The Rapcast starts off with thoughts on the new Raptors coach, before I talk to Ryan Feldman from The Hoops Report, who you can follow on Twitter.

  1. Thoughts on Dwane Casey.
  2. Who will Dwane Casey count on from the current roster? And who did he conveniently ignore in his presser.
  3. Jose Calderon role in Casey’s defense-first philosophy.
  4. Who I think the Raptors will pick at #5 – no, it’s not a point guard.
  5. Raptors working out Vesely in NJN practice facility.
  6. Feldman has Biyombo falling down to #17 to New York. Hmmm. Raptors are “definitely considering” him, but where?
  7. Valanciunas vs Kanter – if it came down to picking between these two.
  8. Kemba Walker is a ROY candidate. Believe it.
  9. The chance of Kyrie Irving NOT going #1.
  10. Kanter – Utah – Knight – Trade.

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  • Triano?

    If the Raptors trade Davis in order to accommodate Bargnani at the 4, I’m done with the Raptors.

    • Pointzswallows

      good.fuck off.

      • Nilanka15

        Hey hey, it’s the world’s greatest gayest cyber Bargnani fan, Joshua Reynolds and his newest of screen names!!!

  • WhatWhat

    I can’t believe the comparison of Kidd for Calderon defensively is being made. GTFO with this, Kidd has made it onto the All-Defense Team NINE times. Even if he’s slow, he still has high ball IQ on that end, unlike Calderon. >.>

    That said, the COMBO of White Swan and Calderon is the primary factor in what makes our D so bad. As long as they are still here (and playing big minutes…together) nothing will change.

    • Daniel

      Jose’s defensive problems are related to his injuries and consequently endurance. His b-ball IQ is off the charts both offensively and defensively.  He can run a team at an elite level.Overall there are very few good defensive PG’s with the new hand check rules. PG’s are supposed to be running the offence in today’s NBA. Jose ran circles around Rose, Westbrook and other “new age” PG’s.
      On the other hand C position is crucial to any defensive scheme. I like Andrea and I think he is a special talent however I don’t see him ever anchoring a defence. He absolutely needs a real C to play alongside him.
      I like Casey for a lot of reasons. It will be make or break time for all our players to prove if they can play defence or not. I wouldn’t be surprised to see fans’ favorites like DeRozan, Bayless and Amir failing this test whereas Jose, Andrea (at PF) and Davis will pass the test.

  • homer2004

    here is what caught my eye. This what Casey said:

    I don’t need players to like me, I want them to respect me.

    • Nilanka15

      He’s the anti-Triano

  • Do not underestimate Kemba.

  • Toshmon

    Thanks for the pod cast PHD, good work.

    God help us all if we draft Vesely.Andrew Bynum is gunna foul that ‘dunking ninja’ hard one time and he will wilt like a dying flower.BTW Calderon won’t be healthy for the whole 82 games. Bayless is a shit pg (in my opinion I think most of the Raptors brass agrees and him or Jose will be gone soon) and that trash talk in the corner about Kanter being good is because he doesn’t want to be a third string pg…again.

  • Mediumcore

    The idea of trading Ed Davis for any reason much less to move AB to the power forward spot is scary. Davis has All Star written all over him and if healthy can be a legit top 30 player in the league some day. Hopefully it was just Casey forgetting to mention him at the interview.

    • Shadybiz

      I think it was just an oversight not to mention Ed doesn’t have a huge body of work due to his injury at the start of the season.  Once Casey sees him in practice I’m sure he won’t forget him again.

      • points

        I hope ones he take a look at our STAR player he won’t forget him,look guys i don’t hate bargs,i like bargs before he came to the nba,i like the story the GM told how bargs wanted to go to the nba and he told him what he had to do to get there and bargs went out and did it, then said to him”now what”,i braged about  bargs to my friends in his rookie year saying he’s going to win the ROY never did,thinking the year we made the playoffs he was going to be that 2nd guy beside Bosh,then last season he was given a chance as the goto guy and pooh! it’s has been 5 years how many coaching change,now i’m thinkin something is wrong with the player, he’s not what i think he is and i don’t need to take the hammering from my friends and just give up on him.I want you all to know that i love bargs as much as i love kemba so you know that deep,the way i am with kemba thats how i was with bargs and i just wish we could get a coach that would just turn bargs looes every game and just let him score don’t give a fuck thats what he does i know bargs can score 50 point per game no problem, win or lost i wouldn’t care, we could then build around him scoring alot of points and can live with the other stuff i just don’t like to see the U.S media make fun of my team and i think if they let him score it will shut them up,they’ll say bargs is good he just needs some help,but i love it’s just stuff inside me for 5 years plus that marvel comic poster,would you buy a comic with a cover like that

      • i’m not sure why anyone gives a flying poo about what anyone says in the media.

    • Pointzswallows

      lol@allstar……lmfao.u are so dumb.

      • Nilanka15

        Joshua Reynolds, use the bloody keyboard, you dumb fuck.

        • Pointzswallows

          does repeating my name in every weak post you make, is it supposed to offend me?…u lame fukwit.u have my name i bet you want my number and im certain youd wanna give me a reacharound as well.

          • Nilanka15

            I don’t want your number.  And neither does Bargnani.  So please stop crushing on the guy.

  • DW

    I worry Kanter could be another Arujo.

    • there are a lot more things you should be worrying about…

  • Statement

    Just to go on record,

    I’d rather not draft Knight, I’d take Walker over him. 

    If I were the Raps, I would probably draft Kenneth Faried.

    All of the rest of the dudes are meh. 

    I don’t want Knight though. 

    • Mediumcore

      So on record you’re saying you would take Kenneth Faried with the 5th pick?

      • Statement


      • Statement

        And I’m aware that it does sound kind of lame to “go on record” with something like that.

    • reason(s) for not wanting knight?

      • pesterm1

        cold feet… lol

      • Statement

        Shady PG skills…to small to be SG, below average College year.

        • yertu damkule

          can’t disagree…but i’m sure you do know that walker, while being more polished, has had two more seasons at a high-calibre NCAA school – where he’s been ‘the guy’ – to polish his game.  i guess it comes down to projecting where knight would/could be at the same point in his development.  IMO, he’s already a better shooter & defender, not to mention more gifted athletically.  and yes, i agree that his true PG skills are raw, but answer me this: before last year, what did the world think of kemba’s PG skills?  i mean, it wasn’t really until this past season that he was forced to take the reigns as UConn’s primary scoring option, right?  what is the likelihood that he’s going to join an NBA team in which he’ll be filling that role (i.e. as primary scorer)?  he’s going to have to be more of a ‘true’ point in the NBA than he was in college, and IMO, his abilities in that regard – while not as suspect as knight’s – certainly aren’t clear-cut.  i think he CAN be a very solid PG, but i think part of that is simply because he’s further along in his development than knight.  give knight a couple years to catch up, and i’m guessing that in 2013, the debate over who’s a better PG may well be moot.

          • Sek99

            Knight was ‘the guy’ from day one. I was watching the NBA TV analysis of the draft and they said that Kentucky changed their strategy to incorporate Knight into the system. Kemba didn’t get nearly as many minutes last season and was given a much larger role this year. I like both, but Knight has shown nothing to me to prove that he’ll become the better PG. Him being taller doesn’t mean shit into how he’ll develop. Walker is also considered to be a better defender by a lot of these analysts. The body of work speaks for itself as of right now; Kemba took a young, relatively low-talent team to the top, while Knight had games where he would go 1-7 and they’d be fine until they were knocked out. Like I said in the other post, there’s a double standard when it comes to these 2 PG’s and even Irving, who played 11 games and is a supposed ‘lock’ for 1st pick without proving anything.  

          • Statement

            for my perspective, put it this way.  I think the Raps would be better off choosing anybody (outside of Vesley) over Knight.  If you want me to geek out, I will, Knight had a below-average PAWS40 this year, the worst out of all the projected top-ten picks.  PAWS40 doesn’t project perfectly to the NBA, but it is much better than gut feeling.  Kemba had a better PAWS40 than Knight in his age 19 year. 

            Given this, Walker had a better starting off point from which to improve because his raw skills are better.  As such, I could see his development being better than Knights and him being a more productive player.

            The college data is flagging Knight pretty loudly, it seems as though he would be the worst out of the projected top tenners (with the possible exception of Vesely or Donatas whatever).

            No more “upside” and “potential”, draft skilled players who have proven that they can produce please.

  • Sek99

    Wanna start by saying that these podcasts have definitely improved since the crazy Bargnani Heat link one, so good work RR and Steve.
    Looking at the Casey press conference, the reason we brought the guy in was defense. You’re thinking that we’ll keep Calderon for his offensive skills (which I believe are very limited eventhough I like the guy), I don’t see it. If the right trade comes along, he’s gone IMO. Calderon is not as good as Kidd, even the dinosaur version, especially on D. Kidd may be slow, but he’s still a higher IQ defender and has way more strength. As far as not mentioning Davis, I noticed that too. If they really want the “Bargs natural position PF” thing to work, he is definitely the odd man out. We’d be 3 players deep at that position with Amir, and Ed will get the most in a trade. Not saying we should do it, I think it would be a huge mistake, but unless he adds 30 pounds in the off season, Davis isn’t going to be able to play C for any length of time and either him or Bargs will eventually have to be traded. Maybe somethings in the work with Minni’s 2nd pick, which I wouldn’t be too angry about for either Bargs or Davis, but like someone mentioned above, trading Davis just for the sake of making Bargs work and not because it’s the best move available will be a catastrophe. Another possibility is that Casey was raising Bargs stock by comparing him to Dirk and all that because of a trade soon. This is all of course just pure speculation.

    There is no way we are drafting Jan Vesely with 5th. We’d get a probable tweener who doesn’t shoot the 3, can’t (or at least his D is a big ass ?) defend and is pretty much just athletic. On a team that needs D and a 3-point shooter at the SF position, I can’t see us picking him unless they think he’s gonna be the next LBJ or something ridiculous.

    Final thing is something I read (I think on TSN) about the double standard in this draft. Everyone likes Knight’s size and all that shit, and they pretty much guarantee he’ll ‘learn’ to play the PG spot. But when it comes to Walker, he’s a score first guy with no chance of learning how to play PG. Just goes to show that a lot of scouts get so enamored with size and wingspan that just start making less and less sense. Both guys seem like solid character guys to me, so I can’t imagine one having a problem being taught the position. I mean, these guys aren’t Demarcus Cousins. As far as Biyombo, no way were picking him at 5, so the only way were getting him is through a trade. If the management thinks he can play C and is perfect to pair with Bargnani, I have a bad feeling that Davis would be used in a trade for this guy to make it work, which is scary if he turns out to be a bust when Davis has already shown to be a pretty good steal and have loads of potential. However, that could turn out to be a franchise making move if Biyombo turns into the next Big Ben. It would certainly be a ballsy gamble on Calangelo’s part.  

    • Cmills2000

      Actually, I think not drafting Biyombo at 5 is a risk all things considered.  Sure, we could use a point guard, but unless that guy is Irving, none of the other guys is enough of an upgrade to make much of a difference over the next 2 years. 

      I like Kawhi Leonard, but we need balance, and for a team that is so skewed to offence, Biyombo as Ben Wallace is a chance that we cannot afford not to take.

      Naturally that leaves a logjam at 4.  Trade Bargani?  Not enough O from the frontcourt.  Trade Amir?  If we can.  But there’s a salary cap amnesty around the corner, so we may be able to eat his contract.  Davis must remain a Raptor, no ifs, ands or buts.

      If we can do a trade that nets us a lower pick, we can use that on  one of the other guys that will inevitably fall down the board.  Remember we got Davis at, what, 13?

      • Sek99

        Davis was a steal because his injury made him a steal. People were worried. Biyombo could be the next Wallace, but there’s a high chance he could be the next Thadbeet as well. I also think that Walker would be a huge upgrade at the PG position over Jose and Bayless, plus he brings he leadership. Leonard is the safer pick over Biyombo and so is Walker. Leonard could be the next Gerald Wallace some people think, and that’s a defensive wing who rebounds and he may develop offense one day, whereas people pretty much believe Biyombo will never develop an offensive game past maybe ‘serviceable’ level. IMO, both Biyombo and Leonard have huge question marks about how exactly they’ll develop plus how good they’ll be, whereas a guy like Kemba is much more proven.  

      • Gradgrind101

        You make some good points but please please please…Do not compare Biyombo to Ben Wallace. Ben is mean, tough and intimidating. Biyombo may develop into a great defender but he will never affect the game like Wallace in his prime…When you think Bismack think of Kirylenko…Without the scoring…

        • kaine

          raptors need most of all a 3. the best would be iguodala or similar.
          if there’s no 3 good enough, draft the best talent available

          • Gradgrind101

            Yeah they do need a 3…No doubt…But good defense starts with defending the ball You can’t have guys like Calderone sagging so much on D that it opens up a perimeter game…And if he goes out to the perimeter he gets beat…In that case you have the bigs rotating into help and fouling. So if they want to play good defense they need a PG who can guard the ball…That would be most important, otherwise everything will fail.

  • Your crazy if you think ED DAVIS is not a part of the future…and if you think Casey purposely didn’t mention Davis your even more crazy.

    • Sek99

      It’s plausible. . . Either Davis or Bargs have to go unless Davis puts on 30 pounds while maintaining his athleticism and quick jump and all the other things that make him good right now. The only other option is making one the bench player, which I don’t think would work for either player. Basically, we’d be repeating the same mistake by forcing either one to play C (although I think Bargs should be a C considering his size, and I doubt he’ll have a much better season guarding PF’s) and logically, one of them will have to go at one point to move forward.  

    • points

      i hope your’re right!

    • Pointzswallows

      ed davis will not be with us past his rookie contract. like tmac he will bolt to play stateside. its been known since he was disappointingly drafted by us. his family was pissed. american ballers want to play in the states. like bosh and his, “does anybody even see me drop 20/10” and like antonio davis and his fear of the metric system and doug christie saying the water tastes funny…..AMERICANS DONT WANT TO BE HERE…they pander to you lame nitwits  by wearin a jays cap then u tools busts loads “yo guy u see amir wearin a jayz cap yo! rep tdot til dey bury me yo!

      they play u fools…ed davis wont be here past his rookie contract.

      • Nilanka15

        I guess the only thing left to do is sign Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox, Sidney Crosby, and Joey Votto to long-term deals.  You dumb shit.

  • Ho Tep

    Asking this crew to play defense just means more stretches on the injury list and a whole new set of excuses. Wake me up when the team is fundamentally changed.

    • SeattleSuperSonics

      Exactly, until both Calderon aka ‘PG Controversy’ & Bargnani aka ‘Mr Sometimes I Get Lazy’ are traded away the defensive mantra will be all talk.

      As well, with both of them being the 2 longest tenured Raptors under BC they exemplify exactly what is wrong with the Rap’s- lack of consistent defense over 82 games!

      Furthermore, players continue to come and go every off season under BC yet those two are the constant roster denominators on the Raptors- do the full math.

      • points

        cause they are the core

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

     My updated mock draft:

    1. Clev: KIrving
    2. Minn: DWilliams
    3. Utah: EKanter (according to some reports Utah has settled on Enes)
    4. Clev: JValanciunas (Clev can afford to wait a year for him)
    5. Raps: BKnight (BC hires an ex Kentucky player- Casey, as coach. I want KWalker or KLeonard)
    6. Wash: KLeonard
    7. Sac: KWalker (Best pg in draft, my favorite for ROY)
    8. Det:  MarcusMorris
    9. Char: KThompson
    10. Mil: JVesely

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      I used the SeattleSuperSonics name on another web site yet when I post on this site my name won’t change even  when I type it in over SeattleSuperSonics?


  • kaboom

     I heard that they are trying to make ed davis as a trade bait on thursday instead of bargnani. If that happens, I have a feeling that demar wont sign to the raps after his rookie season because of BC and Bargnani love affair.

    • Statement

      I can’t believe that the Raps would continue to hitch their wagon to Bargnani.

      The guy sucks, plain and simple.  Don’t design a scheme to hide him, get better players, period.

      Dwane Casey indicated that Bargnani is part of the core and a star.  This HAS to be him towing the line. 

      I favor Wins Produced as a player valuation metric (consistent over time, explains wins fairly successfully). 

      If Bargnani produces at a WP/48 level this year of .100 (average), I’ll apologize to cesco on this forum.

    • points

      he has to get some double doubles like bargs

  • Larry Hughes

    REAL GM >> MINNY TELLING PPL THEY WILL TAKE KANTER AT NO.2! ILL BE SHOCKED IF UTAH WILL PASS UP ON DWILL AT 3… Knight looks like he’ll be a rap if minny aint planing some scheme.

    • Bendit

      Wanna bet an hour from now Minny has a press release denying this is true….something about not making their mind up …yet.

  • Gradgrind101

    The player I covet in this draft is Derrick Williams. I am an Arizona Wildcats fan and have watched him play…He is crazy!! There is nobody in the world who is more NBA ready than him. From what I have seen Enes Kanter reminds me a lot of Bargnani. Check out his video footage on DraftExpress and then tell me what you think…And don’t give me any pre-draft camp garbage. When he matches up against NBA centers I will become a believer.  

    So far he hasn’t even matched up against guys like Zeller from UNC. He may turn out to be good but so far it is just pure speculation and potential upside…

  • PMama

    RaptorLand (Chicago)Do you think the Toronto Raptors will jump on Bismack Biyombo with a defensive minded coach or opt for a sorely needed point guard?Chad Ford  (1:19 PM)Sounds like they’re leaning strongly to going with defense. That could change if Brandon Knight is there at 5. But if he’s off the board I think the conversation is now down to Kawhi Leonard and Bismack Biyombo. I know there have been a lot of Kemba Walker rumors, but I don’t think they’ve ever been that high on him.

    • Gradgrind101

      Toronto has been intrigued with Biyombo before the arrival of Casey. Unless someone else drops they may grab him or go with Valanciunas or Knight. It will be one of those 3. Kemba is not considered largely because what he has accomplished has taken 3 years at college and Knight has accomplished less but in only 1 year. Also, Knight is deemed to have more upside…He’s a better shooter and he’s taller

      • Arsenalist

        If Chad Ford says it ain’t, then it is. The guy has never been right.

        • Gradgrind101

          Terrence Williams could have been a good player but he was not dedicated to his job. He was showing up more than an hour late for practice and started showing up halfway through shoot around on game days. New Jersey cut his playing time down and he still didn’t learn so they traded him away.

          Raps need ball defense and right now it seems Knight might be the best available. Walker may not be able to handle some of the taller NBA PG’s

  • Kujo

    Raps would be insane to draft an offensively raw, freak athlete like  Biyombo.  Just to big a risk, and way too high of pick to take that kind of gamble.

    Leonard is intriguing, but I worry he could b another Terrence Williams.

    Raps just need to draft the pest player available.  I just hope it isn’t any soft Euro’s.  I’m hoping for either Knight, or Walker.

    • Gradgrind101

      I meant the above comment on Terrence Williams for you…By the way those Euros aren’t soft…Vasely is one of the most aggressive players out there but he just isn’t that good…He can dunk and that’s it. As a rule I would almost never take a Euro in the top 10. There are enough good prospects who have proven something in NCAA. Euros are a gamble and for that reason if I had to gamble I’d trade down and go with Fredette or Alec Burks or even a shooter like Klay Thompson.

  • Chad

    Knight will not be there for he fifth pick. Pick from the below:

    Vasely, Leonard, Kemba or Biyombo.

  • haaaaaa

     If the raps select Val played him along with bargnani, might aswell trade demar and ed because I dont see them staying here because of too much from euro with love by colangelo

  • Whatt

    If bargnani was traded before the trade deadline. we could have been higher in the draft position or we could have 2 in top 5 or top 10. as long as bargnani and calderon is here, the rebuild is just bs

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      You can’t call a rebuild until you blow it up 1st- getting rid of both Jose & Bargnani (especially as starters), until then it’s just more of the same ol same bullchit from BC via PR spins in the wind.

      The 2 roster constants under BC- Jose & Andrea.

      Btw- I thought BC said that AB was a 5 year project when he was drafted back in 2006 but yet BC is going on year 6 with him as a project- Raptors fans wake up!!!!!lol

      • POINTS

        tells it all

        • POINTS

          tonite BC will draft the big fuzzy guy

  • Gradgrind101

    I haven’t been too high on Kemba so far but I do like him. So far Kemba has proven more than anyone else in the draft (yeah yeah I know he has some apparent flaws). But he has heart and determination and those are the main ingredients that drives a player to adapt and thrive. As for his flaws he definitely needs a jump shot off the dribble…Without that he will end up as an NBA backup…But wait he is very quick…He can get to the rim or drive and kick…Ahhh but that leads to another problem. The raps are a horrible perimeter shooting team. 
    In short Kemba could work out for Toronto but he really needs help…Shooters who will spread the floor. If BC has a couple up his sleeve I think we can be patient while Kemba develops a better jumper. Otherwise TO would not be the right place for his career.

    • Nilanka15

      But Kemba does have a jumpshot off the dribble.  It’s one of his go-to moves….

      • POINTS


      • Gradgrind101

        He’s not all that accurate. So far in college he’s an average shooter…43% overall shooting is nothing. He has made some big time step back jumpers. But overall he’s not a good shooter. For instance in the NCAA final where he won and made some believers he was 5 for 19 (0 for 4 3 pointers and 5 for 15 for 2 pointers). He will be better than TJ Ford but nowhere near as good as Iverson…And then again maybe his jumper gets better like Kidd’s.