Whether he remains in the NBA or play professionally elsewhere, it would appear as though his days are numbered as a Toronto Raptor. Thoughts?

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4 Responses to “Leandro Barbosa Leaving?”

  1. Jondoe

    He is worht 7.6MM, if that kleaves the books think of the potential to sign a couple solid bench players or a realy good SF or C.. assuming we draft a PG…

  2. Jfosho

    Bayless will be our scoring guard off the bench if we draft Knight, or walker. If we draft a big Casey will start Calderon or bayless, and Colangelo will grab a guard at half the price or pick up a lat draft pick to help fill the void. I think bayless would be the ideal scoring guard off the bench considering our current situation, so no big loss of Barbosa.


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