Finally, something fresh to talk about, without Arsenalist needing to dig deep into the nether regions. IF there is a season, than this is how the year will play out:

Raptors Schedule – Rest Analysis

  • 4 games in 5 nights; one day rest between back-to-backs: 2 times
  • 3 games in 4 nights; 2nd night of a back-to-back: 9 times
  • Back-to-backs; 17 times
  • Back-to-backs; 2nd night on the road: 15 times
  • 3 games in 4 nights; rested the day before: 14 times
  • 1 day of rest: 33 times
  • 2 days of rest: 14 times
  • 3 days of rest: 4 days

Opponents Schedule against Raptors – Rest Analysis

  • 4 games in 5 nights; play Raptors on 2nd night of back-to-back with one day rest between back-to-backs: 0 times
  • 3 games in 4 nights; play Raptors on 2nd night of a back-to-back; 13 times
  • Play Raptors on 2nd night of a back-to-back: 22 times
  • Back-to-backs; play Raptors on 2nd night at ACC: 13 times
  • 3 games in 4 nights; play Raptors after 1 day off: 8 times
  • Play Raptors after 1 day of rest: 39 times
  • Play Raptors after 2 days of rest: 6 times
  • Play Raptors after 3 days of rest: 7 times

December always seems to be the killer month for the Raptors; it even unfairly cost Smitch his job, and surprisingly spared Triano his. Quick recap from last few years:

  • 2010-2011; 5-10
  • 2009-2010; 9-6 (Bosh’s last season)
  • 2008-2009; 4-12 (Smitch lost his job after losing to Denver 132-93)

This year, it looks as bad as any I can remember. While there isn’t a killer road-trip to look forward too, the Raptors only play 5 teams who look to be sub .500 based on nothing but my gut feeling (Bobcats are .500 next season if you ask me). I’m thinking they go 4-12 (beating the Nets, Warriors, Pistons and Cavs); 5-11 if they can sneak a win against the Kings on the 2nd night of a back-to-back, something they haven’t done since Dec 4/5 2009 when they beat the Wizards then Bulls.

The killer part of the schedule doesn’t happen until January 16th when the Raptors play 9 of 12 games on the road against the: Hawks, 76ers, Clippers, Suns, Jazz, Nuggets, Boston, Heat, and Hawks again; with home games against the Hawks, Magic and the Wizards sandwiched between.

I’m just happy there aren’t any Thursday night games. I have Greys Anatomy, and between: Meredith and Shepherd looking like they could be splitsville: the fact that Teddy and Henry seem to actually being in love; I could do without Lexie (little Grey), don’t see what Mark sees in her; and Cristina wearing on my last nerve, how he eff can one person be so flaky, I don’t want to have to decide to watch Raps or Greys, and now I don’t have too 🙂

Here’s the full schedule for the ones who missed it:

November Opponent
Wed 02 vs Philadelphia
Fri 04 @ Cleveland
Sat 05 @ Minnesota
Mon 07 vs Dallas
Wed 09 vs LA Clippers
Sat 12 @ Memphis
Sun 13 @ Oklahoma City
Wed 16 vs Phoenix
Fri 18 vs Milwaukee
Wed 23 @ Boston
Fri 25 @ Miami
Sat 26 @ Orlando
Tue 29 vs Boston
Wed 30 @ Milwaukee
December Opponent
Fri 02 vs Miami
Sun 04 vs New York
Mon 05 @ New Jersey
Wed 07 vs Oklahoma City
Sat 10 @ Golden State
Sun 11 @ Sacramento
Tue 13 @ LA Lakers
Wed 14 @ Portland
Fri 16 vs Charlotte
Sun 18 vs New Orleans
Wed 21 vs Detroit
Fri 23 vs Memphis
Mon 26 @ Cleveland
Wed 28 vs Indiana
Fri 30 @ Dallas
Sat 31 @ San Antonio
January Opponent
Mon 02 @ New York
Wed 04 vs Cleveland
Fri 06 vs New Jersey
Sun 08 @ Washington
Wed 11 vs Sacramento
Fri 13 vs Indiana
Mon 16 @ Atlanta
Wed 18 @ Philadelphia
Fri 20 vs Atlanta
Sun 22 @ LA Clippers
Tue 24 @ Phoenix
Wed 25 @ Utah
Fri 27 @ Denver
Tue 31 vs Orlando
February Opponent
Wed 01 @ Boston
Fri 03 vs Washington
Sun 05 @ Miami
Mon 06 @ Atlanta
Wed 08 vs Milwaukee
Fri 10 vs San Antonio
Sun 12 vs LA Lakers
Tue 14 @ Chicago
Fri 17 vs Charlotte
Sun 19 @ Detroit
Wed 22 vs Cleveland
Tue 28 @ Houston
Wed 29 @ New Orleans
March Opponent
Fri 02 vs New York
Sun 04 vs Golden State
Tue 06 @ Detroit
Wed 07 vs Houston
Fri 09 @ Charlotte
Sun 11 vs Portland
Tue 13 @ Orlando
Wed 14 @ New Jersey
Sat 17 @ Chicago
Tue 20 @ New York
Wed 21 vs Boston
Fri 23 vs Chicago
Sun 25 vs Utah
Wed 28 vs Orlando
Fri 30 vs Denver
April Opponent
Sun 01 vs Washington
Tue 03 vs Minnesota
Wed 04 @ Philadelphia
Fri 06 vs Chicago
Sat 07 @ Milwaukee
Mon 09 @ Indiana
Wed 11 vs Philadelphia
Fri 13 vs New Jersey
Mon 16 vs Atlanta
Wed 18 @ Washington

I’ll save the meaningless game-by-game prediction of wins and losses for when there is actual activity, and we know what each team will look like. However, and I’m just putting this out there, I’m thinking 28-30 wins, give or take 2 games, depending on what happens once the millionaires and billionaires come to terms.

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  • Nilanka15

    I’m guessing this schedule looks unrecognizably different when the season actually gets under way…

    • Kingraptors

      We get one Nationally Televised Game on ESPN, about time we get the coverage we deserve LOL!

      • Nilanka15

        Even Americans enjoy a good train wreck once in a while…

      • Juicey

        Last game of the season between two cellar dwellars.  Why televise the better teams if they will have players sitting and resting up, when you can watch two lottery bound teams trying there hardest not to win and grab some more ping pong balls.

  • Nilanka15

    In other news, Shaq referred to Miami as the “big 2”, completely ignoring Bosh, lol.

    • Kingraptors

      Well it is true, you wouldn’t even know if chris bosh is on the floor. Even if Miami wins a championship everyone would say it was Wade & LeBron who carried the team, he’s getting all the publicity he ever dreamed of sadly for him it’s the wrong type.

      • Nilanka15

        I personally don’t think Wade and LeBron are a good fit together.  I find their skills to be too similar, thus making each other redundant.  Instead of playing “together”, they take turns playing individually throughout the course of a game.

        I read some rumour that Miami might dangle LeBron in front of Orlando to land Dwight Howard.  That would make Miami a much more balanced team in my opinion.

        • Juicey

          That would be an incredible Miami team.  I think Bosh would flourish next to Dwight, Dwight would do his thing, and Wade wouldn’t have someone to fight with for alpha dog status.

          Meanwhile, Lebron is back to playing with a few solid role players and a lot of dead weight (Turk, Arenas, etc.).  It would be like saying “Don’t worry, it will be just like it was in Cleveland, except everybody still hates you!”.

        • Sam Holako

          I’d try and move Wade for Howard. LeBron is younger doesn’t have the injury history.

          • Nilanka15

            That’s assuming LeBron remembers how to close out games 😉

            • Sam Holako

              Well played

              • Juicey

                I agree on moving Wade over Lebron for the same reasons.  But he IS the Miami Heat.  With those Miami fans, if you moved their heart of the team, they might just act with the same indifference they do for everything else.

  • FAQ

    Raptors:- 0 – 82 ……. assuming no league play …. :-0

    • Pesterm1

      u mean 0-0 then ….?

  • Juicey

    I’m thinking 28-30 wins, give or take a season.

    Seriously, the schedule seems pretty reasonable, so of course it will not be played.

  • kennynorton

    Great analysis Sam! I hope it’s the full season next year!
    The summer is long enough without ball.

  • Matty

    the first 3 games are easily winnable games, we might be able to start the imaginary season 3-0.

  • Mike

    Our playoffs hopes lies with the last 10 games in April. If we are close to the 8th seed and out of the playoff picture we can probably win those games with exception of winning against the Bulls and Hawks.

    • Nilanka15

      I think you’re setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment if you believe we have a shot at the playoffs next year.

      • Mike

        Who knows, we slip into the 8th seed and then get crushed by the Bulls. In reality, we will probably be one of the worst teams in the league..i’m sure we will better then the Wolves, Warriors, Bobcats, Cavs, Pistons… 

        • Sek99

          That’s what I said last year (didn’t quite happen). . . But you have a valid point. The same logic still applies from last year. Very few teams in the east are very good. Indiana and Philly are an injury away from sliding backwards in the stands, as those teams just aren’t very good. Then you have Boobcats, Bucks, us, Wizards, Cavs and whoever else is left in the eastern conference battling it out for 8th. If any of their draft picks make a significant impact (ex: Kemba, Vesely, Thompson/Irving) we obviously won’t make it. I personally believe that if our team had a decent coach last year who actually knew how to spell defense and Reggie had stayed healthy for a little bit longer, we could have made it. It’s not like we were never in the running. We had a bunch of close games last year which, if they had gone our way, would have gotten us into the playoffs. It’s really not that far-fetched to believe we won’t make it. All that being said (or written rather) I don’t see us making it. Which is good, because I want us to get a good draft pick next year with leadership qualities and become the next face of the franchise. DD may become really good, but the kid is too reserved and I have yet to see the killer instinct in him necessary of all franchise players. JV doesn’t speak english at this point, so he’s out of the running for the foreseeable future. Wouldn’t mind home grown Kabongo next year, the kid might fight in well with our team if everyone develops the way they are projected to.

  • raptordan

    In the last 15 games, we have 11 home and 4 on the road.  If we are (no matter how far fetched) in the race for 8th, then the end of the season looks pretty favourable home-court-wise.   The competition during that period is tough but isn’t as brutal as it could have been.