I’ll be honest with you, I’m starting a new job on Tuesday and am busy wrapping up my old one. So no time to write, but hey, this picture is just as good as any article on this site.

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48 Responses to “Caption This Pic Now!”

  1. Matthew Nelson

    Turk:  “Hey Bryan, what I’m doing to Jose now is what I’ll do to the organization later”

  2. Buschfire

    I could probably go on about a lot of different gay jokes with anal involed…but  I’ll leave that to the next guy.

  3. Raps Loyalist

    “The Lock-out Poster Boys” or “Why Most NBA Teams Lose Money”

    Jose $9.8 million (2011-12 sal) = 9 points and 9 assists per game

    Hedo $11 million (2011-12 sal) = 10 point 4 assists 4 rebounds per

    Those stats are also basically their career averages.  NBA contracts should be guaranteed 3 years.  Way too many players are “stealing the money” and ruining their teams

    • 77er

      Jose also runs the team pretty well and is a leader. Stats are ok enough, imo.

      • Raps Loyalist

        Jose wouldn’t start for the vast majority of teams in the league. $10 million is way too much loot for a borderline starter that is a huge liability on the defensive end. There are a ton of these types of contracts in the NBA and they are killing the league.  After a 5 year rookie deal NBA players should get 3-year deals so that the players that are performing well are the players that are getting paid well.

        • Madeupid25

          From Zach Harper TrueHoop 07/26

          “Had the owners been as smart and efficient as they possibly could have been when signing players it would not have provided any savings whatsoever. It merely would have resulted in a larger check being written to the players — even after the escrow payout — to fulfill the 57% of BRI that players are guaranteed under the system currently in place.”

          Bad contracts are not contributing to the owners’ collective financial problems.

          • Raps Loyalist

            what you’re friend Zach Harper is basically saying is the Lock-out isn’t because of bad contracts it is because of a bad CBA that leads to bad contracts. 

            What a huge difference!  Thanks for the correction

  4. CalgaryRapsFan

    Jose: I’ve had enough of you and your lazy ass f*****g BBBBAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!

    • Istvan

      Are you aware there will not be bb for long time!?They should shut down this ridiculous site!


    Turkoglu, never hearing of it, asked Calderon to display the first part
    of the Spanish Defense (hand clapping of course the second, and not to be
    confused with the chess strategy) right after Toronto’s time-out.  For
    years now, he’s been claiming NBA rules regarding this “move” have
    prevented him from displaying his All Star level defensive skills;rumor
    has it, during practices, he refers to as himself El Guante Blanco.

    • guest

      LOL thats what im saying…

      Jose is reacting violently to some play, while Turk is like “mellow out dude”

  6. raptordan

    I’m torn between:

    “Aiyaiyai, mi hemorroides!”


    “You think YOU stink out the joint Turk, smell this!  In your face!”

  7. YeDig

    turk: unhhh
    jose: ahhhhhhh
    all raps fans in background:  (silence)
    colangelo: preachin to the choir, jose..preachin to the choir.

  8. Phil

    It really looks like he’s yelling “ball”, while Hedo is looking on and panting/foaming through bared teeth.

    • Phil

      Jesus. Is this really what I’m staring at and analyzing at six in the morning? I haven’t even slept yet. And this cannot be the last thing I see before I start dreaming uncontrollably.

  9. DonCarlos2.0

    Turk: See, Jose? I told you not to try dunking over Earl Boykins. I’ll get you some ice.


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