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Who is the best coach in Raptors history and why?

We’ll select one response randomly for a full paid-for night at the RR Draft Party.

Update: Joshgemin is the winner.

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  • Lenny Wilkens because he brought the raptors the furthest in their playoff history. He was also able to utilize the talent of the roster back then with Carter, Williams, AD and oakly

  • SAM MITCHELLLLLL, He Was a good man, won coach of the year, and was the reason Bosh shined. He was the greatest coach raptors had, sadly he had to leave.

  • Sam Mitchell, mainly because it was during his tenure was the only time i saw success from the raptors for the first time, or the fact that it was his tenure that made me a fan of the raptors making me follow them. I was too young to appreciate the vince carter days, and from what i saw from Sam Mitchell is what i expect any coach to be. A demanding man, who is willing to bench those who can not meet the demands that are needed, and fully takes control of a team. 

  • Ice_man

    Butch Carter. That man actually got Vince Carter to work his tail off and play the best basketball of his career, before he just got lazy and settled for jumpers. Add to the fact that he also helped in developping T-Mac into a future superstar, and that he delivered the franchise’s first winning season, I think he is defintely the best coach we’ve ever had.

  • Rpsfan95

    I’ll take Mitchell to slightly beat out Wilkens, Lenny had much more talent to work with and got us to the second round, but Sam won COY here so he gets it

  • Jeevie

    Lenny Wilkens was by far our best Coach. He had the best All-Star talent this team has ever assembled. He was able to push our emerging super star to the next level to the highest play-off birth that our franchise has ever seen. Although the team lost in game 7 of that year Lenny had the best winning record (47-35) for any coach since the team had been born. 

    Arguably the although Sam Mitchell matched the same winning record as Lenny, his team did win the Atlantic Conference Title. This can forever be remembered as the Atlantic divisions weakest position in recent years. What proves this season to be incomparable is the results when comprising the two play off births. In 2000 Lenny was able to take teh Raptors to the second round, only losing in Game 7 as Vince Carter missed the now infamous 3. 

    Sam Mitchells team however, made it to the play offs facing New Jersey, watching former Raptor and public enemy #1 Vince Carter outshine his former team finishing them in an early first round exit. How does such a great team go from conference champs to eastern conference first round exit? 
    ivision title. However, titles aside the team lost to New Jersey within the first round. 

  • Danlevine86

    Loved Butch Carter. I was a little kid and he got Vince to actually try every night on the court. Lenny had a more talented team and Sam was entertaining (and a solid coach), but I think Carter was still the best, given the situation. He was in charge when the Raps finally got over .500 for a season.

  • Mr Solo Dolo

    Sam Mitchell, no questions asked. loved the guys passion

  • I vote for Butch Carter, the way he developed his players and utilized a young roster was amazing.

    • Toshmon


  • Joshgemin

    Butch Carter has been the Raptors best coach in the franchise’s history. Not only did he help them get the farthest they ever got in the playoffs, but he was a good X’s and O’s coach, and really knew how to manage the roster he had at the time. If Vince hits that jumper against Philly, who knows what happens going forward. Butch Carter is the only legitimate coach the Raptors have ever had by a considerable margin. 

    Josh Gemin

  • Adam

    I’ll say Lenny Wilkens. As the only coach with a series win under his belt, you have to give it to him. And he was somehow able to bring some effort out of Vince. That’s a miracle in itself!

  • raps07

    Lenny, only guy to win a playoff series.

  • Raptor Jesus

    Charles Oakley, and if he doesn’t count Butch Carter takes it.

  • Lenny Wilkens.  He has the best coaching history prior to joining the raps, and will go down as the most winningest coach behind Don Nelson.  He has the highest win percentage with the team, and provided the Raptors with the most playoff wins under his tenure.  He may not have a division title or coach of the year, but he’s done more with the team, given how much shorter his tenure was compared to Sam Mitchell.

  • EhBizzle

    Lenny Wilkens. His ability to control a team with so many veteran players was genius. Also he’s a hall of fame coach so that certainly helps his case. A close 2nd would be Smitch. Division Champion and coach of the year.. not to shabby.

  • minks77

    Lenny “half dead” Wilkins?? That team was a vet laden squad that handled itself as such. Dude was stealing more loonies than Hakeem on one leg.

    My vote goes to the often forgotten Brendan Malone. Stood up to Zeke, got his “team” to play hard and with pride and actually had a decent balance of scoring and D. People act like he wouldn’t play the youth on the team and I counter that Mighty Mouse got plenty of PT. He was a solid, old school coach with a serious competitive streak. 

    After him we got stuck with:

    Darrel Walker: Players Coach. As long as that player isn’t a young Tmac.

    Butch Carter: Last seen checking out of 1001 Queen West and headed for CAMH with a side trip to Dundas and Sherbourne to get by with a little help from his friends.

    Lenny (see above)

    Kevin “fuck you all” O’Neil and the ugliest brand of basketball ever.

    Smitch: loved that he wanted to beat players and media members alike. Didn’t like that he coached the Raps. Loved the suits. Hated the excuses.

    Jay: Still better than Leo.

  • SongD

    Butch Carter, as he was the coach of the team that put Toronto on the NBA map and in the playoffs for the very first time. As well as the coach of the team that won the 1st ever playoff series the following year. @favesongd:twitter 

  • Steve Chan

    Butch Carter bc he got Vince to give full effort!

  • Brian Gerstein

    I vote for nobody, because in reality, if we are all honest, Dwane Casey is likely going to be our first real NBA coach.  I refuse to vote for a coach when every single one of them was incapable of having a 500 record. 

    At least Casey is 0-0, so he hasn’t lost a game yet.

    • NinjaSlayer

      Actually he’s 20-20 jus saying

      • Brian Gerstein

        0-0 as the Raptors head coach, which the question was alluding to, so his Minnesota head coaching gig does not count.  He was 20-20 in 2006-07, but 33-49 in 2005-06, so 53-69 overall, for a .434 winning percentage.

  • KingRaptors

    There’s no question Jay Triano is best head coach in Raptors history, how many times did he make the game so unbearable to watch in the first half only to see after halftime these guys fight till they drop.  Remember that Raptors-Pistons game a while ago when the Raptors were down 25, how many coaches would’ve been making dinner reservations by then… NOT Jay, and HEY we won that game. And you gotta pull for him, he’s one of us Canadians…. when will we another chance to be on the spotlight of the NBA.

  • arsenalist

    Joshgemin is the winner. Congrats!