Twitter, I knew it was going to come in handy some day for some thing, just didn’t know it was going to be for this. Yesterday, Patric Young, who guarded Jonas Valanciunas a couple days ago at the U19s, jumped in on a conversation about the Lithuanian and didn’t have flattering things to say. Both about the player or the referees. He said he didn’t think Valanciunas was worth a lottery pick and that the three Lithuanian officials were catering to Valanciunas. Tabloid stuff really but summer is slow so there you go.

RR: What did you think of Jonas Valanciunas?

Patric: I know for a fact he is not a lottery pick. He has potential though and he is still a good player though and a good guy. I think its a good investment but yall cant give him every foul call lol

RR: Is that what you think happened in your game?

Patric: I know thats what happened 3 Lithuanian refs in Lithuanina and their superstar is playing come on lol.

RR’s international basketball expert, Raul, has chimed in on the first day at the U19 tournament. The line for Valanciunas read 19 pts (7/17 FG) 11 rebounds, 5 blocks and 5 Fouls. That right there is a career for Patrick O’Bryant. Lithuania lost to Croatia 88-75. He’ll be providing frequent updates from the tournament so look for those.

There’s a piece by Doug Smith which says change is coming to the Raptors’ front office in the form of Maurizio Gherardini and Jim Kelly moving around. Let’s rewind here, back in the summer of 2008, Gherardini, Kelly and just about everybody were promoted, presumably to celebrate the acquisition of Jermaine O’Neal. Three playoff-less seasons later, Colangelo is apparently rethinking his decisions, and is even considering bringing in a new face who could have the title of General Manager. Maybe he’ll go with Kevin Pritchard , maybe he’ll go with Mark Warkentien, or maybe he’ll install a puppet who he can control. We shall see, but it’s too bad this is happening now and not two weeks ago when this guy was available.

He can take his time, though, because there’s not much GMing to be done since there’s a lockout!

Raptors have the 6th best cap situation in the NBA with $7.47 million available, well behind Sacramento who can afford to sign two max contracts. Too bad Sacramento isn’t located in Miami. Now if the Raptors can only sign minimum contract players to round out the roster, they’ll have enough to sign their own max player next summer. A man can dream, can he not?

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  • DerekFishy

    Just finished speaking to Stern.  He said he’s willing to come to an agreement with the players association if I could find 10 Raptors fans who agree that Andrea Bargnani is one of the better centres/power forwards in the league

    • guest

      league’s f*cked ….

  • Kevin

    Rich Cho would have been a nice addition to the management team I’d take him over Colangelo. The Gerald Wallace deal was a great pick up when he was in Portland and then unjustifiably let go.  Then he went to Charlotte and was able to get Biyombo and Walker I don’t think he’s done anything wrong as GM yet.  I guess it doesn’t matter though cause the owners seem bent on dragging this process out as long as possible.

  • Rpsfan95

    we would be in third best cap with about 18 mil free if BC didn’t sign Kleiza and Amir (2 days after drafting Ed by the way)

    • Bendit

      At the time though there were visions of making the playoffs….but the deal to get Chandler & Diaw fell through and Ed got injured resulting in a change of plans to do a full rebuild.

      • mountio

        Visions from who? Im pretty sure polls on this site had the Raps in and around 30 wins in the pre-season …

        • Bendit

          Visions by BC obviously since I doubt most of us are privy to all of his plans and machinations. Yes many incl. I were prepared for a fairly dismal season but clearly his attempt to get Chandler & Diaw and trade Jose was designed to at least try and stay on the treadmill of a 8th spot. And then there was Ed’s knee injury just before camp.

      • Rpsfan95

        we knew Ed was hurt before the draft,

        but even if Reggie was part of the deal that still leaves Bargs/Diaw/Amir/Davis at PF

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!


        BC didn’t call a rebuild until the losses started to pile up in January 2012. Stop, with the revisionist history kiddo.

        It’s not a FULL rebuild until both Calderon & Bargnani are traded away- recognize, until then it’s just more BullChit PR spins in the wind on ‘losing games with a purpose’. 

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Plus, how can BC call a rebuild then bring back half of the Rap’s  coaching staff (Roth, Nori, Hughes) from last season’s disastrous 22 win club under Jay (who got promoted not fired) now under Casey?

          Dwane Casey (Head Coach)
          Johnny Davis (Lead Assistant)
          Tom Sterner
          Scott Roth
          Micah Nori
          Eric Hughes

          The only coach it looks like Casey got a voice in was Johnny Davis the rest smell of BC no wonder rumors are saying that Lawrence Frank didn’t want the Rap’s job due to having to coddled Bargnani.

          Change or the illusion of change?

        • Bendit

          I am afraid your brain is too addled with BC-hate-syndrome to get into any meaningful dialogue with. You are even ahead on the year. Slow down.

          ps…I was referring the beginning/mid of July 2010 when the that trade got kiboshed and BC’s thinking at that time. He obviously gave up and realized what the prudent course was there after. Just as now “defense” first is the only way to look at the remake of this team. That was his first and most costly make when he first landed here. Where were you at that time..probably glassy eyed at the propect of Phoenix North basketball.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            Especially with you lying about the so called ‘rebuild’ particulars to suit your fantasy of Raptors reality- recognize, asshole you are full of more shit than an elephant!!

            Now defense is the ONLY way to remake this team- what do you really know about Raptors basketball other than what BC regurgitates?

            Fyi- BC didn’t publicly give up until the past season until January 2012 when he said the Rap’s are rebuilding as the L’s piled up.lmfao

            You win the ‘I’m stuck on stupid” badge for today- enjoy & congrats.

            • Bendit

              You keep referring to 2012 and I keep pointing it out…and I am the one “stuck on stupid” ?


              • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                My bad, that was a mispost- January 2011, is when BC called rebuild for the 1st time ‘publicly’ anything else outside of that date is fictitious in nature in realtion to a so called Raptors rebuild which isn’t a rebuild as long as Jose & Andrea are both on the roster as BC seems to be currently building the team around AB.

                I’m currently watching the movie ‘2012’ so that year got stuck in my mind- hope that clears it up 4 you.

  • JW

    Happy Canada Day, everyone should eat some beaver today.

    • Bendit

      Make sure it doesn’t snap back. HCD.

    • Balls of Steel

      I love beavers.

  • GermanWunderkind

    Bargs is responsable for the lockout. Isn’t? lol

    • POINTS

      YES! owners pay big money to these guys (bargs)and they are not performing just ask MJ

  • Raptor4Ever

    11 Player,no Rookie signing and we are ONLY 7.47 million under the Cap. Is this the financial flexibility that BC was telling us and his supporters were defending him for it ??


  • cesco

    Once the monthly cheques from the 10-11 season are gone , the players will have nightmares that they are in the soup line with other destitutes , that will change their mind .

  • Milesboyer

    Who does Patric Young think he is? Gary Payton? Talkin’ smack already about our prized possession, that just ain’t right.  I bet you Colangelo has made a call to Bargs to go over there and set things straight.

  • Tom

    Imagined if we drafted Patric Young next year? Awkward….

  • Johnn19

    What do you expect from Young, a player who got owned by Jonas when they played? Should make for an interesting game if Lith plays the US in the playoffs at U19’s.

  • Johnn19

    At the half V Korea Lith up 63-32 with Jonas 19pts and 11rbs in 12 mins in a laugher so far.

  • Raptor4Ever

    JJ Hickson for Casspi and first round Pick!!!!!
    Wow, wow and wow

    Isn’t this a great deal for Cavs or what? They moved their surplus in PF position and got a solid SF who can defend, shoot 3 and has a great size.
    I wonder why BC was not able to do this move. Oh, well, It is a Lock out now so lets get off BC for few month and let him enjoy his millions in the beaches of southern France. 

    • Mediumcore

      That draft pick which Sacramento gave up is the real prize in that trade isn’t it? Is it a first rounder?

      • Raptor4Ever

        It is protected 1st round pick and I also think Casspi will be a great player in this league. Cavs did what Raptors needed to do which was the lighten the load at PF and address their SF situation with a young player with huge upside.

  • Yesszirr

    So, Trade bargnani?


    all i need now is #15 our 5th pick to win ROY in a shorten season but we wont have him. JVal wears #15  

  • D-Money

    A Lock out is what the raptors fans need….and i mean a full lock out…we will end up with the top 5 pick without seeing are team suffer on the court..then the following season we will have are top 5 pick plus Val.V…andd Derozen will still be on his Rookie contract…

  • Robertjclement

    Patric Young is a projected lottery pick currently tied for 61st in scoring.

    Kinda hurts the kids credibility! If you hear what I’m saying!

  • Dingdon

    Your material is hard to read, you should work on your sentence structure.
    ex. “Both about the player or the referees”