Jennings, Demar, Evans, Harden, Griffin, etc). Last year they said it was a pretty good draft, but besides Griffin, Wall and Fields, no one seemed to be too special. Maybe they all will develop and become better but right now, I’m not taken with these all these scouts opinions. They always seem to be more interested in something like 8 foot 9 inch wingspan or a ridiculous vertical over an actual talent or knowledge of the game. My pick would be Walker, Leonard, or Kanter. All these guys seem to have passion (something we sorely lack from everyone not named Amir Johnson and an occasional burst from Jose) and know the game. A lot of people compare Leonard to Gerald Wallace, and that would be a great fit on a young team, even if he doesn’t end up being as good. If you watch a clip of Walker, you know he can ball. I think people say the same bullshit every year about size and arm length and obviously these matter, but when I guy knows the game and how to play, you can just tell. Kanter frightens me kinda, which is a good thing, and from what I hear bout the guy, he seems to be a good, tough minded C in league that is sorely lacking in C’s right now. I like Knight as well, but trust in these 3 guys over him IMO.

    • Sek99

      NVM the Griffin mention concerning last years draft*

    • Bigbalboski79

      i agree. this draft is solid.  i’d move bargs for a pick in 7-11 range too, for a guy like fredette, or burks or one of the many PFs.  drafts seem to be getting more coverage, and that seems to really be the determining factor.  tristan thompson being picked in the teens shows how good this draft is.

      i’d love ot get an extra pick and get walker AND leonard.

      • Sek99

        Yep. That’s my hope. Realistically, the dream situation for me would be to trade Bargs for either 2, 3, or 4th pick, Jose for 7th or the highest we could get and draft Kanter, Walker, and Leonard. Walker, DD, Leonard, Johnson and Kanter would be a pretty dirty team I think especially if we get Casey and start playing defense. It also would set the team up for the next 6 years + if it were they were to mesh well. Just a pipe dream though. 

        • points

          what happen to davis & amir ?

          • Sek99

            I meant Amir at PF, not James. My bad for not clarifying. IMO Davis should come off the bench for a year or so to develop because I think a healthy Amir is better right now.  

  • FAQ

    This year’s draft is filled with a bunch of low IQ underachievers who are not NBA-ready … just guys looking for a big paycheque and a soft luxurious lifestyle.

    • points

      i did background check,and one of cats has got a championship coming into the nba. I say our #5 pick you know who he is,this cat is none of the things you just wrote.Buddy sit back and watch Tot Dad select the best player in the draft and ROY with our #5 pick.  

    • barenakedman

      This years draft seems to have more excitement than anticipated. Even when the Raps picked first I don’t remember there being this buzz level. 
      I guess we’ll have to wait 7-8 months to see if anyone is NBA ready. I’m thinking a few rooks will impress the same as every other year.
      Big paycheque and luxurious lifestyle? Come on, who wants that? 

    • Sek99

      I’d say about 50% of every draft has those

  • points

    Can someone tell me what seed in the playoffs standing would give us better chance of getting ROY or do we just have to make the playoffs? 

  • ak

    congrats on the podcast! fresh insight. great points. i think i will start following this zach harper guy.
    he just seems to know the game and has the proper attitude too, devoid of cynicism or negativity that surround some of them writers we have been accustomed to.

  • Bigbalboski79

    i cant help but wonder if the deal that makes th emost sense for the raps is a bargani for beasley and flynn deal.  the main players are both weak defenders, and if miny drafts d-will, they will need to ship b-easy somewhere.


  • Theswirsky

    If the following things happen

    -Casey brought in specifically to help with a scheme to ‘hide’ Bargnani
    -Leonard is drafted to improve the D
    -a defensive minded C is brought in

    How is this team not building around Bargnani?  How exactly is that not the definition of a franchise player?  After this season (and the previous 4) I thought all that Bargnani is/should be a franchise player nonesense was put to rest.  But here we are with people whose ‘authority’ comes from having “league pass since 2003” and having watched alot of “bad basketball” thinking this could be a worthwhile option for the Raps. (honestly no offense intended its just such a lame reasoning for being an “authority”.  If I’ve watched the Antiques Road Show since 2003 am I suddenly an authority on antiques?)

    If those things happen… what happens to Ed Davis and Amir?  One of them doesn’t get playing time and the other gets bench minutes.  Does that make any sense?  The other option is to have them play C…. does that sound any better?  Both are clearly to small (height and bulk) to play C. 

    Why can this team not try to get the best player(s) available through the draft, FA, trades and create a system that works rather than creating a system for one player.  I would rather see this team find well rounded players and then fill gaps with the one dimensional players rather than attempt to build around those one dimensional guys with other one dimensional players.  Going that route, the Raps are building a team with a foundation of sand.  One little slip (injury, player problem, bad matchup(s) etc) and the team is gonna sink.

    Enough quick fixes and bandaids.  If a guy needs to be “hid” for any reason… he can do it with towels and Joey Dorsey’s bulk at the end of the bench. 

    • Matt

      -Casey brought in specifically to help with a scheme to ‘hide’ Bargnani 
      -Leonard is drafted to improve the D
      -a defensive minded C is brought in “This is the best case scenario and way forward. This will utilize all our assets without rushing to judgment and … That being said, this does not mean AB is franchise player and simply means that we are coming up with a system that allow all use all our tools and do not panic and sell our players when their value is low.

    • mountio

      -Casey brought in specifically to help with a scheme to ‘hide’ Bargnani -Leonard is drafted to improve the D-a defensive minded C is brought in

      How do these things correlate to treating AB as a franchise player? I must be missing something. Lets look at each and whether they make sense with or without AB (note Ive augmented slightly to remove you biased commentary below)

      -Casey brought in to being a defensive scheme to the Raps

      How is this a bad thing? If it can “hide” AB, then imagine how good it would be if he doesnt need to be hidden? This team clearly needs a defensivce scheme and mentality – if Casey is the guy who can bring that, isnt he the right guy to choose with or without AB?

      -Leonard is drafted to improve the D

      Am I missing something or was our entire team (perhaps outside of Ed) not horrible on D last year? How is bringing in a defensived minded SF who is a great rebounder for his position a bad thing with or without AB? Im not saying hes my first choice, but its hard to argue with the logic

      -a defensive minded C is brought in

      Whether you think AB is a 4, a 5 or not even an NBA player, the Raps having a defensive minded C is universally (I thought) considered a good thing? I happen to disagree that Ed cant be a 5, but even he if develops as a 5, you could easily have a 3 big man rotation with Ed, (new C) and AB (AJ probably the odd man out to some extent) – or if AB is gone, whats wrong with Ed, AJ and new C?

      I understand. AB is frustrating. He has let us all down versus our expectations. Put, come on – all three moves here are very logical and in no rational world can you equate them to AB as being treated as a franchise player.

      • Jimmy

        Great Post, + 100

      • Theswirsky

        “how do these things correlate to treating AB as a franchise player”
        how is specifically adding players and building a team to ‘fit’ a player NOT treating him as a franchise player?
        I’m not saying any one of those things is a bad thing, I’m not saying doing all those things isn’t a good thing… I’m saying if they are done for the express purpose of “hiding” Bargnani (which Harper in the podcast was referring to), then you are treating Bargnani as the center peice of the team. 

        If those things are all done individually and completely seperate from AB:

        -Casey is the best man for the job
        -Leonard is simply the best talent available at that point in the draft
        -A defensive minded C is available

        then fine.  But if all those are done for one purpose:

        -Casey hired because of what he did with Dirk
        -Leonard helps with rebounding and D at the other forward position
        -A defensive minded C is sought to move Bargnani to PF and help hide his deficiences

        then yes you have what BC still sees as the building block of this team.

        I’ll even simplify it.  If you see those 3 things happen and Andrea is the starting PF next season, BC is an idiot.

        • mountio

          These moves are not being done to “fit” AB. Our defiencies are PG, SF,C – so picking up players at any of those positions (as Leonard and your defensive C would be) is simply logical, with or without AB. As would adding Casey as a defensive coach.

          Hapers point in the podcast (which I agree with) is that, since AB is an asset (and is on the Raps, whether you like it or not), it makes sense to be able to scheme defensively where you can get more out of AB. Thats not the express purpose of bringing Casey here, but its certainly a nice upside.

          Finally – by simplifying it at the end of your post, you clearly show your bias … its fine to hate AB .. but try not to let it cloud your judgement about what is or isnt best for the Raps.

          • Theswirsky

            first off… “you clearly show your bias”

            Please tell me what my “bias” is I would love to know that.  I mean I can tell you what it is… inefficient, one dimensional players who show no toughness or desire yet still get more pay, playing time and usage then they deserve.  (Its why I was also apparently “bias” against Bosh, Jalen Rose, Mike James, Hedo and Vince Carter after he stopped trying).. but I’m very interested in hearing what you think my bias is  (in fairness to Bosh he was never inefficient, atleast on offense)

            secondly…. “its fine to hate AB”

            I don’t hate AB.  I hate how he is used.  I hate that he isn’t held accountable.  I hate that he doesn’t seem to “get it” and to the point he is a drain on the team.  I do not hate him or what he could do IF I ever felt he was capable of doing it.  (much like Chris Bosh… just because I think a guy is not capable or able to do the things they should be able to given his role, pay, usage, position etc hardly means I hate him.)  If Bargnani could/had ever showed a willingness/effort to defend, rebound and do something other than take jumpshots on offense… I guarantee I wouldn’t be saying boo about him. 

            thirdly…”cloud your judgement about what is or isn’t best for the Raps”

            As I already stated I’m not judging anyone of those moves independentaly or as a whole.  I see alot of merit in them.  But rather, I’m judging them against the specific intent of doing them in order to keep Bargnani as a starter and hoping to ‘hide’ his deficiencies. 

            (reality is if you replace Bargnani with any average C and use Amir and/or Ed at PF, you already have a much smaller demand on rebounding and defense as they will inevitably improve.  You will however have a greater demand on offense… thereby making Leonard (or someone like him) and/or another type of C less of a necessity)

            The meat and potatoes of my point, was in the 2nd half of my initial post…which seems to have been avoided in this debate.  Doing so is building around a one dimensional player with other one dimensional players, and when was the last time that worked out for any team?

            • mountio

              I shouldnt have used the word “hate” .. I dont mean to suggest you have anything personal against him or anything like that. I simply mean to say that your frustration with his play (as you have done a great job of describing) tells me that almost regardless of the merits of AB and what he does – you will not be able to appreciate it.
              Thats natural. Hes a super annoying lazy ass. BUT – just because hes the most frustrating player on the team doesnt mean that he doesnt have value and everything the raps do is enabling him and annoynting (sp?) him the franchise player.
              This is the bias I speak of. His work ethic and attitude disgust you .. and as a result the sheer thought of him being a valuable piece clouds your judgement and doesnt allow you to see clearly in terms of what is best for the team .. because in your view, as a frustrated fan, the ONLY solution is a solution that doesnt inlcude AB.
              What I am saying, on the contrary, is that looking at things objectively, there are good options for the Raps that do (or do not) include AB – and I can be happy with both, depending on what helps the team the most.

              • Theswirsky

                “His work ethic and attitude disgust you .. and as a result the sheer thought of him being a valuable piece clouds your judgement ”

                Again wrong.  The reality of the player he is makes me believe that he will be a liability to this team, as he has been to date.

                This has nothing to do with wanting to see him fail.

                This is not some personal vendetta against Bargnani.  This is having seen him be one of the worst defending and rebounding bigs in the history of the NBA for 5 years, and not expecting that to change in the future. 

                We have 5 years of history with Bargnani to go on.  He’s not some new guy in town.  This isn’t some moral clause I have in my being that makes me want the worst for “annoying lazy ass” players. 

                “he doesnt have value and everything the raps do is enabling him and annoynting (sp?) him the franchise player.”

                “the ONLY solution is a solution that doesnt inlcude AB.”

                “as a result the sheer thought of him being a valuable piece clouds your judgement”

                Alot of words you put in my mouth.  Which makes me wonder…. is it my objectivity you should be concerned about? 

                ….and you still avoided the main part initial post.

                • mountio

                  I give up on you. On the one hand you describe in great and colourful detail your frustration with AB – on the other you claim that Im overstating this, putting words in your mouth and your judgement is fine.
                  You ask me to comment on the view doing three very logical moves is building around a one dimensional player, which Ive said a couple of times I dont agree with at all. If we were making moves that ONLY make sense if AB is the cornstone of a franchise, then I agree with you. An example, might be trading a player he doesnt get along with to keep him happy.
                  But, that isnt happening here. We are talking about moves that help the Raps one way or the other and YOU are somehow interpreting them as enabling AB .. if thats the view you are going to take .. I guess nothing I or anyone else can say to change it .. but Im just saying it takes pretty creative thinking to look at these claims and somehow conclude  they are being done expressly to enable AB.

                • Theswirsky

                  I don’t think its creative thinking.

                  look at what the Mavs did (or have done over the years) with Dirk… and then how Bargnani and Dirk are (incorrectly) compared… and then those steps taken above.

                  Tyson Chandler – Defensive C 
                  Marion – Leonard 
                  Casey – Casey who’s current claim to fame is the defensive job he did with Dirk.

                  Add in how BC has treated Bargnani to date, the unaccountablility, coaching changes, the set minutes.

                  I mean thats more or less what Zach Harper was getting at in the podcast was it not.  Dallas did it with Dirk so Toronto may be able to do it with Bargnani. 

                  You can wrap them up as “good moves” for the franchise… and again I’m not saying thay aren’t…. but if the intent is to do that to help and hide Bargnani, well you are building around Bargnani.  Its not a matter of IS HE or IS HE NOT a franchise guy, its a matter of being treated as such and the opportunity costs that comes along with that. 

                  With the talent level the Raps have right now, they can use a guy at any and every position on the floor.  (The only exception may be PF, where in this scenario one would end up moving Bargnani to the current position of strength).  The Raps don’t need any one thing right now, they need almost everything. 

    • points

      Tot Dad love his #1 son and won’t get rid of him

    • FAQ

      Bargnani’s response to such accusations was simple: “Just trade me to a team that can use my talents .. and a warm climate city too” … remember …??!!!!

      I bet the Heat would have now preferred Bargs over Bosh …LOL

      • Guest

        Bargs is a betterr fit in south beach.

      • Guest

        Bargs is a betterr fit in south beach.

  • KJ-B

    If the Raps get Casey, they’re drafting only 2 available players on this board Brandon Knight (most likely gone) or the physical-wOnderkid-specimen: Jan Vesely… Don’t think Kemba Walker would be his guy–sorry raps fans! It’s all about the D and it’s  D-arn Time!!! 

    • ak

      and how the hell would vesely help us on D? i think you terribly
      overestimate his abilities. this guy is a euro version of james white if
      you ask me.

      if you want defensive upgrade then you are looking at kawhi, knight, singleton, biyombo and valanciunis.

      • KJ-B

        you obviously haven’t seen him block shots or pick the passing lane…He’s very agile for 6’11″… I’ve been bigging up “The Dunkin’ Ninja” on here since the earrrrly part of this yr..! I think peepz talk cause they’ve never seen him–only had to see a couple highlights to know he’s a unique athlete and a jock of jocks–Which team ever passes on him will regret it… 

        I think he’s the best balla in the draft, yAh I said it–You have to keep in mind he’s had european coaching so, he’s basically playing by instinct even though he’s never been exposed to the “City” game…

      • KJ-B

        Leonard, isn’t much better than Sonny Weems if u ask me–and I rate Weems above him…He’s just pretty much average at everything he does–he ain’t better than Wright for that matter… Can shoot the rock a little but he reminds me a lil too much of Joey Graham!

        • voy

          I think the thing that Leonard has going for him is that he seems like a good kid and he seems willing to mix it up defensively in order to win.  He seems to understand his value to his team is not predicated upon shooting 20 ft jumpers within the first 5 seconds of the shot clock ala Mr. Weems.

          Of course a SF/SG who doesn’t have a decent outside shot is a definite drawback and I dont know how many of those guys you can have on the same team but there are definite worse guys we can draft… like Jimmer.

        • Guest

          Joey was a 3/4 in college, Leonard is a true 3. That alone will guarantee him a better career.

  • points

    the nba is fixed

  • Cmills2000

    The Raptors need D, not scoring.  If we were picking higher (1-3) then I wouldn’t mind getting a star point guard (Irving), a scoring tweener (Williams) or a scoring big (Kanter) that we could rebuild around. 

    But since we are drafting at the 5th spot, I think Toronto needs to deal with this major deficiency especially in the middle.  The answer, as far as I can see, is Biyombo.  We tried to get a similar player last year in Chandler, that fell through, he went to Dallas, and they instantly became contenders. 

    Biyombo may be unpolished on offence, but he’s not expected to score, so no problem, as long as he blocks shots and grabs rebounds.  Bargs, DeRozan, can concentrate on getting the baskets.

    If we can trade down, perhaps getting letting Amir go to free up space at the 4, it would make Raptors much more competitive for the next 2 years, the length of BC’s stay of execution. 

    • Jimmy

      lol, Biyombo at 5 ?? Mr.Babcock is this you ? 

      • Cmills2000

        Biyombo is no Hoffa.  He ain’t Iguodala either, but he could be a very important piece.

        If we can trade down, it would be better.  But if experience has taught us over BC’s tenure, trades often don’t work out.

        Who you gonna pick?  Leonard?  As scoring small forward.  Valanciunas? Does he really help our defence?  Vesely?  Knight, Walker?  Are they really good enough to help us contend?  Will they be even available by 5?

  • Rpsfan95

    got a bad feeling BC is going to do something wacky again

  • Ho Tep

    But is Biyombo a Solomon Alabi?

    His time at Florida St., pre draft reports and David Thorpe’s seal of approval led me to believe he was at least a defender.

    This draft is a nightmare dice roll. Trade out.

  • ak

    John Wesley is 21 years old and just finished his junior year as a
    combo-forward at Kansas. He has declared for the NBA draft, and has
    always been tantalizing as an NBA prospect due to his highlight reel
    dunks and energy level. He really started to put it all together this
    year. Per 40 minutes, he averaged 21.8 points, 9.7 rebounds, 2.8
    assists, 2.0 turnovers, 1.2 blocks, 1.0 steal, and 5.1 fouls with 58%
    true shooting. He is relatively raw offensively; scoring on fast breaks
    and put backs, while still working on his post game and lacking a
    consistent shot. Scouts were blown away by his length, speed, and
    leaping at the combine; but are concerned about his agility and
    strength. His size and energy are good on defense, but questionable
    lateral quickness and a skinny frame could pose defensive issues in the

    Tristan Tomovic is a 20 year old power forward from Montenegro, who
    just finished a second season with his Euroleague team. European
    basketball has rarely seen a player like Tristan. He is 6’9” with long
    arms, and is strong and athletic. His per 40 minute averages in the
    Serbian League were 17.1 points, 10.2 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 2.3
    turnovers, 3.1 blocks, 1.2 steals and 3.6 fouls with 54% true shooting.
    He is raw on offense – scoring on offensive rebounds, cuts, and in
    transition; but his agility and strength make him a force on defense. He
    had strong defensive showings against some of the better players in the
    Euroleague this year.

    Who gets picked first in the draft?

    • mountio

      Interesting way to look at things. I think part of it is bias towards successes / failures that come from either the Euro or NCAA route (which is I think what you are getting at). But, part of it is legit in that the level of competition clearly is better in college and thus the measuring stick more valid.

      • ak

        i got this one from
        i recommend reading that article as they tried to make sense of the level of competition vesely had in serbia and the euroleague.

        • barenakedman

          That article was very informative for someone trying to understand the level of competition in the different leagues.

          Later on there is a little writeup about Jeremy Tyler suggesting the Cavs take him with a second round pick if he’s available. I mentioned him on a forum thread but nobody had anything to say about him.  

  • Jimmy

    3 days before the draft and our GM has not done anything yet:

    1) No Coach
    2) No 2nd first round pick
    3) Not able to move up on the draft
    4) June 30th is approaching and he has not been able to move any of the contracts and …

    Long Live BC, the King of Toronto

    • Jimmy

      Rockets are willing to Deal:

      Can BC trade AB to Rockets for these draft picks and a bad contract ?? We get 2 more picks and really start our rebuild while AB gets the chance of being coach under one of the greatest big man in this league.

    • Raptors4Ever

      As well:

      No new GM.

      No new Assistant GM to replace Masai Uriji.

      You can’t call a rebuild until you blow it all up ie trading Bargnani & Calderon.

      Lockout here we come- the Emperor (BC) has no clothes”new winning plan” .

      • points

        tot dad will never get rid of his #1 son! two more years hehehe (micheal jackson voice)

  • Jimmy
    • mountio

      I dont mind this. We would need to make another move (assuming it would be an AB trade), because we would be way to PF/C heavy with AB, Ed, AJ, Big Al (or Milsap .. Ill take Big Al) and Biyombo.
      But .. if our draft lands us Big Al + Biyombo, isnt that better than, say Jan Vesley? I think it is …

  • points

    Google that  >>Kemba Walker black and yellow remix <<<< enjoy!