Sonny Weems is off to a Lithuania on a deal without a NBA opt-out. Unlike Deron Williams’s deal with Besiktas, which allows him to return to the NBA in the case the labor dispute is resolved, Weems is committed. Not that NBA teams would be starving for Weems’ services, and it was possible that even without a lockout Weems would play in Europe next season. The labor situation is growing somber by the day and the list of casualties to Europe will only increase since apparently the players union is urging its members to look for pay cheques elsewhere.

Having extended a qualifying offer to Weems, the Raptors still retain his rights and will have a chance to match an offer if he ever does return to the league and ends up being good (Chisholm has more on that). However, those thoughts are farthest in Bryan Colangelo’s mind right now who must be feeling quite happy with Jonas Valanciunas’ performance in the U-19 tournament. What was that line he had again? 26 points, 24 rebounds, 5 blocks, 3 assists, 8/19 FG and 10/11 FT. I know he’s playing against some guys who have yet to shave, but still, you have to admit it feels nice.

Back to Weems, does his extradition to Europe affect the Raptors? That depends on your definition of affect. In the basketball sense, no. Why? Because Weems wasn’t very good last season. His WS/48 (I know, I know, I hate using this stat as an overall measurement of a player but it seems to be kind of popular so what the hell) was -0.011 – that’s only ahead of Solomon Alabi. So for me to suggest that losing Weems somehow makes the Raptors worse would be like saying The Bachelorette became crappier since the guy with the mask got kicked off. No. Both the Raptors and The Bachelorette will be bad next season regardless of what happens.

He does have a friendship with DeMar DeRozan who would probably, and I’m speculating here, like to see Weems on the same team. However, I don’t read DeRozan as a bloke who would let the business of basketball and friendship interfere with each other to the point of hurting his image or career. So if the Raptors in some crazy configuration of a NBA-Lithuanian-Russian trade sent Weems to a team in a remote Siberian outpost where he got paid in snow, ice and wolf bites, DeRozan wouldn’t blink. I don’t think Dwane Casey’s the type of guy who would pander to his “stars” in any way, certainly not by signing buddies. On that note, it still bugs me that we invited Joel Bosh to summer league.

There’s also this speculation which could mean DeRozan would play in Europe too, but I’d be shocked if he’d go on a deal without an NBA opt-out.

The Chisholm article linked earlier talks about developing Weems on somebody else’s dime. I get that line of thinking but how he let James Johnson beat him to his job I will never figure out, and it’s what makes me question whether Weems isn’t just another in the line of Kareem Rush. I know he was injured, but damn dude, you had a starting job on a lottery team locked up and you let it slip just out of sheer unconcern. I was really banking on him to come through and give everybody including DeRozan stiff competition. Sonny, you broke my heart (insert kiss of death). The only people “developing” on the Raptors are DeRozan, Davis and Valanciunas, and that too mainly because of intrigue. You can extrapolate the ceiling for the rest and the phrase role player keeps coming to mind.

This could be said for most bad teams in the league. Minny with Rubio and Love. Cleveland with Irving and Thompson. Sacramento with Cousins and Evans. Washington with Wall and Vesely. You get the idea. All teams, poor ones especially since they can’t attract good free-agents, cling to the hope that they can grow their next superstar, so the Raptors are in a boat being shared by plenty of other teams. So far they’re not exactly ahead or behind anybody in terms of player development, and the only team in the NBA’s bottom ten that can say they have a true superstar on the roster are the Clippers with Blake Griffin, and maybe, just maybe, Golden State with Stephen Curry.

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  • Fu

    I’ll miss him a bit. He’s young and let a good opportunity pass by. The contract year got the best of him. Hopefully he can learn and grow in Europe and come back as a serviceable back up. Good luck, Sonny.

    • Fu

      P.S. Thumbs up for the Phil Jackson picture

      • WilliamRap

        I agree with you Fu. Hopefully he experiences some growth over in Europe. Maybe even play a few games against Jonas. I look forward to today’s game. Some dude did up his stats in 7 categories….pretty impressive.

        And yes, the Phil Jackson photo is sweet.

    • KJ-B

      I’ll never know what y’all saw in Chucky Dub!

  • Robert Archibald

    Not having looked at the Chisolm article yet, I agree that this is a win-win situation for the Raps and Weems.  I was less disappointed than most with Sonny last year because I thought he was playing out of position.  In my eyes he is a SG and doesn’t have the size to be a SF.  He was much moreeffective last year in limited minutes at SG.  The problem is that he won’t see any minutes as DeMar’s back up with Barbosa around.  Not that Leandro is head and shoulders above Sonny, just that we have to keep LB’s trade value up if we want to get something in return for him at the trade deadline.  

    This way, Sonny gets to play heavy minutes, work on his game, maybe even pick up a little Lithuanian to help Big Jonas transition into the NBA and the Raps Young Gunz core.  We made the QO, so we don’t have to worry about him going anywhere.  Worst case, if Sonny stinks in Europe or even gets injured the Raps aren’t exposed. Best case, Sonny gets paid, improves and comes back as a solid back up for DeMar.

  • Theswirsky

    “but how he let James Johnson beat him to his job I will never figure out”

    to me its easy.  Weems was injured.  Weems is not a SF.  James Johnson walked into an open door.

    When we talk weems why we should mention that that he shouldn’t be a SF.  Would anyone want Jose playing SG all game?  Would we think Julian Wright shuold be a starting PF?  Weems, while not good, was also miss used… making him useless.

    Seriously what is he 6’5 and 210?  He’s smaller than Demar, and I think Demar is to small to cover SFs.

  • Mediumcore

    ” you had a starting job on a lottery team locked up and you let it slip just out of sheer unconcern”. That about sums it up.

    I still like his potential over a guy like J. Johnson. There was a phrase which everyone started to use when describing Carmelo Anthony a couple years back….basically they were saying that he scores effortlessly. When Sonny is “on his game” he has an efforless stroke. I know I shouldn’t use the two players names in comparison, but when that mid range jump shot is falling for him he can put up points easy. He’s still young and I would like to see him given another shot with the Raptors once he is healthy. Also should note that he can be had on the cheap.

    On another note, we probably shouldn’t be getting too excited about what Val is doing against high school kids. Damn, sick stat line though.

    On yet another note, thanks Arse for your dedication to this site. It’s going to be an long offseason due to the lock out, so your efforts are especially appreciated.

  • Charlz

    you are absolutely right “had a starting job on a lottery team” pissed it away.  May be Karim Rush or Joey Graham…. the thing is the back of my mind is for a few dozen games he was the best raptor player on the floor…..

  • Ambidextrious

    i’ve never been fooled into being sold on Sonny.

  • Sheptor

    Do I care if he’s gone…No. Do I care if he comes back…No. Sonny reminds me of that kid from a small town who is really “good” and all the other kids in school think he’s really good. Only to play a tourney in the city and watch what other “good” kids his age can actually do. He’s athletic and inconsistent. Plenty of players on NBA rosters like him. He has a weak handle, a weak mind, a mean dougie, and I see him as a good locker room guy. He’s a third string SG barring some massive improvements in Europe. The DD and SW relationship should not be the basis of any decision what so ever. If you spent 3/4 of a year traveling with guys your own age, playing every night, practicing hard etc. you would form a bond with someone. We get to see theirs but it’s nothing special. They will remain friends after….Side note..I don’t care who JV is playing his numbers have been massive. He is after all playing his peers and a portion of those players will be on NBA rosters in 2-4 years. Will he have 25 rbs games in the NBA? Unlikely for now, but I would venture to say if K.Love can do it, so can a more athletic, hungrier, wittier, better looking and eventually stronger Jonas Valanciunas

  • Richard Kat

    Just speculating…I wonder if the Raptors “helped” convince the Lithuanian team into offering Weems a contract, expecting the season to be a write-off.

  • R.U. Serious

    So, let me get this straight: Weems is now “garbage”? He is probably better than half the draft class that came in and people are getting boners over. Next year’s draft class? Well, Alabi owned them, too, in workouts (google it) and people are salivating for that class too. But yet Alabi was “so shit and blah blah blah”, you guys sit there, eating chips and read other people’s formulated stats on players and say how shit they are, but will jump on any top 3 pick’s bandwagon. You KNOW he was unjured for weeks and weeks, so his stats are affected, fool. How’s his #s gonna be high if he wasn’t playing. James Johnson beat him out because of that nagging injury. Y’all get these positions on here but type the most stupidest things at times. Paragraphs of wasted letters, man. Where’s the common sense these days? Later, Miami Heat’s “Big 3” bandwagoner, I’m sure. Guarantee your tune changes when he comes back better than before. Can’t wait to see your “professional” opinion then…lmao….FAIL!!!!!!

    • Bearvon


      So nice of you to post.

    • JD


  • Johnn19

    Valanciunas update in semi-final

    Lithuania 53 Russia 26 at the half, Jonas 15 pts and 9 rebounds

  • 77er

    I’m looking forward to the players going to Europe. Hopefully it will teach them basketball fundamentals. Also hope that the refs do not have to cater to the superstar player like the NBA.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    I wish Sonny ‘Money’ Weems all the best and hope he comes back to the TDot as DD’s back up at SG in a season (2012-13).

    As well, JJ was given Sonny’s starting SF (Btw Sonny is a SG) by BC via Jay in order to make it look like he had acquired a starter for Miami’s 2011 draft pick (#28 Norris Cole) acquired in the CB S&T transaction with the Heat. Another BC slight of hand to fool  the casual Rap’s fan.

    Anyone notice how almost nothing is earned in the TDot it’s all given out by BC ie playing contracts over talent?

    Also, Sonny got injured in part because the Rap’s coaches & training staff didn’t require the players to stretch before any on court activities which is befuddling to say the very least because from Boys Club to HS to NCAA all coaches require players to stretch-warm up before hitting the court as to avoid any potential injuries from being cold ie pulled muscles, that’s basketball 101.

    Jonas is balling against U19 competition- well the NBA is a man’s League let’s wait and see what he does against NBA players- don’t believe the hype (Chuck D voice).

    Mad because we invited Joel Bosh to summer league- did he take your spot?lmfao The hate on CB via his brother is ridiculous and makes you look extra anal- recognize.

     Only if the Rap’s had a star player now- oh wait we do, ‘Bargnani is our Team’s star player’ (Dwane Casey voice w/ BC’s hand up his ass). My, oh, my how our expectations as Rap’s fans have suddenly fallen like a sinful angel from Heaven under BC. 

    • Id

      Should’ve known you’d be here spreading your propaganda. 

      James Johnson took over Sonny’s SF starter spot because he is a better SF, and better player period. Sonny Weems is a scrub point blank, who cares if he is DeMar’s friend, if he “embraces the Tdot” as you put it, etc etc. If he can’t put the ball in the basket, or defend, then he is useless. At least some of the guys on this team do 1 of those two things right.

      Joel Bosh is also a straight up scrub, hell, wait, he’s worse than that. The point that he is making is that we don’t invite/sign players’ friends/wives/familypets to work out with the team based solely on friendship and/or the relationship they might have with the player.

      So what exactly is your infatuation with scrubs?

      Going to be a long long lockout, how are you going to spend your summer months and beyond without finding something to blame BC on? 

      Never mind, I’m sure you’ll find something.

      • Haters will always hate no matter what you tell them, you’re right…random reasons will pop up again, and they will all be BC’s doing, obviously.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!


          Is that what you call critical thinking Raptors fans who  think differently than you do? Wow.

          Your Societal conditioning is very self

          Fyi- BC is the Raptors President & GM- recognize he is the shot caller in the Rap’s Front Office ie BC ‘CON’census.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        My opinion, I’m not stealing fans money like BC is so I needs no backroom brain storm propaganda sessions or PR media spins to explain away the current Raptor related issue as I speak my mind not of my mind like BC- learn the difference.

        JJ was given the Rap’s starting SF spot- point blank- he didn’t earn anything- str8 up. He arrived in the TDot out of shape and remained out of shape the remainder of the season.

        From deep off of Chicago’s bench into the Rap’s starting lineup- wow. But that’s how it works in the TDot under BC as he gift wraps shit based on his flawed talent evaluation & Euro basketball vision for the Rap’s.

        Sonny Weems is a scrub? Was he a scrub when he hit that game winner in Orlando? I’m sure that you cheered for him that game.  Sonny is a very serviceable back up SG in the NBA.

        As well, the Team can invite whomever they wish to summer camp, get a grip- do you know how many fringe NBA/Pro players the Rap’s have invited to summer camp over the years? Joel Bosh didn’t take anyone’s spot did he?lol

        I don’t have to find anything as BC is full of BullChit it will come out naturally ie AB is a PF not a Center after 5 years- no wonder CB got the hell out of the TDot after multiple BullChit years under BC.

        BC is a liar- point blank, and his experimental Euro Raptors basketball vision is BullChit- a money taking scam on the Rap’s fans just like his ‘rebuild propaganda’!

        • Id

          Lol and who are you? We don’t need you to think for us, or tell us how and where to spend our money, but thanks for the heads-up..

          Lol, 1 fluke game winner and all of a sudden Sonny is MVP? 

          This may be hard for you to take, but even scrubs, yes scrubs, hit game winning shots. Sundiata Gaines hit a game winner when he was with the Jazz. Where is he know? Trying to make a living on 7 day contracts lol. Don’t let your love for Sonny cloud your judgment.

          By the way, what did Weems do to earn the SF job? He had it because Kleiza was pretty much injured the whole year- recognize. If you think BC tells Jay to play certain players to “justify” his moves, then you’d know that Bayless wasn’t given heavy minutes when he was first traded for J Jack. How’s that for justifying? Jay plays who he felt was fit to play.

          So keep contradicting yourself, because you clearly have no idea whether you’re coming or going.

          • Id

            edit: “now”, not “know”

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            Think for yourself by all means what I post are my thoughts- nothing more, nothing less.

            Did I say Sonny was MVP? No I did not.

            SGaines is in NJ.

            Sonny is a SG not a SF.

            He was out playing Kleiza (if he was pretty much injured the whole year then why didn’t he sit out sooner?)- point blank before he got injured.

            You win the ‘I’m stuck on stupid’ badge for today- enjoy & congrats.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        ***The point that he is making is that we don’t invite/sign players’ friends/wives/familypets to work out with the team based solely on friendship and/or the relationship they might have with the player.***END

        Didn’t BC hire Bargnani’s GM in Italy (Gheradini) and his personal team trainer in Italy (Cuzzilno)?lmfao Why were they originally hired by BC?

        Do the full math not the self serving half.

        • Id

          Bad example, at least those guys, or one of them, had some sort of basketball accumen to begin with..

          But the Joel Bosh invite lol? You supported that move? That move was also made by BC wasn’t it? And you would never support a decision by BC now would you? 

          Let’s see you get out of this one Houdini.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            Let’s see me get out of this one?lmfao Are you really that anal?lol

    • Bendit

      “Jonas is balling against U19 competition-”
      He turned 19 in May. The tournament is for those 19 & under. The slam escapes me. Oh wait…. BC drafted him and that is a bad thing for you. 

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        The NBA is a man’s League I could care less than what he does against inferior competition at the Under19 tourney.
        Until we see what he does against NBA players (2012 Vegas NBA Summer League?) then you can start to get excited until then it’s all hype ie projected potential not actual factual.

        • Bendit

          I assume then you care not for any 19 yr old coming out of the NCAA…cause they were not in a “man’s League”. 

          “Inferior competition”? Is that why the US team made the consolation round?

          Are you comparing helter skelter summer league games to tournament play with a championship on the line? Nice.  

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            Did I say that? No I did not.

            Don’t try to put words into my mouth, buddy, what I post is what I mean- str8 up.

            This U19 tourney is akin to exhibition basketball while the NCAA is a complete competitive structured basketball season over the course of months not days.

            As well, Team USA, that has been together less than 2 weeks, does not have the top U19 players on it ie the US Team that won Gold as U18 Team USA last year, but they have some decent talent.

            The NBA Vegas Summer League has far more better overall talent than this current U19 FIBA tourney- get real, buddy.

            All these U19 FIBA Teams would get ran out of the building against Vegas NBA Summer League competition.

            • Id

              You got caught contradicting yourself again, move along now…

              • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                Life is a contradiction, now go marinate on that, kiddo.

            • Bendit

              Jonathan Givotny (?) of Draftexpress and a respected judge of talent/potential of pre-nba ballers here and abroad just said he felt (I paraphrase) that the Lithuanian u19 team would be right there for the NCAA tournament win this past March.

              As far as feeding you words …please… you are much to loquacious for anyone to try. I merely connected the dots. This is a difficult medium to ascertain sanity.  

              • Bendit

                Apologies…I see someone beat me to the content…below. Enjoy.

              • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                I read that a few days ago when it 1st came out- late.

                That’s all speculation as Lithuanian doesn’t play in the NCAA plus the rules are different would Lithuanian adjust?

                Just stick to posting your thoughts and I’ll post mine- comprehend, I don’t need any side buster e ventriloquist trying to assume what I would say or think as I post what I think- point blank.

        • James Worthy

          Draft Express: Lithuania U19 Team Would Be NCAA National Champs
          Read more:

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            I read that when it 1st came out- and?lol

            The NCAA is a long season and anything can happen inbetween December to March plus the Lithuanian kids would have to be in school as college students as well as being basketball players- would they even qualify under NCAA particulars?

            It’s all speculation.

  • Rpsfan95

    were goin to the Finals! 

    Russia made a late run but JV started dropping dimes out of the double team to seal it

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    BC needs to cut tickets prices all the way around by 50% as long as the team is so called ‘rebuilding’- that’s all.

    • Steve

      Damn! BC sets ticket prices? So he deals with the finances and the players? What the hell do Richard Peddie and the boys do all day? They must party all day long.

      • Id


    • Colangelo doesn’t have control over that ticket prices….stop coming up with incorrect excuses just so you could extend your mancrush on BC.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        BC controls every aspect related to Raptors basketball- recognize, or not.

        • Steve

          Dude you are a fucking idiot- recognize.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            Thank you, I would seem like an idoit to an asshole- fair enough.

      • Id

        Lol exactly, +1.

        He may not have control over ticket prices, but he does have control over the minds of us fans, he is hypnotizing us to buy into his plan of world domination..

        At least that’s what “BCGheradiniJayGots2Go” tells us..

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          I said nothing of the like my exaggerating extra anal friend.

          Now the lies to go along with the insinuations,

  • Madeupid25

    Cleveland with Irving and Williams…

    Uhhhh, Cleveland drafted Irving and Thompson man, Williams went to Minnesota.  But I get your point.

    • arsenalist


  • Steve

    ” and the only team in the NBA’s bottom ten that can say they have a true superstar on the roster are the Clippers with Blake Griffin, and maybe, just maybe, Golden State with Stephen Curry.”

    We also have Amir Johnson and DD who do not get enough credit. Amir Johnson has been offensively one of  the most productive PF in NBA and in comparison to players you mention is a head and shoulder above them ( Liston’s stat can provide the proof).

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Blake & Curry are not NBA superstars- yet, and may never be.

      Blake is more hype than anything- he was gifted the NBA slam dunk title.

      Curry is a very solid player who like his dad is lethal with his jumper.

      An Amir/Ed PF rotation could be among the very best in the NBA next season in my mind.

      DD is only going to get bigger, better & badder as he matures!!

      • Bearvon

        It’s just a damn shame that BC drafted 2, and traded for another.

        One might assume that would make them terrible.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          I see that you are extra anal as well…

          Assume- when 1 assumes they make an: ass out of u & me, soak up some game.

      • James Worthy

        you need a better hobby.  check out all the “likes” for people bashing you and your views.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          You sound like a little dumb still peeing in the bed kid- check out all the ‘likes’- I’m not as insecure as you, buddy, especially over the internet.lmfao

          You win the ‘I’m stuck on stupid’ badge for today- enjoy & congrats.

          • James Worthy

            first article reviews ive read in a while. no one agrees with you. thats what im sayin. and im 31 by the way. saw the raptors play preseason before they were even a team. been to 40+ games. been a laker fan since the 80’s before Raptors were even thought of. so take that as you may. bottom line. your an idiot with low basket ball IQ.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              No one agrees with me? That’s an untenable statement my derange friend.

              I don’t care how old you are (31 and talking about internet likes- wow)- this isn’t a dating service.lmfao

              Since you are so concerned with ‘likes’ here’s a klassic- DeBarge (I Like It)

              Your words about me are meaningless, baseless & facetious- mirror check.

          • Kell

            You win the “I’m stuck on stupid badge” for life, it’s been with you since you first came into the world, and by all accounts it looks like it will stick with you forever.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              It’s so funny to me- I criticize AB, BC then some misguided fans blinded by BC’s kool aid shenanigans attack me personally?lmfao

              BC has mind control like Deebo over some of you fools- ‘when he leave I be talking again’ (Chris Tucker- Smokey voice).

              I believe that you gotta come up with your own sayings, stop biting mine- u silly side

  • Bigbalboski79

    sure, weems is not a SF.  but, 10 ppg at 850K is a hell of a bargain.  to me, he woulda made a very viable SG on second unit.  way better value than barbosa, who at $7.5m is pretty expensive for a bench player.  i am more pissed off at hearing that the raps are talking extension for barbs (there’s no way a player like him gets 7 mil in the next cba).

    neither sonny nor JJ are starters in this league.  together on the 2nd line they might be something.  btw, james johnson conditioning is not his prob.  his lack of an outside shot is. to be an nba starter at the three you gotta be able to hit open looks from the corner.  which JJ cant.  which is also why we are hearing that the raps will make an offer to aaron afflalo, who does nothing but play D, and hit shots.

    • onemanweave

      Exactly. Tanking isn’t trying to  lose games, it’s giving up something in the present for future gain.
         Barbosa is a better player than Weems. He’s also older and much more expensive. Weems may get better. Barbosa won’t.
          The rush to tie up Leandro to a long term contract may get you two or three more wins per season. Which will get you what?????? Use him to give you some respectability next season and as possible trade fodder if he does well. Don’t let him move in.

    • John

      JJ is not a starter ?!! Are you kidding me ? Have you seen him play ? As Tim w. said before , JJ is pippen in making and a great defender.


    I do miss Sonny Weems since we dont have anything better than him. We also have to remind what he generates, basketball is not only stats, even if they are popular. His friendship with Demar will be a shame for both, and in the 09-10 season he showed a decent defence, thats a thing to stay with, specially in the raptors.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    The good news is that Toronto are a Euro-centric franchise, despite claiming they are not, and as such are keen supporters of their players representing their country in international competition meaning there will be no club hindrance to Jonas donning the red, green and yellow. (We remember that Ilgauskas sometimes quoted club concerns as his reason for not playing for Lithuania, though this was not the whole story, and after all Lebron made national duty.) **END**

    The Rap’s under BC are an experimental NBA Euro team ie a feel real NBA team for fans to support with their hard earned money, as BC would say: image is everything.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    @eddavis32: RT @DeMar_DeRozan: At Roscoe’s with @thegame @TheRealTWill @eddavis32 @THEREALCOMP10K9 @SonicBWS @KidRED_ @taydoetv  an hour ago

    • Mike

      Who cares if DeMar is at Roscoe’s eating chicken and waffles..

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        It just goes to show that DD & Ed are building some solid chemistry this off season as talent plus chemistry wins games in the NBA.

        If they (players) bond off of the court it makes the on court game that much easier to play with one another and read each others body language on the court- every advantage is a positive.

        Especially since the Rap’s lockerroom seems to stay spilt post Sam (JJack, AWright, Turk, Rasho, JJohnson) because of the Rap’s roster Cancer known as AB who gets coddled behind the scenes for his half ass ways by BC, Gheradini & Jay.

  • Andre

    Sonny was an ok player, i believe it will help him to go overseas… Derozen would also benefit from playing over there.

  • FAQ

    Ratpors badly need a scoring all-star for the tribal honking fans … and it appears it has to happen through the Draft … because no self-respecting NBA dude will play in Toronto …. so obvious.