Helped by the NBA lockout, this has been an extremely slow summer. Usually around this time we get to see summer league ball and debate whether the 35 point games scrubs are dropping can be translated to the NBA level, or if that second-round pick was a steal or not. Things like those, basically fodder for not having any real basketball to talk about. The U19 tournament helped (a little), but frankly I couldn’t get into it, I saw a couple games and was less excited about it than I am with summer league. JonasVal was a pleasant surprise and I’m glad he’s already shed the undeserved parallels that were drawn on draft day.

The other ‘big’ news has been Bryan Colangelo deciding on giving up the GM portion of his duties to someone else, hopefully someone more capable than him. I welcome the change for the sake of change, and I think it’ll enthuse the fans as well because it indicates management attempting to correct itself. With the exception of the relatively bright spot of DeMar DeRozan, the franchise has been in more or less of a rut, and a change at the top will at least portray the image that the team is changing direction, and in this case change can only be good. Unless of course, Colangelo is installing a figurehead. That’s what I got from reading this article:

That wouldn’t mean the new addition would have final say though. While a fan of a consensus, brainstorming approach, Colangelo has always been an executive who gets the final word and that would not change.

I hope that that is not the case. You’re heard of a lame-duck coach, this could be an example of a lame-duck GM. In every franchise from every sport, the ownership has to usually sign-off on any matters involving personnel and/or money, in the Raptors’ case that would be the board. Giving Colangelo veto power before it even gets to the board adds another layer of complication to the wheelings and dealings the team must do. This stipulation might not deter would-be GMs from considering the Raptors job, but that’s only because there are only 30 of these gigs available. I mean, you don’t find a “NBA General Manager” posting on Monster.

Whether it be Dennis Lindsey, Jeff Bower, or Ed Stefanski, the choice of GM has to align with the choice of coach. Dwane Casey lost the job to Eddie Jordan when Stefanski was doing the hiring on Philadelphia two years ago, so I’m not sure how that might work here. Lindsey has already turned down the GM jobs offered in Phoenix and Minnesota, so I don’t think he’ll accept being basically a Vice-GM in Toronto. And Stefanksi hasn’t talked to the Raptor yet.

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  • Nilanka15

    Does anyone know what the role of “resident” entails in this situation?  In other words, what responsibilities do the president have, that a general manager wouldn’t have?

    • dribbles

      That’s a good question, and without knowing how this would really work in practice, this decision may be much more important than the Casey hiring. I’m surprised it’s not getting more attention. Even if BC retains final say on big decisions, none of the guys he’s targeting would come over to just be a figurehead or well paid consultant.

    • Guest

      making Bargs expresso, and rolling Demar’s blunts

  • Hoosay

    damn, phil jackson is one lucky dude…

    • Marc

      I’d ride that Buss

      • Guy

        Yep, can get some good mileage off of it too.

  • Johnn19

    Colangelo is looking for a good to great basketball mind to add to his management decision making group, and a replacement for Ujiri who left for Denver, and was not replaced. For the right man he may call him the GM, but the President will, as any President, still run the ship.

  • sleepz

    What is Gheradini there for? Was he not the assistant GM? If Colangelo hires a GM, is this person not the defacto assistant? If Colangelo still has final say and is making the decisions on player personnel and coaches is he still not the GM and whomever he hires his official assistant? I like a concensus as much as the next guy, but it sounds like too many cooks in the kitchen and no one to blame when the stew tastes bad.

    If BC wants to hire a dude and get out the way i’m all for it. This roster is weak and it’s his creation. Some are happy with BC and the state of the franchsie but I honestly feel a  new vision would be welcome by many. If he’s just adding some more ‘insulation’ i’d rather kepp it the way it is, so there is accuntability for the decisions being made for this franchise.

    • Raps Loyalist

      The next 2 years are going to be extremely important in terms of drafting the right talent with our high picks and trying to find the perfect young free-agents to compliment those players.  If having a GM makes those decisions better and more informed then why not have one? It’s not like it will cost the fans any money either way.

    • Cjthompson2

      I for one am quite happy with many of the moves that BC has made, I am not under any false illusions and fully admit that they for the most part have not worked out well.  But you will recall that with few exceptions people have been excited by his moves and creativity trying to build around Bosh.  It didn’t work out obviously but not for lack of trying.  I don’t think I could say I am happy about the state of the franchise at this point in time, everyone likes wins and playoffs etc.  But I do see the near future being brighter that the recent past.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        BC was never soley building around CB as Bargnani has always been apart of the equation even if he was a finesse PF like CB.

        BC never brought CB an current NBA All Star running mate to Town just mostly signed, traded for NBA retreads that he expected CB to lead somewhere, no wonder CB bolted after 4 years under BC he saw through BC’s BullChit.

        The future has to at least look to be brighter than currently because we are almost at the rock bottom in the NBA stuck in a potential yearly Lottery quagmire- as is, the TWolves of the East.

      • Gradgrind101

        I disagree…The future is a few years away and is not very bright at all. We do not have a single player who could start or contribute serious minutes on a championship caliber team. Not Derozan, not Davis, not Bargnani, not Calderone, not anyone. Unless Dwight Casey is a miracle worker we are still 2 to 3 years of great draft picks and acquisitions before we see a seriously good team. The best the current roster will get is a first round exit but most likely they will never make the playoffs. Demar is the only one who has a reasonable chance to play on teams like Boston or Chicago but at best he would get maybe 20 mins per game. 

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    BC still hasn’t replaced Masai Uriji Assistant GM position he vacated when he became the GM of the Nuggets (Rap’s should have promoted him to GM in hindsight).

    BC needs some more front office layers to protect himself from himself as BC still wants to make all the calls from the front office to the court but he just needs some fall guys in case the transaction(s) go Turk like so he can divert blame and save his name.

    Whomever the future new Rap’s GM may or may not be one thing is for certain he will most likely have to accept terms that give BC the final call or his potential transactions ie BC ‘CON’census.

    • CL

      At least the Cuzzolin guy has gone back to italy now and will be leaving the team, they hired a new experienced guy to take his place, much more on his resume than that bum.

      • And you’re basing you’re opinion of Cuzzolin on what, exactly. 

        • On second thought, I don’t care.  The level of discussion here is generally only slightly higher than that of my 6 year old and her friends.  

          • CL

            That’s only since you decided to participate. The level of discussion was much higher beforehand tbh…

        • CL

          On the rash injuries the young Raptors squad had. Veteran aging teams didn’t have as many injuries as this team did. Let’s get a more reputable guy with NBA experience than a guy who spent pretty much his whole career in the Euroleague where the schedule and physical play is nowhere near the NBA’s.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        I agree that dude- what did he do warm up Barg’s pre game pasta?, didn’t even have the Rap’s players mandatory stretching before any type of basketball related activities- part of the reason Sonny’s back went all wacko on him last season- not stretching.

        Stretching before any type of on court activities is basketball 101 from Rec ball to Boys Club to YMCA to AAU to HS to College to Pro Am it’s common basketball knowledge that  you stretch (warm up) in order to prevent injuries- preventive medicine.

        Another maybe AB is getting traded sign is that he was Barg’s own personal trainer coupled with Gheradini currently being on a 1 year contract (extension?) Barg’s support group is slowly dissipating in the Rap’s organization- has BC seen the ‘No Star’ light and will now attempt to SERIOUSLY move him?

        The new guy is seemingly well respected and gets results time will tell how he fares in the TDot.

        • CL

          Exactly man, all these young athletic guys and they’re getting injured like they are in their 80s. Joke.

          Yeah, warmed up Bargnani’s pre-game past is right, he probably even went out and fetched him the parmesan cheese from the supermarket. Would he be here if Bargnani wasn’t here? I doubt it.

          He was brought over from Benetton Trevisio, if Sonny’s/Amir’s/Bargnani’s/Calderon’s etc etc injuries were from the fruits of his labor, then I’m glad to see him go. 

  • Bo4

    OK, conspiracy theorists might suggest that BC may know whom he wants to draft next year (my pick would be SF James McAdoo of UNC), and he may know whom he wants to sign as a free agent to get the last major piece of the BC puzzle (my pick would be PG Chris Paul). STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!! If he can bring in anyone that would ‘encourage’ CP to sign with us, that’s a good move, and in our best interests … Bye, bye Calderon, Barbosa & Bargnani … Hello Paul & Bayless, DeRozan & McAdoo & J. Johnson, Davis & A. Johnson & Valanciunas …

    • Sek99

      Chris Paul will never come here in free agency. . . ever. Especially considering how every star now wants two others so they can have their own big 3. We don’t know how the new CBA will look like so it may not work, but if he’s able he’s going to New York or to some other stacked team with championship aspirations. Just put yourself in his shoes; would you come play for the raptors? I know I wouldn’t. 

      • Bo4

        I don’t know how well Casey will transform the present Raptors roster, but I have a feeling that it will play better D under him. That should produce a few more wins.  However, Bayless/Davis/DeRozan/Johnson & Johnson are all on the ascension. A significantly improved showing by them could attract others at some point. Hey, I’m a fan. I dream. That’s what fans do, especially when there’s no basketball actually being played. IT’S GOING TO BE A LONG YEAR … 

    • Juicey

      I think Colangelo could hire Chris Paul’s mom to be the new GM, and he still wouldn’t be able to lure CP3 to Toronto.

      • Bo4

        The way I figure it is that the worst that can happen is that we have to draft the PG in Jun of ’13.

      • Nilanka15

        LOL.  Funny cuz it’s true

  • Balls of Steel

    BC likes to hire a lackey. Stefanski was Thorn’s lackey. Get the pattern?

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      That’s because BC likes to control all aspects of Raptors basketball without taking all the responsibility (fall guys/yes men) as we witnessed with his coaching the Rap’s via Jay the past 2 3/4 seasons post Sam as a hidden hand svengali even though Jay’s tenure was less than he still got promoted into the front office as BC’s Special ‘CON’sultant (‘CON’census) for being a Company ‘Yes’ Man (as per Jack Armstrong).

      BC, in my mind, wants a potential GM that will do the leg work for potential trades & acquisitions yet BC  still wants complete control over the actual mechanisms of any transactions instead of letting the GM do his own job while BC takes care of his Presidential Raptor basketball duties in relation thereof.

      If that’s the case- BC making all the final calls on transactions, then BC should keep both the President (Dictator/Czar) & GM titles instead of trying to fool fans by bestowing that GM title on a newly hired figurehead aka Company Man. 

  • Mike D

    Finally, Colangelo is “correcting” his biggest mistake and getting the hell out of the way.  Another obstacle on the road to success has been cleared.

    I, for one, do not believe that the new GM will just be a “figurehead.”  While it wasn’t obvious at the time, its clear now that the contract extension MLSE gave BC was predicated on the unwritten understanding that Triano would be fired and that Colangelo would give up his role as GM.  The manner in which these shoes have been allowed to drop over time has allowed Colangelo to save face and present these happenings as “his idea.”  Kudos to MLSE for having the forsight to insist on these 2 preconditions before extending BC in what now appears to be a “presidential” capacity only.    

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Jay wasn’t fired he was promoted into the Front Office as BC’s Special Consultant.

      BC’s biggest mistake to date is drafting the 7’1 250 pound Andrea Bargnani aka The Pope aka King Barg’s aka No Star aka Pasta aka Lazy Moo’fer aka Cancer aka I’m A PF Not A Center- number 1 overall in 2006 instead of drafting Aldridge as CB wanted.

      We will see how much job authority a potential new GM will have under BC in due time but 1st BC has to hire someone or find someone willing to agree to his subservient conditions ie BC is the final shot caller on all aspects of Raptors basketball.

  • Guest


  • Gradgrind101

    Honestly, I don’t think Brian Colangelo is looking for a figure head. BC needs someone to make decisions on the Raptor’s current personnel. I mean how many times is he able to overhaul the roster? How would it look if Colangelo were to move Bargnani, Barbosa or Calderone (players to whom he has shown loyalty) and all he got in return is some luggage. Let someone else do it and if it works out then good for him and good for the Raptors. If it doesn’t work out then the new GM is gone and Brian wasn’t the man on record who backpedaled on his main acquisitions. I think of any GM with a decent pedigree would at least demand as much.

  • JoWest

    Some very insightful comments. In my opinion (I’m reticent to put IMO. I like to straddle both generations), Colon-jello must go. The level of success hoped for has not been achieved, nor will play-off calibre players want any part of the fair city of Toronto with Colon-jello still there.

    I don’t have any answers. I’m sorry. Very very frustrating watching Toronto go about their business. My wife had to prod me with a stick around the time of the draft, I was that depressed from what had transpired. Good. God.