The rumours surfaced a few days ago and it just became official: he’s not coming here next year and will join the Raptors in 2012-13. And reading the labor picture Adrian Woj paints, he’s not going to be missing much.

If there is a season then it’s going to really suck not having a chance to see him develop when the team is trudging its way to 20 wins again. Seems like a bit of a waste to me, but I’m not privy to the contract negotiations that were had or what restrictions Colangelo was working under. If the Raptors opted not to bring him in to save money/cap space and a season does happen, then they’ll look like idiots because developing here is better than developing there. Period. If there’s no season, then the move is pure genius. In either case, this pick just became even more underwhelming and even less exciting. Sad really, because as fans this was the ONLY thing we were looking forward to since November, and it turned out to be the greatest anti-climax ever.

If there is no season next year, the league could go the NHL route and average out the last three seasons to determine the 2012 draft order. This is not good for the Raptors because it would give them a pick outside the top four, something they could better if they just played the season and do what they’re so great at – losing. So, adding all this up as Raptors fans we have to pick between, 1) watching a rebuilding season where our top pick isn’t even developing in the NBA, 2) getting robbed of draft spots. Good news is that 2012 is supposed to be a solid draft class so we could have two “studs”, ableit rookies, heading into the 2012-13 season.

Paragraph break so I can take a deep breath, relax, and think somewhat rationally.

When the pick was announced it was like a bomb that just exploded. Once everybody gathered themselves, saw that nobody was killed and nobody had gone missing, they started to lick the substance they thought was blood. It wasn’t blood, they were strawberries. Delicious strawberries that you couldn’t get enough of, so much so that after a little while you were glad there had been a bomb which blessed you with delicious strawberries. I’m not ready to say Jonas Valanciunas is a strawberry, but after 24 hours of reading some of the reviews out there, it does appear that he’s not a bomb. At least not yet. This is a pick that will always be considered guilty until proven innocent because the general consensus amongst fans was to take either Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight. Both those two fell considerably deeper into the lottery which is probably easing a lot of fears. It helps that a journalist such as Ric Bucher thinks that Valanciunas would have been the #1 pick if it hadn’t been for the contract.

As far as actual news is concerned, the assistant coaching ranks are about to be altered. Reports are indicating that Memphis assistant, Johnny Davis, friend of Dwane Casey is being sought as one of the new Raptors assistants. This means the Raptors would have two assistants: Davis and Carlesimo. Alex English is on the outs as of right now.

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  • mountio

    Obviously Im not privy to the contract negotiations either, but I would be SHOCKED if BC opted not to bring him in to save money/cap space.
    Even the biggest BC hater (BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!?) I would have to think would give BC enough credit to realize he would have brought him here if he could and not been concerned about the couple of millions bucks of salary cap hit .. which is completely inconsequential to anything we want to do next year or to MSLE’s financials.

    • Tonious35

      At least to a certain extent, Jonas’ contract situation and attitude to come to an NBA city is better than Rubio’s situation in Minnesota.  Kahn is just retarded and Rubio purposely stayed out of Minnesota because of the PG glut they created in a draft in 2009, and also had shades of “aww fuck it, they suck and I won’t learn anything on this shit team”.  If there is no news of an NBA settling a labor contract plan, then there is no NBA season and Jonas can play another year professionally overseas. 

  • Raps4Ever

    I am glad I wasnt at the RR draft party! I loved the pick and it would of been sad to see all RAP fans cry and complain about it! 1 more season of craptor ball, but then the city will be in love with our young stacked exciting team! I have patience and can wait for what will be 1 of the best teams in the nba! Raps4ever mang!!!!!

    • Matt52

      That is exactly correct.  Next year will be tough but as long as they fight and show improvement I can live with it.  2013-2014 is going to be sweet.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        2013-14 is going to be another Lottery year for the Raps & BC will have some more words for you to swallow up as to rationalize right before your eyes as DD most likely will depart these here parts during that off season as the losing mounts & the fans start to count down BC’s last days in the TDot.

        • Ihatehaters

          pessimistic much?

          • Boomer

            The Toronto Raptors today have announced they have traded Jose Calderon, Linas Kleiza, and Sonny Weems to the Miami Heat for Dwyane Wade and 80 million dollars that the team is not willing to pay Chris Bosh. 
            When reached for comment, BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!! replied, “Colangelo sucks! We gots Dwayne Wade for how much? They couldn’t of traded for Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon instead? Fire this bum.”

            To which Maurizio GheraRdini responded, “If someone professes to hate me so much they use their login information to bash me, shouldn’t they at least spell my name right?”

  • Bukowski

    In 2012, the Raptors will likely have a very high pick in an exceptionally strong draft and will be bringing a one-year more developed (and hopefully physically bigger) JV on board. That double wham of young talent two seasons from now will be exciting. But since rookies need a couple of years to develop, it also means the Raptors time frame for competing is probably three years from now. I worry about whether guys like Derozan and Ed Davis will be willing to wait that out (more Derozan because he has one year more service time). I like the JV pick but it would have been nice getting someone who could contribute right away

    • Bukowski

      Barring a free agency miracle, the only hope for the Raptors next year seems to be if Bayless, Derozan and J. Johnson all have breakout seasons, which while lovely seems unlikely. I don’t know if I can handle another season of tanking

      • Del Jue

        Those three and Amir could at least step forward. Kleiza, Barbosa and Calderon might turn up a little less crippled. A useful player or two could be added, the coach could have positive effect. Bargnani is Bargnani.

        And (gulp) the tank ends up in the ditch.

        • Manny_Lee

          This is why Raps fans are called irrational.  They want the team to “build” for a championship, not tank, but be competitive next year while not being stuck in mediocrity (a la Bucks) at the bottom of the playoff pool, make free agents plays but get absolutely horrendously bitter when they do not work out, sentimentally want the team to resemble the OAK years when we didn’t make the conference finals (yes, by a hair’s breath, but still), continually call to blow up the latest incarnation of the team, cheer when such is done, but then get bitter when it does not reach unrealistic annual expectations and ad adsurdium… And yes, I am calling myself out in this post…

      • tonious35

        I’ll handle another season of tanking and as long as it also involves ridding ourselves of bad contracts.

        • Exactly! not only rid ourself, but balance the roster… we need to move amir johnson for a 5. I dont know who we could bet, but because 5’s are hard to come by, but Samuel Dalembert could be a good fit next to bargnani. A sign and trade with Sacramento for Dalembert would work fine for me. Just dont give him more than 3 years/24 million. 

          I am also very very excited about next years draft. If the raptors can pick my myke kabongo (toronto kid who is raked 2nd best point guard in next years draft) next year people will stop talking about kemba and brandon. I have been hearing some great great things about this kid. 

  • The raptors should really focus on developing Solomon Alabi next season as a center and the year after we can work on Jonas.  

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Alabi is POB Light- recognize.

      He’s currently and for the foreseeable future a D Leaguer at best.

      • omar

        I think you are being a little premature with soloman but you are entitled to your opinion which i more times than not agree with. solo had knee surgery after his season at florida state. He ran with a noticable limp and had no explosion lift at all! Still he wanted to practice and play and never once meantioned injury. no excuses! Recent interview with his trainer on this site confirms this! he says solo is now healthy after a little over one yr removed from surgery and is 65% better physically than last yr and much stronger. He is looking good basketball wise and he predicts within one or two yrs solo could be a starting centre in the nba! Not saying i agree but he is paid to train professional b/b players and is highly respected so i am courious to see a healthy solo!

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          Fair enough.

          I’ll give you that since David Thrope recently had some nice things to say about him working out this off season.

          So I’ll wait to see if his knee surgery last year hindered him or if my eyes were correct as he’s just not ready to contribute on the NBA level and is a D Leaguer.

  • Generator31

    I still hate this pick BUT he will provide hours of unintentional comedy. Like his first interview:  “How do you think your game is like Chris Bosh’s?” “I… uhh…. not so strong body?” 
    HAHA, I can’t imagine what his convos with Bargs will be like, I hope we get to hear lots of it with that Mic’d up business that TNT does.

    • Nilanka15

      Kleiza will be his unofficial translator.

    • Juicey

      I was kinda hoping in his interview he would work in “Ball.”

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    I thought that I read that PJ wasn’t coming back?

    Johnny Davis is a really good dude I remember him from the Pacers as a kid.

    Alex English is on the outs? For real?

     They same guy who taught Amir his running half hook shot- the one that Amir used to beat OKC & increased his ft % immensely?

    I hope not as Alex could work wonder with Ed given the time to workout in the off season together in my mind.

    As well, I always believed that Alex should have taken over for Sam not Jay.

    • Juicey

      I dont think anything is official on PJ but I also heard it’s not expected he would be back. 

      I was also hoping English would be back as I like how he developed young players, which is so important to this team.  But I guess a coach is going to want his own guys.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    Rap’s are already a ‘young’ team as Casey has already learned to say to the media so why draft a 19 year old- to make the team even younger?

    I just hope that after he gets his 5 year development grace period ala Bargnani from BC after his arrival in Toronto for the 2012-13 season that he doesn’t look like this in 2017-18:

    Bargnani after 5 years in the NBA no muscle development, definition what so ever.

    • cesco

      That picture was taken in the summer of 2009 , in the ensuing season , him and Bosh formed one of the top , if not the top  big duo in the league ( a combined 42 pts , 17 rbs , 2.4 blocks ). One of them unfortunately quit after the all-stars game , otherwise the team would have made the play-offs ( and would have missed Davis in the draft ) .

      • cesco

        Barg and his partner ( Jonas ) , the best big duo in the league in 2 years time . Book it .

        • cesco

          In the summer 0f 2012 , most likely Lithuania and Jonas will be pitted against most of the best players in the world at the Olympics games in London . So we may have a preview of his game-ship before the pre-season start .

      • Nilanka15

        Of those 17 combined rebounds, 16.5 were collected by Bosh 😛

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Barg’s still looks like that.

        CB quit?

        You really drank BC’s pr media spin kool aid on that issue- don’t you know by now that BC is a professional liar?lmfao

        As well, Barg’s is a lazy piece of shit- point blank, his NBA comparison is not Dirk but Dirk’s shit- recognize!

  • WhatWhat

    (I’m never going to a Raptors draft party. I still can’t believe how shocked that fanbase is over taking a guy that was ranked higher than Knight and Walker.)

    We need a rebounding, defensive big that plays with a lot of energy. That’s what Val is  consistently described as an projected to be. That was our biggest need, AND Val was ranked higher than Knight and Walker.

    You will all be happy when we have a starting lineup of Bayless/DD/Quincy Miller (or Gilchrist, or Barnes or one of the many other talented SFs)/Davis/Val. Shit, as much as I hate the guy now, keeping White Swan and starting him will guarantee at least 50 losses and a pretty high pick in a stacked draft. It still enrages me whenever Casey/BC say how good he is, but in actuality I think on a very short leash.

    Even better news: No international player is projected to be a lotto pick.

    I really hope that we keep Alex English though. And ffs we need a big man coach.

    • JW

      Dude get over it.   Replying to the drama, with more drama is a classic tampon moment.

      I would of loved to be there, but I was taking my week vacation fishing the St. Lawrence.  I was elated with the JV selection.  It sounds like it would have been super fun to be in the midst of a bunch of guys crying about Walker or Knight.  I can’t think of a better Ice breaker, or a better crowd.

      Guys who think like me are soooooo boring, I don’t need clones of my thoughts and actions. I’m stuck with this noggin for the rest of my life, a little difference is always desert for me.  

      (I would of been doing the kozak dance in the middle of the pub. )

      • Juicey

        I guess you don’t go with the flow.  Get it, tampon? 

        Sorry, time for bed.

        • JW

          LOL, its all good…

          Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  I guess I got rubbed the wrong way when the poster try to alienate an entire group of people and declared a free party to be, well… something offensive.

          I generally noticed that once the beer flows, the pack mentality is strong.  You get one boo, others join in because they do not want to feel left  out.  It’s not a big deal, and I don’t think RR needs to feel any shame for organizing a free party. 

          For those representing JV, you should of spoke out.  That is all, being wounded by it after the fact is a little Ann Coulter’ish.

  • O D

    Imma take a little line from Derozan when I say “No Props Needed”
    Play the Raptors this season with no fillers. All we have to do is DEVELOP our talent, develop our defense, develop our culture, and the only addition are our sick ASS! Draft pick! Whoo! And maybe a few prospects that can fill out our roster for the 12-13 highest win loss turnaround since the 2008 Celtics! Whoo! Haha.

    Phd Steve make sure this post gets to BC’s desk STAT!

    Derozan bare with us Your gonna be one of the leaders on a sick ass rebuild team, this is our biggest most important year of development and positioning before we begin to take off just be a leader, continue to develop and stay LOYAL!


    • JW

      The bonus is that we can develop players + 1.   As a thin centre he may not get as much structured court time over here.  So its not bad from a team building standpoint.

      I understand why fans are dissapointed, nothing wrong with wanting to see talent developed  and used, but I think they will get over it if the kid keeps porgressing the way he has been.

  • FAQ

    What some on the forum are intimating is that the Raps need some big bad black dudes … and not these powder puff white kids … right ???!!!!!

    • JW

      You mean like guys with scars and eyeballs popping out of their heads, with occasional nervous twitches?

      Cause there was nothing big or bad about walker/knight. Those guys seemed small and as cuddly as downy.

    • O D

      Davis is a big bad black dude DD will bang something hard on your head.

      Hey if Val grabs 10 boards 2 blocks, and 15 points you can call him Pantene Pro V for all I give a FuCK! I’ll officially become colour blind.

    • POINTS


  • Juicey

    From his meet and greet:
    “I like pick-and-roll. I like working on defence, blocking shots, rebounding. I want to work on my body, I need to get stronger. I need more skills on the low post, (and) on my shot.”

    “I like this city, I look forward to living in this city. It’s amazing.”

    From Chisholm on TSN:

    “Valanciunas is not Bargnani, however. In fact, the typical comparisons used to describe Valanciunas are players like Joakim Noah and Tyson Chandler…..Look, despite their comparable frames (both are seven-footers weighing in at around 245 lbs.) these two players could not be more dissimilar.”

    “What about rebounding and defense, though? Here is where Valanciunas excels. He’s an energy big man (which is where the comparisons to Noah come from), and he likes to pursue the ball off of the glass…..Like they say, rebounding is the one skill that translates throughout every league because the principles never vary (go get the ball) and Valanciunas does it very well……As far as defence goes, he’s a committed defender and has more potential at that end of the floor than Bargnani.”

    “Put it this way: The Raptors needed a center for the future, and they got a legit low-post centre in last night’s draft. He’s young, bursting with potential, and is probably the best centre prospect the organization has had since  Marcus Camby back in the early days. Fans may not be too happy today, but they will be. You’d think that fans would be ecstatic to get a big man in the exact opposite mold of Andrea Bargnani, but they just don’t realize that’s what he is yet. They will, though, don’t worry. They will.”

    Sounds like he is the Anti-Bargs, yet will complement him well (defend and rebound, play inside, pick and roll to Barg’s pick and pop).  Based on this I like what I’m seeing more and more.  Only time will tell though, and I am an impatient internet prick.  I’ll try to hold judgement, I’ll try really hard.

  • Juicey

    If they use the past 4 season to determine our pick, that would really hurt our number.  Well at least it would be better than Cleveland who would be averaging one crap season with 3 50-plus win seasons.  Off course it would cause some teams to catapult us like Minnesota, Clippers, etc.  These teams who have been having solid picks over the last couple years would get the best picks in a strong draft.  Bosh’s legacy would be making us just good enough for a couple of years to not make the playoffs and not get a good draft pick.  So Bosh’s departure will end up being about as devestating as Vince’s.

  • Manny_Lee

    Glad to see people are starting to calm down.  We all go a little crazy sometimes but yeesh.  I have to call out this site though for putting Kemba into the heads of some the impressionables on here.  No one else even floated the idea that the Raps would pick him.  And I don’t want to use the “X” word, as some newsies have lately in discussing the reaction, but how is developing the possibly highest ranked center (either him or Kanter, who wasn’t available at pick 5 anyways) who rebounds and lives within 10 feet of the basket a bad thing? And Arse, your “breaking down” the Joseph pick by SA in relation to the JJohnson trade was the height of comedy.

  • Thecaptain2000

    Gentlemen, I am sorry to bring this upon you, but rebuilds are for grown ups, they are ugly they last longer than one would like and things get worse before they get better. If you cannot stomach it do not ask for it and most of you have. The fact JV cannot come next year could even be a positive. Given this draft quality it has been apparent for a while you will need to suck for yet another year in order to position yourself for next year draft and than slowly crawl back from there. Have a look how long it took ATL and OKC (and we do not have a Durant in our hands yet)

    • Gradgrind101

      True…And even if there is a Durant or Rose type player in the lottery you still may not get 1 or 2 overall…But then again you need 1 or 2 studs and finding them in the lower rounds is possible but not likely…Better to put your nose to the grindstone and do your best…

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      And any ‘rebuild pr media Kool Aid spins’ with Bargnani & Calderon still on the roster are for the dumbed down Raptors fan as any self respecting critical thinking person can see what BC is doing turning the Rap’s into an experimental Euro based team for Stern’s NBA Euro expansion plans righ tin fron tour our eyes- point blank!

      The fact that he can’t come 4 a year is a positive?

      You sound like BC speaking in double

      I believe that the quicker you get him over here the faster you can see what he really brings to the table against NBA competition while he develops (which may take 5 years ala Barg’s per BC).

      Embrace losing why don’t we- why doesn’t BC let the fans watch the games for half price the normal price of tickets then?

      We are not OKC nor ATL and patience is for waiting rooms, buddy- BC has been here since 2006 he had his time to build a winner and you want to give hime more time after the past 2 3/4 seasons post Sam?

  • 511

    As much as I’ve gotten my head around the fact that we drafted a player who won’t help us next year if there is a next year … I have moments when I think, wtf were we thinking by not taking one of those potentially superb young point guards that were available? And then I think about the silver lining that there may not even be much of a next season. Which seems quite a goddam stretch to call it ‘silver’. So, here’s an old one that made me laugh … again. 


    Two ministers doing missionary work in the South Seas are captured by a tribe and tied to stakes. The chief says to them, “You have a choice – death, or ugga bugga.” The first guy says, “Well, I guess ugga bugga.” The chief shouts “UGGA BUGGA!” and 30 members of the tribe attack and sodomize the first missionary. The chief then asks the second minister, “Now you have a choice, death or ugga bugga.” He says “well, my religion does not allow me to choose ugga bugga, so I suppose it must be death.” The chief says, “Very well,” and shouts “DEATH. But first, UGGA BUGGA!” 

    • Hyena_laugh

      hahaha if haven’t heard that joke in years!!!!!!

  • Gmoney41

    Hopefully the Raps send a strength and conditioning coach to spend the year beefing him up because at his size and weight he’s going to be very innefective inside the post at first no matter how much talent he’s got. Since he won’t be here for a year its a great oppurtunity to throw on some muscle in that time.

    • Nilanka15

      If he’s 240 lbs already, he only needs 10-15 lbs to reach Pau Gasol’s weight (who seems to be doing just fine as a 250 pounder).  10-15 lbs can easily be gained in one summer…especially if Valanciunas is still growing vertically.

  • Gradgrind101

    Valanciunas has a lot to learn to become like Noah. Right now he doesn’t have a post game and no mid range jumper. At first I thought Europe would be a good place for him during the lockout. But now I’m not so sure…His team (Lietuvos Rytas) is not one of the better teams and they have 2 centers (taller than Jonas) on the roster. They are not good players but will get some minutes as they prepare for JV’s departure. How does he work on his game while in Lithuania? His coach isn’t going to be supportive and let him stay on the floor after he clangs a few mid-range jumpers. I think half an NBA season would be better for his development that is of course we don’t lose a whole season.

  • Buddahfan

     If the Raptors opted not to bring him in to save money/cap space and a
    season does happen, then they’ll look like idiots because developing
    here is better than developing there.

    You are looking at this from a limited perspective.  I prefer to wait and see if BC is able to get another big through free agency or trade.

    I would rather have JV play in Europe for another league if the Raptors can a put an assistant coach in place that make sure that Rytas is doing what the Raptors want to develop JV’s game.

    For example if you go back in watch him vs Russia in 2010 you will see that he hardly ever ran the pick and roll or set high screens.  He played almost exclusively in the low post back to the basket.  So this last season he spent the season developing his pick and roll play.   Comparing tapes from this last spring with say a year or so before he is not the same player on offense.

    Maybe this coming season he will work on his low post footwork and gets tons of mintues to do it.

    What the heck is he going to work on in the D-League?  Learn how to read and iHOP menu?

    Or if he is with the Raptors how much could he realistically help except maybe in bringing donuts and cleaning up the weight room? 

    • Johnn19

      Let’s all remember that Jonas just turned 19 May 6th, and he at 18 last year at Rytas, has been playing with and against men in the LKL and the Euro League, but only 15/20 mins per game mostly as a back-up. He is not ready to contribute to the Raptors in the NBA yet.
      He is best served remainging at Rytas for another year where he will get more playing time, with the Raps having input to his growth in strength, and his game. Rytas new coach was at Minnesota at the same time as Casey so there is a connection in coaching that may be utilised.
      Colangelo will look to aquire a defensive center, as a priority thru FA or trade for a couple of years to bring Jonas in gradually to the NBA.

  • FAQ

    Doncha all miss the good ol’ days of Vince, when the Raps were a force to be reckoned with … never again the way it looks now … just a bunch of Euros and cast off scrubs.

    Oh well, at least all those exciting NBA teams will show up to play in Toronto ….

  • YeDig

    In NBA basketball, patience is key.  There are so few roster spots, unlike all the other major sports, that GMs have to be patient despite crazy pressure from everyone on the outside.   With a hard cap, one bad signing or trade can derail years of being patient.  Basically, navigating NBA management waters is nearly always HUGE risk, HUGE reward.  Now that Colangelo has picked Jonas V, realize he is just being patient and waiting for his moment to strike.  One more year, Raps fans.    And who knows , with Casey on board it’s hard to predict how many games a defensive minded Raps team could win.. 

    • YeDig

      not saying they are a 50 win team, but if they had just offered a little resistance on D last year they could have won 5-10 more for sure.