Party at St. Louis at Yonge/Wellesley – 528 Yonge St. Draft starts at 7:30, we’ll be there before that.

Live Chat gets busy closer to the draft.

Some updates:

  • Chad Ford’s latest says the Raptors will be getting Brandon Knight.
  • Charlotte has shown interest in Biyombo and Thompson.
  • Washington is close to 100% on taking Vesely.
  • Kings will take Jimmer and thus their trade.
  • Jazz have to get a point guard but also like Kanter.
  • Kemba Walker is rumoured to have some knee issues, although a GM denies concern and is falling like a rock.
  • Raptors are mulling over Cleveland’s offer to switch picks.
  • Biyombo has a contractual issue and has terminated his contract with Fuenlabrada of the Spanish ACB. Team has sued and court date has been set. This according to Woj.
  • Spurs are trying to get into the lottery very hard.

The forums have all of the above talk and more.

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125 Responses to “Toronto Raptors 2011 NBA Draft Open Thread – Raptors take Jonas Valanciunas”

  1. BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    My final mock draft top Lottery post Sac/Mil/Char trade:1. Clev: KIrving
    2. Minn: DWilliams
    3. Utah: EKanter 
    4. Clev: JValaciunas
    5. Raps: BKnight *I’d take KWalker
    6. Wash: JVesely *Czech Republic Embassy invited 2 Wizards Draft
    7. Char: KWalker
    8. Det: TThompson9. Char: KLeonard10. Sac: JFredette11. GS: MarcusMorris12. Utah: KThompson13. Phx: DMotiejunas14. Hou: NVucevic

  2. mountio

    Chad Ford’s latest is below. Lets hope hes right .. Knight is a steal for us at 5 in this draft ..

    1. Clev: KIrving
    2: Minn: DWilliams
    3. Utah: EKanter
    4: Clev: JValaciunas
    5. Raps: BKnight
    6. Wash: JVesely
    7. Char: TThompson
    8. Det: Bismack9. Char: KLeonard10. Sac: JFredette11. GS: KThompson12: Utah: KWalker


    PLEASE! Raptor fans goto > ESPN MARVEL COVERS FOR THE NBA < we have to change this our team is a joke

    • Big Fella

      Can someone pls confirm how many Picks to the Raptors have in total…is it only the 5th pick in the first round this year? Or do the Raptors have another pick
      Thanks in advance

  4. Timo in Waterloo

    What if Cleveland takes D Williams at 1 and whatever PG is available at 4 ?

  5. Big Fella

    Can someone pls advice how many pick do the Raps have in Total?  Is just this 5th pick?

  6. barenakedman

    Just to put things in perspective, whoever the Raptors pick tonight  probably won’t be playing max minutes at their position this coming season.
    If the identity of the Raptors as an up and coming disciplined young team is further solidified tonight I’m more than happy but there is going to be a lot of criticism here at RR no matter what comes down.  

    • POINTS

      you know who it is everything he shoots you know it going in


  7. Big Fella

    Just got word…we’re going with Bis-mack ur face Biyombo ….

    Its over everyone can go home now

  8. Bukowski

    as long as it is not Vesely I’m sure I will  be able to find a silver lining in the pick

  9. The_great_19

    raps big board should be : kanter/knight, kemba, leonard, valanciunas any else is unnacceptable!

    • Big Fella


      I have a fully reliable source confirming this ….they want Knight but it aint happening so its —Bis-mack ur face Biyombo  THE END.
      Im not very rich…but will wager $5.00 its Biyombo….

  10. Bukowski

    I Like Valanciunas and Kanter but the ghosts of previous international big man picks – Araujo and Bargnani – haunt my psyche

  11. Big Fella

    The Bucks will get Jackson and Charlotte’s Shaun Livingston, Sacramento’s Beno Udrih and the 19th pick from the Bobcats in Thursday night’s draft, while Charlotte obtains the No. 7 pick from Sacramento and forward Corey Maggette from Milwaukee.

  12. The_great_19


  13. Bukowski

    WTF! Thompson? didn’t see that coming. now if only the Raps had the next two picks

    • KJ-B

      Sports Illustrated had it right after all? Now does BK end up North of the Border?

  14. Big Fella

    . Cavs – Kyrie Irving, Duke
    2. Wolves – Derrick Williams, Arizona
    3. Jazz – Enes Kanter, Turkey
    4. Cavs – Tristan Thompson, Texas

  15. Big Fella


    • Statement

      What’s wrong with Valanciunas?  He was a projected top-4 before the buyout situation.

      IMHO he’s a very good prospect, crazy efficient shooter, 91% F.T. percentage, excellent rebounder, operates very effectively in the pick and roll and is only 19.

      This guy is SOOOO much better than Walker and Knight.

  16. KJ-B

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Colangelo knows something I dunno!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Bukowski

    I was hoping for Knight, but let’s hope Valanciunas doesn’t follow Raptor history of first round international big men.  

  18. Big Fella

    I accept full responsibility for my earlier prediction and also apologize to Bimack for giving him hope to be Toronto Player.

    Good thing nobody made a bet.

    All the best everyone

    • ovrproof

      Apologize for giving Bismack hope? Jeez coming to play here is more like a threat… I wouldn’t wish it on my enemies

  19. Jonathan

    You guys should love Valanciunas.  He just dissed Chris Bosh in his interview.

    To paraphrase:

    “How are you like Chris Bosh?”

    “I don’t know.  I’m not very strong?”

  20. Jonathan

    Five international players in the top seven picks.  Yes, I’m counting the Canadian.

  21. KJ-B

    Brandon Knight is looking like the Paul Pierce of this draft and looks to be a lock to not slide past #9 just…Dude must be pO’d for folks messin’ wit his paper–ROY 2011-12!

  22. Changv10


    Ok … hopefully this means trading Bargnani. 
    Or maybe they are picking for someone else …
    Or they know the lockout is inevitable so leave him playing in Europe …

    Oh man …. ouch that really hurts.  Thinking positively … trying to …

  23. Sheptor

    Could mean we are trading for Tony Parker, or Nash or someone after all. I can’t see BC having faith in Bayless, and no way is Calderon sticking around. There’s something at work here…..stay positive the pick is over, but the night is not.

    • Sheptor

      Could also mean BC is planning on putting a VALANCIUNAS jersey on Bargnani in the hope no one will notice it’s Bargs, and he can have his golden boy for another 5 years.

  24. Harry S. Truman

    Oh my jesus what just happened? Please god let there be a trade…

  25. sak

    Something to consider: if the NBA somehow averts a lockout, and Jonas doesn’t come over next year, it’s a good bet that the Raps could pick up the 3rd-5th pick next year too, unless some big shakeup happens. I don’t want our team to suck, but another lottery pick in a stronger draft could give us some top shelf youth.

    • Toshmon

      no no.
      nothing you just said is a good thing. especially if you pick a guy that states hes not strong like cris bosh at 5 and then u want to gamble for 12 months on another top 5 pick?

      • Raps Loyalist

        This is a great pick!  The Raps need size and Jonas V can stay in Europe for another year.  That way the Raps suck again next year (in what will probably be a short season) and get another top 5 pick in an amazing 2012 draft.  2012/2013 season here we come!  Building through the draft takes time just look at OKC my friends

      • dchoubak

        Do you forget that he’s 19? Unless you’re a freak like Lebron or Dwight Howard, not many 19 year olds have NBA ready bodies.

      • Chad

        I am surprised you are still posting here !! 
        Shouldn’t you be posting on Bobcats forum now ?

        • POINTS

          i’m falling in love with this euro team check out “espn marvel covers” badass team those raptors they just drafted the big fuzzy guy with the #5 pick could be runner up for ROY

  26. Bendit

    Does anyone want to follow Chad Ford again? He said Vesely and then Knight. Inside info? I think BC may have picked JV because of the intense jockeying to tradeup for him. Kanter must have been first choice. Wouldnt be surprised if JV is for sale.

  27. Chad

    Wow, Given that there is no more trade ( just for the sake of assumption) from now on , Are we the worst team in NBA now since even our Draft pick is NOT going to Come for another year ??

    SSHHHHOOOOOCCCKKKEEEDDDD  !!!!! Love this roller coaster ride as a Raptor fan.

  28. pran

    I love this pick and feel the raps couldn’t have done any better for the position they were in. My respect for BC just doubled, he does have the ability to think long term after all.

  29. Statement

    Why are people freaking out about Jonas,

    perhaps do some research before pissing and moaning, sheesh.

    91% FT, projected top 4 pick but for buyout situation, true shooting percentage of 74%!!!!, 14.5 rebounds per 40 minutes and almost 2 blocks/40.  Win Score/40 of 15.11 (average is 12.6) and the dude just turned 19 playing in a very competitive league. Also, he is amongst the top pick-and-roll players in Europe and is projected to play centre.

    What more do you want?  This guy has upside and is producing NOW, unlike Knight who is all upside.

  30. Jerglin

    I can’t believe there’s so much negativity around this pick. He was the best remaining talent available, period. Remaining player with the greatest trade value too.

    If you were expecting any of Walker, Knight, Biyombo, etc to come in next year and lead the team to the playoffs, you were dreaming. This was the best long term decision for the Raps to make, whether he gets traded shortly or not. This team’s window is not to peak within the next 2 years; this is going to take some time. If you can’t handle what a real rebuild looks like, you probably don’t really like the sport much anyway.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      We have a certified BC ‘Rebuild Kool Aid’ drinker here!!lol

  31. D-Money

    Good pick..Jonas V is an example of a real trade bargs for stucky and Jonas…

    • Chad

      Trade AB ?? Are you Kidding ? BC just Got his Tyson ( Val) to match with his Dirk ( AB). You must be dreaming if you think AB will be traded.

    • POINTS

      bargs should not be traded 3or4 more EURO PLAYERS led by the raptors star player and calderon.

  32. BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    BC’s Euro vision for Raptors basketball is still  in full e-f-f-e-c-t!

    This is a bullchit pick- especially after we- the fans, suffered through last season’s bullchit from BC at least draft a player who will physically be in the TDot come Training Camp like KWalker!!
    Kemba will make BC look stupid for bypassing him in the draft, trust.

    As well, Jonas won’t even be here until the season after this upcoming season- if then as it could potentially take 3 years to get Jonas

    Btw- Valanciunas said his game is like CB’s & hopes that he will be able to play in NBA this upcoming season- right.

    Casey sounds like he’s full of chit as he couldn’t even pronounce Jonas last name and didn’t really know sh*t about his game just generic descriptions thereof.lmfao

    How does this pick help Casey out this season?

    Casey could be gone by the time, if, Jonas arrives in the TDot.

    Rap’s still need a big man- will they trade Ed and/or Amir in order to get one?

    BC is still pissing on us fans and calling it Rainwater- shitting on us fans and calling it Kobe Steak- the emperor has no clothes- new ‘Winning Plan’ my ass!!

    I can’t wait for year 3 of BC’s current contract to run its course- hopefuly he will be fired before then.

    Your 2013-14 Raptors:

    ValanciunasBargnaniKleizaDeRozan (I got a feeling he’s gone asap)Calderon

  33. Nilanka15

    I’m getting really tired of the “Euro” generalizations by some fans.

    • Chad

      LOL, and you were one of those fans till 2 hours ago but the LOVE for BC is not allowing you to admit it.

      BC is the Babcock of 2011 Draft.

      • Nilanka15

        WTF are you talking about?  My preferred picks were Walker and Leonard, which had nothing to do with what country they were born in.

    • POINTS

      euro euro euro euro waste of a pick so that the star player can play point guard next season.HEDO was right this org. shit this GM has wasted 5 years and is about to waste another 2 and everyone is ok with that, taking raptors money and making it rain and nothing to show for it.

  34. BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    Your 2013-14 Raptors:Valanciunas
    DeRozan (I got a feeling he’s gone asap)

    • Maurice "Mo" Shats

      What happened to never posting on this site again after you were – surprise! – wrong about Casey? Your posts are extremely tedious and, seemingly, way off base. 3 years to bring Valanciunas over? Pretty sure his buyout allows him to play in the 12-13 season, which happens to be NEXT year, not 3 years from now. I didn’t see one bad thing written about Valanciunas in the weeks leading up to the draft, and saw comparisons that linked him to Alonzo Mourning, and not Dirk (as Bargs was). His buyout situation was the only reason people teams wouldn’t draft him. I, personally, am happy with the pick, even though I was rooting strongly for the raps to pick Kawhi Leonard. As someone else stated above, of Kemba Walker, Brandon Knight, Bismack Biyombo, anyone else who the raps were said to be considering, NONE would be able to step in right away and lead the raps to a playoff berth. Not even your boy Kemba Walker. Kemba will make BC look stupid? Well, considering 8 different GM’s passed on him, he has a lot of people he needs to make look stupid, not only BC. 
      Any evidence DeRozan is leaving? Has he ever stopped trying or given up? Has he ever expressed dissatisfaction in the team or their direction? Has he not been working his ass off every summer to improve? No, didn’t think so.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        You stupid moo’fer Val currently has no buyout particulars in writing as the buyout has yet to even be negotiated as per BC.lmfao

        It could anywhere between 1-3 years before Val sets foot in the TDot it all depends on the buyout particulars which currently are non existent- time will tell if he will ever get to the TDot but it doesn’t sound too promising- the main reason the Cav’s bypassed on him.

        Val’s Euro team doesn’t have to help out BC and the Rap’s they can keep him for 3 more years- at the very least.

        KWalker is ready to contribute from day 1- recognize, he will make all the GMs who passed on him looked stupid!lol

        Your, right Rap’s most likely aren’t going to the playoffs next season (as is) due to BC fucking up the team up so badly but that doesn’t mean we have to suck as a team.

        It’s all speculation w/ DD but I can easily see him leaving as soon as his rookie contract runs its course- I don’t expect DD to stop working out no matter the situation as he is a Gym Rat- recogmnize. 

        Fyi- I was wrong about the Heat beating the Mavs- sucka. Btw- I will post whenever, wherever I choose- mind your own business, kiddo, and get off of my e dick and tell your girl to cum here- chump.

        In my mind if International’s have pro contract buyouts they shouldn’t even be in the NBA Draft in the 1st place.

        BC fucked over the fan base yesterday- big time!!

        • Nilanka15

          It’s safe to say that your biggest concern with this pick is Valanciunas’ buyout problem.  But if the buyout is sorted out as smoothly as possible, and Valanciunas is wearing a Raptors uniform come training camp, is there anything wrong with taking the best big man in the 2011 draft, with our sigths set on Myck Kabongo in 2012?

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            Please do not assume to think for me I can post what I think directly no need for a translator, buddy.

            That being said Val won’t be in the TDot next year (2011-12) that’s for certain.

            The year (2012-13) after- maybe, maybe not.

            The year (2013-14) after that- maybe, maybe not.

            That’s potentially 3 years away for a drafted kid in 2011 if BC can’t negotiate a tenable buyout with Val’s Euro Team before that time of arrival.

            The buyout particular have yet to even be negotiated all BC has is a faxed paper of the previous attempts with Leon Rose to secure a buyout by Cleveland- who couldn’t work anything out pre draft so they bypassed on Val.

            As well, the best big man in the draft has yet to be determined as Val is full of potential and potential gets folks fired quicker than a recession.

            Imagine a Raptors backcourt of & a rebuilding trio of:

            PG: Kemba Walker
            SG: DeMar DeRozan
            PF: Ed Davis

            Also, forget Myck next draft it’s all about 6’4 (w/o shoes) 204 PG Tony Wroten Jr aka GPS- recognize he’s the truth at the University of Washington.

              • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                I believe I answered it if you know how to read- chump!

                Also, no it’s not safe to say anything except what I have posted verbatim- don’t put words into my e mouth nor assumptions.

        • Maurice "Mo" Shats

          I’m sorry for getting the reason why you weren’t going to post on this site again wrong. I don’t give a rats ass about where and when you post, but you said you’d never post again so I figured you saying you’d never post again means you’d never post again. Don’t call me kiddo either – learn some respect, as judging by the way you talk (“and get off of my e dick and tell your girl to cum here- chump”) you are obviously younger and much, much less mature than anyone on this site. And the buyout that BC was talking about him coming over NEXT season (if there is a season) and not the 12-13 season.

  35. Adrian

    Good thing I’m patient, this could better be good!
    I just love the Raptors.

    I think Kemba will be a good player tho? I wonder about Jimmer too…


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